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Melinoe had been pacing. Wahnsinn has been quiet, a ghost town. Her eyes had been darting from side to side as she decorated the common room.

A table was packed of perfect pumpkins, awaiting to be carved. Random bits of fabric and crafting materials were scattered on a second table, ready to take the form of dark dolls. But, most importantly; the bar was fully stocked. From hard liquor to various bowls of punches, drinks were easily taken care of.

Glancing back at her little group of confidants, the girl shrugged her shoulders to an unheard question.

“I don’t know where Li is, guys. He said he was going to be right back. H-he’ll probably be back in a few minutes.”

Retrieving the phone from the pocket of her dress, her fingers danced over the screen in a message to Mackenzie.

Would you mind checking the maze? Just to make sure it’s okay... I don’t wanna go in by myself…

Tucking the phone away, she scooped the boys and Betelgeuse into her arms. With a nervous inhale, she shuffled to the room where her costume was awaiting. And she hoped that someone, a real someone, would be here soon.

As she made her way to Liam’s room, she swallowed thickly. The doors had all been ripped from their hinges, the residual anger still hanging in the air. With a shudder, Mel picked up her pace.

Finally arriving in the safe space of her best friends room, she let out a deep sign. She gently set down her friends and pet, before changing into her Sailor Moon dress. Her hair is quickly rearranged on the top of her hair.

Sitting on the bed, her legs kicked absentmindedly. An odd sense of unease rippled through her as she waiting to hear signs of her friends and family.
September 18, 2019 09:07 pm


Mackenzie had returned home to find everything changed. What is theirs is no longer, instead owned and operated by carbon copies of her own people. It took approximately minutes for her to get into a fight, and even less for Jasper to find her, and join in. There would be no winning, no matter the outcome.

Needless to say, it has been an emotional couple of weeks and she is thoroughly spent. But she wouldn't let Jasper out of her sights, hand securely entwined with his as they stalk through the tunnels. Soon, they are in a maze.

It's fine, she would answer.

Nothing is okay.

Finally, they enter. A costume party that she is completely unprepared for, she looks more like a zombie in her natural state than she could ever hope to with the works. Her gaze roves over the space quickly, taking in all there is to be had.

Melinoe and Liam did so well, despite the current circumstances. It makes her proud, knowing how hard the two worked to put this together in the face of easily the darkest moment in the history of their own crew, and Wahnsinn's.

Glancing over her shoulder, she sidles up to Jasper.

"I'm not resting until I see the whites of their eyes."

Momma Bear, to the death and beyond.
September 18, 2019 09:37 pm

Josie Collins

Sometimes a girl has to rely on her friend for fashion help. Especially when that girl was Josie, and she had no clue how to do things like makeup or hair. Even with Josephine in the front, she still relied on the thoughts and memories of Josie to make it all believable? Probably not exactly, but easier to maintain low levels of chaos without having to tear the place apart again.

At least not for now.

Just wait until everyone was in one place. Close quarters made everything so much easier for her.

The people that knew Josie might just think this was the aftermath of her break up with Joe. They might think she was just blowing off steam, and trying to fill the void he’d left by acting out. It would be hard to know that she was a void, empty of empathy and caring, totally unfettered by conscience. Which was how she had managed to destroy two of her coven mates. She hadn’t exactly known at the time that they weren’t the real thing, more’s the pity. So here she was, tonight, ready to make things lively.

Her dark hair had been done in curls, brushed out into soft waves that framed her heart shaped face. No haphazard ponytail or bun, no messy locks for things to get stuck in. Just perfectly styled curls. Bright blues were lined in black, artfully smudged into a smokey eye and her lips stained in a red that was a few shades darker than her dress.

Her dress, which was about as close to fire engine red as one could get in cloth. The top was corset like, black straps criss crossing over her stomach, hugging her attributes and showing them off in a way that was decidedly not Josie. The skirt flared out, petticoats underneath making it fuller than it would have been normally, and hitting her just above mid thigh. Fishnet stockings became hidden in black leather boots. The three inch heel made it hard for her to walk at first, but it did make her just about five and a half feet tall. She had, it seemed, gotten used to walking in them as she walked into the room.

Last, but not least, was the little red cape that covered her slim shoulders but barely anything else.

There was no nervous look to the petite woman. There was no anxiety about being exposed as much as she was. Maybe this should have been a red flag. Maybe nobody would notice. Maybe people would do as Wen did and chalk it all up to a bad break up and a first heartbreak.

