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*Today was Friday the 13th, a day I spent most of my time reading books with a cup of tea. My coven performed their rituals and I hear the voice of my Lord, Baphomet.*

Dearest child.

*Their voice combined with that of a man and woman.*

There is an urgent matter that requires your skills. A blight is taking hold on Avalon. A place I believe you were there once.

*I raised my eyebrows slightly.*

Well yeah. Somewhat remember it. Encountered Barabas there.

*Barabas was an old enemy of mine. Baphomet's voice rumbled.*

I see. I need you to get to Avalon and put a stop to this blight. If it continues it will throw the world off balance. Once you are there it would be best to leave your coven behind until you can establish a protective base.

*In a way Baphomet cared about the Earth and it's inhabitants. My main mission was to keep the world in balance. I nodded in agreement. My coven was like a family to me. Then Baphomet left me and I relayed the request to my coven. Nicodemus, scratched his chin.*

Avalon, you say? Well now I want to go visit there. But not with that problem. Anyway need me to get a hold of Ronan?

*I shook my head.*

Nah. If he comes, he comes. If he don't, he don't. Personally, I can handle it. But that could be overconfidence talking.

*I created a ball of energy that took awhile to become a portal. Once I entered, the portal behind me disappeared. I looked around feeling a little worried. A strange red mist enshrouded the island and making seem devoid of life.*

Oh, this definitely ain't good.

*I took a deep breath.*

Boy, do I have work cut out for me. Hmmm, where to begin...

March 13, 2020 08:11 pm


*Seeing Avalon what is now reminds me of a video I used to see on Youtube called, "The Crow and The Raven."*

*The video was rather bizarre and had people try to make theories on the video's synopsis much like Salad Fingers. I briefly made a portal to a pocket dimension so I can grab a few things like 2 spears: one was the Spear of destiny that I won from a poker game; some eccentric gentleman had it in him possession. Never knew how he had it. The other spear was Gáe Bulg, the Legendary spear from an Irish folklore hero. I couldn't remember his name but I had met him once. Gáe Bulg was brought to me by one of my witches that he won in an auction. The witch that brought it to me said it was found in a cave in Scotland and unfortunately I had no way of contacting the warrior who used to have Gáe Bulg. So I kept it as a curio until now. I combined both so that it became a yari or double side spear. After making the Yari I went over to the remains of a plant and gently touched it; it crumbled like ash.*

March 14, 2020 05:20 pm

Ronan Boru

*Scáthach comes  to  Ronan  and  speaks  to   him about the  Gáe Bulg that  she  had   given  to Cúchulainn many  moons  ago.*

" How  did  you  or  he  manage  to  lose  the  spear  of  mortal  Pain/death?  You know  what never mind. I  really  dont  want t o  know.  I  will  find it   where I  can  think of  looking. You gods  really  do  need  to  keep a   better  eye  on  your  play  things  when  you  give  them out.  I  am  getting  tired  fast  for  having to retrive  them   when you  all  lose  them  or  they  get  stolen  some  how  by  who  ever."

*  The  Irish  witch   vanishes  He s tart  looking in  Avalon.   Flaming  in  tothe Island   he  looks  around*

"What  the   bloody  hell  happened  here?"

*  He  walks  around looking  for  anything  out  of  place creature  wise.  His   bow  notched  with  an  arrow.*

March 14, 2020 05:39 pm


*I was rather heartbroken to see such island slowly being invaded by the Blight.*

I wonder how much the island used to get?

*The red mist started envelop me; the feeling I got from the mist was a slight electrical tingling sensation. I furrowed my brows.*

Not sure if red is a good color for me.

*I was able to grab a sample of the mist with my light powers and I examined it.*

It seems to bear vampiric properties but not absorbing life itself.. What are you exactly?

*I placed the mist in a small container and headed over to remains of a forest, even there the tree bore no leaves. I twirled my new Yari ready for what may lie beyond the tree trunks. I found a small pond but there was no water but very oily black substance. I carefully used my light powers to pick it up and examined it. The substance was very viscous like mucus and I grimaced.*

Hmmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I can create a purified water source? Would i help in this situation?

