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Ireland, now my last gig….. November 7th and I arrive in Dublin and I have to wait, of course.  After dealing with the whole COVID thing, I’m allowed to leave.  Thank god I didn’t have to do that 2 week thing, that would have sucked rocks.  It’s November 14th, 5am and I am immediately carted off the Killarney, that Park, the area with that old old bridge, you know the one I’m talking about.  Anyway, they want sets with the sun rising…ugh, 5 am.  The fashions are cool, but they straighten my hair, haven’t had that done since high school.  Set after set after set, hours later, they finally get me to my apartment, flat??? I think is what they called it, somewhere close to a place called Limmerick.  Sorry if I spelled that wrong. 

I sleep till the afternoon hours, gotta love jet lag, wake up and it’s off to a sunset shoot on one of the coasts, I think we went north.  Time to freeze my butt off.  Water sets, surfing sets (that board sucked by the way) and it’s back to that flat but not to stay and relax, oh no….off to dinner, somewhere.  I’ve no clue where this was, I’m exhausted; just wanted to get to a bed and sleep. That never happened either.  Couple hours later it’s a night time shoot in front of the Castle Limmerick.  Okay, I admit, that was pretty sweet.

The following day more shoots, started early in the morning again and we went everywhere.  I can’t tell you the names of the places we went, one set right after another.  I get taken to this bar ….this is where things get fuzzy because my next solid recollection was waking up, groggy as h*ll, there’s no sunlight and I can barely pull any energy from the earth….I figure I am screwed.

By the time I get out from that box and the dirt, I find out I’m back in Los Angeles in a grave yard again; there’s my Dad waiting for me.  I tell him man I was want the sun to come up, warm up and get myself back to where I’m supposed to be.  He gets me back home, luckily for me my house if partly in his name too.  At least I don’t lose that ever.  I immediately text up Airmid, told her that I will be back in Ireland in a couple days, gotta get everything back apparently.  I don’t know what happened, it was supposed to be just go to the bar/pub/whatever it’s called, grab some dinner, have a pint and then bed; yeah right. I head off to the john and this obvious vampire decided to drink my blood ….and jeez he wreaked.  He was on something, acted like those guys on crack alongside the over pass here at home.  Then my world went black and it’s now November 17th, for about 15 more minutes anyway and I am still exhausted.

I call up manager and told him right off the bat that I am retiring from the model business, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, I’m done.  I’m going to go back to designing surfboards, maybe write a couple songs, who knows.  But this surfer boy is done, time to live my life now, not the cameras, think I’ll grow a mustache, maybe a beard ……I’ll think about that later.

November 18, 2020 03:02 am


UGH!!!  What a pain in the ....nevermind.  My father is a genius, he kept copies of all my ID and such, but it's going to take another couple days to get everything back to me, d*mn it all, I wanted to be back in Ireland already!  Dad keeps telling me patience boy patience....bleh.  Mom would tell me the same, true so yeah, thanks Dad for helping me keep my head screwed on straight.   "You must really want to get together with this young lady.", he said to me earlier, uh ya think? 

Anyway....hopefully it will only take a couple more days, though if it's any longer, I will freak!

November 19, 2020 10:34 pm


Okay, step one done; since my contract went away due to this "dying" incident, I am now free. My modeling career done. 20 years was enough anyway. I received my final payment, next I need to find me a house in Ireland. I'm going to keep the one in LA, the waves are too sweet to give it up. Dad promised to look after things with it for me, after all it's my family's house, it was my folks that moved out.
I'm already sketching out designs for new boards, skins for old ones... honestly I don't need to do this but hey what the h*ll right? It's a fun business, gotta keep a little busy.
So, my lady gifted me this Wolf pendant.. let me tell you, this is one necklace I'm not taking off, ever. What I did finally take off though is my wedding ring. Dad buried it with her last night. Can't believe it's been so long, but now with my Irish Blossom, I'm ready for this.
November 21, 2020 12:27 pm


I can't wait to tell her!  I bought this gorgeous house on the cliffside of White Rock in Portrush, Londonderry County...that and I bought a surfshop that is also a surfing incredibly sweet!  There is some work to be done but it really is a fantastic house.  It's happening, it's really happening.  They've put aa rush on my Visa, it's one of those extended ones since I now own a house and business and in a couple years, I can apply for duel citizenship.  Yes!  My Irish Blossom will be so surprised or at least I hope so.  I wonder if she already knows, she is after all an amazing lady......hmmmmmm.

