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Elowen Jocosta




That word had been running through Elowen’s head like a marathon racer for the past several days. She had thoughts of both doubt and acceptance but no matter the thoughts she had she still couldn’t figure out how it had happened to her. She knew the facility was to blame but how and more importantly why? Why would they pick up people from the street to turn them into something that people didn’t believe existed? Were they doing it just because they could or had they done it for some other nefarious reason that Elowen couldn’t answer?

It just didn’t make any sense.

Over a month has passed since her escape from the mysterious medical research lab and up until a week ago she still had no idea what had happened to her. She was blacking out and waking up to the carnage of whatever she had done during those times of darkness. At first she had tried to convince herself that she wasn’t the one leaving the trail of bodies, but instead she was being framed or just happened to pass out next to a dead body….

Elowen had tried very hard to convince herself that the blood spilled wasn’t caused by her but she had to face the facts. The blood, the decimated bodies, the succulent cooper taste lingering on her tongue. She murdered these people, she drank from their bodies and then she left their bodies to rot. Even thinking about it now made her body retch and rise bile from her stomach. She was disgusted with herself at the crimes she was committing but she didn’t know how to stop it. Wedge deep in the back of her mind, she didn’t want to stop it.

There was a sick type of power that came from the ghastly deeds she was partaking in. Elowen was given a strength that she had never possessed before in her life, but she had no control and that is what scared her most. She woke up to the bodies of people she didn’t know that had their throats ripped open and milky eyes staring back at her in horror. They knew, they saw her face and they knew that she was the one taking their lives from them.

But why?

She still didn’t have the answer to that questions.

Why had this happened to her? And why would somebody want to create vicious, murderess creatures just to keep locked up in a facility?

She remembered the echoing screams of people trapped in their rooms along the halls, she had heard their agonizing cries and she still refused to ask the questions before it was too late.


Were they all being transformed into vampires or did the facility dapple in other mythical creatures as well?

There were too many questions that needed to be answered and Elowen was afraid to start looking. What if when she started looking she didn’t like the answers, or worse what if she did?

All of these thoughts and questions were running through Elowen’s head as she sat outside a café with her hand clenched around a glass of raspberry tea that she refused to drink. She had only gotten it to give her an air of normalcy as she sat in the wrought iron chair alone. Her light brown locks of tangled hair was pulled into a loose ponytail at the back of her neck. A sweater encompassed her petit figure and jeans clung to her legs. Even with the early afternoon sun beating down on her she still felt a chilling shiver in her spine.

She would never get used to this new feeling of cold. It was too deathly for her liking.

Elowen wasn’t sure what she was going to accomplish by sitting out in public pondering the questions with no answers but she did it anyways, she needed to be around people, she felt like being in public would make her accountable for her actions. It was also teaching her a very important lesson in resistance.

She could hear the blood swooshing in their veins and the beatings of their heavy hearts was a symphony to her ears. The urge to kill was dancing across her mind but she remained seated, her hand clenching tighter to the hard plastic cup in her hand.

August 08, 2019 12:31 pm
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