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Naberius Reum

Naberius wasted no time getting out of NOLA, out of the United States, returning to Port-au-Prince. The flight went quick, the shots of alcohol helped sooth the rage inside to a muted ache. Pissed couldn't cover the emotions that bounced around inside him. Confused. Angry. Annoyed. Violent.

Leaving Zahrah with Corbin had been necessary, but frustrating. He knew she had only said those things because she wanted to protect him, but still ... It was definitely messing with his head.


The unknown between them made it hard for him to understand if this was going to be a normal reaction from now on. He wanted to protect her, to keep her happy and from any creature that would hurt her. He just met her! Or did he? The pull when they were together was unreal. He didn't want to leave. But, it had to be done. For both of their sakes.

Exiting the plane, then the terminal, he headed to the parking lot where his 1964 Harley Davidson FLH Duo Glide motorcycle waited for him. Slipping into his leather jacket, he secured his duffel bag and hopped on, the motorcycle roared to life with a turn of a key and he sped off.

He needed to get his mindset right. He had to figure out what he was going to say to Abigor when asked why he didn't have The Staff of Kalfu. There would be pain involved, no doubt. Punishment. His Master didn't like being disappointed. But he would rather deal with the unpleasant then let Zahrah have to face her own if she didn't return with it.

By the time he rolled into the driveway of the house that Abigor occupied, his emotions were shut down. He fueled the rage inside to keep all thoughts of Zahrah from popping up unexpectedly. He didn't want Abigor to fish around inside his mind and find out about her. That was the ultimate goal, keep Abigor from gaining information about Zahrah.

Unstrapping his duffel bag, he slid the strap on his shoulder and headed inside.

"Boss, Reum's back!"

Not even one foot inside the damn house before a lackey standing next to said door, called out for the man in charge. A slow knowing grin spread on the man's face as he noticed Naberius' empty hands.

Naberius shot him a dark look, causing the man to shrink back, but the smile still present.

"Reum. In here. Now."

Breathing deeply through his nose, Naberius let the duffel bag fall next to the stairs. Stepping into the room, he found Abigor sitting in one of the arm chairs. A leg crossed, his hands laced together on his lap. He looked every bit the part of a gentlemen with dark pants and a gray business shirt.

"My staff?" A brow raised.

"The mausoleum was empty when I arrived. No trace of who was there." Reum kept his words short, his hands behind his back, feet shoulder width apart. He could feel his Master's eyes on him.

"Hmm. Is that so?"

"Yes, Sir." Naberius stiffened when Abigor stood and walked around to his back. Here we go ...

"I'm very disappointed in you, slave." Abigor grabbed the back of Naberius' neck.

Claws dug into his flesh, bleeding him freely. The pain caused his body to jerk, spine stiffening even more. Then his knees gave out when Abigor kicked the backs of them. Naberius caught himself from going face first into the floor with his hands. He fought to keep his body from reacting, from turning on the man who was now set on punishing him.
October 31, 2019 05:13 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

The plane ride had been long and boring as hell. But she didn't mind that. After the past couple of days boring is exactly what she needed. She'd barely spoken to anyone as she tried to gather her thoughts and think of her next move. How could she best continue forward from everyting that happened?

She and Corbin had gotten the Staff of Kalfu and given it to LaBelle. True to his word he hadn't spoken to her about what had transpired in the tunnel. The less she knew about Naberius the better it was. But there was still the problem of Corbin knowing. And she wasn't sure where to even begin with that.

Zahrah had "laid in the bed she'd made" as she promised when she made the choice to have Corbin keep his disgusting trap shut. After retrieving the staff she had spent the night with him. It was every bit as horrible as she'd imagined it would be. She closed her eyes tightly, rubbing her wrists and wincing at the deep red and purple bruising that wrapped around them. The ropes had hurt and burned her skin; Corbin had made sure to secure them tightly. Luckily the matching bruising around her neck was covered with a grey, woolen turtleneck sweater. She shuddered, remembering the thoughts of his heavy breathing, pulling the ropes as he-

No, don't. It will only make it worse...

There was a fresh cut under her bruised right eye. To "remember me by" he had said, after a damaging right hook before he'd left her alone in the dark, discarding her like trash when he was finished. And as much as she didn't want to, every time she looked at herself in the mirror that's exactly what she did. This was a power move on his part and she hated that he had this over her. Sadly, he made sure to let her know if she wanted him to continue keeping his silence, she would continue to pay that price.

But it was worth it. For him.


But right now she needed to focus. She was away from Corbin, had no idea where Naberius was, and she had a job to do. LaBelle needed a scroll. Its contents would contain the spell needed to harness the power of the staff. So, obviously this would be a job for Zahrah. In all honesty she was glad to go. Leaving the country and those fucking witches. She was really beginning to hate them all.

After exiting the plane, she was quick to go to the hotel she'd made reservations at. And you're damn right she got a great suite on LaBelle's dime. She could afford it and Zahrah planned to stay an extra day or two and take some time to herself. She had earned it, dammit.

After being in Port au Prince for two days she had come up with the information she needed. She had spent hours sitting in local bars; some upscale, some seedy. She wasn't picky where the information came from so long as it came. She'd sat with a drink on the table and her phone in her hand, looking engrossed in whatever was on the screen all the while she'd actually been listening. Its amazing the information you can pick up when just shut your mouth and open your ears.

Papa Legba's Peche Minwi. Conveniently located out of the way in a warehouse by the harbor. She wasn't sure where the scroll was in the warehouse but she was certain it was there.

Despite looking like she'd been held captive and lost an all out fight, to which she tried to tone down the intense black eye with makeup, she needed to dress the part to get on this "Papa Legba's" good side. Assuming he had a good side, that is.