Dad said to pack a large suitcase, and my carryon, he will send what I will need and want two packages at a time.  I am cool with that.  All that I am now waiting for is that Extended Visa, I've already my ONE WAY ticket to Dublin, then onward from there to my new home.  I've got so much to learn over there; like how to drive within their laws and how they're dealing with COVID ....probably similar to here which is a good thing.  This is going to be an exciting adventure, moving onto the next chapter in my life.

November 25, 2020 01:55 am

Airmid Boru

To  Cali Surfer Boy

From  Irish  blossom

Any news   for  here that I should  know of  . Hows  that  Visa  coming  along?  Let me  know if  it needs a   bigger nudge  so  to  say to g et  to  you .  AsI said to  you its good to  know  people here  that  you  do.

@  Airmid  knew  what  he  was   getting or looking in to  she  just wanted to  know  how  far along  things  were.  She   was  betting  he  arrive  first in  Dublin before  any where  else.  Dublin was  republic  of  Ireland  but   she  make  sure if  things were needed  that  she  set  them  in motion now rather  then  last miniute. 

Covid  was  an  issue  but   that  was  for  now  only  til  Dec 4th  the resrictions   but   masks  were  manditory  if  you   were out in  public  and  so  was  the  6ft  social  distancing  thing  but  that  wasn  all  that  bad  for  any one  and  she   knew  they  were  doing that  in  the  states as  well. @

November 26, 2020 06:45 pm


Adrian's bags that he was taking were all set to go, he was going through his checklist with his Dad to make sure everything got done. 

All Utilities  names changed over?  Check

Funds tranferred to new bank? Check ...."Adrian, do not forget your International Driver's license."

"Got it Dad, but thanks"  They went on through the checklist and everything was all set.  They grabbed his bags, tossed them into his red car, Dad drove it.  Adrian will get another one over there.  Pretty soon they were at the airport. The blonde got himself and his bags checked in.  "Okay, this is where I leave you Dad.  Get your ticket tonight, the 20th isn't all that far away."

Adrian's father hugged his son close then let him go.  "Time to enjoy life again son.  Your Mom and Asuna's graves will be looked after.  So will the house, and I young man, will see you in a little over two weeks.  Get going son."

He smiled at his father, waved and got into line to be checked over.  Once Adrian got done, he disappeared from vision as he joined the crowd, mask on and everything to get to his gate.  It was going to be a long flight, but he was so ready for this.  He texted Airmid to let her know what his status was.

Text to Irish Blossom, From New Irish Surfer Boy.  "I'll be boarding the plane in less than an hour.  See you tomorrow."

December 01, 2020 10:29 pm

Airmid Boru

Irish  surfer  boy:

I will  be  there.  Stay safe.


December 05, 2020 04:11 pm


Folks, Ireland is incredible!  My new shop needs a little bit of an update which is fine because I can get to work at home on my Board designs.  The house, omg!  The house is gorgeous, I'm going to love it here.  Dad's going to spend Christmas with me, he wants to see what it's like in another country.  Sweet!  When I saw Airmid ..... speechless, I am totally speechless.  Being in her life means so much, means the world to me.  Next step is meeting her brothers, her father and the rest of the family!  I am guessing it's a large family too, that's going to be a little weird for me, I come from a small family. 

The place came with some furniture which is always a good thing, means I didn't sleep on the floor my first night here.  I'm turning one of the areas into my studio so I can do my designs on something other than a dining room table.  This is the new part for me, having an actual studio!  Design during the winter, create during the early spring, sell the rest of the time as well as teach....yeah, I think I'll start teaching too.  That'll be a little bit of a challenge for me.

The first time exploring, man....I found this castle, ruins but still.  The wow factor was through the roof, I mean it's history, real honest to goodness non American history!  Being able to walk around in it...carefully... was so exciting, I was able to get a couple pictures.  There aren't that many trees along the cliffside but that's okay too.  I can always plant some later on.  Next step is to actually go into Portrush, though admittedly I am a bit nervous....I live here now, so now, I have to be careful of not offending anyone.  It looks really nice in the brochures, I am hoping it's that nice in person.

December 09, 2020 06:43 pm

Airmid Boru

@Airmid   grabs a  bottle  of wine  and  decides to  go check on  the new a rrival  to  the  Island.  She  knew  that   he   more  then likely  got  the  hurt my sister I  kill you  sibling  threat  from  a  least Ciaran  but it  was Matt that was  the  closer one  to  Portrush  then  Ciaran. She  hoped  that  what ever one it  was  thery werent to  much  of  super  jerk offs to  him.

