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Love, Spirits, and Bad Decisions


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Liam Moore

Hazel eyes scanned the bar, it certainly did look a lot different. Heart balloons were almost everywhere, the tables near the bar had been covered with heart themed table clothes with a flower pitcher filled with three red tulips in each. He had pushed a few tables together to make a tiny snack section it mostly consisted of Valentine's Day candy because if you asked him candy was the ultimate way to get your energy back for dancing and the like.

Near the door would be a bags with hand made hearts on them, each filled with everything you would need for Valentine's Day along with a few heart shaped suckers Liam decided he didn't need anymore. Really he was mostly concerned about his figure his looks were really all he had! Of course he would never in his right mind tell anyone this! Being the little shit he was he had also made sure the music that would be played this night would only be love songs, and yes he had made sure to sneak in a few slow songs for that awkward need to slow dance with someone.

And for the final piece he began to toss Valentine's Day themed confetti here and there, oh just about everywhere. Just really covering the place with it, he thought it was such a good idea till he recalled he had told the bearded man that he would clean up the bar after the party. Glances down at the little bit of confetti in his hand and merely shrugs tossing it. He was certain he could charm his way out of this, he was very charming when he wanted to be.

Liam put his hand in his pocket and felt rose petals, he had nearly forgotten! He had been so kind as too leave a trail of rose petals from the dungeon to the door that would lead his lovely members and Beau's to the bar! He scattered them at the door just to complete it. And with that done everything was completed for sure this time.

He could have done better work perhaps a few more lewd things because if you asked him that's really what Valentine's Day was about but alas he was busy with getting a gifts for a douche bag, and then he ended up in jail, really everyone should just be pleased he got this done! He spun on his heels and went straight for the bar, he needed a drink or twenty.
February 16, 2020 10:16 am

Virelai Tylwyth

Virelai was in unusually high spirits today. A betting man would probably say it had something to do with that auspicious holiday that women seemed to enjoy so much. They would assume, just by looking at the way she was dressed, that she had a hot date. Perhaps she was looking forward to the chocolates, the romance, the whispered sweet nothings pressed into flower petals and offered as bouquets used simply to curry favor with her. After all, what woman wouldn't enjoy all that attention directed her way?

Unfortunately, that betting man would end up losing whatever it was he wagered if that were his guess. The truth, in fact, was that Virelai expected nothing of that sort nor was she hoping for it. Instead, as she sorted through the selection of clothes she had to choose from for today's event, it could be said that the thing she was looking forward to the most was all of the pretty things she would have to look at. That, paired with the promise of strong liquor and good company, led her not to be excited about romance but rather all manner of possible mischief.

After a considerable amount of consideration, Vir decided tonight she would dress the part of the temptress. Causing a bit of trouble was in her nature that she had indulged in less and less since becoming a representative for the more dignified members of the Realm. A leader couldn't just go out and wreak havoc whenever they pleased. Tonight, however, was a different matter entirely. There was potential for all manner of entertaining things to occur and Vir, at the very least, intended to bear witness to them all.

So, it was with this in mind, that she had draped her skin in fabric like fluttering red mist, pulled her hair back and threaded flowers through it, and checked to be sure she was prepared for that infamous adage. Muphy's Law stated that “anything that can go wrong, will.” And Virlai held high hopes that tonight would unfold in the most spectacular way. How could it not? After all, it had all started in a jail cell and there wasn't anywhere to go from there than up. Or perhaps sideways.

And so, she exited her cell, followed the path down the dark corridors to the door that would lead her to the party venue that Liam had painstakingly put together, drew a deep breath, and stepped through into the festivities. It seemed she was the first to arrive.

Vir entered the bar owned by Beau, one of her precious few friends, and immediately had to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing aloud. It was decorated in such a way that it was both audacious and magnificent. Over the top was the only way she knew to describe it. Hearts and glitter turned the homey tavern into a place fit for chaos and celebration and Vir wondered if Beau had seen it yet. And if so, what he had to say about it. Knowing him, though, she imagined that happy go lucky man would be pleased as punch by the display that screamed love at every glance. It was almost too much for her eyes to bear and they even watered a little from the laughter she held within her shaking shoulders.

Catching sight of Liam already over at the bar, already searching for that golden nectar that would fuel the fun-filled evening, Virelai's dancing steps took her towards him. “Liiiaaammm!” The musical chime of her voice rang out, floated and settled around them like the confetti that swirled about her ankles, as she threw an arm over his shoulder and leaned against his back. “I knew leaving the décor up to you was the correct decision. Who else could create such a spectacular spectacle dedicated wholeheartedly to a day of romance.” She emphasized that word, laughter in her voice, as she tilted her head to look at him, her green eyes glinting. After all, since their discussion about the day in question, Virelai knew exactly what Liam believed the true purpose of the holiday was for. Besides, tonight, at long last, they would have the opportunity to drink together just as he had promised. And Vir was certainly looking forward to that.

