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Zahrah Mubarack

His sudden movements to put himself in her path caused a sharp intake of breath. He was angry. He was so angry at her.

Good. He needs to be angry. It will make this easier.

Her body jumped slightly as he slammed a leather bound book onto the table beside her. A book? This is what Legba needed them to meet up to get? Why couldn't he have just sent it to her?

He wants you to suffer.

Which, again, she knew she probably deserved.

She placed the empty glass on the table, her eyes falling to the book as she placed her hand on it. It was old and worn. There were cracks along the edges and unexplainable smudges of dirt. She grasped the it, not surprised at how heavy it was seeing as how it was nearly two inches thick. Picking it up slowly, her actions stopped as Naberius spoke again. His words sliced through the air like a knife into her heart.

Her cheeks became warm, and she could feel an unwelcomed pressure behind her eyes. He knew the exact words to hurt her and felt no shame in letting them slip. While she understood he was angry, he knew what Corbin did to her and to compare her in any way to him was nearly unforgivable. A physical pain in her chest reminded her that she was standing there, unmoving and barely breathing.

He hated her.

She hated her.

Zahrah refused to cry. She didn't want him to see how deeply he'd cut her even though she was positive he already knew. Her body moved again, bringing the heavy book towards her chest. She'd felt so beautiful earlier; now she felt empty and ugly. Undeserving of anything, especially the love of the man before her.

Placing her clutch purse on the table beside her for a moment, freeing her other hand, she then reached up and grasped the emerald necklace that hung around her neck. The gift she'd received from Naberius a few weeks prior was treasured and had never left her person since they'd parted ways. A single action; she ripped the jewelry from her neck, the sting of the chain breaking against her skin a minimal pain when compared to how the rest of her currently felt, and threw it purposefully at the man's face before her.

"Tozz fiik!" an Egyptian insult was hurled in his direction, and she somehow still maintained her composure. She grabbed her clutch purse again, both hands occupied, and took a step towards him. "I must have been trained well enough to make you feel like I loved you. Like I gave a shit about you." Her eyes narrowed, and she locked her gaze with his, "how does it feel to merely be a means to an end?"

Go. Run.

She shoved past him, her shoulder bumping into him as she passed, before anything else could be said , and quickly made her way towards the exit with her prize in hand. But at what price?

January 01, 2021 09:20 pm

Naberius Reum

He knew he was being an asshole. He knew his words ripped her apart on the inside, but do you think he cared. N.o.p.e. Not one freaking bit. She shredded his heart when she decided to leave without word, or the offer of help. To betray them all instead of trusting them to come up with a way to win against LaBelle - together.

He wanted her to know the ache inside. It didn't occur to him, or he just rightly didn't care, that perhaps she already suffered. He needed to be the one to make her suffer. To witness the hurt in her eyes to make sure she was on the same level in Hell as he.

Chocolate orbs grew cold as her hand went to the emerald necklace that caressed her smooth skin. A gift he had given her a couple of weeks ago when they were happy together. Although the second charm -a wolf's head- was missing.

"Don't," It was too late as a swift yank of the delicate chain broke it free. Then it hit him in the face causing him to reflexively catch the jewelry so it didn't fall to the ground.

Her words brought a chill of hurt down his spine. His body snapped to rigid attention as a sneer curved his lips. He didn't pay attention to the foreign words, just assuming that she cursed at him. The other words …

"You must be exceedingly talented then, Zahrah, for you were so compelling that even the Voodoo loa thought we were in love." Naberius' dangled the necklace up to see it still intact. "I'll keep this until such a time when you'll consider being an untrustworthy bitch isn't worth it."

The slam of her shoulder against his nearly triggered him into grabbing her as she surged forward. He forced himself to not pull her to a halt. The book was exchanged, his favor to Legba's was complete, so why did he suddenly feel like the biggest asshole in the entire world as he watched his Beloved leave the Yule Ball as swiftly as she could in those heels?

Naberius' Reum waited a good ten minutes before leaving the party just like his beloved. He was going back to Legba's to demand a cage match from him.
January 01, 2021 10:52 pm

Blake Knight

Having just awoken in the realm he thought the best place to start was a big event. He pulls up in a stolen car and He tossed the keys to the valet person and heads in. He didn't wear a tux or anything fancy he was dressed nice in his best Black Jeans and a Red button down shirt. He walks over to the bar and orders him something trying to get Alcohol but not succeeding. He orders some food and heads to a table. He looks around at all the people who have showed up and dancing. He wondered if one day that would be him.

