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A loud knock on the door of the apartment woke Flahme from a deep slumber. She currently lay in what had fast become her favourite place in the world to sleep; sprawled across Landon’s chest. His chest rose sharply as he also came awake. Laying a soft kiss upon his skin, she levered herself off him and stood to stretch. “I’ll get it.” Moving away, she remembered she was naked and found his t-shirt on the floor and pulled it over her head. As the thing fell to mid-thigh, his chuckle from behind made her turn around. She blew him a kiss before disappearing into the lounge.

Flahme had moved in after their time in Hell since neither of them could stand to be apart. Landon’s apartment had become their apartment, and they were enjoying finding themselves as a couple along with being parents to a massive ginger furball of a cat named Quincy. Currently, life was blissful.

Unlocking the three locks on the door took only a moment before it swung wide to reveal a man of medium height, light brown hair and stormy grey eyes. For a moment, Flahme thought he had wings, but the image occurred so fast she convinced herself it was a trick of the light. The man attempted to enter the apartment without asking but appeared to hit an invisible barrier. He tried again, with the same result. Flahme tilted her head in confusion. “You can’t just barge in here, you know!”

“So, it would seem. Invite me in then, girl.”

“Ahh, and you are?”

“The name is Focalor,” the man said as if he were beyond bored. “Duke of Hell, forty-first spirit, ruler of thirty legions of spirits. You’ve heard this sort of thing before. Now let me in why don’t you?”

“Just a moment. Let me get this straight. You are some fancy-ass demon duke, and you are unable to walk into this place? Because all the others pop up whenever they please, using portals and such. Why are you different?” Ignoring the demon, she looked at the door frame as if to discern the reason for this anomaly. When her emerald gaze returned to the man, he had gone from bored to agitated as he mumbled a few words and waved his hands about.

“I was unable to enter in that manner, and now I see the reason. There is a seal upon this place, several actually,” the man was looking intently at something at the top of the door frame that she couldn’t see. “It seems you have powerful friends looking out for you. I’m here with your next assignment. Though I did not foresee having to deliver it stood in a hallway.”

Buzzing with excitement, Flahme couldn’t wait to tell Landon that demonic intrusion would not be an issue for them when at their apartment. That meant they wouldn’t be disturbed while they were…

“Are you listening to me?” Focalor asked acerbically.


The man, demon, looked to be grinding his teeth and Flahme’s brow furrowed as she realised she would have to leave Landon to do an assignment, she didn’t want to go. “What were you saying?”

“Assignment. Feather, you will procure a siren’s feather. They are very rare, and few in existence but you have proved yourself, finding not one, but three Phoenix stones. So, I imagine this will be a walk in the park.”

“Since when do siren’s have feathers? I thought they were like mermaids,” she said as Landon called her name from the bedroom. She looked behind her then back to Focalor with a grin, who sighed deeply and shook his head.

“No, they are not mermaids as such, though they have some affinity for the sea, and they can do many things. It is your job to find the feather, not mine. Find it, and I will then find you. Got it?”

“Fine. Feather. Siren. I’m on it. Later gator.” Without a by your leave, she slammed the apartment door in the demon’s face and sprinted back to the bedroom, divesting herself of the t-shirt along the way before she dove back under the covers with the man she adored.

“I just got my next assignment,” she said once she was within his embrace. “I have to go, and for the first time, I don’t want to, but I promise to be back as quick as I can. Oh, and Janus has put a protection spell on this place. Demons can’t just pop in whenever they feel like it. So, that means,” she kissed him, “none of them can,” she kissed him again, “spy on us.” Not knowing how long she would need to be away, Flahme decided to make the most of every second with her man. Getting out of bed was overrated anyway.

Sometime later, Flahme completed her morning ritual and was on her way to the New York public library to see what she could learn about sirens.
August 12, 2019 06:16 am

Kira Garrett

Armed with only a duffle bag and a backpack, Kira had set out to lose herself so she could find herself. The idiom had never made much sense to her, but after her journey she had begun to understand. 


New Orleans, Los Angeles, Paris. How many faces had she seen? How many nights had she spent awake, staring at the sky and wondering? Wondering what she was doing, who she was. For the first time since she had originally awoke on that shore, she had begun to wonder about her past and those missing memories.


