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The Sleep of a Thousand Deaths


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And then there was consciousness...

Shadows began to dance in front of her closed eyes. She could feel them more than she could see them. Thoughts, memories, people began to form in her mind. How long had she been asleep? It could be days, it could be millenia. She never was good at tracking mortal time. It meant nothing to her. A lifetime to some meaningless mortal was a mere second out of her life.

She had put herself to slumber, that she did remember. A man, she loved him, that she remembered too. His face was vague but she knew it would come back to her. The faces usually did.  He was dead though. He was dead and she went back to the Underworld to slumber because of it.

But that didnt answer the question as to who summoned her awake. Senet? No, her sister Livia must be long dead. Just how long was she out? She hated waking up.

Slowly the sands began to twirl with the wind and a shape began to form. But what shape should she take? The one that she had formed before this slumber seemed to be accepted. An Angel . The fiery red hair HE loved. But who was HE again?

Yes, she would take that shape. The sand began to shape like clay and the flesh stuck to bone. The copper skin kissed by the Egyptian sun, the hair as red as the blood she had shed.

And there was bloodshed.  She vowed not to kill this time, but she said that every time. She was tired and ancient now. Killing is for the young and reckless. Did she kill the man she loved? She couldnt remember. JOHN. That was his name.

She decided her wings should be red this time, like her hair as a reminder of her violent past. Like the flames of the pheonix rising from the ashes. Black wings were so last lifetime.

No, she didnt want to come back. She loved the dreamless slumber she had been in for so long. Or was it?  But someone had deemed it necessary to awaken the Angel of Death, she would have to find out who. This was bothersome and aggitating. Why couldn't they just let her slumber.

Looking down , she saw the wedding band from HIM on her hand. Shrugging her shoulders, she tossed it into the sand and walked with bare feet towards the realm. Her ruby red eyes looking on familiar lands once more. Bastet was back.

July 26, 2020 06:05 pm


The walk might have been a long one for a mortal. The now - Angel had chosen to reanimate far from the prying eyes of others. It was a personal thing she had. Sure, she could move from one place to another with ease by shifting into the particles of air that would carry her, but she decided to use the legs she had created to walk as sort of a reminder of how these people worked.

She would never fit in, that she knew, but she really didnt want to anymore. Her first visit was one of trying to find her place among those different than her, her thinking morphed into theirs and she began to take on the traits of emotions. She didnt like those.

Emotions are useless and it is exactly that that seperates her from them.  She would not let her energy absorb that part of them. They were not like her, no one was. She might find one or two who understood her and allowed her to be the void she had become, Bastet knew though that those people would be few and far between.

The city lights ahead grew brighter and as she came closer, she decided that she probably could do with some clothes. After all, walking into a town naked as the day you were born would not attract the creatures in a wanted way.

She would have to take them from someone. Hopefully not by force, but it always ended up that way. You would think if a red eyed monster asked you for your clothes you would give it to them. She sighed. They never did.

John used to bring her home the most fabulous clothing from his kills. In fact he would pick his victims alone on the basis that their adornments would please her.

STOP IT. Stop going back to that name. Erase him from your energy.

That was going to be a hard habit to break. He had imprinted his soul onto hers and that is, and unfortunately , something that you cannot undo. In fact, she had felt some of his traits and thoughts in her mind this time. She was going to have to make a conscious effort to let that go.

Now, what was she thinking of before she got distracted? Oh yes, she was naked.

July 27, 2020 10:54 am


Bastet tucked in and out of roadways, it was pretty late so there was no one out and about. As she walked, there was an open window to a pretty chique looking house. This looked like it could have the fashion she was so accustomed to. Hopefully there was a woman who lived in it.

She sighed with agitation. This was probably going to be messy.

The Angel was not going to crawl into the window like some common human. She, after all, was the Goddess of the Underworld. She would enter as her station seemed fit.

Bastet closed her eyes and took a deep breath, well a breath for show, she actually didnít need air. She doesnít need to breathe, itís a human thing. Taking a deep symbolic breath, she allowed her shape to melt and become one with the wind. Cell by cell she disassembled and moved along the breeze through the window of the house.