Raffle Ticket #21
January 03, 2021 10:16 am

-Jayde Ana-

*Click, click. The echoing sounds of the heels in which she donned for the evening. She wasn't even sure why she had chose to come and yet here she was. Late as always. Inhaling deeply, Jayde was careful not to try to run her hand through the icy white locks that she had spent hours twisting into the dutch braid that reached the middle of the backless dress. Instead of white or red like others she had seen, she had opted for a black, sparkly evening gown that flowed to the floor.*

*Her eyes took in as many people as possible and with a sigh she headed towards the bar. No one she really knew was here but that was to be expected. A pale hand was placed on the bar as she waved someone over to order her drink. Sliding not so graciously on a stool, green orbs looked up at those who were sharing a dance as she waited.*

Raffle Ticket #22
January 03, 2021 02:33 pm


Helaina glanced in the mirror one more time. Her long sun kissed tresses were gently pulled up into a soft French twist. Cerulean colored eyes seemed to shine under the lights. Her lips curved into a soft smile as she looked at her form within the mirror. The deep midnight blue velvet cocktail dress was just perfect. It was off the shoulder, fitted bodice with the skirt slightly pleated at the top and the end of the material stopped right at her knees. It was a style that many would say ‘vintage 50’s’. Before heading out, she slipped her feet in a pair of suede heels the same color as the dress.

Since arriving to the realm, not many would speak to her except for one couple. No names were exchanged. Maybe that was the new trend. Earlier, she glanced over to the new arrivals, many were flocked to by others. That was okay with her.

Being a chronomancer, she could fold time and arrive as quickly as a snap of her fingers.
The place was hopping as she stepped into the party. She glanced around while walking sizing up on how many had brought dates, who were bombed out of their gourdes or just plain passed out. Each step she took brought her further into the Yule Ball.

Helaina stopped one of the host to give her thanks and for the pure joy of a an event like this. She walked about the room till she spied an empty table. As she began to sit down, one of the waitstaff asked if she needed anything. Pausing for a moment, she spoke up ”Bourbon on the rocks, please.” It wasn’t too long and her order was set before her.

Raffle Ticket #23
January 03, 2021 06:55 pm

Shannon Taylor

Shannon was grinning ear to ear as they began to move with more ease. As she spun away from and back into his arms, she could feel her pulse racing, both from the exertion of the dance, and perhaps her dancer partner as well. They moved more in sync as the song continued, adding little moves, increasing the showmanship as they easily glided back and forth across the ballroom's surface. Her fingers a little tighter around his as if anticipating the move. His right arm blocking her body, she leaned back with a bit of a dramatic flourish, caught up in the moment. She could feel his other hand along her waist for support, her own arm extended, fingers curling and extending to the last strains of the music as her leg extends as if she was a ballerina, toe pointed perfectly to give the move more flair.

When he finally lifted her back to her feet, she could feel the heat radiating from her face and the exuberance pass between them both. "Oh my, well that was quite a lot of fun! Thank you kindly Adonair!" She turned then and gave a curtsy to the band, placing some bills into their tip jar, thanking them for the delightful tune. When she returned to him, she was fanning her fingers in front of her face to cool down some. She suggested they make their way back to the table to sit for a spell and perhaps have another drink.

January 04, 2021 03:59 am


The dance was quite invigorating for the erstwhile librarian.  At a certain point the steps merge into the song and all that is left is the passion of the dance.  The dip was magnificent, he wondered if anyone had noticed.  It seemed most people were huddled in small groups of absorbed conversation.  As they left the dance floor Shannon positively glowed.  Was it the magic of the room? or the blood rushing through her and a hint of perspiration?  was it the beginnings of love?  As a librarian, he categorized all these possibilities. "Exquisite, my dear Shannon, exquisite!"  He put his arm around her as they threaded their way to their seats. 

Returning to their table, Adonair saw a waiter delivering a drink to the next table over.  He waited for them to finish their interaction and then caught the young man's attention with a ten dollar bill.  He ordered two champagnes.  It looked like the bar might be closing up and they needed refreshment desperately.  He greeted the lady at the next table, secretly hoping she had admired the dance.  He introduced himself and Shannon as they waited for their drinks.  Adonair still had his orange cocoa, but he had completlely lost interest in it as it was lukewarm and congealed.

January 08, 2021 03:18 pm

Edward Brollachan

As the night grew later, then became early into the wee hours, the enigmatic couple had eyes only for one another, and much of it on the dance floor. Through waltzes and tangos to hard grindcore to techno beats, they remained in contact, sometimes only by fingertips but often in full embrace.

