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Never Had Control


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Caitlyn Darrow

Time had been lost on her for some time. The dust collected on the mantle next to the crayon portrait of their family courtesy of Rigsby. Claw marks tore into the hard surface wood. Tidiness was a privilege she hadn’t indulged in. Ringlets of red whipped across her back as one baby strapped to her back tried to grasp onto the hair to put it in its mouth, and the other baby strapped onto her front babbled on while trying to reach for the porcelain urn next her latest husband’s portrait. “Want to say hi to daddy, hm?” Caitlyn asked whilst she grabbed the thick curls and twisted them to pin them away from the second baby who had instead got side tracked by the orange quilt over the couch.

The floors creaked as she turned to look towards her other two sons that chased one another throughout the living room. She didn’t make any movements to stop them, no if someone looked at Caitlyn Darrow they may even say she looked dead. Void of life, but she faked it well. That’s what her aunt would have done in a time like this, but to be fair her aunt wouldn’t be stuck the single mother of four children. This was all Caitlyn’s fault, and she knew it to be.

“DADADADA” The baby dressed in an orange dress murmured from her front making grab hands in the air towards the picture on the mantle. Caitlyn hummed and wedged her finger to let the baby death grip that instead. Caitlyn turned with both children and busied herself placing both babies in their jumpers so she could have a minute to sit amongst the chaos bore from her. The knock on the door caused her to sigh loudly, but the smile that crept over her lips seemed genuine. Before she could get to the door Noah has whizzed past her opening it and excitedly yelling hello. Definitely a trait he had gotten from her, she bit back a giggle.

Caitlyn came behind her eldest son ushering him away from the door and arched a brow to see a police officer at her door. “Hello officer. How can I help you?” The policeman slipped her a piece of paper. A warrant to search her house. For what? Her brows drew together in puzzlement as she followed the cop, and tried to keep her children away from him. “What is this about?”

“Why don’t your husbands, Mrs. Darrow?”

“” Caitlyn whispered feeling herself shrink, but Noah was there to help her. So he thought.

“All dads are dead!” The strawberry hair boy exclaimed before he took Rigsby's hand and they vanished down the hallway. There were noises associated with giggling and banging, so at least she knew they couldn't be getting into too much trouble.

Back to this officer and his judgemental gaze.


July 25, 2019 09:01 pm
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