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Oh, this is ladies night...


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Niahm Connelly

Niahm was feeling...well...stir crazy might be the right word for it. She’d locked herself in her room for weeks now, both frightened and excited about her reaction to the outside world. As much as she didn’t trust herself around humans, and though she’d had a visit with a very interesting and attractive man, she was done with being inside.

All those emotions and urges were bubbling to the surface and was afraid she would explode freckled skin all over the walls of her living room. The vampirism, mingled with the isolation for the last ten years, she just needed to feel -alive- once in awhile.

So, with that in mind, she pulled out her cellphone and sent a group text to the women of her coven.

Time. Place. Gif. Set.

Now, all she had to do was get ready.


Even from outside the club, she could hear the music thundering, vibrating the concrete of the sidewalk as she stood waiting for the rest of her entourage to show up. Of course, the preternatural hearing didn’t help with the blasting noise...but, it was Lady Gaga night, so she couldn’t be too angry.

’Can’t read my, can’t read my. No he can’t read my poker face’

Beyond the entrance and the large man with a myriad of tattoos, the dimness of the large room made the fluorescent tubes that lined the bar that lined the left side of the room light up like beacons. Tempting the swaying bodies to come and quench their thirst. The floor was black marble, reflecting wherever they could, the shoes of patrons scuffing it’s near mirror like surface.

The back of the room was a huge dance floor, occupied by gyrating bodies of all genders, the back wall taken up with a mixing table where a DJ spun and scratched out classic and new songs. On either side was a curving staircase that led up to a balcony. There, one would find tables and chairs, all pub height.

Directly in front of the dance floor were long, U shaped, sectional couches in black leather and small black tables. Most were already occupied, but every few minutes the ebb and flow of the crowd would pull them back in to the mix and drop new tenants down in their spots.

Outside, where Niahm was still waiting, the lights of the club signs made multi-color pools on the concrete. The night was still warm.. The door of the building was letting out bursts of cool air every time the bouncer let someone else in.

And, of course, she was dressed to get in. Thick red hair tumbled down her back in purposefully messy waves. The black, sequined, dress she wore clung to her curves like a second skin. Spaghetti straps showed off the freckles on her shoulders. The ‘V’ neck showed off other attributes. She would never have passed the school check for skirt length, because when she put her arms down the hem was barely at wrist length. If she was going out, she was going to do it right. Dark red lipstick, cat eye liner. Black boots stretched over her legs, ending over her knee. Small silver grommets decorated the entire side length, laced up tight. The stiletto heel pushed her up four inches so she was a solid 5’6”.

A small black purse hung over her shoulder, where she was now looking for her phone to check her texts.

’I promise this, promise this.
Check this hand cause I'm marvelous’

August 02, 2019 01:44 am


When Flahme received the text regarding a girl’s night out, she was sitting in the centre of the bed she and Janus shared. Her goal was to refine the precision of her fire skills to the degree she could light a candle atop a tallboy halfway across the room. Quincy, their enormous ginger cat, was purring at the end of the bed, though eyeing her warily.

When her phone chimed, it broke her concentration and the fire arced wildly and hit Quincy’s tail. The cat leapt out of the way with a screech and Flahme sat steeped in guilt and the smell of singed fur.

Going after the furball, she found and soothed the frazzled cat until he forgave her then read the text thoroughly. Grinning she went to prepare for a night out. Janus was currently out on assignment and wasn’t expected home till very late, or very early depending on how one looked at it.

A quick shower, makeup, and scrunch dried red locks which left them messy with a few wild curls here and there, and she stood before her wardrobe with a furrowed brow. Being a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, Flahme kept it simple. Black skin tight faux leather pants, paired with a black sequined strapless top, red strappy heels, red belt and her ruby necklace and she was ready to go.

Texting first Niahm, then Janus, she let the former know she was on her way, and the latter know her plans for the evening. Putting the phone and some cash in a small black bag that sat across her body, she locked their apartment and dropped the keys into it as well.

Where the streets were empty, Flahme blinked and when they were not, she walked, making it to the club quicker than expected. The line outside was long, but she quickly spied the length of red hair she was looking for and headed in Niahm’s direction.