She  rings  the  door  bell.@

December 09, 2020 07:25 pm


The surfer opens his door of his new home, there she was .... "Please please come in Blossom, did you get my gift?  I hope you like it."  Adrian's eyes were sparkling but there was no true like to make them do so, at least not inside.  He shows her around the house....There's three bedrooms, one of them he'll turn into an exercise area...maybe.  Does it really get that cold here?  He shows her to two living room type areas, one of them is more like a den so that's going to be the new studio.  The kitchen and dining area is the last stop and he's already starting dinner.

"I went into town earlier, this nice lady helped me get some groceries, gave me a couple recipes too and explained about measuring things.  Gave me some suggestions as well for beverages...surprisingly enough was Verners ....I love that stuff.  Discovered it on a shoot in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  She also suggested Rock Shandy, so I got some of that as well."

The blonde returned to his stove to check on the slowly frying mutton chunks ...."The lady suggested for my first meal cooked Irish Stew, I hope that's okay for dinner."

December 09, 2020 08:09 pm

Airmid Boru

@  She  smiles@

"Thats  fine.  So  you  are f inding  your  way around  with out   issues  then?  hat is   good.  as  long as  you are  respectful  to the  elders you  should  be  fine. I  heard you  got  the text from  hell  from  my  one of  my brothers. I  hope  he  wasnt too  much  of a  jerk to  you.They  really  are   good  guys  just  can  be  a  bit  over  protective  at  times. Stuff in  the  pastI  am  not a 100 % sure of  with  another of  our sisters. I   just let it  go as  what  eer it  is  they will  work it out  or  they  wont.

How  was  your family  about  you  moving  here? I  hope  there  arent  too many  disapointed  American  cali  surfer girls left  there."

@Airmid  gigglees a  bit@

December 09, 2020 08:25 pm


He grinned at the giggles, loving how they sounded to him.  Adrian finishes the stew, letting it set for a moment ...."sorry about the temporary "dishware and flatware" ... Dad told me to find new, something  that fits this house and this decor as it is now."  He proceeds to dish the stew up into those plastic bowls he has out . "To answer the question about Cali Surfer girls ..... nope, not a one.  My previous wife chased  them all away long ago.  She even chased the guys away too, though we both kept looking at, um....certain sights."

He moves everything over to the table now. "As to family Uncle and his wife are in Maine, northeastern US.  He's still in the Navy, commander type and isn't set to retire for a few more years.  His one son, married with two kids of his own lives in Missouri, the other son and his fiance live in New York City.  It's just my Dad and I in California and he told me that I needed to live for myself now.  He encouraged me to make this move.  He'll be here right around the Solstice."

He draws out her chair for her, gently taking the wine ...."Shall we save this for when I have real glasses?  Ciaran was cool.  Yeah he did text me and yeah I got it that he's overprotective, but you know what?  I'm glad of that.  I don't have siblings.  I thought that it's really ....terrific to have brothers that will be there like that for  you."

December 10, 2020 10:14 pm

Airmid Boru

"Oh  you were married once ok . You  wont  see  much  of  Ciaran  more  then  likely Hes  married and  lives in  County  Mayo  with his  wife  and  kids.  Its  Matt that  you  will  see  more often  as he  and his  wife Caitlin  live near here in  Carrickfergus, Its  about  11 miles  from  Belfast on  the north shore of Belfast Lough."

December 10, 2020 10:35 pm


"My previous wife is buried next to my mother. She was a vampire, but she was a fighter.  When we found her, she was torn to pieces and not able to come back from those disasterous injuries."  He smiles to ease things ...."Asuna was brilliant but she loved to even scores up.  We buried her more than a year ago.  Dad's promised to keep both graves nice all year long, for as long as he is able to."

Once the meal is done with, Adrian invites her to sit in front of his fireplace, the living area where this is, is beautifully carpeted.  Warm colours allows that soft glow to encompass the entire room.  "There's so much I still have to do and get for this place but, it's home.  I hope I get to see you in it often.  Very often."

December 12, 2020 11:11 pm

Airmid Boru

@  Airmid  follows him  and  sits  down near  by  him@

" I  see. yes  there are many that  have the  want to  seek  revenge or rather  even  up  the  score  so  to say.  Ah for  coming here I  am  sure  you see  me  in  time. You  seem  to be  fitting in  rather  well  here as I  see it. what  will  happen  to the  graves if your father  can  not  care for them for  some reason? "

@  She  looks over at him.@

December 13, 2020 12:14 pm
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