Her long black hair laid in large waves down her back, ending just after her shoulder blades. She donned a dark, green, form fitting dress with long sleeves that thankfully covered those ugly bruises on her wrists and ended about halfway down her thigh. The neck of the dress was quite a low scoop, and while it did her bust great justice it also showed the bruise encircling her neck. She opted for a black lace choker. It was thick enough that it hid the bruising so long as it stayed in place. Pairing the ensemble with black heels, she shoved a few essentials in her black purse and felt that she was prepared enough to at least check this place out.

She gave her cabbie an address a few blocks away from the warehouse and from there she would walk the rest of the way. It didn't take her long before the harbor was in sight and she laid her eyes on the oldest looking warehouse.

That was it.

Sliding glass doors were all she could see as a means to enter. There wasn't anyone around outside but she could see faint light coming through the hazy windows. She slid the door open slowly and ducked inside before closing it behind her.

The corridor before her was fairly long but she could see an entryway lit at the end. She was almost surprised at the room the corridor led her to. It was almost like a club; soft music, comfortable seating everywhere you looked. There were a few others there occupying the couches, talking amongst themselves with a bottle or half-filled glass in their hand. It was more comfortable than she'd thought it would be and thankfully she didn't feel under-dressed.

Against the wall there were several small tables with single lounge chairs beside them. It would be there that she would sit, letting her emerald green eyes scan the room for Papa Legba or someone in an authoritative positon to ask about the scroll. After sitting, she laid her purse on the table and leaned back into the soft, burgandy chair. Her fingers toyed with the choker around her neck as she waited to find who she was looking for.

October 31, 2019 08:19 pm

Naberius Reum

The cold water slapped him back into awareness. Pain erupted throughout his body as the salt in the water connected with the raw bleeding flesh. Jerking on the chains around his wrists from where he dangled on the beam in the basement, Naberius hissed out curses.

"Welcome back Reum, glad you could join us." Abigor said sarcastically from behind him. His grey business shirt and dark pants were splattered with Naberius' blood.

He had been tied by his wrists in silver chains, his upper torso bare while his lower body was still covered in jeans and biker boots. The ends of his boots barely grazing the floor below, unable to release the pressure on his arms. The flesh on his back hung in strips, Abigor used a special tool that had been purchased off the black market. It looked similar to a potato peeler with a thick metal handle and rotating blades that sliced with the barest of touches. Naberius was the first to feel it's bite.

"Hm. Open wounds Naberius, or take the whip at thirty lashes and allowed two days to heal?"

"Two days?" Naberius coughed, spitting blood at the nearest lackey. "It'll take longer … then two days." His body jerked as sharp nails dug into an open wound, his vision went gray, agony flooding his senses. "M*therfucker! Sonofawh0remongrel! Fuck! Lashes! I'll take the g*ddamn lashes, asshole!"

"Good choice." Abigor withdrew his nails, taking a couple of steps away. His bloody fingers curled around the handle of a bullwhip, shaking it out. His favorite bullwhip that had been modified. The ten foot leather weapon had been stripped down at six feet so the last four was replaced with thin wire kept at its sharpest.

Reum inhaled, then exhaled. This was going to fucking hurt. Even more so because of the open wounds on his back. If there was anything Abigor taught Reum, it was how to torture someone to the brink of insanity, and bring them back. To inflict mind numbing pain until nothing else existed.


The crack of the whip caused him to flinch, but no resulting pain yet. It was more of a scare tactic to get his muscles tense. He really hated the whip. Shit, he hated being tortured in general, but there was something about the whip that caused a deep terrifying reaction inside him. Almost as if …


The whip sliced open flesh in the middle of two strips, connecting them. His body jerked, a long hiss escaped his lips as his eyes closed tightly. He felt the blood begin to trickle down again. He was a bloody mess. Literally. The whip continued to connect to his back, upper and lower, re-cutting along scarred lines and the fresh ones. A couple pieces of flesh fell to the floor, the strips having been caught by the tip of the whip and ripped off.

At the fifteenth lash his demon form burst out of his control, yet he was still unable to get free. The silver chains cut deeper into his wrists as they had been sized for his human form, not the over sized gold demon.

Abigor chuckled pleasantly, enjoying the way his slave bucked and cursed as the whip kissed his flesh. He would learn to never disappoint him again. "Now, now Reum, only a couple more to go."

The demon bellowed as the tip of the sharp wire flicked around to slice his cheek open. Blood poured down over his neck, down his lean chest and abs. The couple of sigils that the red crimson liquid touched, flared to life but dimmed quickly. The black tattoo bands around his neck and wrists revealed themselves at the same time of the flare up, counteracting the power that lay dormant inside him. Nulling his ability to use it.

The last five lashes cut deeper, tearing flesh from its home, flinging it around the room. The smell of copper filled the basement, several of the lackeys vacated half way through the beating and the very last one that stood before the demon, didn't look too promising in keeping his lunch down.

Abigor coiled the whip as he walked around to face Naberius. He used the handle to lift the half conscious slave's head up. "Never come back empty handed again. Do you understand, Naberius Reum, slave bound to obey my words?"

"Yes ... Master." The words were whispered, pain-filled. Dull.

"Get him down, bring him to Legba's. Instruct Nita she has only two days to heal him." Abigor directed the single lackey that remained. "I'm going out for entertainment."

Naberius was too far gone in agony to really understand what was going on. The chains were released, he fell to the ground in a heap, and his demon form receded back inside. Mind numbing pain. No thoughts. It felt like he was engulfed by pain personified.

His body was manipulated to move as two strong lackeys took his arms over their shoulders and heaved him to his feet. One grabbed his duffel bag by the stairs once they managed to move his sluggish body up the stairs. They dumped him into the back of a black SUV and headed to Papa Legba's.

