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The Girl Who Cried Werewolf


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Kayla Holloway

Kayla was much too calm for having received the news. Did Caleb think she was stupid? Geneva had known this for almost as long as he had and she liked to talk. It was close to six years ago that she’d learned the truth from his sister. There were no tears shed over it, she’d hated her father for never telling her the truth about herself. The one thing she regretted was that she had never gotten a chance to tell her parents how she felt about what they had done to her. Her life had taken a much different and dangerous turn when she was forced down the path she had taken.

Even now she was haunted by the memories that crept through of Jonathon’s and Benjamin’s brutal ends. How could a creature that enjoyed death so much exist within her? It wasn’t until years later she had learned that it wasn’t her but instead the nature of the beast inside. She had to learn to suppress it, to protect others and herself. That was the reason she hadn’t called Caleb on his lies years before. If she had then it would have opened the door to go down that path before it was time. She needed that control before she could ever face her sister.

Kayla leaned back, her cerulean hues staying trained on Caleb. She didn’t believe for a moment that he was sorry, only sorry that he’d been caught weaving his web of deceit. Still Kayla knew that he hadn’t done it with malice, even though it benefited him in a lot of ways she knew he’d been thinking of her well being, no matter what she would never believe otherwise. She let out a long drawn out sigh. ”I know.”

He looked confused when she spoke and it caused Kayla to hold a smirk in. She held back a laugh and instead kept the serious look plastered across her face. “Neva told me years ago. She didn’t think you should lie to me or make my decisions for me.” She gave him a pointed look, he had no right to make decisions like that for her. She was sure he understood that now and just how much bigger of an explosion this could have been. It was lucky for him that the wolf funneled all the rage from within her. “Never again, you understand? These aren’t your secrets to keep.” Those words were a warning but at the same time the forgiveness he was seeking.

Now she turned back to the real matter at hand. Her sister’s whereabouts was the one piece of information that she didn’t have, which didn’t surprise her; he must have been tracking Elizabeth’s movements since that time. If she was like Kayla then she would have been on the move every five to ten years. She suddenly had a sinking feeling in her stomach, something he should have told her from the beginning, before they had ever come to London. ”She’s not here is she?” There was a solemn shake of his. She glared at him.

”But I told you I know where she is.” His words weren’t comforting. She stood up and screamed at him, the words she used were not ones that crossed her lips very often. Kayla was angry, there wasn’t anything that he could do to make this better now. The trip from the US to London, just being back in London, and her sister had been someone else the entire time. She didn’t know how he dared to remain in her presence. ”Calm down.” She smacked him, open hands flying at whatever target they met, mostly his face. He put up his hands in an attempt to block her repeated attacks. ”Stop! STOP! She’s in Paris, it’s just…” She didn’t stop. “Kayla, it’s just a train ride away.”

At his last words she stopped mid-swing and looked at him. ”She’d better be. Her gaze didn’t falter as she took a couple steps back and then turned on heel and walked away. She couldn’t deal with him or his lies anymore. She didn’t even believe him when he told her her sister’s actual location. As far as she was concerned every word out of his mouth from this point on was nothing but lies.
February 15, 2021 08:58 am

Caleb Guillory

He put his hands up to block her repeated attempts to thrash him. He deserved it. She was within her right. He was an asshole. That didn’t mean that it still didn’t hurt. His bruises were going to have bruises if she kept it up.

“Stop! STOP! She’s in Paris, it’s just…”

His words were cut off when she didn’t stop. She socked him one really good time right in the lip. He ducked back as he rubbed his now throbbing lip. Kayla was going to kill him before they could ever make it to finding her sister. That wasn’t to do either of them a bit of good.

“Kayla! It’s just a train ride away!”

He flinched again bracing for the next hit to come. When it didn’t he kind of peeked at her, she stood there staring at him. It was like she was daring him to lie to her again, to fill her with false hope. Instead he erred on the side of caution and kept his mouth shut. He could see by the look plastered on her face she wasn’t happy with him, in fact it was bordering hatred. “She’d better be.” Those were Kayla’s last words before she stormed from the room leaving him alone to think about all his fuck ups.