February 16, 2020 01:41 pm

Elowen Jocosta

Elowen stared at her self in the grimy hotel mirror, fingers twisting through the fresh bouncing curls of her tawny hair. Why they needed to come all the way to New Orleans for a Valentine’s party was beyond her but here she was dressed and ready for the party. Liam had made sure she had her train ticket from New York and tripled checked that she was still coming. Having just gotten released from holding in a murder case meant that she wasn’t supposed to leave the city but here she was, standing in a grotesque looking motel room that she was sure had bugs hanging around under the covers. Valentine’s wasn’t something that she generally celebrated even now that she was in a relationship. She got a brief call from Hector while she was on the train telling her he loved her and that he missed her before he hung up and went back to work. It had just been like any other day of the week. Yet here she stood looking at the reflection of a girl that looked nothing like her.

All dolled up and looking like a version of herself that she had never been before. Typically Wen was clad in oversized shirts, no makeup and a mess of hair twisted on top of her head. Now, instead, stood a young woman with loose bouncy curls, rosy cheeks, and burgundy colored lips. The dress she wore was unlike anything she had ever worn before, though there was still nothing too grand about it. Thin straps followed the curve of the dress to ‘v’ between her breasts, the satin bodice tight to her torso before flaring at her hips and stopping just above her knees.

She wished Hector was here to see her, his strong hands pulling her against him, his lips against her ear as he whispered to her about how magnificent she looked. Wen wished she could turn her head and brush those dark red lips that matched her dress against his. She wanted to feel his hands run along the smooth curve of her thighs, teasing upward till she couldn’t stand it any longer and forced him to touch her in ways that made her body quiver.

Wen had to keep the tears from her eyes and pushed thoughts of him out of her head. He was busy in London, working and covering up the trouble she had caused on her visit. The pain of being away from him was excruciating but they had forever to look forward too, she could wait a few months to see him again, she had no choice.

Balancing against the sink Wen slipped her feet into a pair of gold sparkly keds. Heels were just not an option tonight. She didn’t know what she was walking into, the last party had wound up with her rolling on the floor dressed as a pumpkin. She wasn’t going to take the chance of injuring herself or those around her. Checking the time on her flip phone she slid the ancient relic in the top of her dress and headed out towards the party.

It didn’t take long to get to the location and when she got there she couldn’t help the smile from forming on her lips. There was no doubt in her in mind that Liam at thrown this whole thing together, his signature was all over the decor of the bar. She was able to let the loneliness of not having Hector near fade away at the presence of her best friend.

Her dress swished against her legs as she made her way over to the drinks. Her hand absently reached for a bottle but she quickly recoiled, turning her back to the booze. It might be best if she stays clear of the liquid, she didn’t want a repeat of the last party.

“Liam! V!” Excitedly she wrapped her arms about her best friend, pulling him into a tight hug before reaching out a hand towards Vir.

“Li, you must have been a party planner in a previous life because this looks fantastic.”
February 16, 2020 03:50 pm

Greer Luin

Jail wasn’ how Greer been plannin’ on spendin’ her day ‘n’ yet she got her self locked up cause River wanted to get have a jaunt half human. Damn him. Now Greer had to drag herself back to her room ‘n’ think of a way to get River back from roamin’ the streets. Sometime she wonder why she save him from him fate. Coulda let ‘em die ‘n’ then she wouldn’ have to be playin’ keeper. Still, she knew in her dumb heart that she wasn’ gonna let him die ‘n’ she ain’t gonna go be abandonin’ ‘em now. Damn him. Thankfully she had someone ‘elp her get outta jail so she didn’ have to go sittin’ in that dank cell long. Still, River was gone ‘n’ she needed to track that fool down. But she couldn’ do it lookin’ like no convict. She needa change of clothes ‘n’ maybe a drink.

Approachin’ The Rompin Rougarou shy bypass the entrance ‘n’ make her way to the balcony, where a members-only door was covered by various sorts of moss and swap foliage. Beyond the door she walk the long hall till she come ta the room that be belongin’ ta her. Pushin’ open the door you be seein’ that the girl ain’t got much deco makin’ this all homey ‘n’ such. The bed still be covered in the same sheets as she arrived, washed every week then replaced. Their be one dim light, a sitting room with only a couch ‘n’ a table. Off the livin’ space there be a small kitchen ‘n’ if someone be openin’ them doors they not gonna find no food. She been gone awhile, ‘n’ she knew it be easier to leave again without a trace if someone come lookin’ for her.

