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Aubry Moon

Aubry bided her time. With Jay, passed out on the couch and Arik now in the other room passed out she could do what she needed to. Slipping into dark clothing, she set the note for her brother where he would find it and then placed Jay's letter on the coffee table beside the couch.

        You were right. It was time to return home. Don't come back. Enjoy your freedom. I will take care of Grace and Anya. I will merge the packs together under a true alpha. There is plenty of food in the freezer for both you and the bear for several weeks. An alcohol shipment should be delivered tomorrow which should tide you both over until I return. Go. Be free, find your place among those at the Den. Be happy. Give me neices and nephews that I may visit some day. Above all, be true to yourself. I love you big brother. Always, Aubry'

      When you wake I won't be here, obviously. No I haven't tired of you and ran off. Well not in the sense you think. I, returned home. I am closing loose ends and doing what should have been done years ago. My brother, Arik, is asleep in the next room. He would have come with me and married Grace because it was the right thing to do. I had other plans. He is likely to wake with a hang over that rivals most of yours. I can't let him marry someone he doesn't love or who doesn't love him because I wouldn't settle. You have taught me so much. To stand my ground, to do what I feel is right, and above all to not let others decide my future. I love you, you overgrown, drunk bear. It will always be you. There is plenty of food in the freezer, enough for two weeks at least and an alcohol shipment arriving in the morning. Take care of yourself so that when I come home it is to your waiting arms. All my love, Bry'.

Aubry grabs her bag and hefts it over her shoulder. Taking one last glance at the man she loved and her big brother, she slipped into the silently. It was time to face the music. It was time for her homecoming.
September 01, 2019 11:19 pm

Jayden B Moon

Stiffness and more stiffness. Bones popping in several places, a large lean body sprawled haphazardly in different angles over the couch. A mass of brown hair falling over his face and drool on the side of his cheek. Ohh pretty he was indeed. An eye opens then shuts just as fast with the sunlight shining through right on his face. Okay what day week, month year was it? Does Jack Daniels after taste ever actually go away. He uses one hand to push back that mess of hair and sits up dropping his feet o the floor. Glances around and notices where and when. Okay boxers so he didn't make it to the bed room. Reachs for that maybe ounce left in the bottle and grabs the pill jar from the coffee table... Shyte empty. With a yawn and stretch he moves off the couch and stands up looking at the face appearing in the mirror across from him and simply buns the top half of his mop and reachs for the jar on the fireplace mantle. BINGO. Bottle in one had he downs two pills and chases it with that ounce. Then pads across the floor to find his t-shirt.

"Bry? Where is my shirt?" He calls out moving into the kitchen and pours the hot coffee. Looks back over his shoulder. "Bry?" Walks back to the living room and looks around confused. Finds Paper, reads. Rests palm of hand on fore head and gruffly moans. "She's gone where? and Who is here?" He opens a door and glances in and a eye brow raises. "Okay then...Gonna need more coffee for this one."

September 05, 2019 07:58 am

Arik Daniels

Jumping up to the feel of eyes looking at him. Eyes blurry he quickly covered his half naked body. Looks for shirt grabbing head. Last memory Jack Daniels and a mason jar liquid. Getting up finally getting a good look at the figure at the door. "Dude any one tell you, you snore like a Mac truck! Where is my sister?" Looks at the cup and points to it. Trying to shake off the the head pounding he gave a stretch and sighs "Head yelling."

September 05, 2019 09:24 am

Aubry Moon

It had been the perfect exit if you ask her. None the wiser until they awoke and climbed from the bottle. Aubry wasn't expecting a rescue or to even be followed. Jay had taught her many things and when he had disappeared she had learned more about herself than ever. She was stronger than she had ever thought she was. She had to be.

Hitching her bag over the other shoulder,  Bry sighed and picked her pace up. The sooner she got 'home' the sooner she could end all of this and return to where she wanted to be. Sure her life wasn't perfect at the den but she didn't have to either run or fight to keep her life. Plus her bear and her brother were both there. The two most important people to her even when they made her so mad she wanted to kill both of them. She loved them.

It had taken Aubry 6 years of being on the run and one 1100 lb kodiak bear to show her she was capable of love. Yet here she was walking away. True it would be brief or at least she waa hoping it would but she didn't even wait to twll them in person. She had left them a note. Oh well she needed to focus and not dwell on what they were doing. She had to do this, there was no other choice.
September 05, 2019 09:26 am

Jayden B Moon

Still just in boxers as Bry wasnt around to find the said shirt that scarred bear leaned in the door way. Cup in hand as an eye brow lifted. Mack truck, he chuckles. He looks at his cup and hugged it. "Morning sunshine. Not a chance. Get yur own." Points at the night stand. "Pick yur poison. There is anything from tylenol to xyiazine and Tiletamine." Turning from the door he looks back.. "Note on the night stand. Call It a dear John. When yur finished that I have a bottle hidden away somewhere around here if bry didnt drink it yet. I'll be packing." He then goes back to the kitchen and pours another cup of coffee and grabs his back pack. "Coffee poured, just saying."