Either way, Josephine was planning on having fun tonight.

Josie’s friend, the one who had helped her get ready tonight, would be right behind her most likely. Those bright, nearly vacant, eyes moved over the room to the only other people that were there. She wouldn’t move, though, not until the other part of her costume got here.

September 18, 2019 09:43 pm

Elowen Jocosta

Wen loved to party, or at least she did back when she was just a normal human girl that could go get high with a bunch of strangers and then pass out on somebodies dirty stained couch. Ah, those were the days. It wasn't the same now for her, in this middle ground where she wasn't fully human and not nearly all vampire. The booze did weird things to her brain and she was certain this wasn't the type of party that had needles laying around waiting for a vein. No, this party wasn't going to be like the ones she was used to in her old life and frankly she was okay with that. 


Liam had taken part in planning this event that meant there was no way to escape it, not that she would, even though her body ached and her head was filled with a sleepy stupor. She had been excited as she listened to the party planning through Liam's closed doors. So she would go with a smile on her face and a costume on her body. Then all hell broke loose. The city was out of control, people weren't who they were supposed to be and everything seemed to be crashing around them. It was taking it's toll on Wen's mind but she was determined to go to this gathering. Her leaders have given her the go ahead, they claimed it was safe and so she would trudged out of the saftey of her room and tackle the chaos all for a fecking party. 


The young woman stared at her reflection in the mirror, there were still slight purple bruises dotting her neck that she intended to cover with makeup. Her inability to heal like a full blown vampire being cursed under her breath as she heard a knock at her door. That should be Joise, Wen had promised to help her get ready for their night of ghouslish fun. The door swung open and there stood her friend, a strange look upon her face. With everything going on in town she knew she should ask about it, but then again Josie was going through a breakup. 


When Joise explained her fantastic idea of a costume Wen couldn't help but bark out in laughter before agreeing. What the hell, her friend needed this. Wen slipped into the grey bodycon dress with a furry tail sewn just above her as.s. Furry leg warmers went halfway up her calf and she had to barretts that clipped into her messy locks of hair giving two perky grey ears. SHe decided to forego makeup, incuding the intended cover job of her neck because she wanted to focus her attention on Josie.  Expert fingers painted on lipstick and eyeshadow for her friend before twisiting and pulling at her hair till it feel just right. Elowen watched the girl slip into her costume and she couldn't help but smile and shake her head. 


Oh the things she did for friends. 


When the girls were stasified with their looks they made there way to the party, following a path that seemed both familar and foriegn at the same time. Wen let Josie enter first, letting the rest of the room enjoy her presence. A beat later Wen decided to enter, the counterpart to Josie. 


Yes she was dressed like a fecking wolf (but sexy).


The thing that she had learned about wolves, though was their keen sight while tracking their prey. Now, Josie wasn't her prey or something Wen was hunting, but her eyes did stayed glued to her friend. Something wasn't right, this wasn't her friend and so trickles of doubt started to creep into her brain as she wasn't Josie move about. She was proud of the confidence in friends strides, but she was scared to learn where it had come from. 


"Drink, Josie?" Wen hollered out to her friend as she shifted over to the table of booze, her fingers instantly wrapping around a bottle of who knows what. She was going to need a drink to get through this night, and maybe if she got Josie drunk she could figure out what the hell was going on inside that girls head. 
September 18, 2019 09:53 pm



Yule had made it back to Wahnsinn no worse for wear. It hadn't been the easiest journey she's every made, but it wasn't the most difficult either. Outside, the scents of fear still filled the air, mixing into the quiet quality of waiting. There was still that thrum of chaos pulsing through the city but as far as Yule was concerned there was no better time for a party.

Within the walls of the coven headquarters it was eerily quiet. Here too, there was a quality of waiting, but it was not the same as that of the outside. For Yule, this was no mere celebration, no small matter. All her long life she had celebrated the second harvest, had danced to the glory of the shifting seasons. But she had always, always, done so alone.

This year was different though. This year she was not tucked away in her quiet corner of the Otherworld with only spirits and beasts to play with, nor was she a paltry spirit herself, watching the celebrations from the outside in. Not only did she have a body once more – to dance and move and drift to the beating music and heed the call of the moon – but there were others too, waiting just within those walls. Most of them she had yet to meet though and the chill of nervousness warred with the natural cold of her body as she slipped inside.