The only thing indicatin’ that anyone be livin’ here be the clothes hanging on a rod in the closet. Afta a quick shower Greer slip into some fresh clothes, ripped jeans, doc martens, and a worn leather jack tossed over a graphic tee. Her braids be pulled back with a hair band in one loose ponytail. The only embelishments bein’ the gold rings on her fingers, a simple golden hoop through her septum, and multiple piercings in each ear. The tattoos on her body be hidden beneath the clothes ‘cept for the one on her thigh that creep from beneath the holy jeans.

Satisfied she slid out her room ‘n’ make her way to the bar for a drink. ‘Cept when she get to the bar it ain’t the palce she used to. Instead there be fowl smelling creatures and gaudy decorations of red and pink. The feck was Beau doin’? All the frills be disconcerting and nothin’ at all like the place she was used ta bein’. Even as she look around at the others standin’ around she knew they weren’ from round these parts. The girls were all fancy dressed and the guy be flaunting around the room in a tizzy as he tossed round confetti. Quickly she made way to the exit, pokin’ her head out the door to make sure that the flashing side overhead did indeed say what she thought it did.

“The Rompin Rougarou” Just as it should be. ‘Cept this wasn’t the way it normally was. Maybe she should skip the drink and just go out hunting for River. It be best really, but damn did she want a drink. Givin’ in she slipped back into the bar and walked around the counter grabbin’ a bottle from off the shelf. She had to stand on her tip toes ‘n’ her fingers barely grazed the bottle at first, till eventually it came tumblin’ down into her hand. Crackin’ the lid she tipped her head back and let the numbing juice slip down her throat, her back against the counter as she watched the strange display unfold before her.
February 16, 2020 05:25 pm

Jack Angiers

Jack had never been to a Valentine’s Day party, or done Valentine’s for that matter. He hadn’t been joking when he’d mentioned that to Beau. Consequently, he had no idea what to expect.

After returning from a successful jailbreak, Jack had showered and not having any clue of the dress code, put on black jeans and a white button-down with the sleeves rolled up a touch to reveal tanned forearms. He added a black belt with a silver belt buckle that had wings engraved on it because when he’d seen the thing, he couldn’t resist buying it. Finishing off with all-black converse, he ran his hands through his hair so it wouldn’t be quite so unruly.

Stepping inside The Romping Rougarou, Jack did a double-take, turned around and left. Outside, he scrutinised the door, thinking he had taken a wrong turn, noticed the rose petals on the ground and knew he was at the correct entrance. Re-entering Jack took a good look at the newly decorated bar.

Red hearts were everywhere. Confetti dotted the floor. A table filled with candy. Music that he hadn’t heard before and thankfully the bar. The one stable thing in this new reality was still there, with booze. Ne needed alcohol to do this sort of party, though he had to admit whoever remodelled the place had a flair for it.

Noticing Greer had entered ahead of him, he stepped up to her side. “Greer. We keep meeting like this; people are gonna talk.” Even though he had been a total gentleman around her, he couldn’t help stirring things up. Getting himself a beer, he took a long drink before looking around at the others.

There were a few people at the bar that he didn’t recognise, so Jack figured he should be sociable and say hello. The trouble was he didn’t know if these were people from the sanctuary that he hadn’t met yet or people from the coven that was joining them for the festivities. Covens included demons, witches and what was the other one? Vampires, that was it. Jack had met one demon, and he prayed to his heavenly Father that the fiery redhead wouldn’t be here. He had also met one witch, whom he had killed. Okay, best not to mention that. Vampires, he had no experience of them at all.

Overhearing the dark-haired woman telling the man the place looked fantastic, he at least knew who was responsible for the shinies. Walking over, he waited a moment until the group hugs had ended then smiled.

“Hey there, I’m Jack. I’m new to the sanctuary, so I thought I’d come by and introduce myself.” Jack left off the part about being an angel this time, then looked at Liam his smile turning into a grin. “You're the one to thank for the new décor? It certainly livens the place up. Do you also do birthday parties?"
February 17, 2020 11:10 pm

Beau Theroux

Go wild.

Beau had never felt regret with such a phrase before today. When the idea was tossed about to use the Rougarou as a location for a joint crew after party he didn't see any harm in obliging. Liam seemed eager to decorate for the festivities so who was Beau to stand in his way? 'Go crazy,' he told the man. And crazy he went. Now his beloved bar look as if Cupid had exploded all over the place. It wasn't Beau's idea of decoration but he appreciated Liam's gusto. He'd be inebriated the whole time anyways so Beau really didn't care.