*My mind barraged by questions.*

March 14, 2020 06:00 pm

Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   walks  to  the  main  Lake  and  noticed  the  black  goo instead  of  water.*

" Oh  this is   not  good at all.  "

*  He shakes his head.*

March 14, 2020 10:46 pm

Ronan Boru

*  Ronan   walks  to  the  main  Lake  and  noticed  the  black  goo instead  of  water.*

" Oh  this is   not  good at all.  "

*  He shakes his head.*

March 14, 2020 10:46 pm


*I dipped the blade of the spear of destiny and the goo reacted violently. It seemed to scream in pain before bubbling up before becoming water once more. On one hand I was happy that I found a solution but, on the other hand I don't like having to rely on a tool. That tool could get lost or stolen.*

*Once the goo reverted back to water the land around the pond appeared to be clearing up. During that time I had to think of another solution should anything happen to the spear of Destiny. But first I needed to locate the center of the forest, I held a theory that if I find the center the forest perhaps I could make a nexus of purifying energy. Once I found my way to the center of the forest I saw the Great oak tree nearly dead and surrounded by the same black goo. I impaled the goo and it changed back into water, the tree almost coming back to life but another idea came to mind. Not know if the tree was truly sentient I sighed.*

Sorry, this might hurt.

*I drove the spear of destiny into the tree and my theory was correct. The powers from the spear purified the Great Oak and forest began to come back to life. I was smiling on the inside but I was uneasy on the outside. While the Spear was fickle on who would wield it it could be taken from me and possibly corrupt it..*

*I summoned quite a few hell hounds to secure the perimeter incase something hostile would attack. I started to create a protective base surrounding the Great Oak with my magic. Before the Great Oak I conjured a large crystal, red lightning stuck the crystal. The crystal glowed and it started to bear the face of Baphomet. Their voice echoed.*

Good, step in the right direction. But you definitely caught the attention of whatever is eating the island.  This place will become a bastion to fight this off. Grab your coven and let them do the work.

March 15, 2020 09:24 am

Ronan Boru

*  Ronan  knew  the  ree in  the  middle of  the island was  the fabled  tree of  life. He  had  to  get to  that  and  make sure  that was  secure.  The  lake  however needed  hi  attention  first  . He  cuts in  to  his   hand and   lets a   few  drops of  his  blood   hit  the   blak  goo and   watches  it   shimmer  for a  second  then  revert back  to  water. Having the  blood of   the  Pendagons   he  knew  woud help  this place but  the  biggest hero  here would  be if  needed  his  son  Ciaran  seeing as  he  looked   just like  Arthur  did and  he  could  weild  his  sword. The  lady  of  the lake  appears   and  looks to  Ronan.  She says  nothing out  lod  but   smiles  and   thanks him for  his  help. The Irish  high  king  nods and goes  to  find  the  Oak he  knew  was  the   Tree  of Life.*

March 15, 2020 11:36 pm


*I created a gateway between my Shard of Hell and by the Tree of Life. My hellhounds were still patrolling and my guard was still up. One of my hound spots Ronan, looks at the witch for a brief moment in curiosity before resuming the patrol. My coven started to come in, alas there was inhuman growling nearby and a few of my hounds went towards the sound. A moment of silence followed by shrieks and snarling, I run over to the sounds my Yari ready at hand to find a monster. This monster practically looked like something Silent Hill; its left arm was an axe, the right hand was blades, the legs were bladed hooks. Its body was wrapped in bandages and its face was covered by a fleshy flap. One hound lay dead while the other 3 were upon it, while the monster was preoccupied by the hounds I took the opportunity and drove the blade of Gae Bulg into it. The monster screamed in agony as barbs filled its joints and killing it. I went to my base to see Nicodemus and Sarah Good setting up base and placing protective sigils around the Great Oak. Hounds dragged the monster with them and one of the witches cried out.*

Holy sh*t!

*My coven looked at the monster's corpse. I sighed.*

We ain't alone.

