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~Yule Ball in Valhalla 2020- VIP Lounge~


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River Song

On the left hand side of the main club, a white room is guarded by Maelle, the angel bouncer. Above the entrance way is a bright and faintly gold glowing sign, indicating the name of the VIP lounge.


Not liking the idea of the people of the Realm being swayed to Lucifer’s side—and not to be outdone by his fallen angel—God provided the Crossroads with a little piece of Heaven. The room appeared as if it were floating in the sky. The walls, with the magic of the Heavens, were made to look like windows and no matter the time of day, the sky was a crystal clear blue with clouds floating by. Thick, cloud like fog wisped around the floor, but allowed you to be light on your feet, nearly floating yourself in the room. Booths and lounges were covered in white leather, trimmed with golden threading and each table and counter top was made of the same mystical windows of the room.

A small bar area is available for those to help themselves, but be careful…the food is heavenly and you may not want to leave if you eat something from this room.

((Please note, unless otherwise stated, VIP lounges are not open to the general public.))
December 18, 2020 05:41 pm

River Song

First and foremost, all Crossroads rules apply.

Valhalla becomes a little more grounded for the Realm’s second Yule Ball. The clouds are above, instead of around and a magical snow fell from them. It’s not cold or wet and it disappears before it comes in contact with anything. The scene in the windows shows an endless field of pine trees. Some are decorated and some are just covered in show. Small ice sculptures of various Realm creatures sit as table centerpieces and larger ice sculptures stand in various spots of the lounge. Multi coloured lights line the ceiling, the bar, and the tables and seasonal music softly plays in the background.

And while you can order whatever it is you wish, there is a special Yule menu at every table you can order from.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Realm event if there weren’t prizes to be won throughout.

Everyone who makes an appearance will be given a Raffle Ticket and throughout the event we will be holding random draws for the following:

1-3: Dragon Egg
4-10: 200 Minion Tokens
11-15: 250 Blood Money
16-20: 25,000 Cash

((When you post, your post will get an edit to put your Raffle Ticket # at the bottom so be sure to check your first post for your Ticket #))

And everyone who participates will get a special Profile Trophy to commemorate your time at the Yule Ball.
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December 18, 2020 06:05 pm

Sir Stephen

"Blood orange hot cocoa? Why that does sound heavenly indeed."

Stephen takes the cocoa and walks around the room looking for an interesting guests to converse with.

Raffle Ticket #1
December 19, 2020 03:20 am

Merida Campbell

The Yule Ball was a special event within the Realm. Word has it that it was the second one ever held, even though she felt as though it was a yearly event over time. The Elders whom watched over the denizens, made sure that the Ball would be special. Perfected touches of elegance could be seen from every angle.

Merida would lift her right hand to rake her fingertips through the shorten tresses. It was a new look for her and if she didn’t like it, the beast within would take care of that… easily. A careful glance down as her hands smoothed over the vintage sleeveless black dress. If you would glance towards her direction, she mirrored the image of a young Audrey Hepburn. Upon her feet she wore black suede heels. To top of the elegant attire off, was diamond stud earrings. The old saying goes, less is more.

Merida took a few steps into Ball, glancing around to see if she could recognize any familiar faces. Various scents teased her senses as her steps brought her further into the room. The glittering snow that was falling caught her attention as amber colored hues, bright with merriment could be seen. A childlike reaction as she watched the snow fall all about. Her attention was drawn to one of the attendants who had offered her a Cinnamon Toddy. Smiling as she nod her head slightly, took the drink that was offered to her. ”Thank you so very much.” Lifting the finery up to her lips, she took a deep breath through her nose, enjoying the fragrant drink.

She glanced around and thought her gaze found a familiar sanctuary member. Sir Stephen, she believed was his name from the pictures that lined the wall. With a slight bow of her head, it was like a greeting towards his direction. Within her mind, she wondered who else would come out to have a little spirit of the season that night.

Raffle Ticket #2
December 19, 2020 12:44 pm

Ronan -R Boru

*  The Irish  Malkavian Kindred and  witch   knew  his  wife  would   meet him  here and   like  last  year's ball  this  was  done  up  to  the  highest  marks.  The   falling  snow  was   a  grand  touch  he  thought .  He  was  dresed in a   black  tux  with  a   red  vest and  bow tie. His  shoes  were  high  polished  a nd  black as  well. It wasnt  often  that  he  was out  in  the  public  recently with things  going on  back  home  but  the  holidays and  the  Dublin  win  in  the  All Ireland  Sr  football championship  helped   mae  him   feel  a bit  more  festive.

He  looks around  to   see if  Lilly  had arrived  yet.  Not  seeing  his   wife  he looks  to  see  who  else was  here.  He  didnt  see any faces  he  knew  but  he  was  sure  that might   change as  the  ball  went on for  sure.  He  waiton the drink  til   Lilly showed  up.*

Raffle Ticket #3
December 19, 2020 04:18 pm

Kayne Morrigan

Kayne wasn't one for the festive season. However, he did enjoy a good party. For this shindig, the green-eyed vamp had opted for a black suit with red accents on the jacket and tie with black dress shoes. Finding a table to himself, he decided to start off with a blood orange hot cocoa.