From the balcony above the dance floor the lycan watched familiar faces begin to fill the space. Typically Beau's garb was that of a minimalist bayou boy but, despite his distaste for the holiday, he managed to clean up rather well. Beau had his moments. Dark brown hair typically left to do as it pleased was tamed, styled even. A tanktop and jeans had been replaced by a long sleeved white button shirt, sleeves rolled up to reveal the art that decorated his arms, and slim fit slacks. To bring it all together a silk U neck formal vest. Dark burgundy was his color of choice as it was the closest he had to red and he enjoyed the way the color's shade would change in different lighting.

Forearms braced the man against the railing as he surveyed the party space. Next to him on a high top table sat a jar of his own personal moonshine less than halfway full. Since the days leading up to the party it was rare to find the man without his shine. To make it through the day he needed to keep the buzz going; the longer the buzz, the less likely he was to be a downer.

Beau needed to keep up appearances for just a little while longer. To keep the memories, the sadness at bay just long enough to make this event work. This wasn't about him. It was about his members, it was about Vi and her crew.

But, fuck, did he hate Valentines Day.
February 18, 2020 09:49 pm

Liam Moore

Liam had secured his drink didn't need anything fancy which is why he made himself a simple vodka martini. Perhaps a little on the strong side but no one needed to know that! He was once again enjoying looking at his work when he heard his voice sang in a very whimsical voice, slowly his hazel eyes focused on Vir as she made her way over to him. He was a little surprised she had tossed her arm around him and even leaning on him. Not that he minded perhaps once upon a time he would have hated it but with Elowen around you quickly got used to being touched.

"Hello Vir, yes I had another idea on how to decorate but it was a little less PG and I would hate for Beau's members to get the wrong impression of me." He gave the woman a small smirk. His attention was snagged away from Vir to Elowen as she entered. He looked over her outfit and shifted his gaze back to Vir looking over hers. Well he was just terribly under dressed. he had opted for one of his black t-shirts followed by a pair of his black jeans that may just be a smidge too tight. The invitation did not say this was a formal event! He looked a fool now! Not that he actually care, maybe a little he cleaned up so well! And now he didn't have the opportunity to show off.

He wrapped his arms around Wen giving her a hug in return before turning his attention back to the drink in his hand. "Thank you, I did do a fantastic job but if you all keep telling me such things it will go to my head and do we really want that to get any bigger? But while we are on the subject of things looking good you both look amazing this evening."

Once again his attention was snagged this time by a male he didn't know, must belong to Beau. He certainly did like to accept attractive people into his sanctuary didn't he? Liam would have to thank him for that he did enjoy some good eye candy every now and than. Liam gave the male who approached his own smile.

"Hello there, Liam not part of your Sanctuary part of the Wahnsinn." His smile shifts to that of an amused one. "I actually happen to be the best at throwing birthday parties, I'm talking ice cream cake. Though I would be lying if I were to say sleepovers weren't what I really excelled at." Would shoot the man a wink before once again his smile would shift but this time into the tinniest smirk.
February 19, 2020 08:35 am

Virelai Tylwyth

If Virelai had had the mind for it, she might have thought she was overdressed for this occasion as she watched people filter into the bar and migrate towards the alcohol. Liam wore something down to earth but he was proof positive that it wasn't the clothes that made the man but rather the man that made the clothes. Black looked good on him. Of course, to Vir, black was a good color on anyone. Wen arrived just as she had finished greeting him and she filled out her dress in a way that left nothing to be desired. It suited her perfectly, topped off with the bounce of curls that was so different from the usual style the woman wore that Vir had to resist the urge to curl one around her finger the moment she saw them.

Stepping back as Wen went in to hug Liam she took note of the two new arrivals, neither of which belonged to her and so they must belong to Beau. Neither crew was lacking in pretty people as far as she could tell and that was half the reason she had arranged this with her friend, to begin with. She did so love things that were lovely to look at. Her attention turned back to Wen as the woman reached for her and her own cold, gloved hand reached out to thread with hers and squeeze briefly before releasing her. “You look lovely. Though I am quite fond of your usual look, seeing as I've never met someone who embodied the feeling of comfortable, but this suits you as well.”

Unable to resist the temptation, Vir reached out to twist that lock of hair, soft between her fingers. At the same time, the man she didn't know introduced himself as Jack, one of Beau's as she had expected. Her smile was at once genuine and sharp as she released Wen's hair, tilting her head back to look up at the man as Liam spoke to him. When there was a lull in the conversation she took the time to introduce herself. “Pleasure to meet you, Jack. I am Vir, friend of Beau, co-host to this delightful little party.”