Knowing they weren't allowed inside the warehouse since it was warded against any and all that worked with Abigor willingly, one of them called ahead. The sound of ringing filled the vehicle from the Bluetooth application.

"Papa Legba's Peche Minwi." Nita's voice came out of the speaker.

"Reum is being dumped outside. Abigor says you have two days to heal him."

"Sonofa ... how long until you're here?" The bite in her voice was noticeable.

"Five minutes. We're not waiting around, dumping and running." The dark haired man said shortly.

"Whatever dickless. I'll be out there." The line went dead.

Three minutes later, Reum barely understood when the SUV stopped, his arms were grabbed by one of the henchmen and he was tugged out on to the street. His duffel bag was thrown carelessly from the vehicle as it sped away. He knew he needed to move, he needed to do something. Moving aggravated everything, making it worse.

"Cocksuckers, the lot of them." Nita's voice broke through the mind-fog. Her sharp inhale hinted at the true nature of what he looked like. "Someone grab Legba. Someone's gonna need to walk in front to open doors, get like two more guys while you're at it. We need to move him carefully. They fucked him up good."

He felt a hand on his forehead, brushing the hair out of his face. Struggling to open his eyes, he saw Nita through slits. "Nita."

"Berius," Nita leaned down, her hand cupping his check gently. "I got you, frè mwen. You're not going to be happy when we move you, love, better let yourself slip into the void."

He nodded. That sounded like a good idea. He barely heard Legba's angry voice, and he definitely didn't know what the Loa god said before four other males lifted him. Engulfing pain flashed throughout his body, dragging him to unconsciousness.

Couple of hours later ...

"Legba?" Nita found the Loa deity reclining in one of the comfortable chairs in the lounge. A scowl on his face, his fingers steepled together against his lips. The red skull paint that he usually wore was missing today. An untouched glass of Rum and a cigar sitting on the table in front of him, his cane leaning against his thigh.

Straightening, he gestured to the chair before him. "How is he?"

Nita sat in the chair opposite of him, weary. Tired. "Alive. I'm not quite sure what else I can do. I cut and stitched what flesh I could and applied a healing paste on his wounds. Thankfully, he's still passed out. I'm not sure ..."

Legba leaned over to lay his hand on hers. "Be at ease, mender. You set him on the path to recuperating. Go, eat. I will see him in a little bit. I have a guest waiting on me." He watched the demon healer as she exited through the door by the bar, heading no doubt to Naberius' room even though she had been told to eat. She was brash on the outside, a ball buster, but once you earned her loyalty, she would do anything for you.

Standing, Legba placed his cane beneath his armpit as he picked up his small glass of rum and his cigar. He walked over to the table where the dark haired beauty had occupied about thirty minutes ago. She was quite fetching in the green dress that clung to her curves. He knew who she was and why she was here. The invisibles whispered secrets to him, told him things that no one should know. Trials and tribulations that both she and Naberius would no doubt have to endure. Such was the Loa way.

"Bon aswè bèl dansè." Legba's eyes were kind, understanding. "I believe you have been waiting for me. I am Papa Legba. I apologize for keeping you, a ... family emergency was brought to my attention. May I?" He gestured to the unoccupied seat at the same table with his glass of rum.
November 01, 2019 05:05 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

She had been sitting at the table for nearly half an hour. At her request, a glass of merlot had been brought in a long stemmed crystal glass. She'd sipped slowly on the luscious red liquid enjoying its poignant taste as it hit her tongue. Even though she was here for another damned item at LaBelle's request and alert to her surroundings, she felt at ease. Maybe it was the atmosphere. She could understand why so many others flocked to this place and spoke so highly about it. Making a mental note, she decided she would return to Papa Legba's Peche Minwi on her own time.

A  dark skinned man came into view; well dressed, cane under the arm and a drink in one hand while a cigar rested between two fingers in the other. The other patrons in the lounge area hushed as he walked by, some just stared. This man was important. It had to be Papa Legba. No one would get this reaction but the boss.

"Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. Please, sit," she gestured towards the empty chair with her hand at his request to sit. She had been right. It was Papa Legba. He looked friendly, possibly helpful, but she also knew from the stories she'd been hearing he wasn't someone you wanted to fuck with.

"I'm sorry to hear you've had a family emergency," she should offer to come back at another time to be cordial, but this had to happen now. "But I need some information."

She crossed her right leg over her left and shifted in her seat to become more comfortable. She fought the urge to pull the hemline of her dress down as it came up; if she did that it would only draw attention to the hand and finger shaped bruises there. She hoped she'd done a good job with the makeup to hide the mess Corbin had made of her face at least. His eyes hadn't faltered on that area of her face, though he was obviously pleased with how she looked. That was definitely good for her. Her beauty was an asset, but also a curse, and she'd learned to use it well when the need arose.

"I'm not going to beat around the bush," her eyes fell to his, "I need the Loa scroll to activate the Staff of Kalfu. I've been... pointed in your direction." Her words were matter-of-fact. She didn't want to disrespect him in any way, but she also didn't want to bull shit him either.

November 01, 2019 06:10 pm

Naberius Reum


Legba settled himself in the chair, his cane resting against his thigh once more, the rum before him on the table. He didn't answer her about the Staff, not yet. Instead he pulled out a small, oval, gold cigar cutter to clip the end off into an ashtray. Then pulled out a slim, bronze flick lighter to lit the end. He settled back, watching her for a moment. She was a very beautiful woman, there was no doubt about that. And it did his ancient soul happy to be able to converse with her, but he was well aware that she was off limits. She might attempt to use her wiles on him, they wouldn't work.

