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Flying With Bastet


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Sir Stephen

Stephen slipped silently into Bastet's chambers. The circular room was filled with relics the Elder Angel had collected over nearly a millenia. No matter how many times Stephen had been here, he still found himself in awe of its treasures. Almost as much as whenever he saw Bastet. Bastet, her, busy with quill to paper no doubt addressing matters of state, did not notice his presence until he was standing right behind her. The gentle air of his cool breath barely dusting the back of her neck as she sat upright in her chair. He wanted to kiss her but restrained himself. Now was not the time. They had agreed on that. Still, the desire was there. He moved closer to her and could sense her longing as well, although she maintained her bearing far greater than he ever would.

She said nothing, which to him meant everything. His lips touched her right ear gingerly, the tip of his tongue announcing its presence as the breath escaped her lungs.

"It's been too long." he spoke with a whisper breaking the tension that was building.

Both angels returned to the hear and now and set aside their personal desires. Stephen was not on a social call and he reminded himself of that as Bastet stood to face him.

"I pray my lady is fine and healthy this morning" he said with the clean conviction of a professional soldier.

September 08, 2020 03:49 am


*The sound of a familiar voice in the air caused her to freeze. He said that he would not come to her private chambers. He must never be seen to come through the front door. Anger flashed into her red eyes and she was about to open her mouth the yell but that would draw more attention.

With the least amount of movement, she continued to look ahead and put her quill down next to the papers she had been hesitating to sign. She would see what he had to say first. The Angel could not get past the fact that he blatantly did not listen to her. Secretly though, she loved it. *

Yes, it has been a while Steven.

*Bastet's voice was cool though inside she was burning. Her eyes looked into his and everything came to the surface as much as she tried to hide it. Anger... passion... they swirled around and gave her the human sensation of butterflies in her stomach.*

I thought I had said we shouldn't been seen together socially .

September 08, 2020 07:06 am

Sir Stephen

Stephen snapped to attention. It was time to play the dutiful officer to his liege.

"Your highness, I must bring your attention to a disturbance we've noted in the Southern lands of the Realm." he said with military crispness.

"The Southern lands are deserted." Bastet responded questioningly.

"Were deserted" he replied.

He could sense the alarm in her demeanor suddenly. If there was a disturbance, then they had returned.

September 10, 2020 03:01 am


*Highness was the title that he used to address her. He was not here for pleasure. Part of  Bastet was crestfallen, the other part was relieved. Her eyes continued to try and read him but he was so good at blocking her.

She walked over to the window and drew the long white gauze curtain to the side. The Angel had servants to do this for her but she didn't wish to call anyone in just yet. They would be scampering in here soon enough to light the wall sconces. If  Steven wasn't here for fun, then she would take what little time he was offering of himself to her.*

And what is it you propose that I do? *she continued to look out the window. The sky was setting for the evening and red skies at night meant beautiful tomorrows.*

Are they mortals? I could just wipe them out and be done with it.*her distaste for the humans had grown as of late and she was in no mood to deal with their whining and crying. He hadn't answered her fast enough for her liking so she continued to question him.*

Is that all you came here to tell me? *her voice had a heavy mixture of hope and dread.* When is there ever peace in this realm? Someone always has an issue with someone else's breathing. I can't keep trying to keep them in line.

*Bastet's head turned to the side to give him her profile. She couldn't look him in the eyes at the moment.*  I've a mind to just let them wipe themselves out and wash my hands of it.

September 10, 2020 06:11 am

Sir Stephen

He saw the way she looked at him. He wanted nothing more in this world than to pick her up in his arms and carry her off to their hideaway. The place where she was no longer royalty and he was no longer a military officer in love with her. His brow furled as he stealed himself for what he needed to tell her. Placing his hand on hers, he spoke.

"Bastet." he said, forgetting his place for the moment. "It's not mortals. It's THEM"

Bastet looked at him for a moment unaware what he was saying. Then suddenly, the fear gripped her. She moved away from Stephen and turned towards the window on the southside of the room. Slowly she stepped as if pained.

"The Demons." she said. It was not a question.

"It would seem so your highness." Stephen said quickly.

The Demons were back. They who made her Queen of the Green Mountain when they killed her parents and brothers. She had been forced to lead the army of Angels to drive them from the mountain. They had lost so many in the war but had finally succeeded in their mission. The Demons were slaughter at the Battle of Koryti Lake. All gone. Or so they thought.

