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*I was a warm muggy morining as I woke up in a tent. I was out and about in a forest restocking my alchemy supplies, some regents I needed however, were higher up in a mountain. Mount Ebott had some mountain flowers that I wanted to add and everything was going well until I saw a small child.*

July 30, 2019 06:34 pm


*I placed a dark colored cloak on me for the child's protection; apparently some humans slowly lose their sanity wheenever they're near me. The cloak I wore prevents that; I slowly approach the child.*

Hey there... are ya lost?

*The child briefly looks at me then looks away shyly.*

Where are yer parents?

*Still no answer they didn't even glance at me.*

Can I at least have yer name? I'm Kain..

*The child responded softly.*


*I smiled softly.*

Nice to meet you, Frisk.  Do you know where yer at?

*Frisk shook their head. I sighed.*

Well, do want me to take you back? I kinda have to take you back where yer from.

*Frisk spun around to look at me.*

No, please! ....Bad place...

*My features were filled with sorrow.*

Alright... I won't... but I have to take you somewhere. Do you happen to know anybody?

*Again Frisk shook their head. I thought for a moment.*

Hey, how about you stick by me? I just gathering flowers for my apothecary. Would you like to help?

*The child nodded at and kinda smiled. I smiled back and handed them a picture of a yellow flower with 6 petals.*

I'm looking these flowers. If you them, go ahead and collect them for me. I'll let ya know when we got enough. You can stay with until we figure something til then. Is that alright?

*Frisk nodded again and their smile grew wide. They stayed with we gathered enough flowers and were getting ready to leave. Frisk found another flower and tried to pick it but the ground beneath started to crumble. I rushed over to grab Frisk but ended up going down with them. I placed myself beneath Frisk to take the fall for them and landed hard on a field of flowers. I groaned on pain.*


*I take a deep breath and check on Frisk.*

Hey, you ok?

*Frisk nodded.*

Yeah, I'm fine...

*I sighed out a relief.*

I'm glad to hear.

*I slowly got up and placed Frisk down. I was trying to gather my bearings as I scanned our surroundings.*

Where are we?

*A voice echoed.*

Well, well, well... What do we have here?

July 30, 2019 08:57 pm


*I turned to see the voice, it was a sentient flower. He chirps.*

Hi, I'm Flowey, the Flower. Never expected to see strangers drop in... literally.

*Frisk was curious about the flower and Flowey said something about this place but I didn't pay attention. I just wanted to get out but there something stirred here. Then the flower explained something called LOVE and EXP before attacking us.*

August 04, 2019 11:39 am
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