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Chaos series: Middle-Earth


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*For the past few days I had been working on a portal spell. I have been taking a break on the portal within my ship due to the problems I have encountered. I put together the ingredients and had written down instructions on a scroll. The spell was also gonna be given to the Boru's as a gift and fortunately it worked better than the portal on my ship. I sent over some of my hounds to deliver the scrolls to them, each of them made it to their destination and scratched at their doors with a scoll held in their hellish mouths. I tested my scroll out curious of where I could end up. The portal held a blue and green color, I took a deep breath and entered. once I was on the other side I was greeted by rolling hills, stream and....... hobbit holes. I was confused.*

Am I in New.....

*Far away was a gray robed figure with a staff and pointed hat.*


*I waved a hand over my portal to shut it down for now, wrapped my enchanted cloak around me, and hid behind the trees.*

August 14, 2019 03:30 pm


*Using my magic to mask my energy as I watched the gray wizard named Gandalf approach a young hobbit. I heard the name Bilbo Baggins, I ended up grinning.*

Ok I'm in Middle-Earth... Oh what fun I can have while I'm here.

*I waited until Gandalf left most likely leaving behind a rune on Bilbo's door for the dwarves to find. I made my portal reappear and moved it to a unseen location where I can gather my hounds. One by one they entered the portal. I smirked.*

We have a lot of work to do.

*If memory serves me well, The perfect place to create the base was a place called Dol Guldor.*

August 17, 2019 07:46 pm

Matt Boru

~Matt    steps   from a   wooded area.Knowing  exactally  where  he  was. The   elf  blood  in  him  allowed him to  move  quickly  and   quietly    lilke  shdaows   in  the  trees. He   make   way  to  Mirkwood .  The  woodland  elves  were  after  all  his  kin. Legolas  himself a  cousin. ~

August 17, 2019 08:50 pm


*I left one hound behind to act as eyes so I can watch over Bilbo and his company. I configured my portal that would lead to Dol Guldur but it took me awhile to locate the place, but I located it I planned the assault. I needed to create a strategy to overwhelm those who guard Dol Guldur and how to take on the Necromancer. I ordered the drones and soldiers to take on the orcs while priests were commanded to fight the spirits. The sentinels with their living barbed wires would capture the worgs for experiments and perhaps create a different kind of hound. The assualt began in earnest taking Dol Guldur by pure surprise. My hounds overwhelmed the stronghold before the Necromancer entered and started to kill off my hounds. I entered the battlefield myself, removing my cloak then the stronghold shuddered as if fear had gripped it. The orcs that laid their eyes on me were struck with awe, hatred, and or fear. The spirits trembled in terror as I confronted the Necromancer or Sauron's incorporeal form. I smirked as Sauron froze as he saw and I would almost assume he felt my energy. I looked around before looking back at Sauron.*

Nice place. It's mine now!

*I snapped my fingers and chaotic and eldritch magic started to bombard the stronghold. Souron roars in anger as he attempts to strike me. His effort was wasted, my defenses were too strong and I grabbed him by his throat.*

Shouldn't have done that.

*Power gathered in my hand, I chuckled.*

You have been evicted. So long!

*I could've ended his life right there but I wanted to have fun. With my power I flung Sauron to Mordor. My hounds made quick work with the rest of the forces in Dol Guldur and captured one worg which was enough. I raised my arms above me and shouted in jubilation.*


*Magic flowed forth from me like water, transforming the stronghold to my desire. The designs became nearly biomechanical and non-Euclidean, turning it into something alien. Above Dol Guldur was a rift where massive tentacles and spider legs dangled almost touching the building but shooting forth choatic energy.*

August 17, 2019 09:50 pm


*I smirked knowing what kind of attention I would attract now that I released my energy. Dol Guldur hd been conquered and transformed. I sat back on a new throne and pondered, I still remembered bits and pieces of the Hobbit movie and had to prepared myself for the White Council as they could be here in any minute. I knew it would be in my best interest to cooperate with the White Council for the time being. One of the hounds I left behind  began to follow Bilbo as the hobbit rushed over to find the dwarves.*

*Collectively as something was wrong Elrond, Galadriel, and the wizards felt an unnatural shift. Gandalf had a extremely worried look on his face as he made haste to his destination. Galadriel with fear etched into her face whispers to herself.*

(In Elvish):"What just happened? Something not of this world made its presence known..."

August 23, 2019 11:06 am

Matt Boru

~ Matt  felt  the   shift in  the  air  and  looked  to  Legolas and  Thuranduil.~

That  wasnt  normal. Something  isnt   right here  at all.