The next morning was no better. Kayla rode in the cab with him, boarded the train with him, and did it all without a word. He had ruined a day that should have been exciting for her, he could only imagine that she thought this was just another lie and she was going along with it to prove what trash he really was. She was wrong, though he was selfish and the idea of all this didn’t sit well with him. The night before he’d gone out and bought their tickets for the next day. Then he’d gone.out for a couple drinks to destress and mostly to keep his distance from Kayla. That wasn’t possible now, she was sitting in the seat right beside his.

“Kay, look…”

He started to speak but stopped when her blue eyes stared at him - or through him. She didn’t look away or say anything, maybe that was a good sign. It could also mean she was just leaving him the shovel to dig himself into deeper shit, he was getting good at it. He couldn’t be sure of Kayla’s mood or feelings so he had to think about everything and be careful what he said.

“Look, I never meant to lie to you about your sister. I just thought you needed some more time to think about if this was the right choice. You’re like family to me and I don’t want to see you get hurt when this doesn’t turn out like you want.”

He had in fact never asked Kayla what she expected to get out of finding her sister. Instead he had assumed that he knew what was best for her again and left her out the decision entirely. If he hadn’t been so dense he might have figured out that was what was wrong with her from the beginning. The lack of consideration he had for Kayla’s thoughts and feelings was momentous and she had at last had enough of his bull shit. He didn’t know how to take it because his little sister hung on his every word and then defied each one behind his back. He had never considered that Kayla might feel different because of their history together. It did occur to him that he should ask her what was wrong exactly but that he guessed that would lead to deeper answers than he wanted so he decided to avoid it all together. It was a bad idea. He realized he’d said something wrong when she turned and gave him that look again.

“It’s not about you Caleb.” Her voice was harsh as she spoke, it was obvious she was pissed. “This was about me finding my sister, making peace with that part of my life. You’re too self absorbed to see that though aren’t you? I need to do this to move on with my life and you act like I’m going somewhere.” She gave a shrug before turning to look out the window. “I really wasn’t before but now… I think you should go back to New Orleans, without me. I’m going back to New York and I don’t want you near me right now.”

He was taken aback by her words. He hadn’t expected her to be excited; he had lied to her but asking for them to be apart when she was just now gaining the control she needed spoke volumes for her feelings about all of this. He couldn’t argue with her, he wouldn’t try to change her mind, if she wanted to be alone that was what he’d give her. He was getting homesick anyhow. He nodded in response to her words but neither of them spoke the rest of the train ride to Paris.
February 17, 2021 10:00 am

Kayla Holloway

She wanted Caleb gone.

All the lies and deceit had become too much for her. Kayla was done. He might not believe what she was saying but she meant it with every fiber of her being. The two of them would travel to Paris together to find Elizabeth and once they were done they would say their goodbyes. Kayla didn’t know how much time she needed away from him or if she ever wanted to see him again at all. That was one of the reasons she needed time away and to be on her own. She was finally at a point where the idea of that was plausible. She could sleep at night and not worry if she might wake up miles from home having eaten some innocent soul.

Kayla needed to know how far she could stretch her wings. She would never find out with Caleb around acting like he was her father. That was not something she needed in her life. He was no longer the kind, supportive man she’d all those years ago. He was strict and treated her like she knew nothing. Kayla felt he’d forgotten that she’d lived decades on her own, she knew what was at risk if she fell off the wagon. The stress he brought would ruin all her progress if she wasn’t careful and she wasn’t about to let that happen.

Twenty-four hours later.

The two of them had ridden on the train in virtual silence. Kayla had asked him to excuse her as she slipped past for the restroom and he had asked what she’d like to drink when he’d gone to the next car. She needed that silence so she didn’t strangle him and leave herself without an escort for Paris. The fact remained that he was the only one who knew exactly where to find Lizzie and he was not coming off that information. He knew that once he did he would be irrelevant and Caleb wasn’t having that.

After what seemed like hours she could finally feel the train pulling to a stop. The anticipation swelled in her chest and for the first time she felt nervous. What was she going to say to Lizzie after all these years? Of course it had occurred to her that Elizaeth might have questions of her own. How was she going to answer if asked why she had never looked before now. Of course she could leave that one to Caleb since he was to blame for that. When the train had stopped Kayla got up, her cerulean hues hardly looking at him as she gathered her things quickly and headed to the door. Caleb trailed after her in silence, it was unfortunate that in a couple minutes she wouldn’t have a choice but to speak to them.

