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Rogue's Thunder


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The Rogue's Thunder is the Flag Ship for Daxx's Fleet. He use's it to travel to different Port's. It's current docking is Los Angeles. Daxx keeps his ship total and number of men under Top Secret even to his own men so they don't know anything if ever captured. His men are 100% Loyal to their Captain because he treats them good and pay's them well.
July 31, 2019 11:54 am


Daxx having been in the Port for a while thought it was time to start unloading goods they had gained from his Travels. He takes the gathered Rum to different Bar's and Tavern's. He had the good stuff after all what Pirate would ever want the nasty bottom shelf crap. Looking to his First mate he just nods to him knowing Killian would take all the Jewels and other stolen items to the right buyer's. They knew the right people in all the Port's to get things done.

"Tis going to be good to be on dry land for a while. Men feel free to spend a few weeks in the Port. Their is some matter's I need to take care of." All the Men cheered and left the ship leaving only enough men to keep it from being taking over. They would rotate over the duration of their stay in Port.
July 31, 2019 12:04 pm


After a while Daxx smiled watching his men leave the ship. He had a good crew he always made sure things are kept in the top shape and things gotten the men needed or wanted. After all a happy crew means no one will try to mutiny. After the men who are leaving left Daxx gathered a few things he needed for the afternoon and left. He headed to the Port Master first to give him his cut of the money and to pay for the Port Fee.

Daxx told the Port Master that the Ship would only be in Port for a few weeks before sailing on. Daxx wondered if any of his Coven Mates would show up once they learned that his Ship was in Port. He would leave his coming and going's with his Crew should they need to get a hold of him.
July 31, 2019 01:51 pm


Having finished with the Port Master Daxx set out into the city. He was dressed in his cleanest cloths consisting of Black leather pants, a Bluish shirt, and a Brown scarf around his neck. He gathered his thoughts and proceeded to town. Hailing a cab he got it when they stopped and gave him the address of his first stop. After arriving he paid the cabby and smiled getting out of the car. He went into the shop and bought some things he needed for his next leg of the journey. July 31, 2019 07:20 pm


After gathering the supplies he needed for the boat Daxx couldn't help but feel good this day. He had everything he needed and wanted. Life was wonderful and easy. He thought about calling another cab to take him to the next shop he needed to head to but decided to walk instead. He headed up the street to a whole foods type shop. He had gotten a list from the ship cook of items that needed to be gotten. After entering the store he grabbed a cart and started to gather the items.

Daxx spent the rest of the afternoon gathering the food requested after paying for it, having four to five pallets of food he called the ship so he could have some men come and get it. It was getting close to night time when he finished and needed to eat. He knew of a good Tavern that served some good food and headed there. After all why wouldn't drink some Rum while he ate his meal.
August 01, 2019 11:14 am

Jayde Ana

*She should have just kept it with laying low but that was not Jayde's style. Or it hadn't been before the accident. Curiosity got the best of the young vampire as she made her way to the port. Perhaps she would kill two birds with one stone.*

*She had heard before the accident that the port of los angeles housed many taverns and with that many criminals. Surely no one would miss them if they disappeared and it gave her a chance to set eyes on Daxx's ship. She may not ever actually get the chance to enjoy riding upon it but it didn't mean she couldn't admire it.*

*Having made her mind up, Jayde headed to said port. Her blonde colored locks hung loose down her back, sharp crisp sounds came from the heeled boots she wore, blue jeans tucked inside accompanied by a torquise tank top. She had no reflection thus far and hoped she at least looked decent as she made her way to the port*
August 01, 2019 07:31 pm


Daxx having had his fill of Rum and food for now headed back to the ship. He smiled having had some luck on finding out some information about a shipment of Rum that might need some of his talent to acquire. He was on his way back to the ship when he saw the female vampire that he had met earlier that day. He walked up to her from behind and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hello my friend I see you found your way to my ship. Isn't she a grand sight to see. Her name is Rogue's Thunder she is my flag ship."
August 01, 2019 08:09 pm

Jayde Ana

*She wasn't going to pretend he had not scared her. That much was obvious as she jumped and shrieked. She really needed to learn this whole vampire thing and soon. Had he been a hunter that would have been her head. She turns slowly to peer at him with blue eyes.*

Guilty of admiring yes. Plus I heard this was not the best place in town. Thought I would clear it up a person or two at a time. What is a flag ship?
August 01, 2019 08:23 pm


Daxx see's that he scared her and he looked down. He hadn't mean to scare her. He guessed he was gonna have to be more careful around her. He looked back up at her not wanting say anything offensive. He thought about what to say before he spoke.

"I haven't had any bad experiences here. My men and I have been coming here for a long time. A flag ship is basically my main ship the one I sail around on. It was my first ship and so far I have managed to keep it from being destroyed. Though I have been in many of fight's over the year's it's always managed to come out ok."
August 01, 2019 08:36 pm

Jayde Ana

Isn't it expensive to keep it repaired? I don't mean to keep asking so many questions I'm just curious. I know it can be expensive to keep one's farm up and running so I can only imagine what it is like to keep those going.

*She points at his ship. As she thinks about her words a tint of a blush appeared upon pale cheeks. Great, just admit to the world that you are nothing more than a country bumpkin. Her face twists slightly before seeming to light up*

Jayde. My name is Jayde. I mom and pop screaming it to get me to run when the accident happened.
August 01, 2019 08:45 pm


Daxx looked at Jayde and smiled, he had no problem answering her question's. After all why would he the only way to learn thing's is if you ask or be asked.

"Tis a pleasure to meet you Jayde. As for the expenses yes it is very. I make do with my treasures and Rum. I get a lot of it when I am on the sea's. I am sure in time things will become different because my kind wont be needed."
August 01, 2019 08:54 pm

Jayde Ana

Your kind? Pirate or human? We will always need those. People talk about always needing farmers too but then they do stupid things that cause accidents.

*Blue hues turn to look at him as she tilts her head slightly* Can I...I go on it?
August 01, 2019 09:00 pm


Daxx offered his arm to her with a smile. He was just being a gentleman. He had told her that he would let her tour his ship and he meant it. He would never go back on his word. The word of a Pirate was sometime all that was needed cause if they couldn't be trusted.

"My kind being Pirates. Life as we know it is coming to a end in time. As for going on it I promised you a tour and a tour is what you will get."
August 01, 2019 09:05 pm

Jayde Ana

*She looks briefly at the offered arm, before placing her pale and cold arm around his. Jayde had absolutely no idea if that is what people did in such a situation but it was what she did.*

I think there will always be Pirates. Are the rumors and stories true about them? Are you guys really heartless and bloodthirsty?
August 01, 2019 09:09 pm


Daxx smiled as she locked arms with his. He had to think about he question for a moment. In truth there was several ways to answer that. So he thought what he should tell her. Like always the truth came out of his mouth.

"Well in truth there are always ones that are evil and vile. Some can be heartless and bloodthirsty. Then there are ones like me who tend to do it for the right reason's. I tend to only steal from those who deserve it. Kind of like the story of Robin Hood."
August 01, 2019 09:16 pm
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