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Walking Amongst the Living Once More


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It was dark here, darker than she remembered. The streets were always so lit. But that was before. Now it seemed like a ghost town.  That was the curse of being immortal, the scenery stays the same but its the cast that changes.

Perhaps she should go to the Den and see if that was still around? No, that was another lifetime ago, best to leave some things buried in the sand. Like yourself.

Who had called upon her to awaken? She was happy in her dreamless slumber. She did'n't have to think of  him... stop it! He's gone. You are best to face that fact sooner rather than later. That's what had unhinged her savage mind. He left her all that time ago, to do what she didn't know. She had heard whispers that he was still alive, but who knew where? No. He was dead, she knew it. If he were alive he would have found her by now.

Leave him Bas, he is buried with your heart in the cold dead earth.

Still, she had some great times in that place. That's where she had met him, wandering in one night from the cold for a drink. Their eyes met and ... next thing she knew they were married.

It was constant and familiar, things she never knew as a Goddess. People coming in and out every night, staying over for months on end. These people she called her friends. Every once in awhile she would catch a cycle of mortals that enchanted her, intrigued her, and that cycle had it. She would never meet those kinds of people again.

Livia, Malek, Acheron... John, Mackenzie and Jack. Jack! Oh her beloved Jack! He was the twisted psychotic brother she had always wanted. How she missed him so. How she missed them all so.

Bastet walked farther down the streets, weaving in and out of alleys. Not necessarily hiding but not walking in full view. She hadn't decided yet if she would stay or if she would pick up and leave. But someone had called her, and she couldn't leave without at least finding out why, or who.

Her ruby red eyes twinkled with the sparse moonlight that hung in the sky. She would just have to wake this place up again.

July 26, 2020 09:17 pm


What to do, what to do... *she tapped her finger to her bottom lip.

The place was desolate. She remembered such vibrant energy flowing through this realm. Had she really been asleep that long?

Maybe she could go on a killing spree? There was that couple she got her clothing from. That was fun. Her and John would go on maddening killing sprees until they were breathless from laughter.*

STOP! *she hit herself in the head more than once.* STOP SAYING HIS NAME!

*She could feel his essence attached to her. Sure she would kill before she met him. That was her job. This was different though. It's like he was talking to her. As if she could turn around and he would be there. He wanted her to kill for fun like he did. He was getting harder and harder to fight each moment she was awake.*

No. I can't kill. I just got here. What if I kill the person who summoned me? Then I would never know why.

*She sighed through gritted teeth. This place was just so... dead. People kept to themselves and maybe there was a reason for that. A tall red eyed winged demoness walks into a bar and the music would stop.* Nothing friendly looking about me.

Thats the way she liked it. An enigma wrapped in a mystery. Still, it would be nice to talk to someone other than her dead husband's voice in her head.

Ok, killing is out... for now anyway *her eyes peered to the side at the air where she pictured John to be.*  What the hell am I going to do for fun around here until the summoner fesses up?

*Slowly a smile crept across her freshly painted peach lips. Another gift from the lovely couple. An idea was forming in her head. *

July 28, 2020 03:15 pm


*Once again the Angel decided that walking was the best way to go.  It wasnt walking like a person would, it was more like gliding along which allowed her longer distances faster. The car in the driveway would come in handy if she wanted to bring more than one person with her but for now, she liked to "stretch her wings".

It didn't take long for her to get to where she wanted to be. The trees on the outskirts of town looked exactly as she had left them. Unless they had been cut down, the forest was never changing.

Slowly she made her way down the familair path to the place she had sought most in her time here. The path ended and she stood, just staring with that feeling of "home" you get when you have such a place as this.

Her rock.

Many a time she had come and hung herself across this gigantic natural formation to ponder what she needed to. A fight with her husband, a killing gone wrong, a naughty Mehmet, being homesick. This was her safe place, where she could shed the physical form and just be Bastet.

The Angel found herself climbing up the rock and lay across it. It felt soooo good. Her head hung upside down over the side and she could see the water above and the sky below. The waterfall to her left sang its familiar song and she closed her eyes for a moment and smiled.

It felt as though any minute one of her friends would come walking through this path and find her, as they usually knew that she was here when she was upset.

Alas, no one was to come.

She lay there for awhile thinking about what her next steps should be. Should she go out and look for her summoner? Or should she wait for them to find her? Obviously they knew that she was awake , so what was taking so long?

The Goddess was not used to being kept waiting. It was aggrivating.

She sat for awhile longer and then decided that she had laid here long enough. Flipping onto her stomach, legs bent and calves crossed, she took in the sites and allowed the rush of water from the falls to soothe her.

A plan was forming in her brain but she just wasnt one hundred percent sure she was ready for it.

July 31, 2020 07:17 am


*Leonidas appeared from the air next to her. The cat stretched his long and lean body across the remaining surface of the rock and luxuriated in the sun.

I've forgotton the feeling of sun on my face. I've missed it. Too bad there is all this fur to block it.*

I can always shave you. *she laughed, never opening her eyes*

*Leonidas lifted his head and opened his eyes, staring at her. Was she joking? He never knew with her.

No. Thank you.

They lay there for quite some time in silence. Both of them getting used to being in physical form again. It had been a bit longer for the Greek King than for the Angel, but at least she had a more friendly form. After a bout an hourBastet spoke.*

It must be frustrating.