September 05, 2019 10:51 am

Arik Daniels

The chuckle was better the a crack on the head. Looking at him hugging his cup as he stood in his boxers in the doorway "Nice legs" he turned and chuckled himself. leaning and picking up the note that his sister had left himas he walked into the kitchen 'Be free" and going 'Home' were words that stood out. Folling to the kitchen "Well damn!" Gving him a glance "Rescue Mission? This would surely won't end well." Shaking his head brushing his hair back taking the coffee and popping two asprins. "We take the bottle to go."

September 05, 2019 11:19 am

Aubry Moon

Bry knew it would take 2 days to get to where the pack had once called home. 2 days of travelling in solitude, allowing her mind to go haywire and to just think. That in itself could ve a bad thing. Long strides cover a lot of ground as her steps echo through the air. She would get through this. She had no choice.

Running a hand through her hair Bry picked up the pace. Maybe just maybe if she made it there faster she could return back to the den and her actual life. That is if she even survived this mission.
September 05, 2019 11:23 am

Jayden B Moon

Holding the table so the head spins would go away he glances up at him and nods feeling the effects of the meds kicking in. "yeah something tells me, she didnt think that all out before she left. One lone wolf gonna walk into two packs of wolves and make them all happy happy joy joy." He rubs his eye then points above Ariks head. "Bottle behind the cheerios. I'll get dressed. If you need an extra back pack theres one by the door."  Slowly standing up again he turns to the bedroom door behind him. His mind now wandering to a time in the past of ghost chasing and not bringing it back. This time he wouldnt stop till he made sure Bry was safe at his side.

He dumps the drawer of meds into a plastic bag and pulls on his jeans. Then grabs a t-shirt and his jacket from the back of the door. Stepping out he breaths out deeply and cracks his neck. "So just how many are in these two packs" He would ask. "And how much firepower will we need?"

September 05, 2019 11:44 am

Arik Daniels

Downing the coffee as he grabs the bottle from behind the cheerios. He put it on the table as he headed to the door to grab his boots. He smirked as he talked about her bringing "joy joy" to the two packs. "Yeah you taught her to well." He smirked putting in his boots then getting his backpack from next to the sofa. "Ha! We talking for generation of wolves. Our generation are the fighters. The girls are the worst. Other then Bry know any other willing to join in this?" Putting the bottle in his pack. "Fire power? Bro your a bear ffs! Don't need much maybe a few tranks." September 05, 2019 12:15 pm

Aubry Moon

Perhaps she should had have thought this through more. Perhaps she should have brought at least Arik with her. No, no this was for the best. If nothing else Arik would be free no matter the consequences to her. And Grace would be free to marry whoever she wishes.

Bry could handle this. What was the worst that can happen? She be beaten, nothing new there but this time it would be so easy. This time they didn't have her father and Axel to hold her down while it happened. This time they didn't have one up on her. This time she had the upper hand.
September 05, 2019 12:18 pm

Jayden B Moon

At the moment he said bear he cringed. Lovely just lovely, blood bath in the works. Grabbing his workboots he slips them on and tips his head slightly and chuckles."There had to be a reason why they call females bytchs. I may have helpped ya, but not to send her off and get herself killed either. Theres standing your ground and there being covered in said ground." He tosses a few packs of dryed meat at Arik. Then stuffs afew more into his bag. "On road or off. Its seems yur gonna be the map. As for tranqs I think I am covered."

September 05, 2019 12:29 pm

Arik Daniels

Shaking his head catching the meat tossed at him then tossing his backpack on the floor grabbing his jacket. "Yeah the girls in my pack hold to that all to well. Just wait to you meet our sister. She is a joy to the word. Well with what you taught her and her stubbornness..we in for a hell of a good time!" Putting on his jacket and heading for the door "welp we could take the off road and get there but if we want to get in and out take the main road and a car, truck, whatever tickles your fancy." Laughing he headed out the door and waited. September 05, 2019 12:46 pm

Aubry Moon

Aubry knew of the two packs, hers was the stronger. They had been raised to fight and stand alongside their mates. She also knew going home was not the brightest idea she had ever had. There was a reason she had left. She wanted no part of the pack life and yet now she was going to settle just that.

She sighs as she looks through the trees towards the sky. She could make it to the border of the freelands and packlands by nightfall. If she walked through the night she could be in the mouth of the pack by first light. Get in and get out. That was her plan. Before anyone had a chance to notice she was gone.
September 05, 2019 12:55 pm

Jayden B Moon

Grinning he then laughs."Well that should be fun. As for travel. We could drive and beat her there and camp out side the dens somewhere. It would give her that time to try to get her self killed and see how she likes it. Then go in actually knowing where and when every thing takes place from scoutting around. Having her back with out her knowing." He says while following him out and walking up to his Explorer. Where he then opens the back hatch and drops the tailgate. Pushing the bag into the back. "So erm question. I didnt actually ask Bry. Your kind do they shift human to wolf or human wolf hybred? I got silver rounds if needed."

September 05, 2019 12:57 pm

Arik Daniels

Following his trailer to the the explorer and dropping his bag in also he laughed. "Oh man the look on her face would be priceless. As for your question. Both we younger born breeds learned to shift only parts we want or go full on wolf." Standing back letting him close the tailgate and headed for the passenger seat Arik got in and waited. "Silver will kill us if hit in the right spot. But we have to be in full wolf or in some part of wolf." September 05, 2019 01:09 pm
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