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Flying With Bastet


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*Her red eyes continued to gaze upon him as the corner of her mouth curled into a grin. He knew that he needed no permission from her, still, it was nice of him to pretend. Either that or he was being a jackass. Bastet could never tell with him and it drove her mad with desire.*

Of course. You can plan whatever it is you need to do to get this going. I trust your judgement.

*The Angel glided back to her chair and with what looked like little to no movement, she was sitting down looking up at him. Taking the pen back into her hand and pretending she had important things to write, though she had none, Bastet looked to her general with soft eyes.*

In your honest opinion, do you think we even stand a chance? *her voice faltered* Should we even waste the men on a mission? I doubt these vile things would welcome them with open arms. I doubt they would even take them as prisoners. They would kill them and fling their remains over our walls as a warning. *her chest gave a heavy sigh*

No, *she spoke to the air though directed at the Angel beside her* on second thought, keep the men here. We need to think of something else. *She slammed her slender hand down hard on the desk causing the ink to spill all over her papers and her lap*

GOD DAM IT why did this have to happen in my reign?

September 22, 2020 07:25 pm

Sir Stephen

Stephen's hand brushed against the bare part of her back and it had the effect he knew it would. Her breathing slowed and she began to focus again.

"Get it all out now my love. Every doubt you have, let it out. Scream them to me if you have to." he said while kissing the back of her neck. "In a couple of hours you won't be able to. The soldiers will need their Warrior Queen. So let it all out."

Stephen took Bastet by the hand and led her to the bed. She looked as though she was going to protest but he kissed her before she could utter a word. One hand caressed her shoulder as the other unfastened her gown, letting it float to the floor as he pulled her closer and embraced her.

His lips moved to her neck and glided slowly down the front  of her. His wings spread out behind the two of them and she surrendered herself to him. For the time that they made love, she lost herself in him. She was allowed to be a woman again in those moments and not the Queen with a world of troubles on her mind. She knew why he was doing it and therefore did not protest his advances.

He had settled her down again and when he lay there holding her, she thanked him. She now had a kingdom at war to rule, but for just a few minutes more she could lay in his arms.

September 24, 2020 04:21 pm


*She hated herself every single time that she gave into him. He was a weakness of hers. Probably her only one.

Bastet lay next to him trying not to let her brain start to swirl like the tornado it usually was. Stephen had a way of calming her like no one else could.She didn't know if she wanted to thank him or stab him. For the moment she would do the former, if something DID happen to him she would feel horrible. The Angel hated the fact that she loved him, though she would never utter those words to him. To do that would give him a power over her, something she would rather die than admit.

The sun was beginning to set and she wanted to shoo him away before the servants came in to light the torches, but for the moment she couldn't give a damn. She was laying there in a blissful peace that would probably never come again.

War was upon them and this night might be their last together.

She nestled her red hair into his arm and heaved another heavy sigh.*

Let's just lay here until those bastards come and kill us. *he could feel her smile. She slithered her naked body away and kissed his lips lightly before reaching for her gauze dress crumpled on the floor.*

Nah *she turned to him with a gleam in her eyes* On second thought, let's show them how it's done.

September 24, 2020 06:11 pm

Sir Stephen

SHe was alive suddeny as Stephen watched burst from the bed and clothe herself again. SHe was harnessing the passion they had just felt and was focusing it into their collective purpose. Stephen arose himself and began to get dressed while Bastet floated around the chambers.

Fastening his sword and armor he waited for her to finish so she could fill him in on her plan.

September 27, 2020 10:22 am


* As the Angel turned around suddenly, she realized that he was just staring at her. Her arms dropped to their sides and she stood facing him. Bastet opened her mouth to speak and then closed it again.

Silently she walked herself back to the desk and sat down, unfolding the map she had so it spread across the table, she waited for him to walk over.

Through thin lips she spoke.*

I'm babbling, aren't I?

October 01, 2020 06:50 pm

Sir Stephen

Stephen kissed the top of her head and spoke, "No my love, you're not babbling."

Then he lifted the map off the desk and held it aside..

"Take your arm and slide it across the desk knocking the assortment of items to the ground." he told her. "It's the only proper way to produce a map and tell one of your plan."

He smiled as he said and watched as she hesitated briefly before standing and doing as he instructed. She was unable however to contain her laughter as she did it. She then grabbed the map from Stephen and said, "Alright General, let me show you my plan for solving this quagmire we currently find ourselves in!"

Stephen smiled at her then both of them settled in as she began to detail for him her plan. She showed him the avenues of approach the Demons would most likely take. Stephen pointed out where their centers of gravity would be weakest. Then he showed her where they would insert the tactical team to fill in the gaps in intelligence that remained.

"Three days General" she said to him. "We need to know as much as we can in three days."

The timeline was a short one indeed but the team he would assemble was up to the task. His fingers brushed across hers slightly and he watch as she stood more erect, her breasts pushed forward and her breath expelling from her nostrils with a bit more force. Before either of them could speak, there was a loud knock on the chamber door.

"That would be the rest of your council my Queen." He said to her with a slight wink and a smile.

"Let us prepare." she replied.

October 06, 2020 06:32 am

Sir Stephen

Stephen assembled his team and gave them their orders. He purposely left Bastet in the dark so she could not be blamed if the mission failed. It would be his fault and his alone if it came to this.

November 18, 2020 01:30 am


*As time had passed her nerves had grown frayed. There was no news from her privy councel and worst of all Stephen had been avoiding her. Day after day, night after night she would stay awake past normal hours and wait for a messenger or perhaps the General himself. Nothing.