Raffle Ticket #4
December 19, 2020 05:02 pm

Walker Lee

Walker walks in and looks around he didn't know what to do at the moment but he wanted to get out and see the realm and its wonders. He walks up to the bar and smiled softly. "I will have a Sugar Cookie Martine and some Snowball cookies with some bacon wrapper smokies." He then turns and puts his back to the bar and waits looking around at the others.

Raffle Ticket #5
December 20, 2020 10:58 pm



She blew a stay strand of hair out of her face. Her hairstyle was already coming undone and she had barely arrived at the event. Genesis squinty eyed her own reflection in the mirror before stepping into the main Hall of the Yule Ball. 


Her long dress trailed behind her in an elegant way, hugging all the right curves and hiding little things, like the fact she was wearing tennis shoes. She was thankful for that small blessing, and at least her ‘chucks’ matched her gown in color. A nice hunter green.


She looked around the hall to find anyone familiar. Her internal voice chimed in with its own opinion that one would need to be ‘social’ to be familiar to anyone. She glowered a bit before straightening up her posture and making her way to the bar. She wore her prettiest smile, ordering the Sugar Cookie Martini, adding a note to keep them coming.


She sipped her drink, which was wonderful, as she looked over the decor of the Ball.

Raffle Ticket #6

December 21, 2020 06:47 pm


*Wearing a black and red evening gown, Lilly slipped up behind her husband. Lightly she tapped his shoulder and whispered*

May I have this dance?

Raffle Ticket #7
December 21, 2020 10:20 pm

Ronan -R Boru

*  Ronan  turns  around  and  smiles. She  looked  as  always  for these things  Great.*

"of  course.  I was  wondering  when  you   were going to  get here.  Did  you  do  what  ever it  was  needed  to  be done?"

December 22, 2020 11:00 am


Dr. Melvil Adonair had closed up his library on the history of magic put on his nicest tux and come to the Yule Ball in hopes of spying a young lady he had his eye on lately. She had mentioned that she had been invited and he assumed that she would attend and they would meet 'by chance'

She was not here yet though, but this did not trouble the good doctor.  He got a plate of smokies and a blood orange cocoa and a plethora of napkins, pardoned himself when he inadvertently bumped Walker Lee and sat where he could see the entrance.  

Raffle Ticket #8
December 22, 2020 08:05 pm


*smiling softly, Lilly nodded*

Yes, there will definitely be couple happy kids come christmas.

*Slipping her arm around him*
December 22, 2020 11:22 pm

Koa La Rue

+  Walking in I  look around  and  smile .It  was  beautiful the things  magic  could  do  when  needed was great. Seeing  different  people  and  races here made me  happy. I  get a bit of  blood orange cocoa  and  find some  w here to  sit  for  a  bit. I  watch the  room+

Raffle Ticket #9
December 23, 2020 01:06 pm

Ronan -R Boru

*  Ronan looks  at  Lilly a nd  smiles  softly*


"Ah good. As long as  they get a few  things  as gifts. I arranged  for the  other thing  at  the  children's  hospitals as  well for  gifts and   what  they might need  to  be  on  the list of  essentials so  to  say so  things are   good. The people  who need the  most are the  children, elderly  and front line  essential  workers. Tara is going to  make  sure  all  get a  Christmas  feast  for  the3 shifts of  staff and  long  term care patients as  well at all  of  them."
December 23, 2020 01:13 pm

Naberius Reum

Two weeks.

14 days.

Three hundred and thirty six hours.

That was how long ago Zahrah took off; leaving the warehouse without a word. Stealing an item from Legba's vault. No note. No good-bye. Nothing.

It pissed him off.

He had wandered into the kitchen after no response from behind her door, thinking maybe she would already be there. Zahrah wasn't waiting for him at the island. She had disappeared in the night before anyone woke up. Gone like a dream he was trying to remember.

"Naberius," Legba entered the study where the demon slave was staring out the window. "I need you to do something for me. At the Realm's Yule Ball, a person of interest will meet you to retrieve this book by a horned demon statue. They will be wearing silver. Nita has already picked out your suit."

He turned slowly to face Legba. A raised brow. A curled lip. "And what makes you think I'm interested in doing this favor?"

Amusement was evident on the Voodoo man's face. "You'll do it because I asked, and because if you don't, you'll regret it."

Brows furrowed, eyes darted to the leather wrapped book Legba held out, then back up to the dark skinned man's equally dark eyes. Considered. "Voodoo Loa shit?"

Legba shrugged, the same amused look on his face. "I guess you'll just have to go see, won't you?"

"Fuck." Naberius grunted. He stalked away from the window, grabbed the leather wrapped book as he headed out of the room to his own. Once inside his private room, he found a silver suit with a thin black line accenting the lapel of the jacket as well as the edge of the silver tie, waiting for him. A white business shirt was to be worn underneath as well as black suit pants. A pair of black business shoes were laying on the bed.

A hand ran through his shoulder length dark locks. Fawk. Grumbling under his breath, he took a quick shower then processed to get dressed. The clothing for like a glove. Nita knew his measurements exactly.

Grabbing his leather coat along with the book, Naberius went to the garage. The keys to Legba's new BMW found their way into his hand, then the ignition and he was headed to the Yule Ball.

The valet opened the door once he pulled up in front of the Club. A hundred dollar tip along with the instructions to keep the car at the ready was given with the keys. A quick search from the bouncers and he was allowed entrance.

Raffle Ticket #10
December 23, 2020 10:03 pm
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