Once inside, the air began to clump together and form back into the hourglass shape that was the Angel. Red eyes peered into the room as the flesh and bone formed around them. The humans were asleep.
She crept through the bedroom; the closet was always in the bedroom. Upon reaching the bed she stopped and stared at the owners of the house, laying in each otherís arms in deep slumber. She remembered laying in bed with her husband. Content and happy. Neither one of them required sleep but they would pretend they did just to be close to each other.
Her lip twitched. She could feel her anger rising. Why should they be happy? Why should they get to live in contentment and here she was, summoned away when she didnít want to be and faced with the tragedy that drove her asleep in the first place.

Her fist clenched. She had to fight the urge to kill them. They were innocent.
But they were happy. "Clothes, I need clothes." She walked over to the closet and thumbed through the hangers. There! That was it. A beautiful peach colored dress, down the floor. She had always loved that style. It reminded her of the styles of her home. Flowing skirt with a plunging neck line. Yes, she would pick this one.

With the hanger still in her hand she turned her torso around to see the couple asleep on the bed. The man stirred and opened his eyes and slowly they became wide in terror as the Angel walked over to them.

She would put the dress on after she killed them. Peach would show blood.
July 28, 2020 06:19 am


*She stood at the doorway of her new home with the peach dress skimming the floors. It was not as long as she would have liked it to be as the woman was obviously shorter than her, but it would do. The keys to her new house in her new Vuitton purse. She remembered that pattern from the last time and had liked it, besides, it matched her dress.

The Angel decided to keep the house afterall. It was new and clean, tastefully decorated in the way she liked.

Getting rid of the bodies was easy but tedious. Her husband used to to that, in fact it was WHY he killed them. Cleaning wasn't much to Bastet's strongsuit but she did what had to be done.  After washing up in her new double showerhead glass bathtub, it was worth it.

The couple had a car but Angel wasn't one for driving. She didn't need to but decided that she should keep it for appearances sake. If you didnt have one these days the neighbors would think it suspicious. Besides, it had a cool looking cat jumping off of the hood that pleased her. Seemed fitting for the Goddess of Cats.

She knew what it was she wanted to do until the person who summoned her awake appeared. Something that would hopefully end the voices... voice... in her head.

Bastet wished that Mehmet was here. He would always assure the Angel that what she was doing was the right thing. He was the little goody two shoes on her shoulder. Her beloved snake. He was the closest thing to a baby she had and he was her world. Alas, he couldn't come back with her. He was her familiar only until her lesson was learned and apparently it was, so he would stay in the underworld until she returned.

The Angel started to walk down the stone path when she caught movement from the corner of her eye from the bushes. She wasnt afraid, she wasnt afraid of anything, so she stood and watched to see what it was that was sneaking about.

Then, as a form emerged from the azalea bush,  a smile so wide crossed Bastet's face you could see her pearly white teeth.

A cat.

Not just an ordinary cat, this was lithe and lanky, pure muscle and power. He had beautiful swirls and stripes of black, grey and orange dancing across his frame. His eyes were an emerald green surrounded by amber. His ears perked up in eternal attention. As he walked closer to her, she could see his size was deceiving. He looked to be a full grown cat but his face was a kitten. He was truly big for his size. Now, you realize Bastet is THE Goddess of cats, so of course she can communicate with them. *

Are you my Mommy?

Excuse me?

*the cat sat down in front of her, eyes staring into hers*

You summoned me.

I did?

Um, you were thinking of Mehmet no?

*at the sound of her baby's name, her eyes teared up. Damn human emotions, she thought she would have left those last lifetime.*

I was.

Well, his time is over, it's my time now.

Oh, well, great! You are my familiar? What's your name?


Like the Greek King? *she had extensive knowledge of Greek history as it had eventually tied into her own.*

I am the Greek King.

Great. A warrior king as my familiar, I won't say no.

*The cat started to walk down the path*.

Where are you going?

Where you were going. I can read your mind, remember?

Oh yeah, well, thanks for coming to help out. I have a few things to do to shake off all of these gross human emotions.

Oh, I know.

*Together, the two of them walked towards the cemetery. *

July 30, 2020 06:45 am


*Bastet took her time walking as there really was nowhere else to be. As long as the summoner did not reveal themselves she had nothing but time on her eternal hands to wait.

But she was not a patient creature as was well known and her attention span even less so. It would be a few more days before she decided she had had enough with the whole thing and go back to sleep.

