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Everyone Burns


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Adara Litvinova

There comes a time in everyone’s life that they have to make a choice between what is easy and what is right; this is where Adara was standing, at one of the most important crossroads in her life, something that could alter the future for the better.

For her, for Ella.

It was time for a choice; run and hide.

Or jump.

All in.

She had already decided months before that it was time to close the doors to the Den for good; she had told herself when another home would surface then she could, in fact, leave all of this behind and now, she had the chance to make good on that promise to herself. It was the afterwards part that she was still having issues in deciding what would be done; sometimes the best way to cleanse a bad taste, memories, everything that could drag you back into the past, was well, something in the woman’s wheelhouse.

The charges were set the moment every single person who had resided here had vacated with their personal belonging; she had not spoken to anyone since her return from Jerusalem, hell, even before then it had been few and far between for conversation, so what should have seemed difficult, what should have taken her more than a few days to plan...

It wasn’t. It didn’t.

It also didn’t take as long as she thought it would to have some of her contacts show up to help, mostly all they would have to do is hit the button, blow the sh1t out of the entire compound, clean it up, plant trees.

All she wanted was something living there again. Plants, growth; anything but the god damn memories and ghosts that had haunted not only her. Ella would never know this place, never remember it; that was what Addie thought was for the best; besides, they had a birthday trip to go on.

They would be well on their way out of the country before first charge of the blast would be executed.
October 19, 2019 07:27 pm

Livia Vlcek

If god crossed us, we'd take all his drugs, burn his money and his house down.. and wait for the fire to spread.

It came as no surprise when word trickled down to Livia, through Valentin, about Adara’s plans. Well, that wasn’t true, not completely. The Slayer knew Adara had entertained the idea for quite some time but the means to the end had been surprising.. and somewhat poignant.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Den burned.. but it would hopefully be the last.

Sometimes hate is not enough to turn this all to ashes. Together as one, against all others..

Pale irides stared at Adara over the rim of large, dark frames as she worked diligently. With great care the honey tressed female placed each charge as if she was planting tender seedlings in a vast garden. And each time Livia exited the Den with bags of clothes and shoes and memories in hand, the woman was in another section of the yard sowing seeds of many emotions.


Or rather, these were the emotions Livia felt. How Adara felt, Livia wasn’t sure. Emotions, discussing them, were neither of the women’s forte. Expressing them, that was another story. Both girls were quite adept at expressing their emotions. Good and bad.

I had no choice but to erase the debt of our families. Let you say goodbye with lips like dynamite..

A lump started to grow in the Czech woman’s throat with every step she took across the long gravel drive towards the awaiting Impala. The gravel drive that she would watch from her room in the Den proper so long ago. It seemed like forever, really, and gave Livia pause.

She was nineteen again, wounded, scared.. In love. And he.. he was there.. making the long walk towards the Den to see her.


Livia’s eyes began to line with tears as the ghost passed her by. Like a knife cutting her open, bared for all to see, tears started to roll down her cheeks.

This would be the last time..

Then there was that time when Deus killed himself just outside the front door.

The tears stopped and her jaw hardened.

There had been happy times, too. Once upon a time. Everyone sitting around drinking and laughing.. but neither of the girls’ lives were fairy tales, now were they.

These were probably the hardest memories to bury, Livia realised. And probably why Adara was about to burn it all down.

Kill it with fire.

And everyone turned their backs because they knew when we held on tight to each other, we were something fatal..

The last of her bags tossed into the trunk of the Impala, Livia leaned against the door of the coupe while she waited on Adara; slender fingers tracing a message noncommittally across the screen of her phone. She trusted that her friend had made the right decision. It would be cathartic in a way, for both girls. Too many ghosts. Too much pain. It outweighed the good.

But would they really be able to outrun the ghosts? Only time could tell.

“Jste připraveni, sestra?”

Livia didn't wait for an answer. She knew Adara was more than ready. A turn of the key, the engine rumbled to life. Soon the classic car was making its way quickly down the long, gravel drive, spiriting away both women.

We're running to the edge of the world.. running, running away.
October 20, 2019 04:12 pm
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