Before she got very far, she felt a hand on her butt and without much thought turned fast and punched the guy who dared to touch her. Knocking him on his ass, his friends rather than getting upset laughed and applauded her. Helping their friend to his feet so he could deal with his bloody nose, they then made him apologise to her. She was thankful no one seemed to notice the flash of crimson eyes as she had hit him, humans didn’t react well to that sort of thing.

With a flick of hair over her shoulder, Flahme spun on her heel and headed back in the direction of Niahm. As she got close to the other woman, she grinned wide, her emerald eyes sparkling, and pulled her into a hug. “I’m here, are there more to come, or do we go and rock this place?”
August 03, 2019 10:07 am

Averly Amoret

Text Received

The chime of her cell phone went off mid-shower, causing Ave to jump. As if she wasn’t on edge enough these days, unexpected communications worried her. She cut her time short to hop out of her steamy sanctuary, and look at her phone screen. Which, in short means she skipped shaving her legs. 

Girls night? When was the last time any female had included her in such a thing? It seems she had picked a hell of a night not to shave. 

Swallowing her worries, Ave got ready in a hurry. Within minutes she had slid on a tight pair of jeans over her wet wooly mammoth legs, and a low cut black tank top. She would attempt to look at least somewhat presentable to her fellow coven mates while enjoying some time away from home. 

The rest of her routine consisted of brushing through her tangled blonde locks, swiping on some mascara, and smudging her favorite pink balm across her pout. Roman should be jealous that she was getting dolled up for someone other than him. The thought prompted her to send a picture to his phone, and she smiled at the thought of him receiving it. Later, she would touch on what he thought of it later. 

Tonight was for the girls. 

Averly arrived thirty minutes later, eager for the opportunity to connect with other people. Though, as she pulled open the door her eyes narrowed as she saw an all too familiar head of red hair. Ave and Flahme had made their peace with one another, and stood on solid ground. Though she would never forget how the woman had ‘accidentally’ emptied her wallet. 

With a sly smile, she snuck up from behind her and pinched her on the behind. “Hope I’m not late.” 

But as she peered around the side of the woman, dread fell over her. The woman who’s butt she had pinched was not Flahme, but the very same who had invited them all here. Niahm. They had only met once, and that was for Ave to mutter a quick welcome before retreating back to her home. 

“I am SO sorry.” 
August 03, 2019 11:21 pm

Niahm Connelly

Niahm had been holding her phone, looking through the texts and just about to send one off when she heard a little bit of what one might call a ruckus. She pulled blue eyes up from the bright screen and saw the end of the altercation that ended up with a man on his ass. Then the bloody nose. Then a familiar redhead, well another redhead, coming her way. She gave Flahme a bright smile and waved her over to come join.

She returned the hug with the same amount of friendliness. It...wasn't something she was used to in her former life. There were too many years of taking the kind of jobs that required solitude. And, then when there weren't...well, she'd been burned enough times that she had found it hard to be affectionate with people.

That, though, had changed. With the vampirism she had found that everything in her life was just. More. Senses, emotions, needs, all heightened to the point where she found herself unable to control them more often than not. And a sense of comraderie with it, with people that were like her. Not quite human.

"I think a few more said they would come. I'd say even if nobody else did, you an' I could make quite an evenin' jest by our..." her words tapered off into a squeal of surprise as she felt fingers at her bum. Her barely covered bum at that.

She was prepared to turn around and give the offender the same treatment that Flahme had just given the man a few moments ago. She twirled around, a snarl ripping through her throat. Her fangs had lengthened, threatening to peak from under ruby lips.

Thankfully, she was able to stop herself when she saw the sheepish looking blonde. She could smell the embarrassment, which was far less appetizing than fear or lust. Niahm was able to reign it in and instead, she laughed. "I'll nay blame ye. T'is very pinchable, if I do say so meself. Unfortunately, I prefer more...Tall, dark, an' fairy." That was too pointed to not be about someone specifically.

"Ye can make it up t'me by buyin' the first round. Averly, aye?"
August 04, 2019 12:35 am

Aurora Crane

*Receiving the group text from one of her new coven mates, she smiles as she reads it. Jumping up, she checks with Kira to make sure she had received the same text. After asking her roommate if she'd be joining them, she rushes back to her room to get ready. And an hour later she walks out of the apartment and to the car waiting out front.