And it was delightful, though perhaps she didn't mean it in the way most people would take the phrasing. Righting herself, Vir gave the air a subtle sniff, assessing the emotions and moods already swirling within the bar, picking up what she could. Her smile sharpened further as her gaze drifted upwards towards the bar's balcony. This human holiday was still something she couldn't wrap her head around, though Liam had done his best to explain it to her. This party wasn't for her, but for the people that surrounded her. To relax, to enjoy, to play, and make mischief. To drink themselves into a stupor and forget their worries.

Romance – such a soft thing as love –, as far as Vir was concerned, was a troublesome thing. Even if she had only experienced the devastation of it the one time, she couldn't say it was something that appealed to her after that occurrence. Perhaps for the people of the Realm, those who lived in the shadows and understood the reality of this place, a day like today was one more tinged with sorrow than joy. For her it was one associated with blood and sacrifice and, having only recently been acquainted with the more humane meaning of the holiday, the novelty of chocolates and flowers was a fleeting one. However, it was good enough just to see a gathering of people interacting and hopefully – with a little assistance from heavy doses of alcohol – enjoying themselves.

Her eyes still aimed above, searching for the way up to the balcony, Virelai contemplated what a sleepover might be before speaking once more. “You will have to teach me about sleepovers later, Liam. I am hard-pressed to believe they are more interesting to plan and decorate for than this. But if that is true I am quite curious to learn of such a custom.” Her green eyes gleamed brightly as her gaze shifted back to them and she gave a small bow. “If you will excuse me. I should go and greet our gracious host who allowed us to destroy his rustic place of business. We will have to be sure to help turn it back into the bayou it once was when all is said and done.” Her laughter filled the room momentarily before she wandered off in search of the stairs that would take her to Beau.

February 19, 2020 09:42 am

Elowen Jocosta

Brown eyes took in the sight of the others filtering into the bar and a touch of anxiety leapt to her throat as she assessed the various  attires. It seemed no one was very clear about the dress code. A moment of doubt was swept away though as Liam returned her hug and Vir swirled her fingers around the soft ringlets. Maybe she was over dressed but at least she wasn't a pumpkin. Smoothing down the front of her dress she took in the unknown figures.

A man looking down onto the party piqued her curiosity. She knew with certainty that this was Beau. A man that she had never been acquainted with but knew about. It wasn't the connection to Vir though that had made her known of his presence. He had been kind enough to accept Josie into their home when Joe won over her heart. He had opened his arms to the young witch and let Joe whisk her away to New Orleans.

She wished the memory could be fond but seeing this man only brought rage and then the growing fear that she would have to face Joe. They were meant to protect Josie they were supposed to keep the darkness at bay but instead they let her slip through their fingers till Josie came running back to Vir asking for death. Had Wen been there, had she not have been so focused on her own budding romance the witch may still be alive. Awaiting her friends arrival at the bar.

Wen had to pull the seething anger into herself and turn her gaze from Beau. The growing darkness in her mind brought out the vicious monster, its soft humming voice indicating it's slow rise from slumber. Clenched hands reached out towards the closest figure, she needed to ground herself, to stay in this reality and not slip into the growing thirst inside her head.

It was the strange new man that had gotten in the path of her flying hands but the moment her hand landed against his arm she snapped it away as if burned. No, this was a man of Beaus and she wouldn't ground herself by him. Instead she wrapped her arm around Liams, her fingers tapping an incessant rhythm against the inside of his wrist, her eyes closing as the air escaped her lungs.

Wen blocked out the world for a moment and when she opened her eyes Vir had disappeared and she now stood there wrapped about Liams arm like a child while the strange man stood before them. 'Jack' was the name she thought she had heard. Feeling better she reached out to him, one arm still wrapped around Liam but the other now resting on the mans neck.

"I'm Wen." She said as she felt the pulsing of his veins be rather her fingertips.
February 19, 2020 12:05 pm

Greer Luin

Greer couldn’ keep the curse from undaneath her breath as Jack approach her ‘n’ make his comment. Now she knew they be part of the same sanctuary but damn how many times did she need ta see the boy in a night. She was ready to make a retort she felt a fire raging in her veins, as if she was burning up on the inside. When her eyes caught sight of the belt slung around his hips, the glistening silver buckle sparklin’ unda the lights of the bar she subconsciously shifted away from him. The words caught in her throat as she kept on staring at the buckle. He didn’ stay round long and Greer instantly felt relief the further away he got from her.

Sure he probably don’ be knowin’ too much about the decisions he makin’ around wolves but she was certain that he had ta of heard somewhere along the line about silver ‘n’ werewolves. She made a mental note to avoid Jack as much as possible which didn’ seem to be a problem seein’ as he just went struttin’ up ta the group of dark siders. No thank you. Greer didn’ need to be makin’ friends with that lot. She be okay here on her own with a drink in hand. Plus, she wasn’ plannin’ on stayin’ long she had a rogue wolf ta hunt down. She be hopin’ River made him way to da woods.

