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Black Masquerade

The Empress in Emerald ~ An Enchanting Autumn

A small, cold, wet snout pressed into the skin at her neck, burying beneath her braided copper locks. The red fox, a fresh addition to her brood, settled against her chest and in her arms as she awaited her turn to enter the Masquerade. His fur smelled of cinnamon and chai, which paired perfectly with her perfume reminiscent of caramel and cocoa. The mask of preserved maple leaves hid her eyes as she peered down at the emerald gown adorning her form. She has chosen this one specifically as it reminded her of the rich forests of the north, just before the leaves of the wild oaks and bold aspens changed between red, orange and yellow, the smell of campfires and the crisp chill of autumn looming. That was how she felt now; crisp, everchanging and ready let go to enjoy the evening with those she considered her closest friends.

She stepped inside of the obsidian den, gaze perusing the preparations laid. The small fireball on her shoulder peeked around at the other guests, tail whipping up and twining around the gnarled black and gold horns attached to the carnelian crown set atop her head. She made her way across the dark floor, heels clicking as they do, after having caught a glance of those she expected. She made way directly to them, the accompanying Spring, the bright to her dark, and Summer, warm to her cool. They looked spectacular and all they needed now was Winter and the spell would be complete.

"Bonsoir, monsieur & mademoiselle. This is Atlas. He's accepted his role in making my costume, well, a costume, as well as becoming a part of our little family." She grinned at her friends and continued to run her fingers over Atlas's soft fur.

Raffle Ticket #17
October 20, 2020 01:45 am

Black Masquerade

The Countess in Bone ~ A Windswept Winter

Winter watched quietly, as winters often do.

Spring arrived in glorious bloom while hiding biting thorns. Summer slid in after her, leaving scorch marks on the floor. Then Autumn drifted through the room, sweet and spice scenting the air. And here, there was a subtle pause. Suspension brought by Autumn's glide, wherein Winter waited, watching still that fading light.

At long last, perhaps too soon, a chill breeze swept into the room - weeping Winter's first snowfall fluttering through the doorway following that chilling creature as it moved. Or did not move but blew softly past the guests in their glamorous and gleeful, in some cases unnerving, attire. Winter could not judge the strange and deranged, could not judge what she was. What she had become. Instead, she would appreciate those oddities among beauty. Those many curiosities.

Sheer white silk and swirling lace draped and layered across Winter's form, crystalline dewdrops sparkling darkly in the orange lava glow of the room. A white stag mask covered the upper half of her face, horns curling outward, catching on wisps of ice-white hair. There was a peculiar sensation that came with her passing, a cold and disconcerting, hollowing experience. And with it perhaps the mistaken notion that the silk flowing looked like reaching, ghostly hands.

Then it was over. Gone as quickly as she came into the room, Winter had moved on to stand at a table where the others had gathered. Taking her place beside Autumn, her head tilted slightly to the side, looking down the line of them. The evening promised to be very interesting. And Winter, as they often do, would watch on – quietly.

Raffle Ticket #18
October 20, 2020 01:46 am

Black Masquerade

Spicy Disaster

This one definitely left being a hot mess behind and went straight for a spicy disaster.

Not a pretty sight to behold and certainly not a frightful one to endure; not like the costumes that could be seen while she let the bouncers do their job, one of which was not going to be taking the bottle of booze that had her hand wrapped around it.

Sure, there was plenty to drink here.

But this one was special.

Nah, not really. She was just not in the mood for wasting the precious alcohol.

“It’s part of my costume. I promise.”

There would be a forced grin, practically showing her molars which, really, it turned that grin into a grimace but whatever; no one really could tell beneath the dripping magma that was her mask. Lava, yes, this was her costume. No one would ever think she’d show up looking like she was wearing some kid’s fourth grade science fair project; but that was what happened, though, we’re not exactly sure how it happened.

And the rest of this absolute tragedy.

A white shirt covered in lava that completely was obscuring what was supposed to be Mount Vesuvius on the touristy type tee; the spiciness, around her neck wouldn’t be missed either. A necklace of Jalapeños that was more suited for a Cinco de Mayo celebration than for Halloween, well, that was all the seasoning that was needed to turn this from a really big mess into... a party kind of mess.

Or maybe that was the bottle vodka clutched between delicate fingers. Who knows?

The rest of the ensemble was just as bad; tatty jogging pants, bunny slippers that had seen better days, and hair that probably had a squirrel living in it, yeah, she was a definitely a disaster. That walking catastrophe would edge around the people, not speaking (her mouth was busy gulping away at her alcohol anyway), only to move toward an uncrowded corner that she could prop herself up in.

Such a party goer.