The car pulls up to the club and she looks out the window, a little thrill of excitement curling in her stomach. Girl's night. How long had it been since she'd had one of those? Too long. A year, at least. After...that night, the night she'd been turned, she'd pushed many of her friends away, fearing that she wouldn't be able to control herself when the hunger struck. And eventually they'd gotten the hint and stopped calling and texting to invite her out.

Now that the cravings were mostly controllable, she found herself craving something else entirely. Friends. Companionship. Something that went beyond the relationships she had formed to meet her need for blood and sex.  She still had her family, she hadn't been able to bring herself to cut them out of her life when she'd ghosted her friends. But having a close group of friends filled something inside her that family never could, no matter how great they were.  

And they were great. Though, she hadn't told them what she'd been turned into. They'd been so accepting when she told them in high school that she liked boys and girls. But she couldn't help thinking that expecting them to accept that she was a vampire was asking too much. So, to avoid that, she'd made the difficult decision to move from the small town upstate she'd called home her entire life to the city.   

It had been just about two weeks and she was already making friends and being accepted into a group of beings similar to herself, which was exciting. But she still missed having that group of friends. Girls, or guys, she could call or text anytime, whether she needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to go shopping with. So the invitation out this evening thrilled her. She didn't know many of her coven mates well yet, but she was looking forward to changing that tonight.  

Opening the car door, she thanks Dave, her favorite Uber driver, and steps outside. Green eyes scan the crowd of people in front of the club and her red-painted lips curve upward as she spots the small group of familiar women. Clad in a gold sequined t-shirt style dress that falls just past her hips and dips low in the back, gold heels lacing up around her ankles, she tucks a lock of straight blonde hair behind her ear and grins as she approaches her coven mates.*  

Hey, ladies. Did I hear someone mention butt pinching? What's a girl gotta do to get in on that?

August 04, 2019 03:17 am


Standing off to the side of Niahm, she noticed Averly sneak up on her and pinch her butt, clearly thinking it was Flahme she approached. Laughter already began to bubble out of her when Niahm turned fast, fangs extended, ready to harm the offender before she realised who it was.

It should be noted that Flahme and Averly had an ‘incident’ before they met in the coven. Flahme might have bumped into her in a bar, and might have stolen some loose change from her, but really, who could remember all of the petty crimes one did. Regardless they had made up in the form of butt pinching, so it had become their thing. Now it had potential to be Averly’s signature move.

After Averly and Niamh calmed down and exchanged pleasantries, Flahme nodded to Averly in greeting and pulled her in for a hug. Flahme cared little for other people’s need for personal space once she got to know them. She was a hugger. Her friends had to accept that about her.

“It’s great to see you again, Averly, and hey look at it this way, better to be known as a butt pincher, than a butt muncher.” She nodded, a serious look on her face until she could hold it no longer, and a grin overcame her features. Flahme often managed to find the bright side of most situations.

Next Aurora arrived, a coven mate Flahme had only met once before but she couldn’t help laughing once again as Aurora got in on the hilarious conversation. Flahme grinned at her and moved in to give her a quick hug. “Good to see you again, Aurora.”

So, now there were four of them and the music could be heard from the street, pumping out enticing more and more patrons to heed the call. Though there was a line, Flahme was certain the gorgeous femmes from Sine Metu were not going to have an issue gaining immediate entry once they were ready to do so.

Turning to Niamh, Flahme grinned at her. "And you thought you would be drinking alone. Not a chance."
August 04, 2019 06:15 am


"Who is pinching arses without me?"

Mackenzie has bust into the scene at a key moment, open bottle in hand that has already received quite a bit of attention. The woman is known for being late to practically everything, lately. And why not? Is it not fashionable? Is it not adorable?

The woman is a hurricane, and decidedly unapologetic.

A pull is taken from the bottle as she takes stock of those present. Niahme. Averly. Aurora. Flahme. A pair of blondes, a pair of gingers.

And here she is.


This is new territory.

Confidence has her pushing herself past a human barrier, the only thing between her and the rest of the group. "Yes, yes, excuse me. How rude. Yes."

