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Niahm Connelly

-October 2009-

Stupid Limey *******.

She tapped on the screen of her phone with her fingernail, not opening up her contacts. Not calling him, even though she was sure he would probably have been the best back up. After all the cases they had taken and worked with one another on, she knew she could count on him.

What she couldn’t do, however, was face him after the embarrassment of kissing him and figuring out he didn’t share the same feelings as her. Nobody would ever accuse Niahm of being too girly, but that didn’t mean she was totally cold-hearted. In fact, quite the opposite. She hated, sometimes, that she was a cliche redhead. Fire, temper, things she’d had to tamp down as much as possible in her line of work. Sometimes it still reared its ugly head, though.

So, no. She wasn’t going to call him. Before they had worked together, she had done just fine on her own.

That’s what she’d keep telling herself.

She was in all dark colors. Her normally flame red hair was bundled into a braid, all of it tucked into a grey beanie that fit tightly around her head. A pair of snug black and grey camo pants were tucked into steel toed combat boots hit her mid shin. A tight fitting black turtleneck. Loose clothes were a death sentence in the wrong situation.

Pale eyes looked at the grand entrance of the hotel. The recession had hit globally, and too many businesses to count had closed their doors. This one was still in good shape, though it was obvious somebody had been practicing their street art. She would also guess that most of the pipes and wiring would be stripped of their copper.

The double doors were, at one time, boarded over but now one was askew. It had been pried open and left that way so whomever decided to go for a scavenge could easily come in and out. Two white pillars stood on either side of the doors, their once pristine stone surface now marred with spray paint and other...odorous...things. She could tell that before it had closed down, it had been beautiful.

And, according to her sources, someone had been turning the local homeless that took shelter here into Vampires.

She didn’t know why. Sometimes it happened, though. Some of the bloodsuckers liked to build a brood to do their dirty work. Or to accrue power. Or some sick authoritarian fantasy. It was up to her to stop it, though. It was daytime, so they should be sleeping. It shouldn’t be hard...they were all young, inexperienced, and unsuspecting.

A deep breath. Earbud in place. She has the cord tucked inside of her shirt, her iPod tucked in a built in pocket of her sports bra to keep it all out of the way. One of the earbuds is cut off completely so she still has an ear to listen out. The sound of drums and guitar buzz into her ear, strong and heavy.

I can't stand it, I know you planned it
I'mma set it straight, this Watergate

Something that looks suspiciously like a smoke bomb is un-clipped from her utility belt as she stands beside the pried open door. She activates it, rolls it in, and waits for the steam to start billowing out. Holy water steam, to be precise. There was something to be said for the toys her family could get for her.

Another deep breath. Mini crossbow in one hand, wooden tipped arrows on the ready. The chance that they were in the foyer was small, but she could at least start clearing the way if they did have anyone on the lookout. A Sig Sauer P226 9mm MK25 Semi-Automatic Pistol was snug in a holster that her belt had included. Of course, it wasn’t normal ammunition she was packing.

So, so, so, so listen up, 'cause you can't say nothin'
You'll shut me down with a push of your button

In her clear ear she heard a high pitched shrieking noise. Just one, though. She could manage one. Her shoulder pushed into the door, opening it even more as a pale, gaunt, figure started scrambling towards her. It was emaciated, as if it hadn’t fed in...well, who knew how long. The spots where the mist had hit it were starting to eat away at the greying flesh. The smell was awful. Niahm had to keep herself from gagging, but managed to pull the trigger of the crossbow, aiming the ‘stake’ at the creatures heart.

It hit true, the skeletal form falling to the ground in front of her and already starting to decay. It wasn’t too old, his corpse becoming very goo-like instead of turning to ash That goo still clung to the bones beneath.

Scheming on a thing, that's a mirage
I'm trying to tell you now, it's sabotage

She slid another arrow out of a cartridge that was mounted to the bottom of the small crossbow, ready to slide it into place when she felt a mass slammed into her side. The crossbow, which had been held with just one hand, skidded across the floor, sliding further than it would have except that the floor was white and grey marble. Marble, she learned quickly, was hard. Her shoulder smacked down with force, the side of her head with it.

Stars danced in her vision. A wave of nausea swept over her.
She turned her head and she could feel the teeth scraping across her face, trying to get at the veins in her neck. And that was where her turtleneck came in. It wouldn’t hold him back, but it gave her a moment she needed to gather her senses. Turning as best she could, she slid her right arm under the vampire’s neck, using all of her strength to push up, in turn pushing his face away from her.

Another gaunt, deathly pale, vampire. It was impossible to really tell what he, or the other one, might have looked like before they turned. They were must skin on sticks now.

But I can't stand rockin' when I'm in this place
Because I feel disgrace because you're all in my face

She could feel the drool as it dripped down on to her face, the thing screeching in frustration. It obviously was strong, being undead and all. It wasn’t stronger than her, though, in it’s malnourished state. Fingers searched about at her belt, a long bladed silver knife. One edge was serrated and the other smooth. It was a variation on a hunting knife but the blade was silver instead of steel.

Then it sat up, essentially pinning her to the ground with its weight on her hips as it straddled her. First one fist hit her left cheek. It snapped her head to the side and she quickly snapped it back to keep her eyes on him. Now she had one hand free, and she used it to catch wrist with her forearm as he went to strike her again.