The Coven witch sent her. LaBelle. Invisibles whispered in his ear.

The woman knew no boundaries and was starting to become a pest. The witch had no idea what she attempted to harness with that Staff. Only a Loa god or goddess could successfully control the results.

"The Staff is not something just anyone can activate, even with the Scroll." Invisibles, or mystères swarmed around Zahrah, around the patrons of his club, but only those with Loa magicks or sensibilities to the spirit realm could sense them. "I do have it here, on the premises however."

His head tilted to the side as a particular invisible seemed more attached to this woman then usual. A big black dire wolf settled on the floor next to the dark haired woman's chair, his expressive eyes flickered from her face to around the room then back to her face. Longing. Sadness. Protective. This spirit ... Aaah.

The creature spared him a glance, curling his lips back in a snarled warning.

Legba smiled, a chuckle escaping. "My dear, it seems you have a protector in the Loa spirits. One that knew you in your life before LaBelle. Unfortunately, or fortunately in your case, he will be sticking close to you. Use him. Let him protect you." His eyes settled on her check pointedly, then her throat and finally on the hand and finger prints on her thigh before coming back up to her face. His next words were full of loa power, swirling around the woman before him, softly caressing her skin. "Worry not about the dark one who visit your bed. The spirit Bad will keep him at bay, will keep the secret you hold in your heart from being spoken. Accept this gift, bèl dansè, for it is given freely of payment."
November 01, 2019 07:08 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

She watched his every move closely. He moved with purpose, even when performing the small tasks such as cutting the end off of his cigar. The orange flame from the lighter caught her eye and the end of his cigar came to life with each inhale.

It wasn't her job to be concerned with who could or couldn't control or activate that staff. LaBelle informed her she needed the scroll, didn't give many details - just the bare minimum to help find it - and expected Zahrah to be a good little girl and get it. It relieved her to know that it was here in his possession.

But he didn't offer it readily to her. Which she figured he wouldn't. She was prepared to name a price. Or even get her hands dirty on his behalf so his could stay clean. She was a bargaining woman, after all.

A small push of air escaped her lips and she looked at Papa Legba, "I mean you no disrespect. Really," she put her forearm on the table and leaned forwards, "its none of my business what my colleague wants with the scroll. I don't know what they intend to do or how they mean to do it, I just know I have to have it. Is there a price for this item? I'm prepared to pay, or barter, for it."

The air around her seemed calmer. It couldn't be the wine, she hadn't had that much.

His next words stalled her, and her thoughts froze. She was unaware of what this man meant when he said she had a Protector. She was aware this was a safe haven for the supernatural but that didn't mean she knew exactly who, and what, came or resided here. He was seeing something she wasn't.

Ask him what he means...

Before she could let her train of thought continue, his mention of the dark one made her cheeks become hot, and she knew they were flushing. She felt pure shame as he looked her over, taking notice of the bruising on her dark skin; she was sure that shame was reflecting heavily on her features. She chewed the inside of her cheek nervously as a lump in her throat began to form. Her eyes averted away from him and she screamed at herself inside not to cry. She wasn't usually emotional, but these past few days were turning her into someone she almost didn't recognize.

Hastily she brought her hands to her thighs, using them to yank the hemline of her dress down, covering the markings of an unwilling late night rondezvous. She didn't regret it, though. She did it for Naberius' safety. That alone was enough. Zahrah took a few seconds to compose herself.

Get a grip!

As soon as she was sure there were no tears welling in her eyes, she returned her gaze to look at the man who sat opposite the table from her. Resting her hands in her lap, she spoke softly; "I don't know what you know, or what you think you know, but please don't concern yourself with my personal business." She cleared her throat of the lump, "the scroll. Please."

November 01, 2019 08:16 pm

Naberius Reum


Legba took a sip from his rum, setting the glass back down as he drew on the cigar, allowing the smoke to release between them. He knew, by the whispers of the loa spirits that she would be willing to do anything to get the Staff. LaBelle had trained her well. Sad really. She was being used to retrieve items for the witch at any cost.

"I know a lot, Zahrah," He purposely used her first name, for she hadn't offered it, nor did he ask it. This would tell her that he knew more then possible. "Your personal business is my business when you wish something of mine. When you are connected to someone who is considered a brother to me. I know what bargains you have made in the past, most of them are nothing that I am interested in."

There was no way she would be getting her hands on the Scroll. He would not bargain for it. She had nothing that he wanted. LaBelle would not be getting her hands on it either. It seemed he would have to add a few more protection spells and sigils to his private rooms in case of intruders.

"However," Legba tilted his head, considering the whispers of the mystères. "there might be something else that you want here. Tell me, who are you protecting with those badges of pain?"

"Legba!" Nita's frantic voice filled the lounge. She stood in the doorway. The chatter from the few occupying people died down to nothing. "Legba! He's burning with fever and hallucinating. I can't keep him still. I need some help."

The Loa god sighed heavily, smothering the tip of the cigar into the ashtray. Standing he grabbed his cane to lean on with both hands, his eyes studying Zahrah. "If you seek your past, wanting answers to your future, then follow. Otherwise, go back to your hotel. We are done conversing for the evening."

He tipped his top hat to her, turned toward Nita and began walking toward the other woman. He hoped she would follow, and in fact paused for a moment inside the doorway so she could catch up. If she followed, he would lead her down the corridor to the second door on the right, through another barely lit hallway to the fourth door and inside. Nita was already struggling to keep an unconscious Naberius from thrashing around. He was on his stomach, his back a mismatch of bandages and wounds that were sewn or stapled together.