Perhaps she didn't really need to literally walk her happy ass through the line itself. It may also be poor taste to be carrying an open bottle of booze to a club. Illegal, really. It's fine. Her field of f-cks is barren.

Sidling up to the women, she wags her brows before offering up the bottle boldly. "Listen. Ladies. No kink shaming. Butt munchers are people, too." A sage nod as her glancing toward the door and then back to her group. How dramatically under-dressed, she is.

Clearing her throat, she looks around at each and every one of them. "Listen. This is very important. If you happen to see Jasper tonight, none of us know him. Unless, you know, he knows - you know what? It's fine.

" one would ever guess you all live in the underground, looking at you."
August 04, 2019 05:16 pm


*Receiving a text, Lilly was intrigued. Not many invited her to much these days, let alone a girls night out.

Making sure all was set, she made her way to the location. As per her normal method, slipping threw a shadow. The black hood of her long black cloak shielding her face as she stepped into the room.

Catching familiar voices, she chuckled quietly as she made her way over in time to her MacKenzie's comment about kinks and butt munchers. Giving another chuckle she slipped her hood back as she spoke*

Ahhh I'm sorry for being little late.. next round on me ladies
August 04, 2019 09:39 pm

Averly Amoret

A smile turning her lips upward she nodded, "Though it is very pinchable, I myself prefer mine to be tall, dark, and miserable. Though I'll order the first round." It was more than an acceptable apology in her mind. Much better than any solution she could have come up with. Before stalking off to the bar to order a round of tequila shots, she eyed flahme with a coy smile, warning her for what would come later. 

That was a butt she would pinch, just for fun, regardless of preferences. It had become their thing, and as a woman without friends, she felt obligated to remind the redhead that they were indeed friends. 

By the time she returned, carefully balancing the tray she had convinced the bartender she steal, more of Sine Metu's lovely ladies had arrived. She chose to arrive by Flahme's side, and slid the tray on the table before them all. "By the way, I think you're right. Much better to be known as a pincher than a muncher. Save the cake eating for private." She said, throwing the demon a wink over her shoulder. 

Returning her eyes back to the rest of the group, she passed over Mackenzie's lovely brunette form and gave a smile. Bottle already in hand, her coven leader always knew how to liven things up. Though the rest of their group was decidedly dressed up, Mackenzie held her own charm that Averly doubted many women could possess. A charm she knew any of them would be unable to duplicate. In fact, all of the women in their coven were well liked and respected in her eyes. She found herself wondering why she hadn't made more of an effort to communicate with anyone before tonight. Was she that boring?

Confused by the comment about Jasper, she gave a small nodd. To ease the sudden tension, she shot Mack a wink paired with the comment, "Only got dressed up for you, boss lady."  

Watching as Lilly arrived, she gave a gentle wave over their still untouched round of tequila and smiled. "You heard her, girls. Drink up." With a grin, she downed her own shot and placed the glass face down on the tray. Though she savored the burn, Averly couldn't help but wince a little as she swallowed. She was more whiskey and beer, but tequila seemed to be the party drink of choice and who was she to deny tradition? 

August 05, 2019 04:34 pm

Aurora Crane

*She hides her surprise at being greeted with a hug by the cute redhead behind a pleased smile. Returning her embrace, she gives Flahme a quick squeeze before releasing her.*

It's good to see you too, Flahme.

*Standing back, she watches as more ladies join their group, including their illustrious leader. Taking everything in, she keeps one eye on the street, waiting for Kira to arrive. Wondering what could be taking her roommate so long, she thought the other woman was just behind her, she laughs softly at the interaction between her coven mates.

Following along as they start to file into the club, she flashes a smile to the guy at the door. Ignoring the looks the fairly large group of attractive ladies drew as they went to find a table, her hips rocked slightly to the music pumping through the place. 

Sliding into a seat as they find themselves at a table and someone goes for drinks, she looks around the throng of people, dancing, grinding and rubbing against each other.

Her gaze goes to the woman who arrives with a tray of drinks. As she invites them to drink, she flashes Averly a smile as she reaches out for a shot glass. Bringing it to her lips, she tips her head back and swallows, wincing as the tequila slides down her throat.*

August 05, 2019 06:09 pm


*Picking up the shot glass, Lilly grinned. Counting down*
3....2...1...bottoms up...