March 16, 2020 01:10 pm

Ronan Boru

* The  Celtic  fire witch  walks  over to  the  tree of life  with  out  saying a  word or  even acting like  he  saw  those around  it.  He walks around  the  tree  his  hands  never  leaving it. Ronan  knew  the  trees  all  trees  not  just  this one  were tied to  the  land  and   coud  speak if one   knew how  to  listen to  them. 

After   a   few   moments  the  high  king  removes  his   hands  and  leaves  his  eyes  closed  for  a f ew  more*

March 16, 2020 06:01 pm


*My Coven knew Ronan and left him alone to do his business. There was movement high in the tree top covered by foliage. It was Aine, the fairy Goddess but she didn't look too good. She attempts to fly down towards us her butterfly wings look tattered and almost plummeted until I caught her with shadowy hands and gently laying her on the ground. Some of the witch clamored amongst themselves with concern. I go over to her and kneeled down, Aine tries to move but she is very weak. *

Hold on, let us help you.

*From my right hand light poured out and it conjured a large flower for Aine to rest on. The Goddess tries to speak but but could barely make a sound. This was painful for me to look at as sorrow was etched onto my face.*

Get her water please.

*One of the witches bring over a chalice filled with cold water, Aine drinks it and coughs. Her melodic voice returns.*

Thank ye. I'm... relieved to see such friendly faces....

March 16, 2020 08:40 pm

Ronan Boru

*Ronan   walks past  the  other witches  and   Azzamon. He looks  at  Aine.  He    takes  the  water   from  the other  witch   and     hands it t o   Aine.  the  water  changes  from  clear  to   blue hue  and  Ronan  looks  at  her.*

"Ól go mbraitheann tú níos fearr. "

((Drink  that  you  will  feel  better.))  

*  He  looks back  at  the  others.  He  waits  for  them  to  speak.*

March 16, 2020 09:44 pm


*Aine drank the water and it revitalizes her, repairing her wings. A wave of relief washed over me and I speak up.*

I take it yer spidey-senses were tingling? Or was it this?

*Gae Bulg was still attached to the Spear of Destiny as I showed it to Ronan. I then pulled the 2 spears apart and they went back to their old forms. Nicodemus, my high priest approaches me. He looks at Ronan then at me.*

This blight appears to be made of very dark fae and demonic magick.

*I thought for a moment.*

Yeah, this is Barabas' handiwork but where would he get the evil fae magick?

*Nicodemus shrugged.*

We're still working on it. Apparently The Tree of Life was suppose to be another Nexus for the blight.

*I growled softly.*

There's is more than one Nexus?

*The Priest nodded.*

I'm afraid so. We already have someone trying to locate them. Once we gathered the information on their location you'll both be notified.

*I sighed and then looked at Ronan.*

Before you bite my head off. No, I didn't take this.

*I hold up Gae Bulg.*

Apparently someone in my coven got it from an auction. By the way whatever happen to that feller that used to own it?

*I started to have flashbacks on Avalon.*

I... remember his face... can't remember his name. He was fierce, prideful but a good guy.. I hope he is well.

*I shake my head and planted Gae Bulg on the ground. I went over to Sarah Good.*

I found out that the spear of Destiny can purge the Blight but I need a another solution. I'd rather not have the spear fall into the wrong hands. 

*She nods and takes the Spear seeing if there was another way.*

March 17, 2020 05:21 am

Ronan Boru

"It  wasn  this   that  called  me  here  but  yes Gáe Bulg actually. It  belongs  to Cúchulainn and   was  given  to   him  by  the   goddess and  warrior woman Scáthach, and its technique was taught only to him by  her. She   was  concerned  it  fell  in  to the  wrong hands.  It  wasnt  even  tought  to  me  and   I  am  the  son  of   Brigit the  fire  goodess and  one of   many  protectors  of  Ireland."

March 17, 2020 12:13 pm


*I somewhat listened to what Ronan said but then Sarah came back with the Spear and a few vials. She quietly speaks.*

We were able to find another solution but with the liquids with in the vial are not as the Spear itself.

*I take back the spear and vials.*

Well it something for now. Keep up with the defenses. I don't if we're gonna expect more attacks.*

March 18, 2020 12:47 pm
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