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Kirsten Hale

Stark white walls.

This was the first thing she saw as blue hues fluttered open. The fluorescent lights made it hard for her to focus on the figure next to her. He was dressed in all white. An angel? No, a doctor. “Wh..wha...wha.” Kirsten tried to utter her question but she felt herself being pulled back into the darkness. She didn’t have the strength to fight it. For now she fell back into a restless slumber.

A few hours later she was jolted awake as a nurse touched her arm. Kirsten grabbed the nurse’s hand and slung it away. Her voice was something of a shrill scream and a sob mixed together. “G..get aw..way from me!” The look of doubt plastered across her fair features couldn’t be mistaken, she was frightened.

The nurse seemingly irked by her actions gave a shake of her head. “Calm down. We just need some blood.” As the nurse reached for her again Kirsten clambered back sending herself plunging over the side of the bed onto the floor. This time she found her voice. “No! I said stay away from me!” Though she was forceful in her words it did not stop the nurse from hitting the call button. “I need some help in room 201.”

Mere seconds later another nurse entered the room. She scrambled behind the chair that was at the side of the bed. Blue orbs shot daggers at this new woman as though daring her to come near. Kirsten was ready for a fight. This woman’s voice had a bit of a sing-song tone as she spoke. “Come on now, we’re just trying to help you.” Her words were not persuasive. She was so focused on this new nurse that she noticed too late when the first nurse lunged for her. She attempted to pull herself away but wasn't quick enough. "No! No!" She flailed. Then she felt the needle sink in the side of her neck and everything went black.

Two weeks later.

”Kirsten Elisabeth Hale.”

“Los Angeles native.”

“Twenty-five years old.”

“My parents were Brianna and Andrew Hale. They were killed in a car accident a month ago. I was with them and the only survivor.”

She was told to repeat these things over and over. Facts about her life, the nurse called them. The doctor said it might help her remember something. Her memories continued to elude her. Even in her fog Kirsten knew something wasn't right. There was a reason she couldn't remember, none of that was the truth. She didn't know what she had forgotten but she was certain none of that was it.

"I want to get out of here." She demanded of the next nurse she saw. "I don't belong here." One doubtful look told the story. Though they thought she wasn't listening she heard all that hospital staff spoke of. The medicine she was on made her unstable. She was having religious delusions. Her behavior was too erratic to discuss release at this time.

"Don't worry, you're going home soon." It seemed the nurse offered this as a consolation prize of some sort. Could it be that they thought she was that clueless? She was as sharp as anyone who couldn't remember their past could be. "Just tell the truth!" Anger rose in her voice as she snapped at the nurse. She was tired of these people telling her lies!

Without warning Kirsten sailed towards the nurse clawing at her neck. "I'm leaving here and it's happening today!" She stopped herself and removed her hands from the woman's neck. "Get the doctor. I don't care what you say! I want to leave here today!"

The nurse stumbled out of the room faster than expected. To get the doctor? To get security? Life's full of surprises.
September 23, 2020 08:11 pm

Kirsten Hale

A few moments later the nurse returned. This time she had a giant in tow, security. If that's how she wanted to play it Kirsten was game.

Cerulean orbs gazed at the two of them and mock innocence. She had a plan.

"Now let's see if you're so cheeky." behind her Kirsten felt two arms wrapped tightly around her locking her arms at her side then the nurse came towards her with another syringe. "!" Houston's voice was frantic as she tried desperately to wrench herself from his grasp.

Her legs thrashed widely in search of a target. The security guard struggled to hang on to her. Her feet met with the nurse's chest and sending the syringe across the room and the woman into the floor.

The security guard looked befuddled by what he was witnessing. for just a moment he released his hold on Kristen slightly. She felt that and she tore herself from his arms landing on her side with the thump. Instantly she was on her feet and running, stumbling really. She had to get away.

She scampered out the room quickly she knew she wouldn't get a second chance at this. the hallway was long and the same glowing white as her hospital room. At one end three nurses were mingling far too engrossed in their conversation to worry about her and that the other end a single woman staring off into nowhere. She studied her surroundings for a moment then shot down the hall.

Past the woman.

Around the corner.

She heard the call button buzz, some shuffling about, and then some aggravated groans. She saw the security guard coming around the corner not far behind her. Time was up! She quickened her pace.

Dodge a meal cart.

Weave her way through the visitors.

Then there it was her Emerald City at the end of the road, the elevator. "Hold the door!" She called. She was at a full Gallup now. She drove through the doors and collided with someone inside. "God damn it!" And unhappy woman exclaimed. She would have to deal with that momentarily.

She turned just in time to see the security guards face disappear behind the elevator doors. She made it!

"Get off of me!" The woman huffed. Her attention was drawn back to the pileup. She drew back and stood up. "Oh! Sorry!" She steadied herself before offering the lady a hand. "I'm sorry. I uh..." what sort of excuse could she come up with for this trampling? She had nothing.

"Never mind!" taking a harder look for the first time she noticed that the woman was also a patient. One who was also in the elevator. "I know what you were doing, I just don't know why you had to do it here!" she sighed. "Now you'll get us both caught!" The elevator dinged, they were at the ground floor. "This is my stop!" The woman bounded out the elevator without another word. Kirsten guessed it was her stop as well, she followed after the patient. It seemed this woman knew something she didn't, she was going to find out what.

September 25, 2020 12:38 pm

Kirsten Hale

Dash past the intake desk.

Stumble down a musty hallway.

Into a broom closet?