*Tipping her head back,as she placed the glass against her lips. Pouring the liquid down her throat. Slight wince and shake of her head, before placing the glass upside down on the tray. Smiling she looked over towards the bar, then the door. A snack maybe on her menu later. For now, shots*

Come.... drink up...
August 06, 2019 12:17 am


To keep the momentum going, and because she was feeling bold, Flahme pinched Mackenzie’s butt then pulled her in for a slightly awkward but gentle hug. The woman was tiny, and she got the feeling the coven leader was not used to being handled in such a manner, at least by female friends. She also suspected Mackenzie could knock her on her ass with her little finger, which made Flahme’s emerald eyes sparkle with mischief.

“What are we hiding from Jasper?” That wasn’t at all what Mackenzie had said, but it was how Flahme decided to interpret it.

Entering the club and seeing Lilly arrive she first made a beeline for her to greet her as she had the others. She wasn’t about to turn this hug machine off any time tonight.

A moment later, Averly arrived with a tray of tequila shots. Flahme had never tried tequila, and after seeing a few of the other ladies upend the liquid in one go, she took a glass, winked at Averly then followed suit.

The liquid burned a little as it went down and she decided for a straight sipping drink she preferred whiskey, but this would hit the spot for now. As she placed the glass upside down, a small cough escaped her lips along with a delicate plume of fire.

“Oh!” was all she squeaked out as her gaze darted here and there to make sure no one had seen it or at least no human patrons had seen it.
August 06, 2019 04:30 am

Niahm Connelly

The butt action, the crowds, and now the drinking? Niahm was on a natural high. Of course, that natural high was making her senses open up more than she let on. She could...smell...everything. Everyone. It was more intoxicating than the alcohol itself, since it took quite a bit to get her drunk despite the fact she was so petite. She had, of course, greeted Mackenzie with a nod. "Aye, it beats the bloody rags I left in th'bin this morning." Nothing more than that except a wide grin and a waggle of eyebrows.

As they reached the bar, and Niahm took a shot with the rest of them. She made a face and an overdramatic shiver. She never was a huge fan of it, but she wasn't going to turn down free shots obviously.

"Oi, I got the next round. We're doin' Glenfidditch though. Tequila reminds me of bad decisions and regret." Still, she said it with a grin. She waved down a server to give the order, making them all 'neat'. Just pure, golden, liquid.

She let out a little laugh of surprise when Flahme managed to go all dragon on them, spouting flames. "I'll say we're nay goin' to do too well at hidin'..." The next round appears, and this is much more Niahm's liking. She takes a glass and raises it up before sipping.

The song shifted and changed from one to another, and the dance inducing rhythm vibrated through the air. "I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong
To crash the critics saying, "is it right or is it wrong?"

August 06, 2019 03:29 pm

Aurora Crane

*As she sets her empty shot glass on the table, her gaze is hooked by Flahme as she takes her shot. Watching as literal flames trail out of the redhead's mouth, green eyes go wide and her mouth falls open in shock. Well, that was something she didn't see every day. Or ever.

Blinking, she looks to her shot glass. Had she been roofied? Already? No. Even if there had been drugs in the glass, it was way too small to have an effect on her.*

Are you...

*Glancing around, she leans in and lowers her voice to a level she knew only the ladies in their group would be able to hear. Meeting Flahme's eyes, she continues conspiratorially.*

...a dragon?

August 06, 2019 06:51 pm


As surprised as the others at the fiery burst from her lips, Flahme blushed as red as her hair. "No, I'm not a dragon, and if anyone asks the tequila was already alight, okay?"

Thinking over the possibilities, she grins and adds. "But it would be f-cking cool if I was a dragon."

Nodding to Niamh in thanks for the whisky, Flahme picks up the glass and takes a sip, noting it tastes quite different from the Jameson that her man favours. Sipping the whisky, it was at this point Flahme saw the cages dotted around the room and decided she was going to get in one before the night was through and dance up a storm. She also noticed the bartender making the cutest shots out of something dark and something blue. Ordering a round of what ended up being oil spills, she asked for them to be delivered once the whisky was gone.

“We have more drinks on the way, ladies, then who’s up for some dancing?”
August 09, 2019 08:21 pm
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