Her eyes drift up ta look at Beau, givin’ him a slight nod of acknowledgment before turnin’ her attention back to the small gatherin’ crowd. One woman in a long flowy dress excusin’ herself to make her way to Beau. This must be the whispered alliance she be hearin’ ‘buot. She wasn’ too sure that she be likin’ the idea but it ain’t up to her. Beau be the owner of this here crew ‘n’ he be makin’ the decisions. Greer done laid out her concerns when she first becomin’ round. She ain’t like too many power-hungry leaders ‘n’ friom the looks of it Beau ain’t been showing that in ‘im. She be stayin’ round, so long as she felt safe but the moment things changed she be outta da door ‘n’ she be on her way.

Pressin’ palms ‘gainst the bartop she used the force to push her bum ontop of the counter, her feet danglin’ as she tilt her head back for a drink. One night, she could handle this for one night. She kept her steely gaze on da gatherin’ group of people, observin’ how they be actin’. One girl seem to be touchy as hell, reachin’ out and touchin’ people she ain’t have to business touchin’ yet they all be actin’ like she normal or somethin’. Greer hoped ‘n’ prayed that that girl don’t be tryin’ to touch her, there be somethin’ off with that little weirdo.

Again Greer got captivated of by the silver of the belt buckle, the light hit it just right ‘n’ she couldn’ help but stare at the small adornment. Somebody gonna have to be tellin’ that boy to be more careful.
February 19, 2020 03:41 pm

Jack Angiers

Glancing at the two women, Jack noted they were like night and day. One with white hair had an ethereal quality to her he had never encountered before and the other a dark-haired woman who seemed to struggle a little in her own skin. Both were beautiful in different ways.

Since the man spoke first, his eyes were drawn to him. Though, of course, that was likely to happen anyway. Hazel eyes that were more green than brown noted the all black ensemble, brown eyes and the smirk that sat so pretty on the man’s lips. Jack surmised this one was a smartass like himself. “Liam, good to meet you, and thanks for pointing that out I still haven’t met all my crew mates yet. You know, I’ve never had ice-cream cake.” It had never even occurred to him to try it. “Now a sleepover, that’s more my thing.” Jack threw him a wink of his own then frowned suddenly realising the man probably wasn’t talking about the sort of sleepover he was.

Clearing his throat, he looked to the white-haired woman who introduced herself as Vir. The name tickled his mind, then he remembered the memo about tonight and that Virelai was the leader of the other crew. A full smile lit Jack’s face, and he inclined his head slightly acknowledging her position. “Absolute pleasure to meet you, Vir.” The woman excused herself a moment later and he followed her eyes when she glanced up. Beau had arrived but was keeping to himself for now. Jack raised his drink in salute to him.

Looking back to the other woman who grabbed his hand then swiftly pulled away as if burned. He wasn’t that bad. Maybe she didn’t like men, yet she was holding on to Liam for dear life.

Few probably knew that Jack had very sharp eyes. He noticed things others didn’t, at least things humans didn’t. He suspected some of his new crew mates had adept observational skills. The way she clung to Liam and the almost uncontrollable movement of her tapping fingers told him much. The actions of this girl were those of someone who was fighting demons that threatened to swallow them whole. He knew this because it was how he lived most of his thirty-five years as a human. Only he didn’t fight them off. Instead, he had embraced the darkness every time.

Consequently, when she placed her small hand on his neck, he didn’t flinch away as he might have under other circumstances. He gave her a smile that conveyed understanding, at least that’s what he tried for. “Wen, nice to meet you. Don’t give in. You have people who care about you,” Jack said cryptically hoping she would get his meaning. Don’t be like me, his mind screamed.

Taking a sip of his beer, he briefly looked around the room and did a double-take when he noticed Greer once again giving him the stink eye. What? He mouthed at her.
February 19, 2020 06:58 pm

Beau Theroux

Despite his feeble attempt at being inconspicuous it seemed every person noticed his presence. A soft sigh left the bearded man's mouth at his foolish underestimation of the party goer's perception skills. Of course, he would have eventually made himself known but for now he prefered his solitude; he needed to prepare himself for what was to come. His social battery just wasn't efficiently charged just yet.

Evergeen , golden flecked eyes caught the movement of Vir's dress as she made her way towards the stairs. He did not dread her inevitable presence on the balcony, though he had hoped to appear of his own accord; when he could be the Beau everybody wanted him to be and not the drunken sad sack with more moonshine than sense. As he awaited her appearance he let his eyes glance across the floor towards the bar.