Raffle Ticket #19
October 20, 2020 10:09 am

Black Masquerade

Grady Twin One

She had to stop herself from snickering at the pout on her sister’s face; but it wouldn’t last very long because before she knew it the hand that was clasped in her own was tugging her through the other partygoers and to the bar. Twin One would try and practice her blank stare, creepily tilting her head from side to side as she waited for her sister to order her drink; her own pout slowly slipping upon unpainted face before blue eyes tilted toward the menu.


Choices. So many choices.

“Sooooo much stuff. How on earth can I choose, Sissy?”

She could start with something savory; the steak frites and the bloody bruschetta certainly sounded like a great beginning to the evening. But, considering she did love the sweets, the desserts kept pulling her eyes toward them and her twin’s choice did sound good as far as drinks went, although, after meeting so many different kinds of creatures, she had to wonder how exactly they extracted the zombie slime to make it.

She did the one thing she thought would make the night a lot easier.

“One of everything, please!” With a tilt to a full mouth, she decided that they should probably take a seat if she were to eat everything she had just ordered.

She would share with her sister, of course. Mostly.

She’d at least keep her hand locked with her twin and she searched for a spot they could enjoy the festivities in; while stuffing their faces and getting absolutely trashed.
October 20, 2020 10:09 am

Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~

She appeared infront of the entrance way to the part and slowly enters then room. She gazes around and nods at the hostess of the part. With that she gazes around the room " Dark greetings all." She spoke her voice was dark and demonic sounded heading over to grab a drink " So many wonderful costums." She spoke softly to herself slightly moving her mask to drink once she reserves her order. The reaper watchs everyone she wonder who all was here but like was a myster for now. Today she plan to enjoy herself and forget about any problems in the world. She lean against the bar her fingers runing against her syth sliding her other hand up making sure she was well hidden from the work. The reaper then forms an skull in her other hand and starts to toy around with it while she decided on what she wanted to do. She thought to herself " God when was the last time i was actually at a party.... Not going to lie iam starting to feel old... I should go to or have more parties now that i think of it." She couldnt help but laugh at herself knowing she really needs to get out more. 

Raffle Ticket #20

October 20, 2020 02:40 pm

Black Masquerade

-:The Grim Reaper:-

He saw the female version of him walk in and go to the bar. He then walks over and kisses her. "About time you showed up I was beginning to wonder if I was gonna have to do this alone." He smiled and winks at her. He looks to the bartender and ordered a round of Zombie shots for everyone around the bar. He had the money why not use it.
October 20, 2020 04:03 pm

Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~


She smirks looking at him " Now did you think i was going to let you have all the fun with out me?"She leans over giving him a kiss on the cheek " I said i would come just needed to figuer a few things out before i did so." She takes her drink and nods at the bartender " Thank you." Then gazes at him with a smile " Thank you for the drink darling." Taken a sip of it and enjoying her time " So many wonderful costumes dont you think? Iam glade i made my own hehe mother always said i was good with the sawing machine." She looks around feeling slightly out of place  "Iv never been to one of these what else is there to do?"

October 20, 2020 04:13 pm

Black Masquerade

-:The Grim Reaper:-

"I am not sure my dear. This is the first one I have been too as well. Maybe we can dance in a little bit but for now I was just sitting here wondering the same thing. I just sit back and see all the nice costumes that are coming in. I know we should mingle and dance soon so I don't get drunk."
October 20, 2020 04:24 pm

Black Masquerade

Harley Quinn

Siting in front of her vanity, the young woman pulled her long tresses back to expose the soft pink tones of her face. Gingerly, she applied pale white foundation over her skin. Spreading it up and back to the hair lines. Each step, she took was to be precise and to the point of the transformation. The blending in was a work of art that she couldn’t believe that for once, she was following through with it. Earlier during the day, she had worked on her hair with a solution that was only temporary; changing her long dark tresses from a dark color to almost a platinum blonde.

Fingertips lightly touch the top of one container as she decides on which tint of red that would work perfectly with her costume. She applied the blood red tint over lips, stopping to look at the picture before smudging just a tad bit of red, more like smearing it. Next was the eye makeup, trying to duplicate what the actress Margot Robbie looked like as the character within the films. Pausing, her lips curled into that wicked smile before breaking out laughing. ”This is too much but I hope it works.”.

Makeup was complete including the tiny black heart on her cheek, she stood up while finishing placing her hair into two distinct ponytails. One end of one was blue while the other was a faint red. Shaking her head slightly before turning away from the mirror to get dressed. That would be a feat to dress and then leave for the party.

