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All is Dark


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Naberius Reum


At first the snow didn't seem like a problem. It was actually kinda nice to see it coating the streets of Port-au-Prince. Christmas was just around the corner, and who didn't like snow for Christmas? The problem came when the city couldn't keep up. When the roads that were plowed were in actual not plowed because the snow fall didn't halt. There was no break in the system to let the city breath and recuperate. To clean up the mess the weather made.

Then the power went out.

Naberius found himself in the dark, in the kitchen at Peche Minwi. He stood with a spatula hovering over the stove, burgers sizzling below as he glanced dumbly at the outside window. The area surrounding the warehouse wasn't heavily occupied, but there should have been a couple of lights from other seaside warehouses. Nothing. It was completely dark outside.

"What in the hell?" Nita's voice announced her arrival before she stumbled into the kitchen.

Berius shook his head, turning his attention to flip the almost done burgers. The propane stove kept them cooking even with the electric out. "Take a seat, Nita, lunch is almost done."

"What did you do to the lights Berius?"

Naberius rolled his eyes. Twisting the stove off, he slid the burgers on an oval plate and placed that on the kitchen island. "Not everything that happens around here is my fault you know."

Nita shrugged, a gleam in her eyes. "Eeeh. That's up for debate."

Shaking his head, Naberius grabbed his cell and texted Zahrah. A couple of days slipped by after the confrontation that ended in Corbin's death. His gruff mood had settled down after a few hours, it helped that Zahrah didn't run away and instead kept him company. Corbin's life force and soul had definitely tasted corrupted.

Hey, love. Burgers are
done. Join us in the

December 13, 2019 03:11 pm
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