Greer gave a nod, and Beau reciprocated. The two started off on the wrong foot but as the days passed before her disappearance she seemed to warm up to himself and the Sanctuary. Since her return things seemed to pick up from where she left off, though there had been something nagging at her. Beau could feel it. His spiritualistic empathy would tend to pick up on certain aspects of a person's emotions whether he wanted to or not. Actually, as he stood there he felt an ever growing tide of negativity begin to grow from the woman intertwined with Liam.

Her eyes caused the man unease that never touched his features. Did she blame him for something? Had he said or done something to offend her? Sober Beau would have ran to her, consoled her and would attempt to understand her anger. Drunk Beau? He felt it was probably deserved so why bother?He'd avoid her gaze. For now.

Liam seemed to be the only one who did not acknowledge Beau's presence. So maybe not everyone had such keen skills.

Finally his gaze would fall on Jack for whom he cracked the slightest hint of a smile. When they first met the angel had a completely different feel to him. He had a wild, dangerous vibe and a darkness that confused the lycan. Now, he seemed less chaotic. More focused. A darkness was still presence but it had begun to ebb with what he could only assume was a constant concentrated effort. jack was trying. Who even tried anymore? When Jack's eyes met his own he gave a subtle wink and returned the salute with his own jar of clear liquid. From behind he could hear Virelai's footsteps come ever closer up the stairs and, even when she finally appeared at the top, he kept his gaze fixed on Jack despite the angel's attention falling elsewhere.

"Now, what's a pretty lady like you doin' in a rundown place like this?"

Looking over his shoulder Beau gave a teasing, albeit tired, grin in the woman's direction. "Now, don'tchu look a sight. Eat your heart out, Aphrodite, amiright?"
February 19, 2020 09:44 pm

Liam Moore

Liam had downed his drink as both Vir and Wen started talking to the male who had approached them. His attention went to Vir as she addressed him, he licked his lips before giving her an amused smile.

"Oh I'll tell you all about them though I fear I might be a bad influence on you dear. First I tell you about Valentine's Day and now sleep overs? You might start to think ill of me and I would be so heartbroken if that was the case." Liam gave her a look at her next words. Destroy? That was a bit harsh! He clearly improved it! Okay that wasn't true but it was what he was going to tell himself anyway.

"Have fun don't do anything I wouldn't." She didn't know him very well yet but there was very little Liam wouldn't do, he was sure she knew that at least to some degree.

Liam's eyes focused on Wen as she recoiled from the male who had introduced himself as Jack. Focusing on her he knew something was off, how could he not he was almost always with his best friend. He would give her a look but say nothing if she needed something from him he was there. He placed the glass he held in his one hand down and gave her arm a gentle squeeze as she clung to him. It was his attempt at being reassuring without coddling the girl. He did it far too much and if he was Wen he would be sick of it by now.

Whatever seemed to be her problem she seemed to recover as she moved to touch Jack again. He would have to ask her what the whole thing was about after the party and if he remembered the goal for the night was to get black out drunk.

His amused smile returned to his face as he heard the males words. "Never had one? Handsome you a truly missing out much better than any other cake I assure you.And you know something I can't honestly recall the last time I had a good sleepover or well a sleepover in general. Perhaps we should have one sometime. Am I being too forward? A sleepover with a stranger is a bit risky, would it help my case if I said I would get breakfast in the morning? I could make breakfast though my culinary arts are lacking. Stuffed french toast is really my only bragging right." He could not recall the last time he made it. Didn't feel like sharing that fact however.

As the mans attention went to Wen once more Liam took the moment to look around, some woman he didn't know plopped down on the bar. He would give her a small smile, she didn't really look like she wanted to be here. Perhaps Liam would eventually make his way over to her and bother the woman. He was so good with people! His gaze would shift to where his wonderful leader had gone and for the first time took note of Beau's presence. He was sure he didn't notice Liam not noticing him, he never paid Liam much attention anyway and in truth the man was wise for it. However a small smile would be shot his way as well, it was only polite after all.

His eyes would eventually settle back to Jack as he contemplated what alcohol he should consume next.
February 19, 2020 10:18 pm

Virelai Tylwyth

Virelai hesitated at the top of the stairs before she stepped onto the landing of the balcony. She hadn't always been one to take pause for any reason, always rushing forward in that chaotic way that was her nature. But since her return to the living, she had found herself taking more and more consideration when other creatures were involved. Whether that was out of care or a sheer tactical move, was still up in the air, but she had noticed the change.

