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Aubry Moon

Bry knew when this was all over she would have to answer both Arik and Jay. She hoped when the time came she had an answer for them. Yes she was doing this because it was the right thing but at the same time she was doing it for a more selfish reason too. She had always wanted in some small way for one person to be proud of her. Just if only for a moment and this was one way to make that happen. At least she had hoped it would be. September 05, 2019 01:19 pm

Jayden B Moon

Pulling out his sunglasses as he listened to Arik he checks two rifle cases and then turns them to him before closing them. "Okay so we camp like hunters. And wait for the fur to fly. and come in like a blaze of glory. Not Bad, not bad at all." He says climbing into the large rig and turning it on. "Left or right at the end of the laneway?"  He says putting it in gear and heading down the lane from the Den. "Its times like these I have to say coming from a bear family has its perks. No alpha crap to deal with." He chuckles and tosses a pack of gum at him. "Your breath has to be as bad as mine."

September 05, 2019 01:21 pm

Arik Daniels

Taking a wiff of it and made disgusted look he took the gum popping one in his mouth. "Right head to the main road. We are by the border." Damn she has grown up and grew balls he thought to himself. This bear changed her from who she use to be to someone more challenging. He smirked. "Some of us don't like the pack life or the pack we are in. Unfortunately for me and Bry it was grooming us to take over her by marriage me cause I'm the only son. One to keep the name and bloodline going. Yeah right!" September 05, 2019 01:32 pm

Aubry Moon

Yeah well, no amount of grooming or trying to marry her off had worked well in the end for the others. Every attempt to marry her off had her shackles up and she ran. Perhaps if they had chosen someone different she wouldn't be heading there now. Or perhaps this was always the way it was always supposed to be. She couldn't think about that now. She had a mission to fulfill. September 05, 2019 01:37 pm

Jayden B Moon

He had to give her that much, yes she had grown a set on her bigger then most. Challenging, heck she was that before he married her and had even put him in his place. He had only added to the fiestyness she had grown into by outwitting her and giving her something called freedom. He listened and set his jaw. He knew the world of some packs more then others the old ways stayed true. They came from one of those packs. Dropping that wolf in the hall of that hotel was prolly the best thing he ever did for her.

By this time he was at the intersection at the main road and he slows to a stop. "So there is scent cover in the glove compartment it will cover your human form as long as your human. Needs reapplyed if you shift. me they dont know so I am just a hunter or bear passing by." He glances at him and back at the road. " I'll park a far enough out of the way we arent noticed and can set up camp there."

September 05, 2019 02:04 pm

Arik Daniels

Popping open the draw he looked at the bottle shaking his head giving a smirk. Giving it a sniff and sneezing at it "why the actual shyte is this?!" He gave a chuckle "welp if it works..her goes nothing." Giving it a two point spray far enough to cover."

Giving a nod "sounds like a plan. I know which ways they their look outside focus on and where the easy entry point is."
September 05, 2019 02:19 pm

Aubry Moon

Aubry may have still been innocent but she wasn't naive. She didn't just expect to walk into the den and have everyone bow at her will. In fact she had anticipated for it to not go that way. She was prepared to fight for what she felt was fair for both packs and for the individuals who wanted out. One thing about her, she had always been a scrapper. Of course this was slightly different.

It would be basically her against both packs. The one person who would have had her back was currently nursing a hangover with her bear of a husband. Bry's lips curved upward at that thought. If it took her bringing down both packs to get her way then so be it. The thought had her walking just a bit quicker. Screw this. She travelled faster in wolf form. Glancing about she stripped from her clothing and shoved them in her bag.

Shifting from human to wolf form took a little bit of time especially if one had stopped using it. After several long minutes she had completed the shift. Where she had once stood in human form she now stands in wolf form. Grabbing her bag in her teeth she heads out again.
September 05, 2019 02:28 pm

Jayden B Moon

He chcuckles as Arik sniffs the liquid."Dont wnt to know either, it jut works." He says idly as his eyes scan over he road ahead of them. Brown eyes following the treeline in hopes of a glance of movement. But to not avil she wasnt there. He listened as Arik told him the norms for the pack. And he grinned."Dont for get the pee posts as well. Always catch someone off guard at them." He grins glancing over his sunglass at him.

"How long do you think it will be till we are there?" He'd ask while rolling down his window for some air.  He could feel the bear getting ansy some he needed the air to keep himself awake and alert.

September 07, 2019 08:05 am

Arik Daniels

"Can you handle about an eight hour or so ride unless you can get us there in four? If she is walking I know her stubborn butt will. It will take her two days or so." Noticing he was getting a bit twicthy he was starting to wonder if he was even safe in the truck with the damn bear.

Aubrey was crazy trying to get this done on her own. She should have just told us and we could have done this another way. But considering how our pack rolls it would have benn hell. Well it will be hell either way. 

September 15, 2019 12:07 pm

Aubry Moon

Aubry could smell them. The other wolves in the pack, a downfall to being in wolf form.  If she could smell them it meant they could smell her. That was good. They knew she was coming. Knowing the pack as well as she did she knew they would send a pair of scouts looking. One pair from each pack. She could handle four other wolves easily. Especially just scouts.

She set her bag down and took cover in the trees. It would be a while before the scouts reached her. Meant she had time to rest before she went in at first light. If the scouts reached her before then well she would handle it then. One step at a time. In 12 hours she hoped that is all it would take and she would be returning to her brother and Jay victoriously. At least that was her hopes.

September 15, 2019 12:15 pm
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