She stopped first in an empty room, knowing that costuming was required, or at least suggested. And it had been too long since she had been able to don one for a festive reason. She was not well acquainted with the more human custom of dressing up for fun as characters and creatures they loved or wished to emulate. She had seen them, it was a common thing on All Hallows, but it was different from what she was used to. And so her choice of attire was perhaps a bit stiff, a little more traditional to what she had worn back when she was alone for the dance. But she thought, perhaps it would be alright, to be a little more true to herself tonight, to remember what it was like to be safe and full of life.

The gown was rather plain, black woven strands of silk that draped like spider webs, the skin of her shoulders and collarbones – usually moon pale but now a deep blueish black flecked with gold – exposed through finer threads, that become thicker and more tightly woven as they descended. It clung to her skin and fell around her feet in a wash of cool fog, rolling like mist as she walked. Her arms slipped from the sleeves, colored that same glittery golden color as though she had dipped them both in vats of sparkling paint.

Yule's hair fell in twists of wispy shadows, save for the on lock of pale silver that curled away from her forehead down the left side of her face. The last thing she did was affix the half wreath of gold leaves to the top of her head, twining it with her hair. There was a mirror but she did not look at it as she pulled the strip of lace across her gleaming gold eyes and left the room, searching for the sanctum where the others would be gathering.

She wasn't scared as she entered the room, slipping in quietly on bare feet, though they couldn't be seen beneath the gown itself. The colors and decorations, the thrum of music, the sound of people making they way into and around the room, moved through her. That familiar paranoia, the feeling of distance between them and herself, like and other, twinged within her ribcage. But it did not show on her face which was reserved in its expression as she gazed around the room.

It had been hard on all of them, she knew that, because the chaos had been difficult for her too, in a way. The serpentine emotions coiling inside of her beat an insistent tattoo. Hush. Hush. She had to remind them. Tonight she was meant to celebrate, to be something other than she was and yet closer to the truth. And so she strode along the edge of the room, watching, observing customs she was not accustomed to with the intention to learn and hopefully discern what she needed to do.

September 18, 2019 10:05 pm

Theo Barnas

Theo had more or less contemplated on going to the whole thing after being alerted of what was going on a few days prior. It seemed like a nightmare when he'd gotten the memo about the whole 'invasion' thing. Paranoia spreading through his thoughts on how to break it to his own mother that they were in danger and oh by the way I'm a vampire and in a gang. And that even went without saying of whether or not his mother was still even his. 

Especially when he'd been attacked the other day by some random stranger in the alleyways during his usual scavenging. Only that stranger had turned out to be something a lot more dangerous, enough to nearly kill him. Thankfully he had been fast enough to haul his butt home, but it had really put the situation into a perspective that left him locked inside his own home the last few days...

And yet here he was, dressed a fancy tux from his old prom days, with a white masquerade mask covering his face, alongside a cape and tophat to boot. It wasn't just a random assortment of props he'd chosen either, he had picked it out specifically to match it up with Mel's theme. As a show of appreciation to her interest when she'd talked about it a while back. Despite him knowing nothing of the show itself, after researching a simple character that looked easy to replicate, he now stood in all his nervous glory, a small paper baggy in hand.

How could one even tell who was who. The way they acted? The way they looked? He felt awful having to of cancelled their little baking party on his end. He was going to tell Mel but, in a way he figured she'd understood given the situation.

With a heavy sigh he paced down the halls, pausing finally at the room in question he could've only guessed was where he was meant to be. The overall look of the place was impressive in his eyes, charming even, and screamed Mel's handiwork. She always had that flare to her that he liked. It was a shame however, as he could feel the obvious tension in the air. It went without saying that everyone was probably on edge tonight. He took a look at a few of the other attendee's, offering a small shy nod in greeting as he paced lightly around the room, trying to find the closest friend he had. "Mel?" 

September 18, 2019 10:22 pm


* She was bout as ready for this as she could be. Lilly would show up and watch. Slipping her long black cloak on she made her way there.

Slipping into the room, she watched carefully. She'd already had run ins with legions...not really wanting another go not right now.*
September 19, 2019 01:01 am

Hector Olivier

Hector had been late with his RSVP, unsure of how long he planned to stay in New York. The city wasn't his home, and he needed to return to London soon. But a quick phone call with Jess confirmed that the rumour mill back home was still turning, and his name was still on too many lips as a possible suspect for a rather unexpected murder.