At the sound of Beau's voice and the tilt of his head in her direction, Vir moved forward at last. “Beeeaaauuu.” It was a soft crooning of his name, the rise, and fall of a howl that rippled through the air between them as she closed the distance and leaned against the railing beside him with her back to the bar below. She propped her elbows on the railing and raked her glittering green eyes over him. They flashed golden when they roved over the tattoos twining along his arms and met his eyes. He cleaned up nice. Though that wasn't surprising, it was the first time she had seen him in such attire since the Yule ball he had gone to. This was still more down to earth than that time, but for that reason, it fit him all the more.

This was not the Beau she was used to, there were subtle differences in his demeanor that had her wondering if perhaps she should have left him be for a while. But truth be told, she wanted to step away from the others, to observe them for the time being, and this would be a good place to do so. On top of that, it felt like it had been ages since she had actually seen Beau.

Despite those differences, he still spoke like himself and his comment made her grin. “Aphrodite was a silly woman and you know me, I myself prefer to be the one eating hearts. I imagine hers would taste spectacular.” Vir's hand reached out, cool touch brushing against the back of Beau's hand as she looked at the peculiarly clear liquid in a jar he held. “I do love this little place. Though,” She chuckled, glancing over her shoulder at the bar before returning his gaze to him. “It looks quite different from how it usually does, no?”

Virelai's mind wandered towards the few members of Cirque de Perdus that she had seen thus far and her smile gentled. “You have done well for yourself, my friend. Your Sanctuary feels as though it is a home. I am certainly envious of your local. I do miss the sensation of being surrounded by nature on all sides. Even if the mountains are nearby Wahnsinn, it does not have quite the same feeling to it as this.”

Here everything was still green and growing and alive, spring came early, summer was long, autumn was subtle and winter received no snow. Though she was fond of the snow itself and the winter landscape of the mountains, living in the center of New York was an adjustment she had been having to make. Not that it displeased her in anyway. But she had had to tame a lot of the wilds of herself in order to make those adjustments.

“I appreciate you agreeing to play host, if for no other reason than being able to spend some time in such a glorious place away from paperwork and planning.” Her head tilted to the side, silvery hair fluttering like spiderwebs over her shoulder and down past the railing of the balcony. “How have you been?”

February 19, 2020 10:23 pm

Elowen Jocosta

Wen recoiled from the man her arm falling to her side as he spoke of people that cared about her. Yes, it were true that there were many people that cared deeply for her well being but she wasn't sure why this man thought he had any right to say such things to her. Was he swimming around inside her mind trying to drag out things she was suppressing. No, that wasn't it but the way he spoke to her determined the fate of their future interactions. She did not like this man and the ghastly creature in her kind marked an 'x' over his face in her mind. His words brought no ease it only brought forth a paranoia she had fought so hard to control.

Leaning over she gave Liam a kiss on the cheek before unwinding herself from him. "Excuse me, I need to walk away. I don't like him." She nodded her head in the direction of Jack as if wasn't there before she walked away, pulling the phone from her dress. She wouldn't leave, she couldn't do that to Liam, plus she really didn't feel like going back to the disgusting motel room she had found for herself.

No she wouldn't leave, but she did need a moment away from everyone. A stolen moment in a dark corner were her fingers dialed the foreign number into her phone and she waited to hear the other line buzz with life.

"Elowen?" The groggy voice answered in a British accent and instantly Wen felt all the anxiety and paranoia and anger fade away from her. "What's wrong?" She could tell Hector was instantly alert. Wen had forgotten about the time differences between London and the states but she couldn't selfishly let guilt into her heart.

The words caught in her throat and tears swelled in the corners of her eyes. "I...I just missed you." It wasn't a lie, she missed him so much that her heart ached everytime she thought about him but it hurt even more knowing she was weak without him. Where Liam sheltered her Hector made her face the things that tore at her mind. Tonight she didn't want to fight inside her head, tonight she just wanted to be with her friends and kiss her boyfriend.

"Soon Elowen. I'll be back in New York soon." His voice was soft in the receiver and Wen had to press her back against the wall to stop from melting. "I'm sorry I can't still be there. I didnt mean for this to happen." She responded sorrowfully she was the reason they were miles apart, separated by the vast ocean.

"Yes, well I never meant to love you but I do. Go, have fun Elowen. I'll see you soon."

"I love you Hector."

"I love you too Elowen." She heard the smile in his words as he disconnected the call, surely rolling back over to a fit of slumber.

Slipping the phone back into her dress she made her way back to the party brushing tears from her cheeks and somehow feeling both better and worse. Approaching Liam and the strange man she wrapped her hand around Liams drink. Taking it into her own hand and sipping the contents slowly.

She gazed back at Jack, scrutiny on her face.

"I still dont like you."
February 20, 2020 08:10 am
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