Being in the form of a cat. You are used to being a man and a powerful one. This must be hell for you. And stuck with me at that.

*Leo rolled onto his side and faced her. His amber and green eyes squinting from the sun. She could see his long aqualine nose and he held about him a royalty. He had the size of a cat and the demeanor of a lion.*

Bastet. I find you captivating. You are just like me when I was a human. Determined, focused. It might not be on the winning side, as history will tell you, but you believe in what you believe in and no one can turn you away from it. I chose to be your familiar for just that reason.*
 a butterfly flitted past and the cat momentarily was side tracked by the movement. He would have to work on that.*

You feel as though you are incapable of love, that love is an emotion humans suffer for but you have proven time and again that is not the case.

*Leonidas stretched his front legs and sat up, looking down at the beautful angel beside him*

As for me being a cat? I don't know, I kind of like it. I get to infiltrate all the places you can't walk in to. I get dismissed as "an animal" and secrets are said in front of me. I kind of like it! Could have used this form about two thousand years ago.

*She looked at him for a bit. Digesting all that he just said. He was right . She always pushed emotion aside, thinking herself above such human things, when deep down inside thats all she wanted to be. She had proved that by marrying John. *

You really chose ME?

I really did.


Maybe I am *he laughed* but I always was for a firecracker like you. Why, where were you two thousand years ago when I needed a right hand warrior?

Collecting your souls.

*He knodded and smiled*

Come, it's time for us to go. We have work to do. *he finished stretching and Bastet took note of just how long an animal he was. She stretched her wings as well and the two of them began to gather themselves.*



Thank you.

Anytime. What are familars for?

Come on, I want to buy you a laser pointer. *she gave a belly laugh. Leonidas did not find that amusing, but he gave her credit for the joke and smiled. She had noticed him get distracted by the butterfly.*


August 03, 2020 05:52 am


*The pair walked through the trees from their rock with no destination in mind. Sure, they did have alot of things to take care of until Bastet's summoner made themselves known, but sometimes you need to just take a day.

The Angel and the cat needed to get to know each other more. After all, a familiar is literally a shadow piece of your soul, and shouldn't you know your own soul?*

You think I'm wrong, don't you? *she asked after a time of walking in silence. About what she was wrong the words didn't need to be said. He knew her thoughts, no explaination was needed.

If I told you I did would it matter?

She bit the side of her lip in thought. Did she? Leonidas was the part of her deeper than her own deep thoughts. If he thought she was wrong she should at least take it into consideration.*

It would matter. I can't say I would listen, but I would keep it in mind, I need answers, I need closure.

*I can't fault you for that. I know in your shoes I would probably be just as thick headed. I'm just afraid that you are going to get answers that you don't want.*

Without a doubt I am. But at least it's an answer.

*As they walked, she realized that they were being pulled to the destination she had been talking about. The place where her life here started. The backwoods path to the Den. She continued to walk, knowing where it was as she knew he own shadow. She could sleepwalk there. Leo took in the sights around him, scanning for the threat of any danger around them. Sure, they would never be in any REAL danger as they both could kill with a thought, but it was an old habit he had from his previous life. Danger was as common as breathing.

Bastet stopped short. They stood in front of a broken down wooden two floor building. The windows had been blown out long ago and the door hung from it's hinges, telling them that they were welcomed if they dared.*

This is it. Was it. The place where it all began for me. *she looked at her companion.* Shall we go inside ?

It would. To some degree. I have to say I know what I'm doing is probably going to lead to further pain but I need to know Leo. I need to know for sure.

*The cat knodded in agreement. That was all he could as from her at this point. That she take his advice into considertation. When all was said and done, she answered for herself.

August 06, 2020 11:28 am


*The building had seen better days, that was for sure. The roof had caved in at some points and the moonlight shown through to light the way.

The two of them needed no aritificial light. Preternatural eyes widened, allowing them to seen the unseen as they made their way through thrown and broken furniture.

I would imagine this place looked quite different when you were here?

She nodded, still looking around trying to situate herself as to just where in the old bar she was. The old wooden bar staright ahead, she pointed and they walked towards it.*

This was the bar. Many, many a night I came down from that staircase *she twisted her torso to the left and pointed to a second floor which no longer had steps* and sat right here.

*Leonidas jumped up and sat himself on the bar top, dust floating into the air as he did so.

Odd, that there are no other creatures scampering about. You would think that one would see at least one mouse around here...*

Why, you hungry? *she laughed out loud* I never pegged you for the rodent palate.

*His feline face scrunched up in anger. No! Do not even pretend to mock me like that, although I will tell you when the chips were down in Thermopolae I wouldnt have said "no" to one running by. *his face lightened up. He needed to realize that he wasnt a big warrior anymore with an ego to match but a cat.

I just think it's weird that an abandoned place in the middle of the woods, such as this, isnt over run by creatures.*

You have a point.

*I usually do.*

Could be fledgling vampires, I know they feed on critters until they muster up the nerve for humans. Or maybe the animals sensed us and fled. Either way, my guard is up. Shall we explore some more?

*Sure Athena, I would love a trip down your memory lane. The cat smiled because he meant it and that made the Angel relax and feel more sure that what she is doing was the right thing. Sometimes you have to bust a few doors down to close them for good. *

So, let's see if there are any bottles still back there, shall we? *she grinned*

August 11, 2020 06:29 am
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