"Can't leave ..." Naberius muttered. "Return ... must return."
November 01, 2019 09:09 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

She held her gaze steadfast. There was something about Papa Legba that she couldn't quite place. Zahrah had a feeling that he was more than meets the eye. It was something she was trying to become accustomed to; the supernatural. Coming into contact, and even killing, a few Vampires and Lycans shoved her right into a world she didn't know. But it was her reality now and she had to try and come to terms with that, no matter how weird shit actually got.

I know a lot, Zahrah...

Snapped from her thoughts, she felt her fists clench at the surprise of him knowing her name. She knew she hadn't formally introduced herself to him (probably rude on her part). There was no normal way he'd know who she was. He was definitely on a level she didn't understand and couldn't reach. What he was mystified her. There was still so much she had to learn, but it wasn't like she was an unwilling pupil.

Opening her mouth to give a retort, he continued speaking before she could get a word out. She clamped her mouth shut, growing irritated at this man... or whatever he was. There were many ways other supernatural beings could find out information on someone. She shouldn't really be surprised that he had done one of those things. She inhaled, willing herself to stay calm and not blow up at the man who claimed to know intimate details about her life, and exhaled slowly.

So he knew someone she knew. Who the hell could that be? Corbin? Did he know that sleaze ball? She couldn't recall Corbin ever mentioning knowing someone named Legba or even having contacts in Port-au-Prince. Her brain quickly ran through conversations she'd been a part of and others that she'd heard. No. Nothing. This made zero sense to her. This was fucking frustrating!

He was wrong. There was nothing she wanted here besides that scroll. The mental note she'd made earlier to come back to this place was being severely reconsidered. She didn't know if she could take this kind of scrutinizing and cryptic bull shit willingly.

Zahrah, stop...

Who are you protecting with those badges of pain?

The shame came back; it was overwhelming. If he knew Corbin did he brag about his exploits with the foreign woman? That would be just like him, wouldn't it? Disgusting.

Why... how would he know that?

As much as she wanted to ask him exactly that, a woman's voice rang through the lounge. The room hushed in unison and Legba's head snapped towards where his name was being called. Something serious was happening. The woman looked tired, exhausted even, and worry was etched on her face tenfold.

Was that... blood on her?

The sight of blood put her on high alert. Someone, or something, was hurt nearby. She stood, the chair making a loud noise as it slid against the floor. "What the hell...?" she mumbled, looking from Legba to the woman and back again.

If she had her way, they wouldn't be done conversing for the evening. She was sure there was some way she could still get her hands on the scroll. But for now, her focus landed on his eyes as he spoke to her. His intense gaze seemed to make the room stand still.

Seek your past.... wanting answers to your future... follow...

She kept her words to herself as he tipped his hat to her and turned his back. He was offering something that had weighed heavily on her. But... was this a trap? Is something she could risk? There were so many others in this lounge, plus Legba, and she wasn't sure she would be able to hold her own against all or even half of them.

And if you don't go? she thought, what are you missing?

It almost felt like something began to push her behind her knees, though when she turned her head and looked at the floor there was nothing there.

Go... follow him...

Her interest was piqued, and the situation was just strange enough that she figured why the hell not? At this point, what did she have to lose? If something happened to her so what? She wouldn't have to be LaBelle's little errand girl and she wouldn't have to spend another night with Corbin. That was pretty much a win/win in itself.

Her heels clicked against the floor as she began to follow Legba. He'd stopped momentarily to wait for her but continued on his path when he saw that she wasn't far behind. Through a doorway, down a darker corridor... another door... she pinned this route to her memory should she need to make a quick getaway. She did not want to be caught without a way out. That would pretty much be suicide.

A few scents assaulted her nostrils. Blood and... antiseptics? Someone was hurt. Was this some underground hospital or clinic for things that went bump in the night? In all of her investigating she hadn't once heard that this was the place you went when you had a wound a human hospital had no business treating.

Boy this place just keeps getting better and better...

She heard a commotion behind the fourth door in the hallway they were heading down and she wondered what kind of creature lurked there. How was this supposed to give her any kind of answer? Legba threw the door open and looked at her as if to say well? Are you going to go in or what?

She didn't expect what she saw when she rounded the corner, coming into the room. The woman who had called for Legba was beside a man whom was laying on his stomach, his arms and legs waving around as he moaned and called out. She seemed to be having a hard time getting him to quiet or even calm down. His back was just a bloodied, stitched, and stapled mess. She'd know this anywhere; he'd been tortured.

"Legba, I don't know how this is suppo-"

Her hand raised to cover her mouth as the man turned his head towards her.

Its him.



So many questions and probably twice as many answers, but none were meant for her to know at the moment. The singular thought in her mind landed on the ailing man before her.


Her purse slipped from her hand and she all but ran towards him. In a moment she dropped to her knees and brought her face close to his. He was sweating profusely and the heat radiating off of him was intense. What had happened to him to put him in such a terrible state?

She smoothed away hair that was matted to his face with sweat so she could see his face more clearly. The only thought in her mind right now was to help. She didn't need to ask Legba how this happened, though she would once the initial shock died down, she just knew Naberius needed help.

"Shhhh..." she soothed into his ear, gently rubbing his forehead with her thumb. "Jesus fucking Christ Naberius, what happened to you?" She leaned down, allowing her face to be close to his, doing her best to help calm him.

November 01, 2019 10:16 pm

Naberius Reum


The Voodoo Priest lay a hand on Nita's shoulder to still her from trying to stand in front of the other woman, when Zahrah came to kneel beside Naberius. A glance from him quieted her words as well, but not the quizzical look on her face. He winked at the dark haired healer, murmuring a soft. "Just watch, Nita."

Zahrah knelt beside the bed, her fingers trailing over Naberius' forehead, instantly the man stopped thrashing. Her gentle words seemed to cause a calming reaction. His eyes opened for a brief moment, seeing, but not really seeing. Glossy with pain and fever.