Out on the platform she waited until they reached a bench where she sat her bag down before she turned to him. Blue orbs shot him, a look that could have killed. ”Okay, we’re here. Now tell me where to find my sister.” Serious and straight to the point, it wasn’t really much different than her normal demeanor - excepted this time she was obviously furious with him. It took all her strength not to throttle him again, he deserved so much more than that. In response Caleb looked at her with a sincere attempted look serious but it lasted about twenty seconds before he burst out laughing.

”Kayla, you’re being ridiculous.” There he went with those famous last words again.

She said nothing, offered no sign of what was to come but balled up her fist pulled it back, and swung right at his face. He was quick but not quick enough this time, her punch landed squarely on Caleb’s nose. There were some indecipherable curses from his lips as he grabbed his nose, then blood started to pour. It wouldn’t be his imagination if he noticed the smug smile on her face. He deserved no less than that. She reached into her pocketed and flung her handkerchief at him which he took and pressed up to his nose in an attempt to stop the blood.

”Now, tell me where my sister is. I don’t want to play games with you.”

Caleb grumbled some obscenities under his breath as he grabbed her bag off the bench and started to walk away. ”Let’s just get a cab to take us there. I think we should see her today so I can get out of here as soon as possible.” Now he was getting it. Kayla said nothing else, simply followed him out to the cab. Caleb gave the driver an address as they got in, with a nod the driver pulled off. They were on their way. Kayla was scared and excited at once, she didn’t know what she should expect but her hopes were high. In a few minutes her life would change one way or another.
February 21, 2021 08:02 pm

Caleb Guillory

”Now, tell me where my sister is. I don’t want to play games with you.”

What a bitch.

He wasn’t used to this attitude from Kayla, the truth was he hadn’t really said much to her in the past few days beyond attempting to be helpful. It was clear she wasn’t going to forgive him anytime soon. He didn’t exactly blame her but damn this was making it hard to be around her. He couldn’t get her to her sister if she was going to keep being this aggressive. It did occur to him that she was doing everything in her power to ensure that he would return to New Orleans without her, but she was trying too hard. He had no interest in being near her any longer. She was a liability, the emotional instability he was seeing meant she would offend again and if she returned with him it meant certain death. He didn’t know if he’d be able to stop it this time. For a moment he wondered if he even wanted to.

”Let’s just get a cab to take us there. I think we should see her today so I can get out of here as soon as possible.”

It was clear in his voice that he was growing aggravated with her and the entire situation. The further he got from her the better he would be. He had done all he could to help the wayward wolf and she had to stand on her own now. That might just include facing her sister. He gave the address to the cab driver and it pulled away from the curb. The two of them sat in silence for the entire time it took to arrive in front of a row of houses. There was nothing special about them, brickstone homes that were common in this area of Paris. He reached into his pocket and handed the driver the fare plus a hefty tip. Then he opened the door of the taxi and stopped out onto the curb. He didn’t wait for Kayla to follow, he assumed that she would as he headed up the sidewalk towards the first home.

This was where Kayla would find her sister and where their journey together ended .

Kayla followed him up the path to the door and he stood back. She looked at him expectantly. He gave a slight shrug of his shoulders.

“This was where she was living two years ago. If she’s moved on then I don’t know where she is. I’m sorry if that does not meet the expectations of your highness.”

There was a slight sneer in his voice as he spat those last words at her. Of course he didn’t mean it, he loved her like she was his sister. She’d been far too unforgiving of him when he’d truly been trying to protect her, even if he’d made all the wrong decisions in doing that. Geneva understood when he did things like this, he protected those he loved with all that he could.. Now it was in his head that he could do nothing else for Kayla. The stare from her blue eyes told him everything he needed to know. She was hurt by his words, shocked that he would say that to her. Good. Maybe it was what Kayla needed to accept she wasn’t alone in the world even without finding Elizabeth. He didn’t say anything to her, just gave a gesture to the door. They didn’t have time to sit here and stare at each other on the doorstep.

