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2019 Winter Bloodies Winners


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Cersei Lannister

Winter Bloodies Winners

All Characters

Best Coven: Sine Metu
The greatest Coven currently existing
Runner up: Order Des Damnes

Best Sanctuary: Cirque de Perdus
The greatest Sanctuary currently existing
Runner up: Azhi Dahaka

Most Missed Crew: The Lycan’s Den
A crew that is not currently existing, but holds a special place in your heart
Runner up: Eternal Embrace

Best Angel: Don Collier
The greatest Angel currently in existence
Runner up: Lila Parikh

Best Slayer: Livia Vlcek
The greatest Slayer currently in existence
Runners up [tied]: Vince Caruso, Dexter Gein

Best Werewolf: Beau Theroux
The greatest Werewolf currently in existence
Runner up: Adara Richards

Best Vampire: Mackenzie
The greatest Vampire currently in existence
Runner up: Katherine Murray

Best Witch: Nicolas Murray
The greatest Witch currently in existence
Runner up: Averly Godfrey

Best Demon: Flahme
The greatest Demon currently in existence
Runner up: Jasper Thompson

Best Overall Character [tied]: Gray Taylor and Katherine Murray
Your favorite character, overall
Runner up: Mackenzie

Most Missed Character: Mordent
A character, dead or alive, that you miss seeing in actives
Runner up: Hector Olivier

Most Original Character: Melinoe
A character you feel is not quite like the rest
Runner up: Vexa

Most Terrifying Character: Victor Lockheed
The scariest character, in your opinion
Runners up [tied]: Mackenzie, The Preacher

Most Friendly Character: Averly Godfrey
The one character that seems to get along with everyone, no matter what
Runners up [tied]: Lilly Emperium, Keera Schmidt

Most Original Name: Virelai Tylwyth
The character with the memorable name that really stands out
Runner up: The Preacher

Most Helpful [tied]: Livia Vlcek, Mackenzie
The character that is always there to lend a helping hand
Runner up: Bishop Orlav

Saddest Death: Saito Eiji
The character whose death broke your heart
Runner up [tied]: Josie Collins, Autumn

Best Baddie: Victor Lockheed
The Evil King or Queen of the Realm
Runner up: The Preacher

Best Writer: Mackenzie
That character whose stories you can’t stop reading
Runner up: Nicolas Murray

Most Improved Writer: Virelai Tylwyth
This character has gotten out more, or their writing keeps getting better
Runner up: Harlowe mac Lir

Best Origin Story [tied]: Gabe Marlowe, Kyla, Gray Taylor
The character with the best backstory
Runner up: Vince Caruso

Best Profile: Melinoe
The character with the fairest profile in the Realm
Runners up [tied]: Vince Caruso, Beau Theroux

Best Graphic Artist: Mackenzie
The person who makes the greatest profiles in the Realm
Runner up: Katherine Murray

Best Roleplay: You can take the man out of the Bayou
Nicolas and Katherine Murray
That one RP you can’t stop thinking about
Runner up: Malinov Castle

Most Dedicated Player: Mackenzie
The player that just never gives up
Runner up: Katherine Murray

Most Adored: Livia Vlcek
The character that is currently most worshipped by the masses
Runner up: Kira Garrett

Best Smile: Manannan mac Lir
Their smile lights up the Realm
Runners up [tied]: Roman Godfrey, Galen Lynch

Best Moment: Return of the (Solomon) King
That one thing that happened that was extra awesome
Runner up: OdD returns

Best WTF Moment: When Jack Horton came back and threatened everyone
That one thing that happened that made you go ‘lolwut’
Runner up: Victor Lockheed realising Mackenzie was married to Jasper

Saddest Moment: Jameson Orlav giving up Wahnsinn
That one thing that happened that was big sad
Runner up: When The Lycan’s Den burned

Best Couple [tied]: Jasper and Mackenzie Thompson,
Nicolas and Katherine Murray
That one couple in the Realm that is #goals
Runner up: Jameson and Bishop Orlav

Most Shipped Couple [tied]: Hadley Shay and Jackson McCarthy,
Marah and Rafe C Whitmoore
Those two people you think belong together, but aren’t
Runners up [tied]: Dante Hayes and Lila Parikh, Virelai Tylwyth and Beau Theroux

Best Bromance: Jasper Thompson and Gray Taylor
Your favorite manly friendship
Runner up: Valentin Metzger and The Preacher

Best Womance [tied]: Virelai Tylwyth and Harlowe mac Lir,
Livia Vlcek and Katherine Murray
Your favorite womanly friendship
Runners up [tied]: Marah Whitmoore and Wild Kat, Flahme and Kira Garett

Best 70s Pornstache: Nicolas Murray
The funniest ‘stache in all the Realm
Runners up [tied]: Janus, Jameson Orlav

Realm Robin Hood: Liam Moore
They ‘steal’ from the ‘rich’ to give to the ‘poor’
Runner up: Dexter Gein

Realm Batman: Livia Vlcek
The Realm’s anti-hero
Runner up: Jameson Orlav

Realm Lush: Nicolas Murray
That one character that always seems to have a drink in hand
Runner up: Mackenzie

Characters Six Months and Under

Best New Character: Julien Vaillancourt
Your favorite new character
Runner up: Hadley Shay

Most Promising Character: Vexa
That new character that you believe will make it big
Runners up [tied]: Dante Hayes, Keera Schmidt

Most Likely to Open a Crew: The Preacher
The new character you think is going to rule the Realm
Runner up: Dante Hayes

Most Likely to Reach Rank 20 [tied]: Virelai Tylwyth, The Preacher
The new character you believe will make it big
Runner up: Skylar Justicano

Best Innovator: Bodhi Jones
That new character that has big ideas
Runner up: Hadley Shay

Most Creative: Nicolas Murray
The new character you feel is a visionary
Runner up: Julien Vaillancourt

Realm Robin: Nicolas Murray
The Robin to Realm Batman
Runner up: Keera Schmidt

Elder's Prestige

Best Elder [tied]: Lisbeth Salander, Cersei Lannister
That one Elder you extra appreciate right now
Runner up: Smith
January 26, 2020 08:45 pm

Averly Godfrey

Congratulations to all the winners, runner ups and nominees ❤️ January 26, 2020 09:28 pm

Merida Campbell

Congratulations to All!

January 27, 2020 01:34 pm
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