When she had left her old home, there had been a void, a sense of loss. Somehow, she was able to pick up the pieces and rebuild herself stronger, better. Detaching herself from what she had known and starting fresh had turned out to be more beneficial than she could have possibly imagined.


After months of travel, losing herself in the sights, Kira was home. It felt as if it had been a lifetime since she had been able to say that. Finding herself back in New York, the blonde was unable to wipe the smirk from her face as she darted through the streets in the direction of home. Her blonde hair was secured tightly on the top of her head, swaying with each step. Her seafoam colored orbs were bright and alert as the sounds of the city caused her heart to pump with anticipation.


The backpack was growing lighter as she followed the twists and turns in the familiar path that lead to Sine Metu. Stopping at the door, she inhaled deeply. Excitement bubbled in her stomach as she thought about seeing her family for the first time in so long. Turning the handle, she stepped through the threshold.


“Hello? Is anyone home?” The blonde was greeted by silence as she closed the door gently behind her. She placed her luggage on the ground as she stepped further inside.


Kira glaced around, quietly taking in the sights on the house. She had forgotten the solace these four walls had offered her when she had first arrived. Most of her time had been spent locked away, too timid to approach others. But after being away for so long, she was eager to reconnect with those who had taken her in.


The silence surrounding her was odd, but not unwelcome. She had expected to see bodies shuffling about, voices calling out to one another. She wasn’t insulted that no one was there to greet her, it wasn’t like she had told anyone that she would be arriving. Giving a shrug, she turned towards the stairs.


She let out a sharp gasp as the pain began to build in her head. Her vision tripled as she stumbled midstep. Immediately, her ears were filled with a shrill ringing. “No, it doesn’t happen this fast. I have time.” Crawling, she attempted to make her way to the stairs, to the privacy her room offered. She had yet to explain her affliction to her coven, had yet to assure them that she would be fine.


Drops of blood fell onto her hands from her nose. It was quickly forming a puddle as she paused to suck in lungfuls of air. Once again, she tried to inch her way forward. Her arm gave out as her palm slid on the crimson liquid. She let out a groan as her head made contact with the floor.


“No, no. Not here. Please, not here.” Her words were steadily growing weaker as her eyes began to flutter shut. As unconsciousness danced along the corners of her mind, a stinging sensation began to sizzle along the faint scars on her back. The intensity grew, causing her vision to turn black.

August 15, 2019 05:36 pm


The library smelled so good, books everywhere, and Flahme stood in awe for probably a full five minutes. Getting her mind in gear, she went and found books about sirens, which resulted in a bunch of fictional tales regarding mermaid hybrids. The next was of Greek mythology where, finally, she found the sirens that had feathers and was horrified at the tragic tale where the muses plucked the feathers of the sirens where they fell into the sea and formed islands.

None of them was telling her how she might find one in this day and age. Regardless she liked one particular book and decided she would take it with her, but she didn’t have a library card for this place. Looking around surreptitiously, she waited until no one was facing her way and tucked the book under her arm and casually walked out with it.

Her first thought was to return to her and Landon’s apartment but decided instead to head for the coven. She would build up her own library in her room there and effectively make it her place for research, reading, writing, or when she would need quiet time.

Opening the door after traversing the underground tunnels, she entered the coven proper and headed towards the room she had chosen. She pulled the book out and began flipping through the pages when she heard a gasp ahead and stopped dead in her tracks.

“No, no. Not here. Please, not here.”

The book slammed shut as Flahme ran towards the sound of someone in trouble. She rounded the corner and almost trod on the body lying prone on the ground. Kneeling next to it, she looked for injury and then turned it over to reveal the face of her coven mate, Kira.

Blood was smeared over the woman’s pretty face, though the flow seemed to have stopped. Thankfully Flahme had strength enough to lift the woman, and once she located Kira’s room, gingerly laid her on the bed. A quick feel for her pulse showed it was strong, and as the young woman stirred, Flahme felt confident to leave her for a moment.

Finding a washcloth in the bathroom, Flahme soaked it then wrung it out, and came back to Kira to wipe the blood off her face as she slowly came around. “What happened to you?”
August 16, 2019 07:47 pm
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