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The Forge (Metal Working and Gunsmithing


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 The Forge


Owners/Proprietors: Eirie and Etaine NightBreed

 The Forge offers a full service package of gunsmith, blacksmith, weapons craft and custom jewelry. Gun work is done by a master smith for all known firearms and custom work is also available including fabrication of rare or non-available parts. Weapons craft and blacksmith is journeyman class work with emphasis on quality not speed. Black smith works also include decorative works for work and home.

October 18, 2019 12:51 am



 Etaine NightBreed offers regular hand crafted jewelry and accepts custom orders as well.  So please come and visit The Forge for your gunsmithing and other needs!  Workmanship is of the highest quality by EirieNightBreed and his mate Etaine.

October 18, 2019 01:08 am


The blacksmith shop is located in the back end of the shop at a safe distance from the main store.  There most weapons and other items can be crafted by Eirie himself.

October 18, 2019 01:11 am


(OOC: These prior posts keep the ongoing story in focus to those involved)


His power surged forth and held the creature, his eyes glowing black as he stood and walked towards it, “You I can’t do much to anyone or my siblings rules that I enforce force me out until they let me back in. This is a place of neutrality and I love it. Yet you dared to break those rules and stole from the kitten there...yeah, you’re going to die slowly, that much I promise you.” With permission to get rid of the creature granted he summoned up every ounce of strength he possessed and grinned as the creature began to feel its insides melting and turning to ashes, “My fires are among the most prideful of my powers, I trained with them for countless eons until they got to the point they could even burn things immune to fire, or things that got stronger from them...Please enjoy them to their fullest heat, afterall, I let them out just for you!” October 11, 2019 07:47 pm


*The Cosmix slave yowled in agony as it expired and I went inside my home and took care of any mess. I grabbed my meal and entered my house, content with everything.*

October 12, 2019 01:11 am


He nods before cleaning up the remains of the creature, grabbing its soul as it tried to flee back to its master, “Oh no, I keep my promises little pest, and I promised to eat you!” With that he consumed the soul, giving it one of the worst possible ends to its very essence as he chuckles and then sits down, “Oi, Nyx, if you want some more food let me know, I went a little wild making fish dishes so I have a lot of sushi that nobody wanted to eat.” October 12, 2019 04:49 am


*I lick my chops.*

Sounds delicious!

*The appearance of the Cosmic Slave made me worry but it was a problem I was willing to deal with alone.*

I'll let you know.

*I devoured the salmon and savored the milk.*

October 12, 2019 10:04 am


  * taking the axe Etaine handed me, i look over the craftsmanship and allow the energies within to flow naturally as i gauge their power level and purpose.. Moving to the exercise room i work through a pratice kata for a few minutes getting the fel for the weapon's balance and heft.. Finishing i step out hearing them speak of a cosmic entity and have to grin at Phantom's umbrage to the potential loss of something he had created..*  

     " Interesting, a new kitty, which is fine so long as it's not a flerken, and a cosmic entity playing poltergeist in the kitty condo.. Things have gotten more interesting during my time away.. The axe feels nice my dear, we'll try it out should we run acrost any more of those shadow whosis."

October 13, 2019 01:25 pm


He looked at Eirie and glared, “No more vacations! You know how mad your regulars are when they hear you are away?! I’m barely even a novice and they never stop letting me know! Besides, you locked up your next level books in the storage area I can’t get I’ve just been honing what I learned so far.” October 13, 2019 05:30 pm


*I muttered to myself.*

I think, therefore I must Nyooom!

*I was time for my zoomies, I sprinted everywhere inside the forge but ended leaving glittery spider webs in my wake. They shined like stars but were also very sticky.*

October 14, 2019 12:57 am


He blinks as he finds himself basically covered in sticky webbing before scratching his cheek, “Um...what the...Oi, get this off of me!” He begins trying to free himself before falling and soon has pulled enough of the webbing to him to have cacooned himself. After a bit a few of the hellhounds grab him and begin carting off his now raging and muffled form. October 14, 2019 01:25 am


*After seeing Phantom wrapped up in my silk I conjured a spider to slice the cocoon open. The hounds drop him and bolt off to hide.*

October 16, 2019 05:16 pm


After being freed he growls and grabs up Nyx before yawning, “Okay...time to go home little kitty, afterall, I still need to show you my lands so you can start showing off who is boss kitten.” October 17, 2019 12:24 pm


*I chuckled.*

Very well then. Sorry about the webs. Whenever I do my zoomies I leave webs behind.