What seemed to be more than a generous amount of time had come and gone and Bastet's anger grew to the beginings of a fury. Walking through her luxurious private room the moonlight caught a glimmer on the wall where a dagger held the map of her lands.

She saw the color red. It was hard for her to believe that nothing was being done while the demons were making their way closer and closer to the center of her world. How could the others, her own guard, take things so blaze. Its because I am a woman. She emphasized the last word in her mind. It sat on her tongue like acid. A curse indeed to this world run by creatures born with swords between their legs. How she loathed them for it. Had she been born one, she would be out there now leading her men to victory. Instead, she was here,  pacing in the literal and figural dark.

Bastet could stand no more. She grabbed the dagger from the wall, letting the map drop to the floor. The Angel turned, allowing her sandlaled feet to tear the map into pieces and made her way across the palace to the rooms which housed her General..

It was easy for her to gain entry. First , the head of her army did not need security. If he did then he would be useless to her. Second, if he DID have guards, the last thing they would do would be to deny their Queen her access. No, nothing was going to stop her.

The large gold doors to his chambers were no match for her foot . With an effortless push from her foot, the heavy doors flew open and she spotted him instantly, hovered over his table, a look of suprise on his face. Bastet stormed across the large room towards him, dagger held out before her pointed at him. *

What the Hades Realm is going on here Stephen. *she didn't care how maniacle she sounded. Her eyes were wide and her breathing fast.* The demons will be here any day, you are just going to let them walk in here and kill us all?

January 10, 2021 06:53 am

Sir Stephen

Stephen looked up at his Queen as she entered. He motioned to those with him to leave the room and they obeyed without hesitation.

"Kill us? No" he said with a reassuring smile. "But I am going to allow them to continue their march towards us."

Bastet looked aghast at that last statement but before she could protest, Stephen beckoned her over to the map laid out upon his table.

"These Xs represent the Demon forces." he said pointing to the map. "Here, here and here. And they are moving in a south western direction according to our reconnaissance unit."

Another quizzical look from Bastet.

"They arrived last night. And before you say anything. You have a Kingdom to run while I have a war to orchestrate. Neither of which can succeed very well if we involve ourselves in the others business."

Bastet relaxed finally. She understood what he meant.

"Do you see this path here?" he continued as he point again to the map. "It goes right through this pass. Between these two mountain ranges we will establish a killbox. This is a chokepoint they can't avoid and it is far enough away from their path of travel that we will have time to set up far in advance of their arrival."

Baste smiled.

"Now, let's discuss that knife. A bit of overkill to remove my clothing don't you think?"

January 12, 2021 02:38 am


*Inside her boiling emotions calmed but outwardly she would never give him the satisfaction. Bastet knew deep down that her anger was unfounded. Her handsome general would never allow them all to perish and she knew it. Her face eventually relaxed and almost produced a smile.

She placed a hand on his shoulder as she leaned over to look at his plan. Breach of her own protocol but then again, she WAS Queen so if anyone COULD break it... it could be her.*


The knife WAS a bit much *she laughed* but I think an overdramatic touch fit for a Ruler, no?

*Bastet made a move and to her own surprise found herself semi seated on his lap. She knew for a fact that no one would dare disturb them seeing the state that she had entered the room. No one in their right mind would dare disturb the Queen and her General during one of their epic battles. Head literally would role, and it was neither one of theirs...*

So, what are you going to do if you catch any prisoners? *she gave a wicked smile*

I think you need to run your torture techniques by me first....

January 20, 2021 06:41 am

Sir Stephen

Stephen kissed his Queen, his love.

"You want prisoners?" he asked her, only half serious.

"You think we shouldn't take any?" she replied in between returning his kiss.

"How many of us do you think they will take prisoner? The fact is, they won't. They will kill all on the battlefield and in a most savage way."

He was unbuttoning her dress now as he continued to speak.

"The demons are not interested in information. They are simply cruel mindless beasts with one common idea driving all of them...our destruction. If we were to interrogate one, all we would learn is that they intend to destroy us. There are no battle plans. When the rage and hate wells up in them so greatly, they march until they are stopped."

Her dress fell to the floor exposing her nude body.

"No, I see no need for prisoners. In this battle I hate to say I find myself leaning towards fighting the demons with their own tactics. Complete anihilation and destruction."

He lifted her on to the table causing items and papers to shuffle around and some to fall to the floor. Deftly removing his armor and approaching her, he made love to Bastet for perhaps the last time.

March 08, 2021 01:50 am


*She always felt horrible after their love making. Not because it was bad, quite the opposite. Bastet loved her general with the same passion as she hated him. He never bowed to her or caved in to her dramatic demands and often times spoiled behavior. It made her frustrated that he would always talk through her tirades as though she werent speaking at all. Drove her mad... with desire.

As she was dressing she watched him do the same. They were silent for no other reason than there was nothing to say. He would be the perfect match for her to rule this land. In her mind every other King they tried to set her up with wanted nothing more than to rule over her and expand their own lands. But Stephen, he loved this land as much as herself. He would rule with its best interests of all involved. If something should happen to her in this war, who would rule? There was no heir. The land would fall into chaos.

I am the Queen dammit. I make the rules. Who dare tells me what i can and cannot think. Only took about a thousand years to figure that out.

Bastet finished putting her clothes on, walked over to him and softly grabbed his arm to make him turn in puzzlement.*

Stephen, I've waited about a dozen years to say this.... but... I'm tired of sneaking around. Pretending that there is nothing between us. I'm sure the whole palace knows, they are washwomen on their best day.

What I'm saying is, there is no one else here in this realm I would want to rule beside me but you. There may not be a tomorrow and if there isn't, I don't want one minute of regret left.

Marry me.

March 14, 2021 07:54 am
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