Kayla gave him a doubtful, sorrowful glance and then stepped forward. Her knock on the door was light, and he was sure it wasn’t heard inside. He growled a bit in annoyance at her timid effort. She’d been so forceful in her insistence this moment came to pass that he had expected more from her. He didn’t wait for her to move out the way, he stepped in front of her and knocked hard.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Inside there was the muffled sound of an English woman and the scuffle of heavy feet towards the door. See, that was all it took. The door opened slightly a few moments later and an older woman with green eyes peeked her head out the door.

“Miss Parker, is she home?”

How did he know that this wasn’t Elizabeth? Of course this woman was older, obviously aging and Elizabeth Vaus did not. The housekeeper (he assumed) stared at him for a moment, then nodded, shut the door and disappeared back inside. A passing glance at Kayla showed fear and disappointment. They didn’t have to wait long though before another, lighter set of footfalls were heard making their way towards the door.
February 25, 2021 12:42 pm

Sienna Parker

Liza woke that morning with a good feeling. For the first time in such a long time. She wasn’t sure if it was the date she had the night before. It was with someone who her mother hadn’t forced on her. With a smile she went to shower and got dressed with the clothes she had laid out before going in. Liza dressed and went into the kitchen. She had taken a cup and poured herself some coffee. She could hear Mrs. Alcott already cleaning what was already clean. The only true cleaning she ever really had to do was once a month. That would be when Liza would bring home her mess if there ever was one. Taking a seat at the table next to her tablet Liza had begun to scroll around to read the morning post and such.

She would read papers and shift to some puzzle games as she would turn on some music. Before she could three bangs were heard at the door. The three bangs on the door almost made Mrs. Alcott jump from her skin. "Who in bloody hell can it be this time of morning?” She shuffled to the door only opening it to see who it could have been. “Can I help you?” she had caution in her voice. Wasn’t like Elizabeth got many visitors on count of her moving very often. “Miss Parker, is she home?” The man's voice sounded as if he didn’t want to be there. Without a word the housekeeper shut the door and went into the kitchen.

“Miss Parker, there are people at the door looking for you. Shall I let them in?” Liza gave her head a shake. “No Mrs. Alcott I will go see who it is.” She was curious at who it could be. With a moment later steel hues open the door and look at the faces standing at her doorstep. "Well you don’t look like the usual post carrier.” The man gave her a familiarity as she had seen him. But living as long as she has many faces all start to look alike. “How can I help you?” Caleb gave her a look of sudden irritation which made Liza lift a brow.

“Can we talk?”

Liza pressed her lips together and opened the door. She gave them a gesture to enter her home. Closing the door behind them she motioned for them to follow her “What is this about?” She asked as they had entered the living room for them to sit. Mrs. Alcott entered behind them "Mrs. Alcott some tea for our guest please.” Her eyes once again falling onto her guest. “So may I ask what this is about?” Her head ever so slightly tilts to the side as her eyes fall on to the woman her brows furrow some. The first thought was she looked just like her but it couldn’t be..
March 06, 2021 07:26 pm

Caleb Guillory

He stared at Elizabeth hard a she opened the door. This was not the reaction he desired from her. This would place doubts in Kayla's head, she'd be second guessing her decision now. The decision he tried repeatedly to sway her from. Inner turmoil could wreck all she'd worked for. He shot Elizabeth a glare as the two of them followed her into the house.

"Mrs. Alcott some tea for our guest."

He took note of her singular usage of the word guest. He didn't even qualify as a person to her now? He said nothing as he intently watched the two women. After a few minutes the silence remained. What were they waiting for? He was going to have to coax the two of them to talk to each other. Damn, women were exhausting.

"Ms. Parker, let me introduce you to your sister Kayla Holloway."

He didn't have time to break the news gently. Beating around the bush never helped anyone. Of course neither women was shocked by this revelation. The similarities between the two was unmistakable and being a slow aging werewolf didn't hurt either. He knew for Kayla the hesitation came from fear of rejection. He couldn't blame her when she was getting a reception like this from the sister who she hadn't seen in decades.