Siting down in a chair, she begin to pulling on a pair of fishnet tights before tugging on a pair of short black biker shorts. She was not too sure she wanted to walk out with her arse cheeks hanging out but that was part of the costume. Not too long after, she pulled the trademarked shirt of “Daddy’s Little Monster over her head and secured the knot in the back. She slipped on the rest of the décor of gloves, belt and shoes. Then the last thing she picked up was the over sized hammer named “Beatrice” that had a smiley face on one head and a frowny face on the other. Of course, she had to name it the same as the original to pull the charade off.

Moments later, she was at the front entrance of the Blackheart Masquerade. Stepping in, she began to walk towards the crowd, carefully glancing around to see who was there or if she could even guess who anyone was. The oversized hammer was slung over her shoulder somewhat as she walked amongst the ones who was gathered. Each step she made; the shorts felt as though they were crawling further up. It was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The clothing, makeup and the attitude was what made the character.

Raffle Ticket #21
October 20, 2020 04:26 pm

Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~


" Yeah we should mingle and dance... Actually dancing sound fun wanna dance when we are done with our drinks?" She looks over at him with a smile before leaning over and whispers " That is you dont wanna to keep away from me." She giggles teasing him playfully " Unless you do wanna be away from me." She crosses her arms waiting to see his respond to her. Now that she had put him in the hot seat she wanted to be playful. This was a party after all so why not enjoy it her way. She finish her drink and places the glass down giving him a wink she walks over to the dance floor. The music was enjoy and she could enjoy dancing to it while she started to move her body to the beat.

October 20, 2020 06:51 pm

Black Masquerade

-:The Grim Reaper:-

He shakes his head and watches her. He tilted his head and watched her out on the dance floor for the moment. After finishing his drink he walks out to her and puts his hands on her waist and starts to dance. "You know the rules but you are right, right now I don't want to be away from you I wanna dance." He starts to dance to the music with her in his arms. He spins her around the floor and laughs.
October 20, 2020 07:12 pm

Black Masquerade

~Female Grim Reaper~


She smirks and giggles feeling him grabbing her for a dance " Maybe so but that does not mean i can not tease you now can i?" She grins at him and wraps her arms around his neck " After all this is tenicly a date." She winks at him " Also i will always tease you so make sure you remember that." She laughs dancing with him and enjoying herself as well as the dancing. Her arms wrap around his neck  while they dance and enjoy this time.
October 20, 2020 07:39 pm

Black Masquerade

The Hostess

After a little while and some more people showing up, The Hostess decided to run the first raffle. Taking the microphone once more, her voice came across the speakers.

"Alright everyone, the first winner of 1000BM has been chosen! Raffle ticket #15. The Lady in Lavender is our lucky winner! No need to do anything, dear, the money will be wired to you directly!

"Congratulations! I will pull another name again in a little while!"

((OOC: Just in case it isn't clear, I (River) am editing your first posts with a raffle ticket number. If you're posting new, you don't need to add a raffle number. I will do this. Please check your first post for your raffle number and keep it handy!

Generator proof:
October 20, 2020 08:18 pm

Black Masquerade

Harley Quinn

Harley’s gaze followed the Hostess, wondering what was going. Yes, she was slipped a piece of paper… a raffle ticket with the #21 on it. Taking a deep breath, she let it out slowly. As the Hostess called out the winning number, Harley glanced down to her ticket then back around to see won the first prize. She spied the winner of round one, using “Beatrice”, she tapped it on the table top a few times. It was her way of acknowledging a congratulations. ”Oh well, better next time.”

She swung the oversized hammer back over her shoulder while walking within the direction of the bar. Stopping within her tracks, she glanced up to the bartender ”Have you seen my puddin’? Of course he’s Mr. J. The Crown Prince of Crime.” Her eyes blinked a couple of times while waiting for a response. ”Oh well, Mr. J must be running late. While I’m waiting, Beatrice will have a Velvet Hammer and I will have … mmhmm I will take some Zombie Slime Shooters.”
October 20, 2020 08:41 pm

Black Masquerade

The Lady in Lavender ~ A Blossoming Spring

Slender, pink manicured fingers look down at the digit written in elegant script on the paper she holds. Before the number of the prize can register, the butterflies upon her shoulders take flight, fluttering with joy before settling once again. Sparkling orbs dance in delight and she makes a gracious bow to the Hostess, acknowledging her gratitude at the unexpected winning.

The sound of tapping upon a table is startling, at first. Quickly however, she understands the recognition from the lovely woman with pale colored hair. Spring finds herself appreciating the tinting upon the ends of those locks. It reminds her that there shall be eggs to dye soon and hide on lawns for the young ones to find. A soft breeze wafts across the room, carrying with it the fragrance of freshly cut grass and she smiles as the woman of two tones makes her way to the bar, pigtails gently bobbing.

October 20, 2020 10:59 pm
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