Leonidas allowed his steps to fall into march with hers and the two of them walked side by side. He was her equal and would be treated as such, not a pet. That was where she had gone wrong with Mehmet. He had started as her familiar but their bond became so strong that their souls intertwined and they became like one. Thinking each other's thoughts. She looked at the cat and wondered if the same would happen.*

I can already read your mind.

*the Angel laughed* I can see that. That's not what I meant. Mehmet knew what I was feeling before I did.

*Leonidas stopped and turned to face her. The Angel stopped as well and amber met red.*

You cannot compare us. Ever. I am who I am, he is who he is. We are not alike physically but mentally we are the same. I am not your pet to be picked up and cuddled. *he stopped, seeing the pain in her eyes. His manner softened* But I wouldnt be opposed to jumping on your lap from time to time if my ear itches *he winked*

*She smiled and nodded in understanding. He was worried that she would treat him as a lesser station when he was in fact just like her, here for a lesson. Being her familiar was going to allow his soul to rise and evolve. Gods know why they gave him to her. She was the least likely to learn anything. He must have done something pretty bad in his past lesson. *

I promise. I wont address you as anything other than fitting, but you do realize if the other creatures are around you must act like a cat. *Mehmet had understood that and played the part well.*

Got it. Meow, meow. *it was an awful sounding meow and they both laughed. Ah the passerby must think her nuts, walking along laughing with a cat. They couldnt hear him though, his voice was solid to her because it operated on a different frequency that she was attuned to hearing. She might as well have been talking to herself to the others that saw.

They continued on, the cemetery in sight but a bit far off.

You wouldnt happen to know why I am here do you? *it was worth a shot to ask but she was positive he didn't*

Here in this Realm? No. Here in this cemetery, unfortunatley yes. *he waited a bit before he asked the question burning in his mind*

You sure you want to do this?

*her eyes were determined and focused on the entrance gates ahead.*

They say he is dead. *she eyes flashed anger and pain.* But I am the god damned Goddess of the Underworld. Don't you think I would have felt his soul come to me when he died? *her eyes never leaving the horizon.*

You have a point there. So what you are saying is that you think he isn't dead?

*she nodded, the words too painful to come out. If he was in fact still alive and felt her awaken and not come to her, it would destroy her. And him. And the rest of the realm. Her anger made her chest heave and her breathing became harsh. Tears fought their way back into her eyes. She would not allow emotions to enter her black soul. But... he was the only one who could. It made her furious that she had allowed that.*

I want to be wrong. But if I'm not? *she looked down at her companion and smiled.* He will wish he was when I find him.

August 02, 2020 06:48 am


*The sun had set a long time ago as Bastet walked silently through the invisible paths of  tombstones with the cat. Their footsteps did not touch the grass underfoot and both silently glided towards their unsaid destination.

The Angel's red irises gleamed like rubies as the moonlight touched them and for a moment Leonidas thought she seemed at peace. Which troubled him.

You are one hundred percent sure that you are ready for this answer?

It was an honest question though he was pretty sure that his companion wasnt ready for the answer she was going to get.*

I am * was her only reply*

*They continued on dodging and weaving the remains of so many lives who had once lived as they did, laughed as they did. Had stories and childhoods as... well he did. He wasnt so sure he could eve rpicture Bastet as being a child. She just existed as time did.*

Here we are *Bastet stopped at a modest looking piece of marble. The breath sucked out of her body as she saw a second stone next to the one marked John Doe. Another female with the same last name. He had married again.

Leonidas looked at the stone with horror as he put two and two together. This was not good.

Maybe he was married before you?

Her eyes looked down to him with a fury he had never witnessed before. Sure he had seen fury in the eyes of his wife, of his enemies but never of a goddess. And one pissed as that.  Without a word he back tracked himself to stand behind her.

Now Bastet... this might not be what it appears. *he knew his words were falling on deaf ears but he was honest to the gods afraid of what was happening to his companion. He could physically see her body heaving in anger. Her irises swirling with hatred and pain. It looked as though actual flames were dancing in her eyes. She was breathing through her mouth with fists clenched tightly beside her body.*

He swore Leonidas. HE SWORE that he loved me. That I was the only one for him. *she turned quickly and looked down. The Greek King who had looked Xerxes in the eyes and spit in them cowered at the violence this woman now possesed.*

How could he do this? How could he take another?