*I lick Phantom's nose with my rough tongue.*

October 17, 2019 03:51 pm


He shrugs, “Meh, so long as they don’t tend to cover me I never usually mind.” He set Nyx on his shoulders and looking around, “Alright, Eirie, Etaine, I’m heading out!” With that he simply vanished with Nyx. October 17, 2019 05:40 pm


*I clung onto Phantom's should and awaited of what lied beyond.*

October 17, 2019 07:03 pm
October 18, 2019 07:36 pm


* Looking about i hear Phantom state he qwas heading out.. So i settle in to write him a letter explaining why o had disappeared and that i wasn't planning that type of vacation anytime soon. *


       To Phantom,

              On the off chance i am not here when you return i give my word that i have no [lans for that kind of vacation again soon. Unfortuneately, when they summon they literally pull you from where ever you may be and from whatever you may be doing in that instance and you are teleported to them. It can get dangerous if you are not carrying your equipment for battle etcor in one case another participant had been pulled into the "game" while in the shower, he was a bit pissed by that.I myself was without my weapons etc at the time but they brought everyone the usual gear we carried on a daily basis..  We only know this event is held every 100 years and hope we don't get summoned in between..  Myself i look forwards to no more surprise recruitments like that,lol.  By the way i have seen some or your recent work and you are progressing quite nicely in your skills.


  * finishing upthe note/letter i place it where my brother will see it upon his return and check to see what orders we have that i could handle at the cabin fora bit.. *

October 27, 2019 08:56 pm


Etaine watched as Phantom and Nyx headed out to their next adventure.  She had had enough of adventures with the shadow legions prowling around The Forge.  The multiple attempts at break-ins had increaded but the wards and runes had held sway over the attempts of the enemy.

She glanced over to the Drake Curio and Book Shoppe.  They had sustained no thefts or damage.  They simply made that part of the building unapproachable with their own brand of magick.  She had an inkling that the Drakes definitely shored up The Forge's defenses as well.  She was happy for their assistance and considered them a part of her extended family circle.

Erik, Mikael, Rhone and Kara were back in New York city and their lessons would keep them busy until Christmas.  Dema was gone on her adventures and Lilias was still with her grandparents. 

She looked around the shop as she neared the door and flipped the sign to 'Open'.   She wondered what new adventures would ensue.

October 27, 2019 09:25 pm

Shadwyn Drake

Shadwyn dropped the wards to enter The Drake Curio/Book Shoppe from the outside.  The window washer would be there to do the windows on his part of the store and the windows of  The Forge.  He had made it his duty to look after the NightBreeds shop in a quiet manner.  He had neer expected his brother Geo to teach him his skills in upgrading his wards over his shop.  His brother had grown up in many ways and was becoming a family man.

He filled the hot pot with water for his usual cup of Earl Grey tea, He put a tea bag in his white mug along with two sugar cubes.   He opened the small cake tin and brought some fresh baked cherry tarts. He set one on a paper plate for himself and he glanced at the piled mail on his table.  A small box was from his friend Victoria Goodwin who had emailed him from Rome.   She had sent him two books for his night reading. He had critiqued the manuscripts and the research had been flawless.

He hoped others would feel the same way but he would reserve his next opinions til he had read the books. He liked Victoria as a good friend and being a good friend was all he could offer the woman at this time.

He poured the hot water into his mug, picked out two cherry tarts and went to his table.  He sat down and proceeded to open his package

October 27, 2019 10:27 pm


He was so bloody tired. He had been up for over a week doing his usual duties for his shipping company, mostly expanding its reach, and had been summoned to some bloody human’s side for a wish! He grumbled at the memory of the human demanding to be made immortal, but like most others who summoned him from his nice cozy bed and beloved wife’s side, the human had learned that his wrath was brutal when let loose. Now the man stood in some field, frozen in time forever, immortal and fully aware, but the wish should have been far more carefully worded. As he entered the shop he felt the wards lash his powers down and he smiled gently, “Now that feels normal to me.”

Here was the only place outside his home he felt...normal, accepted, and happy. He smiled at Etaine and nodded before carrying his gift to the Drake shop, chuckling when he saw one of the brothers drinking tea before he set out the small chest and pulled out a large collection of different books from ages long since past, “Shadwyn, you and Geo may like these. Book and manuscripts on ancient spells for every day items. Like combs and what not. I had them transcribed for you, and brought the originals. The oldest one I think is from the ancient elf’s before humans came. I also brought more tea since I’m pretty sure I’ve drank your stores mostly dry by now.” He set out a lot of different teas, most being the old leaves for brewing while a few are the modern bags. He then looked through the door to Etaine, “I also brought you some more metals and refined ore for your jewelry sister. I also finally got a replacement order for all the hard to find stuff I used from Eiriems private stock...still can’t work the angelic or holy stuff without it blowing up, but I figured he’d like a few pounds of it just in case.”
October 28, 2019 05:49 am

Geoffrey Drake

Geo entered the Drake Curio/Book Shoppe with his daughter Lilly balanced on his hip.  The white haired slightly chubby sprite with midnight blue eyes wanted to get on the floor. Geo knew what she wanted and he let her down on the floor.  Lilly quickly shifted to lynx cub and proceeded to do zoomies with high sounding yowl and she headed right for Phantom.  She stopped in mid zoomie and whirled around his cloak.

