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A Twist of Fate


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"Yo bro. Cool your roll. You are the one that was complainin about food to begin with. Besides the gate is just right there." Mathias points across from the fast food joint. "No one is boarding as of yet so take a breather and chill a bit." Irony at its finest. He knew Mateo was anxious to find JoJo but they had already screwed around for what seemed like weeks. Now all of a sudden they were in a hurry?

Mateo was his best friend but sometimes Mathias just didn't have the patience for the man. He understood JoJo messed up, but a part of him also knew everyone messed up sometimes. What if it had all been an honest to goodness mistake? Where they all hell bent for revenge that they lost sight of such things?
February 17, 2021 12:37 pm


He stood for a moment just to turn and find a seat somewhere. This was going to be hard. His mother wanted Jo alive and brought to her. Alive he could deal with but taken to her was another issue. His mother was worse than Diabla. That was why she would always send her on the bigger missions. Once his cousin had her target that girl was ruthless on getting her mark.   

Taking a seat away from la Loca he sat back rubbed his head as Mattie came over with his food. Mateo shook his head watching him. One thing about his bro was no matter how hard things were food was his go to. It was Matty’s to but not this time around.

February 17, 2021 01:23 pm


Unknown Number
'Found Jojo. Is alive. Will give details later once you have all landed.'

After sending the text through a burner phone, Laila threw it in the trash. A grin appeared on her lips as she strolled back out of the airport. So they were finally on their way. That was most definitely a good thing. No, she didn't truly have the man in question nor had she put eyes on him yet but they didn't know that either. A little cackle and off she went again.
February 17, 2021 03:21 pm

Santa Diabla

Santa had sat there and watched Mateo and Mathias act like two little pansies over the top of her cell phone “Santa Muerte and Good lord above give me strength with these two girls.” Shaking her head she heard the call for their flight as her phone chimes. Giving it a read as she stood to her feet ‘So Jojo was found! Hm..’ Since she hadn’t made any calls other than her aunt, and no one had her new number except a few Santa knew who it was from. Walking by the two she looked over “Time to go ladies. I am sure you got the same text I did.” Heading to the boarding station she handed her passport, ticket and ID. The fairly young woman looked at it with a bit of a question in her eye but let Santa on the plane either way.

She had watched a few of the people boarding. Old folks with possible heart failure. Check! Screaming and annoying kids. Check! Praying she doesn't get stuck with either God will only test her patience. Checking her ticket and looking for her seat. Lucky it is a window. Sitting in her seat and watched as others walked in to find theirs. There it was a mom and son who looked like he was going to be a joy to sit by. “Yup Karma hates me!” She shook her head and looked out the window.
February 18, 2021 11:59 am


Mathias grabbed the food and turned in time to see that passengers were starting to board. Well at least that was one step in the right direction. Handing his boarding pass to the stewardess he gave her a grin and went to find his seat.

He noticed that some poor child had been placed next to crazy on his way to his own seat. That poor child. He said a silent prayer as he made his way to his seat. Finding it he groaned. Just his luck. He had the middle seat placed right berween two overly large males. Pulling his phone out he read the text and scoffed. This was going to be a very long flight.
February 20, 2021 12:42 am


He got lucky as he walked to his seat. Passing by Diabla he would pray not for her but for the kid and it’s mom next to her. Taking his seat he could see the top of Matias head next to his new friends. He got lucky as he had a seat next to a young couple and a grandma who he also prayed that lived through the flight. With ten hours ahead of them he got as comfortable as he could get.

The thoughts creeped his mind of what would happen when they found his brother. Would Diabla kill him? Could he forgive him? Maybe Matias was right. He didn't want to keep thinking of this situation. Matty let out a sigh when the plane finally took off.

Sitting back he put his phone on airplane mode, set up his Spotify and tried to get some sleep. Sleep was something both successful and unsuccessful. The most shitest of dreams corrupted his mind. The only good thing was waking to knowing they had about an hour left till they landed.
March 12, 2021 03:20 am


The plane ride had been hell. Being stuck in between two men who should have had two seats a piece was not his idea of fun and relaxing. Glancing at his watch he shook his head. One more hour and then he was safe. No more being squished, no more body odor to have to deal with, and he could finally stretch his long legs. The next plane ride he was going to make sure the accommodations were better and not let some pyscho take care of it for him. March 15, 2021 09:23 am

Santa Diabla

It was an hour into the flight and she already was ready to kill this kids mom. The people in front had enough of him kicking their seat. Mom couldn't even give this kid a tablet or something to keep busy.

Mom finally got up and went to the bathroom. "Who tells their kid who is clearly disrupted to behave?" Santa's head shook. What better time than now to offer some candy to the kid. She sized him up. About 7 years old and 45lbs. She went into her bag and pulled out a baggy of what looked like fruit snacks. "Kid you want a fruit snack?" There was nothing wrong with them. They just might put him to sleep.

He took to eating them before his mom came back. "Thank you melatonin." She just had to wait for it to kick in. And when it did, peace finally. That should last about 6 hours. With that she played on her phone till it was time to go.
March 15, 2021 04:01 pm


The flight finally landed, it was time to go. Mateo could feel his nerves in the pit of stomach. It was getting closer to finding his brother. He didn't want to hurt him just wanting to find out why.

He got off the plane and waited to catch up to Diabla and Mathias. His head played different scenarios of what could possibly happen. He wasn't sure how Diabla felt about Jojo but when she was on a hunt of any sort she was always void of all emotion. It made her the hunter mom went to first no matter the case.
March 16, 2021 09:19 am
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