August 24, 2019 06:30 pm


*A moth flutters by of what was Dol Guldur flies back to Gandalf. I look over at the direction of Mordor, I had the attention of something else that was beyond Mordor, something more evil than Sauron. I often wondered why I always end up stranges places unintentionally, then perhaps those are the times to play as hero or anti-hero. My hounds that were cleaning out Dol Guldur have stumbled upon Thrain who rambling in fear. I didn't know what to do with him other he was Thorin Oakenshield's father. But the poor dwarf had no recollection of himself or his son and bore many wounds. I took a deep breath.*

Tend to his wounds. It's..obvious he has been through much.

*The priests gathered Thrain and led him to an infirmary. If memory serves me, then Gandalf should be on his way here.*

*Radaghast who also felt the shift in the air, was getting ready to investigate when he saw the spiders were fleeing.*

August 24, 2019 08:14 pm


*Gandalf arrived at Dol Guldur and the expression he beared was a mixture between awe and fear. Some of the hounds looked down at him from their position, Gandalf unsure of what would happen tightly gripped his staff. A few hounds opened the gate to let the wizard in, though still wary of his situation he still enters. The hounds took notice but went about their business as Gandalf explored to what rooms were available to him. Fear was slowly being replaced with curiosity.*

August 26, 2019 09:20 am


*Gandalf finds the infirmary, where Thrain was receiving treament though the dwarf still nervously rambles on. Just as the wizard approaches Thrain the priestly hounds backed away and allowed Gandalf to speak to him. Gandalf takes a deep breath trying to find a way to approach the subject.*

Do you know what happened here?

*Thrain looks at Gandalf though, his mind is still in shambles.*

It all happened so quickly, caught them all unaware.

*Gandalf furrows his brows.*

So a surprise attack... then what off...

*Thrain cought him off.*

The Necromancer was no match for the Devil!

*The term, Devil made the hairs on Gandalf stand on ends.*

The Devil...?

*Thrain continued with his rambling,*

I saw it! The Necromancer struck her, a wasted effort and she snatched him by his throat and flung him as if he was nothing.

*The gray couldn't believe his what he was hearing. Someone stronger than the Necromancer. He looks over the hounds who were minding their own business.*

What about these dogs?

*Thrain shudders.*

Her servants... Innumerable...

*Gandalf pondered for a moment. Who was the Devil? And how she basically brought over a vast army. Thrain then pressed something against Gandalf, it was a map and key. The dwarf whispers.*

The Devil resides at the top of the tower...

*Thrain then lies down on the bed to rest leaving Gandalf with much to think but he needed to reach the top of the tower.*

August 28, 2019 07:13 pm


*Gandalf looks at the map and key he was given realized they were for Thorin, he would need to give to the warrior dwarf. Gandalf hesitated on the decision on going to the top of the tower, but then tried to find a way to the top of the tower. One of the hounds directed Gandalf to a platform. Confused yet determined he followed the hound's instructions and he was lifted up by magical energy. The energy gently set Gandalf down and he sees a cloaked figure.*

*I turn to look at the gray wizard.*

Had I been expecting guests I would've cleaned up the place.

*I smirked from under my hood. Gandalf responds.*

I heard you dealt with someone here... And quite easily.

*I nodded.*

That's correct. I was able to catch his name for that brief moment.

*I pretended to think.*

I think his name was Sauron....

*Gandalf's expression went grim.*

So.. You are stonger than Sauron.... what is your reason being here?

*I looked down at the ground then at Gandalf.*

To be honest, I'm lost. But here's the funny thing. Whenever I end up usually becomes a place that needs someone of my calibur.

*I wasn't sure of what could be here but I was hoping for cooperation. Gandalf furrows his brow.*

Lost??? But you took over Dol Guldur... for what reason? And why didn't you kill Sauron

*I sighed.*

Well, this place has a nice view and I liked the achitecture. And I.....

*While I wanted to have more fun with Sauron , I came up with a reasonable excuse.*

And it was not my place to kill him. At least that's what I felt...

*Gandalf was befuddled before he got closer to me.*

Who are you really? Under that cloak.

*I shook my head.*

I'm afraid I can't really show you. This cloak ain't just a piece of cloth. If I remove my cloak you WILL lose your grip on your sanity.

*Gandalf growls in frusteration.*

Then at least me show me something....

*I took deep breath and softly smiled as I removed my hood. Moonlight bounced my glasses, pale skin, dark brown tresses, and the blue eldritch flame that hovered above my head. My long, fungal-like tail moves from underneath the cloak. The wizard's eye went wide with amazement.*

W-w-what are you?

*Still smiling I responed.*

Something that was once human. Now reborn from the primal Chaos.

September 06, 2019 10:59 am
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