One he had indeed committed. But, we won't talk about that.

Picking up the leaflet invitation, he replied via text to the hosts, and left his room, ushering the two kittens back inside as they attempted to follow him.

The coven was...weird. He wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but he knew something was wrong. Mackenzie's warning message had been confusing, and he'd not been out of his room much to see what all the fuss was about.

Down the hallway and around the appropriate corners, he found himself outside Mackenzie's room, and slipped a lock pick from his pocket, getting to work. Inside, the room was empty. Rumour had it she was set to return within the next few hours, giving him plenty of time to raid her wardrobe for his costume.

The rest of the ensemble he managed to acquire above ground - a wig from a party store on Broadway, and a large pair of heels from a drag queen supplier in The Village.

Arriving at the party, Hector stopped in the doorway to observe the scene.

In the heels, he was just north of six-foot, and the waves of hair toppling over his shoulders added a greater illusion of height. The dress, her dress, was far too tight in all the wrong places, but that was entirely the point. Yes, he could have picked up a better-fitting garment at the store, but where would be the fun in that? He'd simply be a man in drag and not a member of Sine Metu in their 'fearless' leaders clothing.

He'd managed to pull the zip about halfway closed, his broad shoulders refusing to let the thin straps reach them. In the front, light wisps of chest hair stuck out from beneath the edge of the dress, and the entire thing ended a little too short for anyone's liking. Did he have underwear on? Let us hope so.

Clutching a bottle of Jameson in one hand, and a garish St Paddy's Day Guinness top hat in the other, he entered the room and smiled a lipsticked smile at the crowd.

September 19, 2019 04:53 am

Sean Lynch

Sean was not usually one for gatherings but this sounded like fun. Even the sudden doppelganger rampage wasn't enough to deter him. Following the theme, the Dullahan had dressed as William T. Spears, a grim reaper from an anime and manga series he had found recently. Sean's attire consisted of a black suit, dress shoes and gloves. He'd also managed to procure some black, square-framed glasses and a pair of green contacts.


Thanks to his eyes' natural glow, the contacts now closely resembled William's phosphorescent, chartreuse eyes and he'd combed his hair flat. The demonic fae walked into the room and glanced at everyone else's costumes.

September 19, 2019 05:34 am

Liam Moore

Liam had lost the battle in holding the mans hand early into the trek through the city towards the his home and possibly the home of his companion. Perhaps it was stupid to trust Gray as much as he was but right now he really couldn't care. He needed to get inside, he needed to know that they were and that they were okay. As the got closer to the entrance he would look at the male, taking a deep breath for what was likely the last time he would offer Gray smile. "Don't worry I wont let them touch a hair on your pretty little head." Liam couldn't stop himself from doing a slight shiver as the entered the tunnels. He could feel them, he knew they were there and yet they weren't attacking.

What was there aim? To freak them out? To have them know they could attack and kill them at any point and time? F*ck them, and f*ck this. Liam would quicken his pace, he was not interested in this cat and mouse game they were trying to play. Which was his plan till he appeared out of the shadows. He stared back at himself again, angry rising within him. That raspy voice spilling forth telling him if he wanted his face back to come and claim it, Liam never did have control of his anger and he was more than willing to follow himself into the darkness but as he went to move he was stopped. Hazel eyes looked back seeing a hand on his arm holding him there, his gaze would shift to the males face.

The tunnels to his home was a maze, the man could get lost trying to find his way in or the Shadows could claim him. Liam had assured the male he would get him into Wahnsinn and he would. He gave Gray a nod before continuing on there way, and what seemed like a very uncomfortable no time they were safely or as safely as the could be within the coven walls. Liam was confused at first has he heard ruckus and then it dawned on him the party. Mel and him had worked so hard on it and he damn near missed it. He would speak towards Gray, not making eye contact with him this time. "Thank you, and we will be seeing each other again."

Liam would head straight to where the noise was coming from, upon entering his eyes would land on the male in drag. While that dress was not his size nor his color he would give him credit for having the balls to wear it. Slowly his gaze would avert from him and glance around the room. A bit of guilt would rise in him he had left poor Mel to set up all by her lonesome, he didn't even get the hot chocolate he had left for. He would scan the crowd once again seeing familiar faces it brought a warm smile to see they were fine, but where was Mel? She wasn't among the crowd. If she was not here where would she be?