"Little dancer ..." The demon whispered, pain lacing his words. He was hallucinating. He didn't realize where he was and he had slipped back into memories that were there but inaccessible while in his right mind. "Fuck ... just wanted ... make things right. So sorry."

Legba gestured to Nita to leave the room, the tightening of the woman's lips before she left indicated that she didn't appreciate being dismissed. Oh well. He settled in a chair next to the bed, his ankles crossing his long legs. He pulled his hat off with a sigh, placing it on the floor next to the chair. In his left hand, he twirled his cane absently as he watched the feverish male respond positively to Zahrah.

"Let me tell you a story, bèl dansè, of a pirate that was lost at sea and ended up in our Realm. He was the son of a Lord, a wealthy man in this Realm not our own. His father taught him how to rule over the estate, taught him to hunt, use weapons as well as sail. This man fought in his Monarch's battles on the ocean for two years. He fell in love with the sea, she was his Mistress for a very long time after both of his parents died. He became addicted to her sweet temptations of taking what he wanted, adventure and living a life with no rules." Legba paused for a moment, his brows furrowed a fraction. "This wealthy Lord became a Pirate, visiting cultures all around the world. He befriended a Sultan on one adventure. This resulted in a twenty-seventh birthday present of a harem girl biting and turning him into a Vampire. The Sultan killed the woman, saying that he wanted no Mistress over his friend."

The demon upon the bed moved restlessly for a moment, adjusting his body even though his brain was still in the void of unconsciousness. It was as if he knew Legba was talking about his past. A past that he couldn't remember.

Legba continued after a moment of watching his friend. "He adapted to being a vampire on the Sea. It wasn't easy, but he managed to make due, stealing and carrying on his life like nothing had happened. There was a storm, a hurricane that brought this Pirate to our Realm. He ventured into the cities without thought, making connections and beginning his story here. He met a woman, an exotic belly dancer. She was cursed with the same thing, vampirism. It was shortly after this that I met this man. He wanted information. Which I gave him."

The Voodoo man straightened in his seat, his cane now resting on the floor with both hands on the skull. His gaze suddenly intense. "Their love story is one for ages. He would do anything for her. He tried to help her with being a Vampire; there was a bigger problem she had that most didn't know about. She refused to feed on people because of her past. This Pirate wanted to free her from those chains, he wanted to give her the best possible life that he could. That was how strong his love for her was. He is still trying to protect her to this day. You asked what happened to Naberius? Zahrah, he allowed you to take the Staff and returned empty handed himself. The way you see him now, that is from his Master Abigor, a demon General torturing Naberius over any excuse he can come up with."
November 05, 2019 10:57 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

Little dancer...

"Make right? What were you trying to make right?" quiet words were spoken from her as his delusional thoughts were voiced aloud.

Why? Why couldn't she just fucking remember?

The world around her stilled as she knelt beside the bed on which Naberius was laying and she didn't even notice the woman who had been tending to Naberius take her leave. She kept smoothing his hair away from his face so she could concentrate on his features. The way they bunched up when the pain struck him made her wince right along with him. She took solace in the fact that he seemed to calm when she touched and spoke to him.

"'Ana huna min ajlk alan," she whispered in her native tongue.

I am here for you.

Shifting her weight, she laid her head next to Naberius' on the bed. His eyes were closed and she doubted that he knew she was mere inches from his face. Deep emerald pools searched the unconcious man. This was terrible. How? How did this happen to him? He was definitely not like this the last time she saw him.

Through her thoughts she heard Legba speak. She didn't acknowledge that she was listening, though she knew he was aware that she was. He was regaling the tale of a pirate lost at sea. But why? What was the point of telling a story right now? If Naberius was really his friend why wasn't he beside him helping him?

This story seemed odd to her, yet familiar. Like de ja vu. She closed her eyes, hearing a man and a woman's laugh echoing in her mind.

Dance for me my little dancer, a voice rang through; it was the voice of Naberius.

As you wish, her own voice responded, laughter fading away as she was brought back to the current place and time.

Her brain worked in a fury to try and put together the puzzle pieces that Legba had set before her. When she felt like she had something on the tip of her tongue it was gone again. What would it take for her to be able to put these pieces back where they belong? How long would she have no god damn clue? It was frustrating beyond words.

But one thing she did know was that Legba was recalling a life she couldn't remember but had possibly lived. But a love story? If she and Naberius were in love wouldn't they feel it or know it? Or is that the reason they were drawn to each other? Nothing made any bit of sense and her head began to ache as she tried to sort this out. She, Naberius, and Legba were going to have a nice talk when he was well.

His story came to fruition as he finally answered the question she'd mostly asked to herself; what had happened- that piece of shit staff. He gave that to her and he was punished for it.

Her heart felt as though it were being squeezed. He protected her. Her vision blurred as tears welled in her eyes. This was all her fault.

Zahrah lifted her head from beside Naberius, her eyes still misting over though no tears dared fall yet. She turned her head towards Legba and her voice cracked as she spoke.

"How do we make this better? What can I do to fix this and him?"

November 06, 2019 08:53 pm

Naberius Reum


"For now, you care for him here. You show him how grateful you are that he took a punishment instead of you, because that is what he did. Instead of LaBelle causing you pain and torment, he took it upon himself from Abigor." Legba shifted closer, his cane resting beneath her chin to lift it up slightly. "Listen to me closely, Zahrah, freewill is something I do not play unnecessarily, but I do nudge people here and there. I try to put them in the right conditions for a good outcome. This here, with Naberius, is your nudge. If you want to learn about your past, the memories that you cannot access, if you want to learn the man that is laying bleeding on the bed before you, I suggest you take my offering."