The silence continued for a few more moments, then at last the housekeeper returned with the tea. Finally a reprieve! He was thankful for small favors. Dishes clattered as Mrs. Alcott set up the tea service, for three. This caused him to chuckle aloud, at least she had deemed him person worth offering tea to. He turned to Kayla, he could sense her struggling to find the right words.

"Do you want to leave?"

Despite their bickering he wasn't going to leave her hanging when she was at her most vulnerable. He had seen her go through a lot but this seemed to be tearing her up more than anything before. Kayla shook her head and he gave a simple nod. Taking her hand he led her to the sofa beside where the housekeep had just finished setting up the tea. There he and Elizabeth watched as she busied herself fixing a cup of tea. That's when it occurred to him that Kayla might be avoiding the confrontation that could come from speaking. He didn't blame her. If he was in Elizabeth's position he'd be pretty upset at how things had been left.

He had to do something.

He turned towards Sienna and glared at her again.

"Really? That's it?"

Ever the ass. He acted as if all of this animosity and discomfort wasn't at least partly his fault. Instead of encouraging conversation he turned the blame on Sienna. Whatever she was feeling must compare closely with that of Kayla. He wasn't the kind of guy to sit around and talk about emotions and have a good cry. He just wanted the two of them to get this over with.

The sound of the door shutting as Mrs. Alcott left the room drew his attention and when he turned back he was met with an equally menacing glare from Sienna. There was one small detail he'd forgotten to mention to Kayla, he was done for if she brought it up. This was a mistake as he'd said from the beginning. There would only be loss for Kayla here. She wanted this, he had to remind himself. At least for that he could not be blamed.
March 16, 2021 07:51 pm

Kayla Holloway

”"Really? That's it?"

Kayla’s cerulean orbs traveled to Caleb and then back to Lizzie. She could tell there was some tension between the two of them that she didn’t understand. That’s when something occurred to her….

Her father’s funeral. Elizabeth’s reaction to Caleb’s presence. It all made sense now, they had met before. That’s how Caleb had known where to find Lizzie the entire time. Of course she had been guessing at this before, it’s the reason she was so mad at him but now she was sure of it. She glared at Caleb, the anger at him swelling in her all over again. How did he even dare show his face here with her? He had taken years from her and blamed her for it and now he was trying to turn it around on Elizabeth. She wanted to hit him - kick him - scream at him - but she maintained her composure for once.

Kayla sat in silence as she waited for Elizabeth’s response to Caleb. If she was at all like her older sister then it would not go well for him.

She instead busied herself with fixing herself a cup of tea. Two sugars, two spoons of cream, just as she’d liked it growing up in her parents home. She stirred the tea for a few minutes before raising the cup to her lips and taking a long sip. She closed her eyes and let her mind travel back to those times, much simpler times. It was before she’d learned of her feral nature, before she had even grown into it. She recalled one particular conversation with her mother at tea time when she was just ten.

Kayla’s father had been gone for a few nights, he did this each month and her mother told the girls that he was “on a business trip.” Neither Ella or Lizzie had reason to question their mother’s explanation. So, when she asked this time the same answer was given, but her mother mentioned that in the future Ella would go on these trips with her father. She hadn’t understood what her mother meant then but in this moment it finally hit Kayla. They were going to tell her the entire time. They had just been too late.

She said nothing, that revelation would further complicate things between Elizabeth and herself. Did that make her as bad as Caleb? Probably.

After finishing her cup of tea Kayla placed the cup gently back on the table, her gaze traveling between Lizzie and Caleb again. She needed a bread knife to cut the tension in the room. She honestly didn’t know how to make it better, besides this was all his fault anyways!

”You know, you don’t have to stay.”

Her blue gaze started intently at Caleb. She wondered if he would know it was a test and his response was being gauged ever so carefully. One wrong word and it would tell Kayla all she needed to know and decide their entire relationship going forward. She received the opposite response of what she expected.

Caleb shook his head. ”No, I’ll stay. I wouldn’t leave you alone like that.”

He’d just passed the test and she had been sure he was going to fail. Of course now that created another set of problems, but this was not the time or place to address that. She just nodded her head. ”Fine.” And the awkward silence continued...
March 29, 2021 07:04 pm
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