Was this an escape or was she about to be murdered? For a moment she had a small tinge of regret for following. Glancing over her shoulder for a second she made sure no one followed them. Then she ducked behind the other woman into the closet. The door shut just a smidge too loud and her head whipped around “Shut up!” The other woman hissed giving Kirsten a glare that would put Medusa to shame.

“S.sorry.” She was no meek little sheep but this woman terrified her. “Ava.” Her voice dripped with discontent as she gave her name. Kirsten could tell that Ava was unhappy about her presence here. Too late, she was invested in this now. Besides, she wasn’t going back out that door to be caught and dragged kicking and screaming back to her room. If she wasn’t headed to the psych ward before she was now!

“I’m Kirsten.” That wasn’t her actual name, but it seemed the better option than explaining everything to Ava. “What are we doing here?”

“Don’t ask me questions, YOU followed me.” She wasn’t imagining the exasperation that clung to each word. Ava ignored her and began shuffling through the things in the closet. Kirsten stood there awkwardly. She couldn’t help because she didn’t know what they were looking for and she didn’t want to be reprimanded for asking something else. She would have to follow whatever pace this was..

“Ah-ha!” A loud thud followed as Ava shoved a box off the bottom shelf. She leaned over and popped the box open. Inside was a mountain of random clothes, the lost and found. Now things were starting to make sense. Of course it wouldn’t be possible to prance out the hospital in a gown. She watched as Ava dug through the pulling different things out and tossing the ones that didn’t interest her everywhere. She flung a sweatshirt at Kirsten. “Look, I got you this far. I am not going to dress you too!”

Of course it seemed Kirsten was incompetent, without Ava she’d be sedated up in her room. “Right.” She grabbed a pair of sweatpants and pulled them on, then forced the sweat shirt over her matted blonde locks. Several minutes later the two of them were both dressed. Now it was time for a mad dash. “Check to make sure no one is coming.” Ava commanded. Kirsten opened the door and peered one way then the other. “No one.”

Bound the opposite way down the haul.

Burst out the emergency door.

Listen to the alarm buzz. Why did they go this way if there was an alarm?

Dive into the dumpster.

These were the steps to freedom, no one ever said it wouldn’t be messy. Ava shoved Kirsten’s head further down into the garbage and threw more waste on top of her. She was pretty sure there might be something leaking into her hair. Then Ava let the contents of the dumpster engulf her.

A few minutes later there were heavy steps upon the pavement. The buzz of a radio was heard, a beep. “There’s no one out here. Just some kids messing around.” It was the security guard from upstairs. Kirsten was motionless as he leaned over to look inside the dumpster. She held her breath. Though she was completely blanketed in the trash she worried that he might find her. A second later his feet scuffled on the pavement as he headed back inside, the door closed, and the alarm stopped. She felt relief was over her.

More than thirty-minutes passed and the two of them remained in their positions. It was like there was a silent agreement between the two women now. Neither of them wanted to go back upstairs. Finally, she felt Ava begin to climb out and she followed. Once on the ground her hands went to her hair, soaked with some sort of foul smelling liquid. From hospital patient to homeless in an hour, not bad.

Now she noticed Ava’s emerald gaze trained upon her. She couldn’t tell what the woman was thinking. “Look, you’re too much trouble. I got you out, now leave me alone!” Before she could make an argument for herself Ava was leaving. But she didn’t know Los Angeles, she couldn’t be alone! Not yet.

The hospital wanted her to think she was mad, she wasn’t going to fall for that. She didn’t know Ava’s story and she didn’t care. For now Kirsten felt she was better off sticking with her. “Hey! Stop!” Ava paused but didn’t turn. “No way, we’re in this together. Besides.. I don’t know anything about Los Angeles.” So much for being native. Ava sighed, “Whatever, but don’t get in my way and I’m in charge!” She didn't argue. For now they needed each other.
September 27, 2020 09:51 pm

Kirsten Hale

A dumpster.

Couldn't believe they hit in a dumpster.

They both stank.

A few hours had passed and they were still walking. it seemed like they were on an aimless path. She was beginning to wonder if Ava even knew where they were going. Was following her a wise decision?

Block after block they plotted on. Ava seemed constantly to be looking for something. Down allies then back onto the street. Some of the people they passed wrinkled their noses and disgust at the older they gave off. One or both of them reaked of spoiled milk and onion soup. One man stop them and handed a few dollars to Ava. He thought they were homeless. Not far from the truth.

Finally they stopped. Kirsten looked up her face and her face went cold when she saw where they were. The sign read: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Though she couldn't say why the thought of going inside filled her with dread. The panic-stricken gaze on her features did not escape Ava. A set aside semper cross the other woman's face. "Is something wrong?" Then she leaned over and whispered something into Kirsten's ear. If someone were standing near they would have heard a single word, "Sister." Her only response was a look of disbelief.

Kirsten Elizabeth Hale.

Los Angeles native.

Twenty-five years old.

Daughter of Brianna and Andrew Hale.

It was all a lie.

It took a few minutes before she regained her ability to speak. It was a shock that most do not experience in their "No, you're wrong." Of course protest came first. She wanted so valid to believe she was normal. The truth was she had known from the moment she woke up something was off.

There was a shake of Ava's head but she didn't say anything. the real question was how did ava, a stranger she known for few hour know this?

There was no time to ask questions. A car pulled up in front of them. Ava snatched Kirsten's hand open the door and pulled both of them inside. She didn't resist, she needed answers and Ava was the only one who could give them to her.
September 29, 2020 12:42 pm
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