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Cersei Lannister

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on roleplay, start to finish! What you will find here is a simplified version of advice from multiple sources (all linked below). Over time, we will continue to update it, so be sure to come back.

Creating a Backstory

Work Backwards
Start with your characterís personality, wants, needs, age, profession, etc.. If you know who they are now, it is easier to determine how they got to be the person they are today.

Find Inspiration
Donít be afraid to get inspired by books, movies, and TV. Once you know who they are now, outside inspiration can give you ideas for their past experiences!

Pick a Face
Now that you have a basic understanding of who your character is, select a faceclaim (tools for finding the perfect face below) that you feel best represents them.

Relationships play a huge part in our lives, so it is safe to say that they would for your character, as well. Consider those they have known in the past, and how they play into your characterís past experiences. Think on the good and the bad, dead and living.

How predictable do you want your character to be? If you want them to be different from the norm, stay away from the usual items you would find in many backstories.

Major Events
These are your characterís most pivotal moments. They donít need to be major events, but to your character, they are the most important. Donít be afraid of including some positive stuff, too!

Youíve covered almost everything, so itís time to organize it all. Start at your characterís birth and work your way forward to Ďtodayí.


Faceclaim Directories

Below are links to some directories to aid in finding the perfect face for your character! Simply copy/paste into your browser, and go!

Successful Starters

The key to a good starter is understanding the different types. Below is an explanation of all three.

A starter created for a specific character, and addresses that character directly. As with all RPs, make sure to talk it over with the other player before beginning the interaction. This will make it easier for everyone involved, and ensure success!

These are considered open starters, and allow for any other to step in and take part. Bear in mind, you want to keep your character in a position where interruption is welcome. Be wary of kicking it off with them doing something that requires concentration or otherwise implies that they donít want to be disturbed. Once youíve engaged another player, your RP becomes active. This means it is time to directly address that character.

This is a mix of active and passive. This starter presents a situation where a specific person can respond, but does not have to. These give another character something to go off of by setting a scene in which others may step into a role you have laid out (ex: stalker, thief, patron at a bar), or bringing in a new element of their own. A hybrid starter is all about the environment you create!


Forum Posts and Threads

Here at Bloodletting, we have loads of different Forums to write in. From The Realm, to city forums and The Neighborhood - there are several places for you to form your stories. We highly encourage the use of these rather than mail because we believe that they harbor an air of inclusivity. Here in the Realm, you will not find such a thing as a 'closed' thread. This means that anyone can partake in any given story.

If you see a story or thread you would like to take part in, it is common courtesy to reach out to the player that published the thread to talk about the intended story or plot. The only exception to this politeness is if you see the words 'open starter' or 'open to all' in the title or thread.

And, of course, make sure to check out The Crossroads. This violence-free venue is a place where any and all may come together at any given time and get away from the troubles of the Realm.


Plotting happens when two players create a connection between their characters, and piece together a story to play out. While plotting doesnít always go to plan, it definitely helps to get the ball rolling! The best way to go about it is to have something mind, and reach out to the player. Two great tools for plotting are BL Mail or BLís Discord (

Make sure to stay tuned for BLís Wanted Connections page, which will provide the opportunity for you to open the doors to all sorts of plotting and shenanigans.

Writing a Fight Scene

Ever wonder why writing a fight scene is so hard? Itís all in the prep work. Simple steps for successful fight scenes between characters, commence!

Know the Character: Keep things like rank, experience, etc. in mind. Your rank 4 character is not likely to bring a rank 12 character low unless it has been plotted to happen with the other player.

Itís all about the relationship: Are there feelings involved? Do your characters know one another? Are the stakes high? All these things play a heavy part in how they are going to act during a fight.

Whatís the tea, sis?: Why are they fighting? How emotional are the characters? Where is this fight happening? Is your character more comfortable or uncomfortable there? What sort of props are around? Are there weapons? Is your gunslinger only armed with a baseball bat? These are all important things to consider when drawing up the fight, and helps to determine the direction it will go.

Plot it out: Plan with your partner. Use the above information youíve gathered and come to a consensus on how this fight is going to play out. Also discuss the damages to your characters that you consent to, and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Write it: Now that you have all the information you need, you and your partner can write out this fight and be confident in it. Keep in mind, Plotting and Writing can happen simultaneously. It is all a matter of comfort and preference.


Trigger Tagging

Welcome to 2019! For those that arenít aware, a Ďtriggerí is a person, place, or thing that causes a negative reaction in someone based on previous experiences/traumas they have had and/or phobias they do have. While something may not seem like a big deal to us, there could be someone reading our material that finds themselves negatively impacted.

Trigger tagging is something we donít see often on BL, but we do nearly everywhere else. Commonly known as ĎTrigger Warningsí, these items are placed before your post [or at the start of your thread] so that the reader knows what they are getting themselves into. In the RP community, this is a respectful way of communicating that your post contains mature/troubling/sensitive content. This tool gives both the reader and writer peace of mind.