September 10, 2020 06:29 am


*If the Angel had blood in her veins it would have ran cold at the mention of "THEM". It hadn't registered at first but when it did, Bastet had wished Steven could have taken those words back.

Her chiseled shoulders visibly slumped when he had said it and it looked as though she put on a coat made of lead.*

I had hoped they would never dare come back.

*Her ageless face seemed to finally catch up for the millenia that she had existed but it was a quick flash. Bastet would never have allowed herself to let her guard down to anyone... except Steven. Even then she needed to have a front. He loved her fierce and fiery demeanor and weakness was not something he would tolerate in not just a lover but especially a Queen.

Footsteps glided across her vast library turned office. She perused the shelves of books, looking at each title, her finger sliding across the spines as she went. Bastet was looking for something specific. A sigh of frustration escaped her lips and empty handed she walked back to her General.*

Well *her face tired but determined* We have battled them once before and barely made it out. What did we learn from our shortcomings? Troops, mages, Greek fire? The journals for the first wars were somewhere here but perhaps moved down to the vaults.

We need to destroy them for good this time Steven. I'm in no mood to deal with this every century or so.

September 10, 2020 07:37 am

Sir Stephen

"Them" he thought to himself as he watched his Queen search the shelves. A thousand years ago seemed like yesterday to him now. The battle against the, what did they even call them? Demons? Perhaps, but much worse. Demons looked for weaknesses and exploited them. These things, they wanted to destroy anything and everything.

They moved with a swiftness like the wind. Their entities taking on a sprit form which although weaker, made the Angel's steel weapons useless against them. Close quarters combat was impossible in this state. Their corporeal state was no better. Here the Angels found them at full strength and rage.

Stephen would lead Bastet's army in this endeavor and he knew she would demand a plan. Some sort of strategy. It fell on him to deliver, lover or not. Bastet's allegiance was to the kingdom. If he could not find a way to stop the inevitable onslaught, she would find someone who would.

September 11, 2020 02:45 am


*Bastet had finished talking but Steven had made no move. No word. She studied his face for a minute but he was blocked. Again.  His thoughts might be exactly where hers were at the moment. Thinking about what lay ahead of them and what could be certain death.*

STEVEN! *she snapped and saw his eyes meet hers.

Her chest gave a weary sigh and she moved closer to him. Up until now she had kept an apropriate distance but she could no longer. She stepped close enough to show her concern but far enough to maintain a professional demeanor. Any closer though.

The Angel closed her eyes for a split second and inhaled his scent. He always smelled like honey covered almonds. It was a sweet and musky smell that drove her mad, but not today. Today it comforted her and she knew that no matter what the outcome was, she would be safe with him there.*

I'm only going to ask you this one time. You have this one chance and then after that, I will expect you to stand by my side until the bitter end, and bitter it will be.

I'm giving you the option to turn around and walk away now. Not look back. Start a life somewhere and forget us here in this realm. Leave us and save your life. I... I don't know what I would do if I knew I caused your death.

September 11, 2020 05:46 am

Sir Stephen

He listened to her words and waited for her to finish. She was giving him an option they both knew he would never accept. Her words hung in the air like dust in the morning sunlight. They were light in delivery but heavy in meaning. She finished her words and looked up at him.

Without hesitation, Stephen reached out and pulled her close. His mouth and tongue met hers and both forgot for the moment their stations in life. He kissed her for several minutes, assuring his queen, his love, that he would always be by her side. Drawing away from her, he composed himself once again.

"My Queen, we should begin planning our attack." he said to her as she straightened her hair.

"Attack?" she asked him uncertainly.

"If we wait to defend against their attack, we have already lost the battle."

September 12, 2020 07:32 am


*Her instinct was to slap him for the breach of protocol but in her mind he really broke nothing. There was no one there in the room to see. She knew that he would never have done such a thing if there was.

Bastet also knew that Steven would probably have liked it. She gave a deep sigh and smiled at him.

The Angel thought on his words awhile. The answer he gave was the one that she had wanted and knew in her gut was the one that he would give. It wasn't in his nature to abandon the sinking ship. She wished that she herself could say the same. She was the Queen and if she were anything other than she would have ran if given the choice.*

And how many men are you willing to lead to death? Because that is what you would be doing Steven. An attack just doesn't sit right with me. Anything less than flawlessly executed and we are done as a species. * She moved back to her desk and mindlessly shuffled papers around. Clearly she was thinking of the kiss they just had. *

How reliable is this information? You know it could be a mere game of telephone. Someone sees a squirrel and suddenly we are attacked by demons.