She managed to slide the blade free as he hit her again on the same side he’d just made contact. That was going to leave a bruise in the morning, but the adrenaline pumping through her veins made it hard to feel any pain now.

'm Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle
What could it be, it's a mirage
You're scheming on a thing, that's sabotage

The tip of the blade came down, hard, into the thing’s left thigh. An inhuman screech left it’s lips, distracting it. She was able to pull back the blade, releasing it again, and just a moment later her hips slammed upwards into his body as rancid smelling blood spilled from the wound. He fell to the floor and she scrambled, using the momentum he created to roll to her knees and then launch herself on top of him. The knife stabbed at his face. His neck. Then, eventually, an eye socket where it thunked into place with a squelching thud.

It wouldn’t kill him, but it would be enough to incapacitate him while she decapitated him. See, there was a reason that one side of the blade was serrated. As she started to saw into him, a rapid drum beat started then stopped as the next song in the rotation slid on.

August 07, 2019 02:32 am

Niahm Connelly

Drum beat and metallic tapping started, followed by a few strums of guitar.
You’ve gotta keep them separated

Guitar streamed in just as she wiped the silver off on her pants and continued her search. This couldn’t be all of them. Her source was reliable...she just hoped she hadn’t been too late to catch up with them. But, the way he had made it sound, they were holed up in here for awhile.

Onward and upward. Room by room it would have to be.

Like the latest fashion.
Like a spreading disease.

On this floor there were multiple hallways and rooms. Banquet rooms and conference rooms. There was a kitchen and restaurant as well as a bar. No rooms, though. As with most hotels, there were no rooms on the first floor. Then, obviously, the actual lobby area. But that was where she had just the first two bodies, who now lay in puddles on the ground.

The first few rooms were clear. In fact, other than the two vampires she had already taken down, there wasn’t much else happening in the hotel that she could see. Not even rats...which, in her knowledge base, meant that there had been vampires here at one time. She went back to that train of thought she’d had earlier. What if she’d gotten bad information? What if they had already cleared out?

Hey they don't pay no mind.
If you're under 18 you won't be doing any time.
Hey, come out and play.

If that were the case, at least it would make her job easy. There was a certain satisfaction, though, in wiping out an entire herd of vampires. Or was it a pack? A fluffle? Maybe a Murder. That got a little chuckle from herself, because herself thought she was f*cking hilarious.

She took time to reload her crossbow at this point. All that was left was the kitchen. A set of swinging doors separated the dining area and the kitchen behind where servers would have come in and out to with trays of hot dishes, bustling and barely able to keep from running into one another. She could almost hear it as her imagination got the best of her, ghostly images of imagined people brushing past her. A booted foot made impact right where an imagined woman’s waist would have been.

Again, it was eerily quiet. Now, Niahm had been in a lot of eerily quiet places before, but this was...wrong. She walked quietly, but even the slightest shuffle of her boots seemed to reverberate off of the walls. If there was one way to describe it, it would be the calm before the storm.

It goes down the same as the thousand before.
No one's getting smarter.
No one's learning the score.
Your never ending spree of death and violence and hate
Is gonna tie your own rope.
Tie your own rope.
Tie your rope.

Apparently, her instincts were right on the money.

It happened so quickly that she wasn’t even sure -what- had happened. There was a rush of air behind her. The surprise was only momentary, but as she began to twirl around, she felt the impact of something large and heavy against the side of her head.

Then, there was nothing but black.

She wasn’t sure exactly how much time had passed since then, all she knew that was when she tried to open her eyes it was one of the hardest things she’d ever done. Like peeling apart glue that was nearly dried, but had just enough elasticity in it that it wasn’t stuck just yet. Her body was in agony. Her head was pounding. The place where she had been hit felt damp and gooey, which was never a good sign. She was so thirsty that she couldn’t even talk if she wanted to.

The scant amount of light above her was enough to hurt her pale blues, even though there wasn’t a lot of light coming in to the old hotel. She tried to sit up, but couldn’t quite manage. She was laying down, obviously, nobody could stand up after a hit like that. Now that her eyes were all the way open and adjusting to the amount of light in the room, she was able to take inventory of her surroundings.

Except there were no surroundings.

There was steel beside her. Steel below her. Steel to the other side. The brightness was broken up by a dark shape. Her sharp eyesight (and boy did it feel sharp) could slightly make out the features of a man standing above her. Because she was very, very, low.

There was no ‘evil villain’ speech. Just a smug grin and the words, “Don’t worry, Ms. Connelly. I make sure to tell your family hello for you.” Then that was it. The boom of sound echoed in her ears long past the time the lid slammed down on her makeshift coffin. As it all came together, even in her daze, she woke out of her stupor enough to try to lift up the lid. She couldn’t. It was too heavy, or she was too weak.

The sound of her screaming was drowned out by the sound of concrete being poured on top of the box she was housed in. She realized after the screaming was done that another song was spilling into her ear. At least there wasn’t total silence. Not yet.
Someone kills the pain
Spinning in the silence
She finally drifts away

August 14, 2019 03:40 pm
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