Bear in mind, this is not something you must do on Bloodletting. We are giving you a tool to use at your own discretion.

ex: tw: torture

Sample Trigger List:
Assisted Death/Suicide
Child Loss
Discrimination/Phobias [acts/thoughts/words against specific groups of people/religions/races]
Mental Illness

For a full list of all possible triggers, please visit the below link.


Deadly Sins of RP

There are some things that make it difficult to have fun while RPing, and these deadly sins are definitely the root issue 80% of the time. While they are common knowledge, we felt it worth listing out for the masses because - letís face it - none of us are perfect.

Donít Assume Relationships: If your character and another have never met, they simply donít know one another. They donít know one anotherís names, where they live, who they hang out with, are married to, and/or are dating, what they like/dislike. Theyíre strangers. If you want to see about forming a prior relationship with a character, talk to the player and plot it out. Who knows what you might come up with!

Donít Force Things: If youíve requested to RP with someone and they decline or donít respond, donít try to sneak it by them. Everyone is here to have fun, and they have their reasons. There are plenty of characters to write with at Bloodletting, so donít be discouraged when this happens.

Donít Be Smutty: Simply put, be tactful. If it is clear that there is no interest in romance, be respectful of the other player and the character they designed.

Do Your Personal Best: Ensure that what you are writing can be understood by others. Be clear in your intentions and in our characterís actions and words.

Donít Ghost: Donít disappear on your RP partner. If you get busy, have lost your muse for a story, or you simply arenít into it or the scene at hand, tell them.

Keep it IC: Keep OOC stuff out of what is happening IC. If you are having a bad day, donít take it out on whomever your character is interacting with. If you got into an argument with someone OOCly, donít take it out on their character. What happens outside of the IC world has no place in it. Alternatively, remember that characters are allowed to react to things, and that it is not about you.

Donít Godmod/Donít Play Meta: If your character wasnít there, they donít know about it. Donít Ďbunnyí a character that isnít yours, and write their actions for them. Donít make assumptions. Donít write your character to be all-knowing and all-powerful. Nothing chaps hides quite like godmodding.

Keep to Character: Keep your character yours. If they arenít the sort of go skydiving, they likely wonít do that just because their love interest broke up with them. A lot of characters here at BL have long, rich histories. Character development happens and is encouraged - but remember who they are at their core.

Show Respect to Fellow Players: Everyone here is your equal. No one is better than anyone else. Pay attention. Read the room. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Not Your Character: Even though you feel like it is right, or you believe you know better, it is no oneís place to judge the actions of another character or tell someone how to write their character.

BL Bonus:
Donít Hunt Alts: To be blunt, it is no oneís business who plays what character. It doesnít really matter in the grand scheme of things, and itís a waste of time. You are only going to see what you want to see. Thus, it is unfair and disrespectful to make assumptions. If someone wants to share what characters they play, they will.


Keeping IC and OOC Separate

We all believe that we are amazing at this, but letís be honest. We love our characters as though they are extensions of ourselves, and sometimes, what happens to them gets under our skin. It is easy to forget that this is just a game and that every character has an actual human being behind it, complete with feelings just as complex as our own. It is totally fine to be upset, and you are entitled to your feelings, but it is important to remember that what happens in a game is not a personal attack against you, the player. The fact of the matter is, everyone here is playing for themselves and no one else.

What happens in our characterís IC world is not real. You are not going to rumble with another player. They live somewhere else entirely, and have their own life to deal with. Beyond that, it is a complete waste of your energy to hate another player or hold a grudge because of something that happened in-character, here on Bloodletting, as whatever happened is irrelevant to your actual life. Simply put, itís just not that deep.

If there is someone you donít like and you know who they play, avoid them. Donít interact with them. Live, and let live. You are entitled to your feelings, and if it is that serious for you - donít interact with their characters or them [if you do not know who they play, do not hunt their alts]. If whatever happens to your character truly does bother you to the point that you just cannot let it go and it is having an effect on your actual life and/or state of mind, take a step back from the situation and evaluate its place in your life. We promise you, there is none.

Finally, just as you wouldnít want your experience ruined - donít ruin theirs. Donít shade them, donít tell stories [read: stories are not facts]. Just let them exist and have a good time, just as you expect to be able to.

TL;DR: This is just a game. None of it is real. It bears no weight upon your actual life. Live and let live. If you have nothing nice to say, donít say anything at all.


Other Resources

Character Creation

Writing Prompt Resources


Other Fun Things You Can Do
Character Boards at
Character Playlists on Spotify/Pandora/Youtube/Other

This guide was brought to you, in part, by Jamie and Cersei Lannister.

If you have suggestions, questions, or requests, please feel free to post them here or mail them privately. Remember, when mailing a specific admin, you must go to ĎComposeí and type in their name.

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November 10, 2019 11:59 am

Damien Darth

Wow on all that actually. I will do my best not to do any of those of course. Again thanks for the heads up. December 02, 2019 10:50 pm

Briahne Christiann

Don't forget, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask them, someone will assist you or will find someone who can.

December 12, 2019 03:35 pm

Briahne Christiann

Bumping to keep ths fresh, it's a great guide.

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