He sat back, settling in. "Four weeks is the longest you can go without LaBelle needing to say her 'spell' over you, correct? I think that will be time enough for what I have in mind. Reum supposedly has two days to heal before Abigor takes him away, but I may be able to do some bargaining. By the end of the four weeks, if you still think that giving LaBelle the Scroll is a good idea, I will bargain with you for it."

No, he wasn't willing to part with the parchment, and there would be fail safes set in place, however Zahrah needed some motivation to accept his nudge. He watched as Bad lay behind the woman on the flood, his head close to her legs.

"There is extra sweatpants and t-shirts of Reum's in the dresser if you would like to change. I will send someone to fetch your bag from the Hotel later tomorrow. Take my offer Zahrah Mubarack. The time is ripe for both you and Naberius. While you are under my roof, no one will harass either of you."
November 07, 2019 08:10 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

Legba took his cane from under her chin and she turned her head so she could lay her eyes upon the battered, broken man lying on the bed. The information that Naberius was hurt because of her was hitting hard. It made her nauseated and she found herself fighting the urge to retch.

How could she really help him now though? It seemed that someone had already begun tending to his wounds. Probably the other woman that had come for Legba in the first place. She obviously knew more than Zahrah did about helping someone in this kind of predicament. That wasn't saying she wasn't willing to try and learn, but should she? Would Naberius even want her help? He clearly couldn't reject her help at the moment when he was unconsious, but what would he have to say when he was able to speak for himself?

Legba's offer was too tempting. And also pretty damn weird considering he knew about LaBelle and the spell she helped Zahrah with. He knew more than he was letting on, she was sure of it. There was something... otherworldly about him. He knew things that no other being or person should know. Especially when it came to her and Naberius. The most odd of all was the fact that he seemed to know more about their past than they did. And that was something she wanted answers about. How could he know all of these things? She vowed to herself to find out as much as she could about Legba when things calmed down. He just knew too damn much to be a regular nobody like the rest of them.

She gathered that he somehow knew LaBelle on a personal level. But, then again, if he really knew her, he would realize that having Zahrah stay in Port au Prince would be nearly impossible. For the time being she was the Coven's property (as much as she hated to admit it). If she just... stayed gone Labelle was sure to come looking. Or worse yet, she'd send Corbin to do it for her.

And then there was the deal with the scroll. This was just a huge cluster fuck and she had no idea how to handle it.

She sighed heavily. She wanted to stay. She wanted to help Naberius. She would just have to convince LaBelle that it was necessary, which probably wouldn't be easy.

Smoothing his hair away from his face once more, she gripped the bed and brought herself to her feet. She tore her gaze away from Naberius to shift her weight from one foot to the other to then look at Legba.

"LaBelle isn't going to like it. No matter what I say she's going to want me to come back pronto. And I can almost guarantee if I don't then she's going to send someone to retrieve me," she paused, scanning the room for her purse. She knew she'd had it on the way up here. "And if you know everything like you say you do, you know that's exactly what she'll do. But I need to help. I want to help. And if I'm going to get answers and the scroll I don't really have a choice do I?"

Finding her small black handbag on the floor by the door, she nodded at Legba, "I'll make the call. But what happens after that.... I really can't say. But I need the scroll," she walked towards her purse, kneeling down to pick it up, "if you'll excuse me for just a moment I'll make a quick call."

She slipped out the door, exiting the room, and leaned against the wall beside it. A few deep breaths were taken as she took hold of her cell phone in her purse. She stared at the screen for a moment, thinking about what she should say before dialing the number of the Coven's main line.

November 14, 2019 08:59 pm

Corbin Lucas

New Orleans, LA


"She what?" LaBelle's voice boomed. Shit. She was angry.


He knew she was going to be pissed as soon as he spoke to Zahrah over the phone. The bitch was staying in Port au Prince.


"I just talked to her," Corbin began, "She said she found the scroll. Someone named Legba has it. And he wants her to do a few things for him before he'll hand it over."


LaBelle paused. At the mention of Legba there was a visible change in her demeanor. Her back straightened and her lips became pursed. There was something up with this guy. "What's going on? Who is this guy, LaBelle?"


She paused for a moment, choosing her words wisely, "he's powerful. And someone I'd prefer not to mess with until after I have the scroll. But I don't want Zahrah there. We'll find another way to get the scroll from Legba." Toying with the silver tassels on her denim jacket, she looked to Corbin, "take a few other members with you. You won't be able to get her on your own. We can't have that pesky Loa telling our little Zahrah our secret can we?"


Corbin looked at her quizzically, "how would he know?"


"He is Loa. He will see the aura. The chains we've put on her that you and I cannot see, but know are there, he is able to see. But he would have to look. Use spells of his own. I don't want him to have enough time to do that," her brow furrowed, "if she knew, she may be able to kill us all."


He nodded, "understood. I'm on it. I'll take Matt and Ella. Consider it done."


He turned on his heel, quickly leaving LaBelle in the basement alter alone. 


She wanted her daemon home.


November 14, 2019 09:02 pm

Zahrah Mubarack

"I have to do some work for Legba before he'll give me the scroll", she had told Corbin, "bitch work. But it shouldn't take too much longer than we originally thought. I'll keep you updated."

She could hear him seething through the phone. Part of her enjoyed it.

"LaBelle isn't going to like this. You need to just get your ass ba-"

"I'll be back with the scroll soon. Got to go."


She grinned at herself, holding her cell phone close to her chest. She knew she'd just royally pissed him off.

And it fucking tickled her to no end.

She could see the screen light up as Corbin tried to call her back. Instead of answering, she pressed the power button and allowed the phone to shut off. Naberius needed her right now. There would be time for the other things.