He slowly would back out before anyone could really notice him lucky for him Wen was distracted with Josie. He would beeline for his bedroom, flinging the door open a smidge dramatically. Sitting on his bed he found his CaraMel, his feet carried him to her. "Mel." He scooped her up in his arms and hugged her tightly maybe even spun her around placing her on her feet. "I am so sorry I left, I didn't text or call and I sure as hell didn't help decorate for the party. But I am so glad you are safe."

He would caress her cheek before giving her a little space looking over her costume. "Well you look cute but it's a little showy. Are you sure one of my hoodies wouldn't be better Wen looked great in the one she stole from me." Part of him was kidding the other part really wasn't. "That's neither here nor there I suppose." He moved to his closet discarding his shirt in the process and simply grabbing a decent button up shirt he slipped it on. "We shouldn't keep the guest waiting, what kind of host would we be? Besides I don't know about you but after the days I've had I need a drink or two."

He wasn't sure having a party right now was the right call but perhaps this is all what they needed. A little something to unwind, he held his hand out to Mel waiting for her to take it so the could enter the party room together.
September 19, 2019 12:50 pm

Jameson Orlav

It was difficult enough for him to tear himself away from his crew long enough to slip into a costume. Since the 'taking of New York', Jameson had had a hard time leaving his crew, his home, on it's on to withstand the circumstances. Each and every one of them were capable of taking care of themselves, but it didn't change the fact that they were his responsibility. That harm coming to any of them would hurt him more than he'd let on.

Still, here he was, cramming himself into a tight, cotton 'uniform'. One that normally would have been reserved for an uplifting, festive evening. Act normal, for the kids. He'd thought. Don't give them more reason to worry.

The pale color of the costume barely stood out against his own muted skin. There was no warmth to his complexion. The only thing that brought any radiance to his get-up were the off colored pinstripes and the bold-blocked 'PITCHER' scrawled across the back of the shirt. His husband, of course, would wear one similar. When they'd picked them out, they'd been in much higher spirits.

Jameson 'arrived' (more like, busted back into) at the foyer hall to Wahnsinn not long after he'd taken a long detour around the maze of tunnels. After he'd buttoned into his costume, and doubled back with Bishop, he did just one more loop. Call it paranoia. Call it muscle memory.

The shadows knew they were in here; and they knew the shadows were out there. But those b@stards would not infiltrate their walls. Not without a fight. They'd have to be sly, but then... Everybody knew that.

Right on the edge of our seats, folks.

Upon his arrival, he takes a little head count, noting who'd been there already and who'd yet to show up. Just about what he'd expected, but still only a sliver of relief. For the time being, he'd remain sober as he made his way around. Inspecting each person... carefully... The whites of their eyes, and the color of their lips...
September 19, 2019 02:20 pm

Elowen Jocosta

Josie had slipped into the crowds and a new sense of worry slipped over Elowen Jocosta. There was something off about that girl and it had more to do with just heartbreak. Suspicion clouded her thoughts as she swirled the contents of the bottle in her hand. She knew even as she pushed the bottle to her lips that she wasn’t in the mood to drink. Still she took a long drag from the bottle before letting her eyes scan the room.

Where had that little red gone?

The place was slowly filling up with familiar faces but dressed in all manners of the costume spectrum. Wen and Josie had slutty covered, Yule took elegance, a few others dappled in different genres and then there was…who was that? Her eyes squinted slightly is she tried to decipher the face underneath the massive wig and the dress that fit too tight.

The drink in her throat caught and she let out a loud cough as her mind reeled at the sight of the man in drag. She stared a second too long before turning her back away from the direction that he had come from. Nope, didn’t know him. Never seen him before in her life and she was confident that she wouldn’t cross paths with him this evening.

With her eyes now having seen it all she continued to search for Josie. Leaving her place next to the booze to seek out her costume partner. After all, what was a wolf without her little red?

September 19, 2019 04:04 pm

Hector Olivier

"Hello! Hey! How's it goin'? How's the craic?"

Hector worked his way through the growing crowds of people, greeting each and every one of them along the way in a rather convincing (though definitely not Northern) Irish accent until he reached the booze.

Yes, he had a massive bottle of Jameson in his hand, but he wasn't actually that much a fan of the stuff. Instead, he left it on the table and reached into the hat, pulling from his a chilled can of Guinness.

