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Chaos series: Middle-Earth


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*For the past few days I had been working on a portal spell. I have been taking a break on the portal within my ship due to the problems I have encountered. I put together the ingredients and had written down instructions on a scroll. The spell was also gonna be given to the Boru's as a gift and fortunately it worked better than the portal on my ship. I sent over some of my hounds to deliver the scrolls to them, each of them made it to their destination and scratched at their doors with a scoll held in their hellish mouths. I tested my scroll out curious of where I could end up. The portal held a blue and green color, I took a deep breath and entered. once I was on the other side I was greeted by rolling hills, stream and....... hobbit holes. I was confused.*

Am I in New.....

*Far away was a gray robed figure with a staff and pointed hat.*


*I waved a hand over my portal to shut it down for now, wrapped my enchanted cloak around me, and hid behind the trees.*

August 14, 2019 03:30 pm


*Using my magic to mask my energy as I watched the gray wizard named Gandalf approach a young hobbit. I heard the name Bilbo Baggins, I ended up grinning.*

Ok I'm in Middle-Earth... Oh what fun I can have while I'm here.

*I waited until Gandalf left most likely leaving behind a rune on Bilbo's door for the dwarves to find. I made my portal reappear and moved it to a unseen location where I can gather my hounds. One by one they entered the portal. I smirked.*

We have a lot of work to do.

*If memory serves me well, The perfect place to create the base was a place called Dol Guldor.*

August 17, 2019 07:46 pm

Matt Boru

~Matt    steps   from a   wooded area.Knowing  exactally  where  he  was. The   elf  blood  in  him  allowed him to  move  quickly  and   quietly    lilke  shdaows   in  the  trees. He   make   way  to  Mirkwood .  The  woodland  elves  were  after  all  his  kin. Legolas  himself a  cousin. ~

August 17, 2019 08:50 pm


*I left one hound behind to act as eyes so I can watch over Bilbo and his company. I configured my portal that would lead to Dol Guldur but it took me awhile to locate the place, but I located it I planned the assault. I needed to create a strategy to overwhelm those who guard Dol Guldur and how to take on the Necromancer. I ordered the drones and soldiers to take on the orcs while priests were commanded to fight the spirits. The sentinels with their living barbed wires would capture the worgs for experiments and perhaps create a different kind of hound. The assualt began in earnest taking Dol Guldur by pure surprise. My hounds overwhelmed the stronghold before the Necromancer entered and started to kill off my hounds. I entered the battlefield myself, removing my cloak then the stronghold shuddered as if fear had gripped it. The orcs that laid their eyes on me were struck with awe, hatred, and or fear. The spirits trembled in terror as I confronted the Necromancer or Sauron's incorporeal form. I smirked as Sauron froze as he saw and I would almost assume he felt my energy. I looked around before looking back at Sauron.*

Nice place. It's mine now!

*I snapped my fingers and chaotic and eldritch magic started to bombard the stronghold. Souron roars in anger as he attempts to strike me. His effort was wasted, my defenses were too strong and I grabbed him by his throat.*

Shouldn't have done that.

*Power gathered in my hand, I chuckled.*

You have been evicted. So long!

*I could've ended his life right there but I wanted to have fun. With my power I flung Sauron to Mordor. My hounds made quick work with the rest of the forces in Dol Guldur and captured one worg which was enough. I raised my arms above me and shouted in jubilation.*


*Magic flowed forth from me like water, transforming the stronghold to my desire. The designs became nearly biomechanical and non-Euclidean, turning it into something alien. Above Dol Guldur was a rift where massive tentacles and spider legs dangled almost touching the building but shooting forth choatic energy.*

August 17, 2019 09:50 pm
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