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Liam Moore

"Sebastian where the hell are we going? Are you even sure that these ingredients will even make anything? Knowing you and your experimenting with potions this is bound to be a bust." He stopped short as the male in front of him turned to stare at him. Those dark brown hues staring at what seemed like his soul, and then came that smile. That damn charming smile that despite what Liam kept hidden made his heart skip a beat.

"Liam have I ever lead you a stray before?" Liam's brow would arch at his words and a laugh would come from the other. "Okay okay so I have lead us on many interesting adventures but I've never heard you complain before." Liam would roll his eyes at that. "Who else would watch your back? You suck at offensive magic and I don't think Lissandra would forgive me if I let anything happen to you."

He noticed the look that come from Sebastian at the mention of his sister. "Is that the only reason you follow me Liam?" A sassy smirk was shot his way before Sebastian turned an continued down the forest path. "Fear not what I am looking for should be right around the corner."

Light brown hues looked around before he nodded his head trusting his friend was telling him the truth. "What could you possibly need that is this far in the forest?" A dismissive wave would be shot in his direction before small ah ha came out of Sebastian's mouth. "See it only took oh what an hour?"

A confused look came to Liam's face as he watched Sebastian pluck the large flower from it's vine. "Seb that is only used for making love potions, who could you possibly be making that for? They don't make people fall in love your client knows that right?" Sebastian turned to face Liam. "But they can help people realize what the truly want, who the could love."

The confused look remained on his face. "Liam how long have you been with my sister? How many years? You haven't asked to marry her though we both know she is waiting for it. Everyone is waiting or it. There is a reason you haven't asked her isn't there?" He stepped closer to him and Liam backed away from him shaking his head.

"You know I am waiting for the right time and..." He trails off before he stares at his best friend his brow furrows. "This is for me isn't it!? I know what I want Sebastian." Once again his best friend would take steps towards, and once again Liam would step back until his back hit a tree. He glanced towards Sebastian who still held the key ingredient to that damned potion in his hands. "I don't need it!" He lashed out smacking the flower from Seb's hand and watched as the petals scattered in the wind.

"Liam you can lie to everyone else, even maybe yourself but you can not lie to me." Liam's eyes never returned to his best friends face, only when he felt his hand caress his cheek and slowly turn his face to his. "Liam it's okay." His hand reached up and grabbed Sebastian's wrist the most pained expression on his face. "I love your sister." This time it was Sebastian's turn to shake his head. "I believe you do love her but you aren't in love with her are you?"

He knew all to well that what he felt for Lissandra wasn't real love, if it was his gaze wouldn't follow Sebastian, his heart wouldn't clench in his chest when he was near, he wouldn't look for him every where he went. He knew but how do you tell the woman who expected you to be her forever you were in love with her brother? Lissandra loved him and it was enough or he would learn to make it enough. That's what he thought at least until he felt those lips brush against his. It was light and almost timid. Like he was afraid to kiss him, they vanished almost as soon as the pressed against his.

That brief moment was enough everything shattered, before he could fully pull away Liam's pulled him back his lips pressing forcefully and almost desperately against his. Everything Liam tried to fight against came crashing down, but he wasn't worried or scared he felt at peace. Like this was everything that was meant to be. As they separated Liam stared at Sebastian and that smile came back, and he found himself smiling right back. It was wrong a part of him knew it very well but if this was so wrong why, just why did it feel so right?

It took one moment, one second for everything to change. And Liam regretted nothing this was everything he had ever wanted. But they were fools for thinking that they would get a happy ending.
August 25, 2019 11:10 pm

Liam Moore

"Liam when are we going to tell her, we can't keep doing this." Liam looked at the male as his teeth found his own lips and chewed on them harshly. "How can I tell her that I love you? That it has never been her!? That I've been going behind her back with you!? Do you know what kind of pain she will be in if I do that!?" He took note the angry look on Sebastian's face he had knew he had done it now, but it was far too late to back out of this now. "So you only care about her feelings!? What about mine Liam you think I want to do this to my own sister? Do you think you are protecting her by not telling her about us!? You are hurting her more just by doing this." Liam stared at Sebastian as he went off on him. "You are just as guilty as I am, in fact you are the one who started this! So don't you dare try and put this all on me!"

As soon as those words left his mouth he wished he could suck them back up, the look that came to Sebastian's face it was enough to shatter Liam's heart. "You..." Sebastian's words were cut off as the door to Liam's room was opened. The both quickly turned to see who entered and Liam was relieved to see that it was just his father entering. "Ah good you are here Liam, Sebastian it's nice to see you as well but if you don't mind" Sebastian raised his hand to cut the man off. "Don't worry I was just leaving." He shot a glare at Liam before he quickly exited the room. Liam had to stop himself from reaching out and stopping the male from leaving.

"That's odd are you two fighting? I don't think I've seen you two fight since you were boys." Liam shot his father a look, once that many would describe as drop it. "What did you come here for? You never come here just to visit, that's more of mothers thing than yours." His father let out a heavy sigh. "The coven needs you and a few others to go out and cure some village of a illness that is plaguing them. Many are dying and they are paying us handsomely for our services." Liam gave his father a confused and a little bit of an annoyed look. "Why me? My healing magic isn't that powerful." His father started to head towards the door to Liam's bedroom. "I don't know it's just what I was told, you are leaving immediately so start packing."

Liam cursed under his breath as his father left his room, he knew better than to go against the coven's wishes. This would be fine though they would take care of this request and he would come home apologize to Sebastian and together they could tell Lissandra everything. She had claimed to love him so while this might break her heart she would want him to be happy. It would all work out he was sure of it.

The healing of the village took about a weeks time, much longer than Liam wanted it to. He wanted to send a message to Sebastian tell him he was sorry a million and two times but it wouldn't feel right doing it that way telling person would be so much better. Which is why when he returned to his coven halls he searched high and low for him. However Sebastian was no where to be found, which is why Liam decided to seek out Lissandra. "Liam you are home!" She threw her arms around him and pressed her lips to him. It felt wrong to him but he returned her kiss.

As they separated she gave him a smile and hurried over to her tea pot. "Tell me all about the village I was so distraught I couldn't go with you, and you didn't send me a letter or anything I was beyond worried." Liam glanced around her room before his eyes slowly settled on her. "Lis have you seen Sebastian? I couldn't find him when I got back." She poured some tea into two cups and brought one over to him. "Oh Sebby went out, I'm sure he will be home soon." There was something different in her voice something seemed off, or perhaps Liam was just tired from exerting his magic.

"Why are you looking for him? Is this about the fight you two had before you left? Worry not everything is alright here have some tea, and relax. I missed you so much you know." Liam took the tea that she offered her perhaps it would be good to have something to calm his nerves. "Oh! I have some cookies to they will go great with these tea! Wait here." She pressed her lips to his cheek before she hurried away, and a small sigh left Liam. She certainly wasn't going to make this easy, he looked towards the door before taking a large sip of his tea. He had hoped to run into Sebastian first so he could apologize and explain his plan. But he supposed there would be time for that later.

That's what he thought anyway before his vision began to blur, glanced down towards the cup he held in his hand. He heard the clicking of Lissandra's heels as she was returning to the room, he attempted to head towards the door but the drugs used in the tea were far too strong and he hit the ground. Lissandra gasped loudly as saw Liam laying on the floor.

"Oh no Liam, what happened? Did someone drug you?" A laugh would come from her before she wicked smiled at his unconscious body.
August 28, 2019 06:38 pm
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