Tucking the phone back into her small purse, she slowly re-entered the room. It seemed as though in the short time she had been out making her phone call, Naberius was shaking again. Her feet carried her to him without a second thought. She shook off her heels and scooted them beside the bed before sitting on the edge of the mattress. Legba had offered her a change of clothes, but right now she didn't want to leave him.

Zahrah brought her feet up and tucked them underneath herself. Leaning against the feverish man on the bed, she softly massaged the parts of his neck and shoulders that weren't covered in bloodied welts. Without looking at Legba, she spoke softly, "I'll stay. For a little while. You don't have to send someone to get my things, I can do that," a sigh escaped her, "I'll wait to change until I get my them from the hotel. I don't want to snoop around in his room and make him mad at me. I'm alright for now. I don't care if this dress gets ruined or bloody."

Finally she looked towards the man in the chair, toying with his cane, "help make him better. I can't stand seeing him like this. Please."


November 14, 2019 09:05 pm

Naberius Reum


When Zahrah exited the room to make her phone call, Legba watched the loa spirit dire wolf brush noses with Naberius, whining softly. Once upon a time, the wolf had been Reum's most loyal companion. Now Bad was an invisible, and seemed to want his old secondary job back of keeping Zahrah safe. Which was fine, given that the exotic woman needed a bodyguard from the man who gave her the bruises. Something that Naberius wasn't going to take calmly once seeing them.

Legba didn't have all the answers, sometimes the loa invisibles/mystères refused to tell him things, and that bothered him. It was rare, but it happened. Free will tended to shroud his ability to look into the future of certain people close to him. He could see the different outcomes of what could happen if they chose one way or another, but nothing was set into stone until they actually made that decision. He gently nudged people in the direction that he thought would be a good ending, but it was their choice to actually accept it or not.

With being so close to Naberius, he could see snipets of their future only because he wasn't close to Zahrah. Her future was tied to Reum, and soon, Legba would be unable to look much further into it. The future wasn't so much the problem as was the past. The past held them both hostage and only time, and understanding on both of their parts would produce a positive outcome. Maybe.

Zahrah entered the room, and Legba could see slivers of Reum and her future. It wasn't much, but enough to know that things would be hectic for a while before leveling out. Hopefully. And if everything stayed on course.

When she turned her expressive green eyes on him, Legba felt his heart ache a little. She had never witnessed Naberius like this before, and her crash course was definitely one of the worst beatings he received in a long time. And yet he hesitated a fraction of a second. Maybe not enough for Zahrah to recognize, but all the same. If she wanted Naberius to heal quicker, there was a way, but it meant revealing something about the demon that was kept under heavily guarded wraps.

Naberius would have to eat a soul.

And, not just snack on one like he did to Nita, but fully devour the essence and life force. The very thing that Abigor tried to keep Reum from doing but twice a year. This would be his second feeding within two months. Already Legba could feel the power starting to rise beneath the thick bands around the slave's appendages.

"The woman you saw in here just now is Nita, she is a healer. She has been patching Naberius back together since he stumbled to our doorstep after five years. She will show you how to keep the dressings clean, how to apply the salve. Tomorrow, she will bring a soul for Naberius to consume, this is the only way for him to have a chance at healing fully, faster. Abigor wants him back in two days, I will go ... suggest a new healing time, four weeks perhaps?" Legba's dark eyes were mischievous. "Yes, I think four weeks will do nicely. Naberius is hurt more then Abigor thought. Poor slave demon. Unless of course, the General allows Reum to feed on a soul, but that won't be allowed."

The loa god stood from his chair without warning and strode to the bedroom door. A man was on the other side with Zahrah's crossover bag as well as her suitcase from the hotel. He nodded to the man who set them inside the room, then left without a word. "I apologize for taking matters into my own hands to get your bags here, however, change, please. There is a bathroom through that door," He gestured to the only door in the room. "Reum would insist on you getting out of that uncomfortable dress for something more easy to move in. While you do that, I will see what I can do about his fever. This will be the last time I ask you to leave a room that he is in. Please."

Hoping that she would take her bags and disappear into the bathroom, Legba looked back down at Naberius. He was definitely in a bad way. The Voodoo god started to hum under his breath, one hand held his cane above Reum's back, the other followed with palm open. His humming turned into a chant to the loa invisibles, asking for their help and guidance. He couldn't do anything without contacting them first, it was best NOT to piss off the loa spirits. One would regret it.

But lucky for them, the spirits favored Naberius Reum. His strength not only physical, but emotional and mental as well won them over. He would fight until he couldn't fight no more, then some how he would dig deep to find even more grit and overcome whatever was thrown at him. They enjoyed going up against him in cage fights. Even if they won more times then not, the effort it took to win against this golden demon fascinated them.

So when Legba asked for assistance in healing the demon, they didn't turn their backs on him. The soft glow of loa power engulfed the demon, drawing out the fever and infection that had already started. The wounds, they healed just enough to stop the heavy bleeding, but they left the flesh to knit back naturally. Understanding what Legba wanted, they left Naberius free of infection, no longer bleeding as bad, and the pain greatly reduced, but he wasn't going to be doing jumping jacks and somersaults anytime soon. He still needed to heal the human way.

He would still need the soul.

Legba felt his strength drain him a bit. It was always costly to talk to the spirit loas for a long period of time. Glancing at the door, seeing that Zahrah had yet to emerge, he waved his hand once more over Naberius, using his own magic to change the bloody boots and jeans to gray sweatpants. Picking up his hat, replacing it on his head, he opened and shut the bedroom door softly as he left.

Now it was time for Zahrah and Naberius to figure out what happened next.
November 15, 2019 12:40 am
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