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Blackout [Mini Plot Drop Event]


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Cersei Lannister

The snow had begun to fall nearly two weeks ago with no end in sight, and no reach too far. From those places most hidden, to the great cities that the supernatural gravitated to, no climate proved too warm. Cities like Bloemfontein seemed to come to a standstill in the face of such odd weather, while those used to the cold, slippery conditions found themselves severely pummeled with furious flurries. World scientists couldn’t explain the anomaly. Various religions called it Armageddon, and cried out about the end of days. The supernatural, though… they did as they always would.

They waited.

Covens gathered in their homes to plot their survival before taking to the public in celebration of such convenient hunting grounds. The masses, their prey, stayed inside. They became predictable. With no one traveling, and most methods of transportation impossible, the likelihood of being caught in the act came to an all time low. Like children in a sweet shop, they not only had their cake but ate it too. So lost to this great victory, it seemed many failed to consider their enemies.

The Sanctuaries became restless. A mixture of human and not, many would have a system in place as they heard the call and made their plans. Their natural enemies could not, would not, be allowed to take advantage of such difficult times. Werewolves tracked those darker beings. Angels would shield the innocent where they could. Slayers refused to let nature’s obstacle stop them, and they did what they were bid to do: hunt, and protect.

It all came to a head in Tokyo.

Unruled territory, a neutral zone where good and bad exist in a state of constant conflict, a fight would rage on between two factionless groups. Both sought control, eager and steadfast in their desire to either destroy everything or protect everyone. Two strayed from the fight, edging away in the height of their struggle from dominance. Fists thrown, blows taken, the Demon failed to tire while the Slayer barely fought on. In those final moments, the Demon would tower over their opponent, blade in hand as they prepared to land the final blow.

It is with the last of their energy, harboring no will to carry on in this fight but desperate to live, that the Slayer’s fingers would fumble within the confines of their pocket. A spark of electricity changed the outcome of everything, the Demon staggering back in a fit as the taser clicked endlessly with life. Their body would hit the ground, heavy in the fallen snow, and the Slayer took the opportunity to take the upper hand with naught but the Demon’s knife and a victorious rush of adrenaline. The Demon died this night, their last words a curse upon the Realm as the war waged on.

One by one, the lights in Tokyo would flicker and die, the once bright city going dark without electricity to fuel its technology. The darkness would spread, consuming all in it’s path until the whole of the Earth and its inhabitants were left with nothing but the quiet stillness of nothingness.


Welcome to Blackout, a mini plot drop event. This is strictly RP, thus there will be no extension for your browsers.

The Realm, and the world, have been engulfed by darkness. Electricity no longer flows. Generators likely won’t last long, before resources are used up. To make matters worse, a destructive snow falls upon every corner of every city and town, and all that lies between. Airports and train stations are closed, and most traditional modes of transportation are difficult as major cities do their best to keep up with the worldwide blizzard.

All the while, a struggle between the Realm’s citizens carries on. Prey upon the weak, or protect the lambs.
December 12, 2019 06:43 pm
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