Well, you went to sleep sweet angel? Maybe he thought you were never coming back? You know how mortals are, they have no patience.

HE WAS THE REASON I WENT TO SLEEP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!  HE TOLD ME HE WAS LEAVING TO DIE!!!!! *she was now officially uncontrollable. The only thing Leonidas could do now was prevent her from killing any innocent thing that passed by. *

*Her eyes wide, she looked to the stone marked for her former husband, with a slight push she knocked the heavy stone over, curses flying freely from her mouth. The cat just stood in shock as she began to dig at his grave with her bare hands. He couldnt stand to see her like this. Bastet, please... you dont need to do this....*

He better be dead. This mu*********r better be dead or so help every god in every pantheon I will find him Leonidas. I will find him and kill all he holds dear. Including his precious self and whatever other wife he may have.

*Her hair was tangled, her beautiful hands filled with dirt and yet she continued to dig. Leonidas, did what he could and helped to dig with his paws. Finally, they hit the wooden coffin buried underneath.*

So help this realm, there better be bones in there Leonidas. Or there will be hell to pay.

August 04, 2020 01:40 pm


This is it Leo. *The anger still dancing in her eyes. To Leo, her face looked different, it had taken on the features of a demon. He didn't like it but kept the comment to himself. Familiar or not, some things were just best left unsaid.

Her movements went from borederline manic to now snail's pace, she did not want to really open this but she was now past the point of going back. She had dug a man's grave open with her bare hands. There was no point of return. The cat could sense her trepidation. AS always his words were silent to the air but loud in her mind.

You really don't have to do this. We can just as easily fill this hole, pick up the head stone ... nice kick by the way... and go back home. No one need know.

Her flaming red eyes, full of brimming tears looked pitiful to him.*

I need to know.

*That was all the cat needed to hear. He nodded to his companion and backed up, allowing the Angel to proceed as she wished.

She got down to her knees and bent herself over the coffin. Sure she could lift the lid up with a thought but she decided that she would do it the way he would have, and proceeded to rip it off like a bandaid.*


*The Angel leaned back, kneeling over the open pit, staring for what seemed like long minutes. Her chest was heaving. Leonidas padded over to her and sat himself right beside her, fur against skin. Being a cat now gave him decidedly strong senses and he could smell the pain and anguish coming off of her. All of her answers lay in that empty wooden box. He did the only thing that he could think of to comfort her and rubbed his face along her arm, tail swaying softly behind them.

Bastet unconscuously reached out and stroked the cat's back. She continued to stare silently at the empty contents of the coffin, tears now rolling down her beautiful copper face.*

I... he... he told me he was going off to die. *her words were the softed he had ever heard her speak* That he wanted me to run our sanctuary and ... *she looked down at Leo, tears hitting him on the ear* I couldn't live without him so I just.... just...

Went to sleep?

*she nodded*

What does an undead person who doesnt want to live anymore do?

*He understood her. He had wanted to die many a time but knew it would be futile.

Perhaps you were woken up to see that. That he did not die. Perhaps the universe is bringing you together again?

Bastet shook her head vigorously*

No. No. No. That chapter is over. He lied to me Leo. Not only did he lie to me about dying but he lied to me about being the only creature he loved. He took another.

Maybe you would have done the same?

Again she shook her head. *

Maybe. But I wouldn't have lied and said I would die and then not.

You have a point my Athena.

*She looked at him puzzled.* Your what?

*He laughed. Sorry, Athena. Term of Endearment I gave my wife. Athena was the strongest goddess we had and sometimes when she would do something that she needed to be the strongest she ever was, I would call her that to remind her of just how strong she was. She was my Athena.*

You miss her don't you?

*Leonidas nodded*

Would you have ever done this to her?

*He shook his head. She knew that he never would. No real man ever would have and Leonidas, as feline as he was right now, was more of a man than her Lycan husband was.*

Let's go then. I have no more need to be here. My answer was given.

What are you going to do?

*A smile spread across her face so slow that it sent shivers down the cat's spine*

Oh, we are going to find him, and then put him in this box where he belongs.

Hell hath no fury like an Angel of Death scorned.

*The Angel and the cat both got up and started to walk back down the path.

Don't you want to fill the grave back up? It's going to look suspicious.

Nope. I want it easy to just dump the body in. I'm not breaking another nail for that bastard.

August 10, 2020 05:47 am
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