September 13, 2020 07:21 am

Sir Stephen

Stephen reached out with his left hand and in the next instant a skull appeared in it. Not a normal skull though. The brow was protruding and what appeared as tusks, jutted from the bottom row of teeth. Vestigal horns appeared near the top of the head, just above where the forehead would have ended.

"Our scouts found this." he said as he handed her the skull. "It was found laying in a fire. They report that the campsite was in shambles when they found it. I looked like there had been a fight. A vicious one."

Bastet remembered the stories her father once told her about the tribe from beyond the mountains. They fought amongst themselves, often to the death. When that occured, they would honor their dead by burning them at night in a ceremony. They believed that the rest of the tribe absorbed from the flames, the essence of their dead.

The tribe beyond the mountains she would learn years later, were the Demons they had nearly lost everything to. The skull was proof enough. Too many of these skulls she had seen on the battlefields of Ghundaria and Trelenko. All doubt that they were back was erased.

September 14, 2020 02:34 pm


*Bastet held the hideous skull in disbelief. There was no denying they were back. Her stomach became one giant knot twisting and turning with some acid thrown in for measure.  She lifted it up so that it faced her and she gazed into the empty eye sockets. The Angel studied them as if she were reading a crystal ball. Seconds became minutes and at last she broke the gaze and handed the skull back to him.*

I find their ways very intruiging. I did love the stories of ancestor reverence. I wish we did that more here. Now, it's you die, youre buried and thats it. We should learn from them.... *her voice stopped abruptly and her eyes widened.*

THAT'S IT STEPHEN!!!! *she turned around so fast her wings caught a breeze and she momentarily lifted off of the ground.

What it was she didn't say but she was back at the book shelf looking around maniacly.*

Tell me, do you have any recon people? Anyone that can maybe infiltrate? Spies? *she was so excited that she was stuttering. Bastet came back and dropped a heavy book on the desk with a large thud. The pages were old and practically tearing at her light touch*

We can beat them. But... we need to know them. That's the key! We just march in there with weapons and there is no way we can win. But, if we figure out where their weakness is, and they must have them, we lure those bastards into a trap... *her red eyes looked into his, dancing with a blood thirsty excitement*  and we anihate them.

September 15, 2020 05:55 am

Sir Stephen

While she studied the skull, he studied her. Right now every thing to do with their relationship wa a secret. He understood that, deep down he even accepted it. Yet he hated it as well. No one knew him the way she did, his wants and desires, all of it. He had to play the dutiful officer right now, a role he relished. Tonight however, he would come to her like he often did, under cover of darkness.

"THAT'S IT STEPHEN!" she yelled suddenly breaking his train of thought.

"What my lo---liege?" he corrected himself mid-sentence.

Her eyes were ablaze, passion awoken in her. She had a plan.

September 15, 2020 06:06 am


*He wasn't listenening. She knew. Her general was famous for getting lost in his thoughts. Bastet was sure that he was probably thinking of his own plan as she spoke. Stephen was always one step ahead of the game.*

I was saying that we should find a way to get into their village, camp, whatever it is that they live in. See? We have no idea about their HABITS *she emphasised the last word* The books mention nothing. Do they eat? Drink? Sleep? How do they reproduce? Are they biological?

*Her red eyes scanned a page of the book in front of her though she knew they were nothing but accounts of the past war.*

What is the first rule of war? Know your enemy.

And we know nothing of them.

September 16, 2020 05:48 am

Sir Stephen

"The first rule. Yes, know your enemy. But equal to that is the second rule. Know yourself." he told her.

She was anxious to get ahead of this thing and rightfully so. But there had to be some measure to their plan. You can't just decide to infiltrate and do it. They would need intelligence on the enemy. The skies were theirs to rule. The demons were earthbound for the most part. True they could leap to great heights, but the angels had the power of flight and could therefore remain out of reach if they so chose. That would have to be planned first. Intelligence collection from afar. They could then process, exploit, and disseminate it to the team he would put together for the infil.

"My Queen." he spoke again to her. "I will send out an intelligence collection unit so that me may better understand the make up of the Demons. From there we can decide on the structure of the infil team."

"With your permission." he added needlessly.

September 20, 2020 02:22 am
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