"Pint glasses?" he asked of the air about him as he searched the table for something bigger than a tumbler. "Pint, pint, pint..." he worked his way along the table, frowning as his search continued to come up empty.

Sure there was one back in his room, Hec turned toward the door. And, when he saw the 'sexy' wolf stood by it, he groaned, turning back to the table to grab the largest of the small glasses. It would have to do.
September 19, 2019 04:44 pm


In his own hectic fashion, Landon had hurried to find a costume appropriate for tonight's mixer. Somewhere in the clutter inside of his own mind he knew he should have RSVP'd, but had simply omitted the thought from memory as he made up his mind to go. With Flahme traveling for work, she was likely still on her way home to him. The absence of her left him lonely, a feeling he had not felt in a particularly long time. 

Pulling down the fabric to his short khaki shorts, he took a deep breath before stepping in to navigate the maze of tunnels that would lead to the heart of their coven. With every turn, the stiff material of his costume rubbed in places he normally would not have expected his clothes to irritate him. How anyone could stand to wear khaki pants and shorts was a manic. Even more so than himself. 

Between his own issues, issues that still left him rattled, and these strange shadow copies; he had never felt more at odds with himself. Strange, and often violent thoughts had plagued him over the last few weeks. Enough so that he had isolated himself until tonight. He wasn't even sure he should be out of their apartment, let alone in a public space. Then again, what was the worst that could happen? 

Upon finding the party he smiled as he recognized familiar faces, waving with an unsure hand as he passed by. Through his sunglasses, everything was distorted in color. Making the dark decorations even creepier, if it was possible. His mustache pricked his lips, reminding him that he was parched. After finding Mel he would be sure to go in search of some liquor to drink. 

Speak of the devil. 

Smiling to himself, Landon made his way over to Melinoe. "Great set up. As long as you have a liter or two of cola, I won't have to make an arrest." Still chuckling to himself, he walked off in search of the bar. His Super Troopers get up may go unnoticed by many, but he was particularly pleased with his selection.
September 19, 2019 06:32 pm



Yule took the time to inspect the group, those who had come before her and those still arriving. She caught sight of Josie and a strange little smile played across her lips, watching where the woman stood next to another familiar face. Wen. She didn't approach them, didn't get too close to infringe as she circled the room with predatory movements, but she was happy that they had both made it to this little gathering. After all, Yule had invested her interest in the outcome of whatever happened next. Her curiosity was like that sometimes, pulling her along without hesitation.

Seeing them, two forms which she knew at least a little bit, allowed some of the tension winding her muscles to relax. Josie stepped off into the crowd it seemed as Yule circled towards the table with assorted bottles. Her movements became languid, the sway of some unheard music that did not match what was playing taking hold of her body. The hem of her dress became something more than simple silk brushing the floorboards, turning to a soft rolling mist that hissed along the ground, casting a small circle around her, her steps making small waves. She rippled through the darkness as she watched them, feeling the tension in the room.

Jameson entered, his shoulders knotted, eyes flitting around the room. Everyone who entered made note of who was here and who was not. That touch of other had spread through all of them and those shadows were the cause, the source of all this restlessness. Her gold eyes gleamed with a mirth that was rather strange, but she could not help it. As she looked upon them, Yule began thinking that perhaps this would not be so different to those long ago nights spent dancing with the beasts – to the glory and anticipation that came with the dark season.

However, these beasts could speak. They could laugh and weep and whisper – knew to appreciate the simple act of being together and hearing another voice besides their own. They were family, they had a home, and in this moment Yule came to understand something. Something so simple and small but meaningful. Those shadows had chosen the wrong people to fvck with. This pack of peculiar beasts driven by their humanity, were much more dangerous than those creatures who knew only chaos and hunger and rage.

And what a beautiful picture they made. Perhaps, for the very first time, Yule thought that drop of humanity was not the hindrance she thought it to be. And she had to wonder what her
father and mother had been thinking when she was created. Maybe, just maybe, there was something to this after all.

Yule made it to the table and surveyed the many bottles and bowls arranged there. So many colors and shapes and scents. It was different to the blood that passed the lips on a harvest night. And she eyed them curiously, wondering what each of them might taste like before she caught sight of the rather tall man in the too tight dress and stopped just short of colliding with him. Instead she stepped back and turned her face away, covering her hand to suppress the urge to laugh.

Yes, they were a colorful bunch alright. With their many colors and shapes and scents. Quite a sight indeed.

September 19, 2019 07:18 pm
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