She steadied herself and sat at attention in front of Phantom and she purred nicely at him.  "Sorry about that Phantom, she's just beginning to crawl now and right now prefers to be in her lynx form.  She does come with manners however and I have been giving her my full attention since Dema has been gone on her adventures.  He bent down and scratched her behind her ears.

Geo picked her up and laid her on Shadwyn's black cloak.  "Don't worry she's done her business in the litter box.   Not bad for a lynx cub but the other diaper she yowls til I change her."

October 28, 2019 06:47 am

Shadwyn Drake

Shdwyn set down his mug of hot tea.  He stood and he greeted Phantom with a warm smile.  He watched as Phantom pulled some books and manuscripts from chest.   Shadwyn went to the hot pot and poured some hot water into white cups.  He put a jasmine tea bag in a cup with Phantom's name on it and another Earl Grey tea bag went into Geo's cup.

"Thank you very much!  You are always welcome to my tea and treat tins.  Don't you worry Lilly. I have some cool water and some salmom for you."

Shadwyn looked at his little niece as he set down a small bowl of cool water and a small plate of fresh salmom from the tiny fridge in the corner near the coffee area.

"Etaine figured you would be back with Lilly." He looked at Lilly.  "You wish to be a little older?  Little lady be careful what you purr for ..."

Lilly purred her wish to Phantom. ~One year old, able to walk and talk a little.~

October 28, 2019 07:11 am


*Things were about as normal they could get as I rested in my little house. I had devoured a quail earlier and brought over the eggs. I conjured a nebula-colored, disembodied spider leg and it began to produce sparkling silk strands.*

October 28, 2019 09:11 am

Dema Drake

A  Uhaul truck pulls up infront of the forge, and out bounds one winterized Dema. Yes in human form, wearing a -50 below parka and knee high winter boots. Over her shoulder a duffle bag. And in one hand another bag. The front of her coat unzipped and four little eyes peer out nervously, letting out soft little yeps. The trucks horn honks and the the four eyes blink and scoot back inside her coat. She gave the truckdriver a wave and slowly opened the door to the forge. A deepened sigh escaped as she steps inside and looks to see that everyone including mr Nightbreed was there.

October 28, 2019 09:43 am

Geoffrey Drake

Geo gazes through the open window of The Drake Curio/Book Shoppe to see a U-Haul truck pulled up in front of The Forge.  "You expecting a delivery, Shad?  Something we don't know about.

The door of the truck opened and Dema stepped out of the truck dressed in winter clothes carrying a  duffle bag over her shoulder.  His mate had returned from her adventures duffle bag and another bag containing something that letting out little yelps.

"Welcome home Dema! Let me take those bags."   Lilly remained on the cloak watching  her mother Dema and she canted her head as she purred her inquiry." Lilly hopped off of the cloak and went to Dema. She was sniffing the air about her mother and she caught the scent of two other lynx kittens about her.   She looked up at Dema and purred a little.   She then let out two meowing sounds.

October 28, 2019 09:58 am

Dema Drake

Giving him the bags as the one lets out soft squeeks and yeps she giggles. then looks at Lily and bends down to her level, putting out her hand for her. "I have something special for you to see little one."

She says then looks up at Geo, as he didnt know yet either. "Um Think you might want to look in there first Love." She blushs slightly while taking out two small bottles from her pocket. and lays them down. She purrs softly at Lilly and looks at Shad. "You two come and see." She says as her voice cracks slightly.

October 28, 2019 10:10 am

Geoffrey Drake

Geo takes the bags and almost drops the lighter one on the floor.  He got a grip on himself when he heard soft squeaks and yips. He looks over at Dema. What did she bring home?  Did she bring a pet to keep for Lilly?    He saw Dema as she looked at Lilly and she bended down to her level.

Lilly purred softly as she looked at Dema.  She knew what was in the bag.  She would not give away her mommy's secret.

Geo let the duffle bag slid to the wooden floor as he held onto the smaller bag.  Geo stood there looking stupid feeling like he'd been left holding the bag.  He opened up the bag and saw two small lynx kits.   He laid the bag on the wooden floor.  He slipped over his sweater and laid it on the floor. He sat on the floor beside the bag and opened it.   He scooped one kit out very gently.   It was a boy.  He laid the kit on his sweater and took out the other kit. It was a girl.   He looked up at Dema gobsmacked as if somehow someone had punched him in the gut.

He looked at Dema as she took two small bottles from her pocket.  "This is a very special delivery.  A fine pair of kits." Geo didn't know what to say as he picked up the little male kit and then the little female.  "We are parents again."  He was in awe of his mate and the courage it took her to carry their children.  He felt as though his own heart brust with joy.  "What are their names. In the way of Beothuk it is the mother who names their children."

Lilly went and sat by her siblings.  She purred proudly. Now she had siblings to look after and play with!

October 28, 2019 10:36 am
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