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When There's No Turning Back


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Jewel Valari

"I do."

The promise of 'til death do we part' was set but was there a death? Their relationship. It had been on rocky ground for.. awhile now. That spark that once ignited their union has long since been put out. Jewel's absence along with Esper's inability to lift his chin and have some sort of backbone had driven a rift between the two.

He couldn't even say it was over to her face.

Was she that intimidating? Or was she just so horrible? The fear of not having a soul of ones own is not knowing if you can function as others do. Love and care for another properly. It wasn't just her, though. Esper had changed. From the once angry, hostile, adventurous man to the shell of his former self. He didn't even look the same to her anymore.

This was for the best. It had to be. For both of them.

That thought kept rolling around in her mind over and over in an attempt to make this feel so obviously right.
July 23, 2019 08:44 pm

Jewel Valari

There was some shame residing in her as she dealt with the fact that for the first time, she couldn't change the outcome -- couldn't make it any better. Once the lawyer was hired and the marriage was resolved was the -only- way she was able to make it any better for the two of them. In truth, her concern was now for herself. Jewel's happiness.

The trap of marriage was believing it was the answer to everything when in truth it was the root of all of their problems. What each expected. Had wanted someone to take the load of her life off her back. Instead he made her feel as if she was taking on a new load with him -- and his depression.

His depression was the biggest c-ck block.

Jewel only wanted to run. To anything and anyone. Mackenzie was her go to. It helped with the coven activities occupying her attentions. Even a stranger could make her smile, allow her to relax, and made it easy to be care free.

Marriage was possibly a cage that she couldn't stand behind.

With a new life..

Freedom was the newest feeling that made this Jewel sparkle. Alive. Many feelings came flushing through and unsure if her new reality has truly sunk in just yet. She'd continue to act unaffected and carry on with her ways.

Would be spending the day having her married name removed like it was an undesired rib making her fat.
July 24, 2019 10:30 am
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