Edward was still mesmerized by the warmth and heat her body generated, as through she was truly alive; there was no doubt to both of them she was no longer Undead, though what she had become as a result of the necromancer scroll reanimation was still a mystery. It mattered little to the ancient Scottish vampire/ghost. She was back and with him again, hopefully for an immortal lifetime.
Golden eyes blazed and illuminated her face in dim light of the nightclub, revealing the same pale skin as before, but now her obsidian eyes were the color of deep cerulean pools of water. Almost swirling in their hues, they remained locked on his eyes. During one salacious dip, her bare leg slipping through slit in her gown to ride his hip, her whispered to her so that only she could hear, “Leig leam na panties agad, lass - let me ha’e yo’r panties”

It was the same thing he had said to her on their first dinner date in a posh restaurant a few years ago in New York, and she had willingly obliged him then.

January 08, 2021 06:51 pm


They didn’t spend too much time in their seats; once their alcohol had been drank and her nerves had been quelled, Edward asked Ransom to dance. And dance they did - a myriad of different forms, flowing with the beat of the music and letting their bodies simply move. She allowed his lead with the trust that partners require of one another and soon found that she was focused on nothing but him. The worries she possessed before attending the ball, the flickering need that was new and unknown, and the tenseness that hadn’t left her shoulders since she’d been awakened all seemed to vanish with the twisting of their bodies around the dance floor. Their grace was similar, but not the same. Edward possessed a sophisticated sense of movement, poised and elegant. Ransom moved with the grace of a wild animal, her balance pristine and some of the edges predatory. It seemed that her death - if one could call it that - hadn’t rid her of those traits.

Her newly blue hues glanced at her husband as they laughed, twirling around before he dipped her down in the dim lighting of the dance floor. He held her easily and she gripped him only for the purpose of fighting gravity. She was strong in her own manner and simply enjoyed the sensation of his hands upon her body. It was easy to get lost with Edward; it was always so easy. He didn’t feel the way that everyone else did. There was no feedback loop for Ransom to process when it came to the ancient vampire. She didn’t have to process, to compartmentalize, to force herself from controlling whenever he was around. It was the only time her mind seemed to be at ease, except when it required physical rest. Maybe that had been one of her draws to him in the first place, when she’d been broken and feral.

The old version of herself was simply an occasional haunt behind her dark eyes as they shifted black with hunger. But, for now, they remained crystal clear and blue as the glaciers of her home. They filled with mirth as Edward dipped her low, prompting her leg to hook along his hip for balance. She immediately felt a breeze of air that caressed her bare leg as the slip of velvet fell away where it naturally parted. Her eyes glittered with mischief and she laughed, her head tipping back further to reveal the velvet collar at her throat as he echoed those words of a time long since past - lifting something in her and bringing her a wave of happiness that felt new and raw in this humanlike form.

Of course, her eyes blazed as she lifted her head and brought her body closer to his own, gripping onto him and murmuring in her dulcet ones: “Kakiye trusiki, lyubimaya?
January 08, 2021 06:51 pm

Edward Brollachan

They continued teasing one another, sometimes verbally, in English, Russian, or Gaelic. Sometimes it was a look or a touch. And now that they were in each other’s minds, a constant unspoken, non-gestured dialogue went back and forth between them and only for them.

The frantic pace of the music died down as the ball waned towards its conclusion. Edward and Ransom danced a slow dance, completely embraced, both sets of eyes closed. They still moved with an eerie, ethereal grace in a way that only supernatural creatures could move.

A thought went between them, ”Let m’summon Lisette and the car, so we can go home t’the Manse and I can do many unmentionable things t’ye into the wee hours, mo nighean bhòidheach”
January 10, 2021 06:32 pm


Ransom had almost convinced herself not to come to the ball. She had deemed herself not ready to venture out into the Realm proper quite yet - not after everything she’d been through. She was trying to tell herself that it would be too much; she knew it would be too overwhelming. The ball was sure to be crowded, yet dancing with Edward, she felt like they were simply at home. Occasionally, the prickle along the back of her neck let her know there was someone glancing their way, but it never was enough to break her concentration away from the ancient vampire dipping her into a delicate and graceful bend against him.

They danced until the last of the music began to trickle away. Many had already departed the ball and a few had stuck around, but Ransom paid them no heed. She, instead, was focused solely upon her husband. Her crystalline blue eyes flashed dark obsidian; it was as if her pupils expanded to blot out the other hue altogether. Her fingers gripped him tightly as he spoke in her mind, a sensation she had yet to get used to. She curled her body close to his and let out a soft, gentle sigh, as her own thoughts echoed huskily in his mind.

”That sounds wonderful, Ed. Just wonderful.”
January 10, 2021 06:33 pm

River Song

Alright everyone! Thank you for coming and I hope everyone had a good time!

Here are the raffle winners:
Prizes will be sent shortly. Minion tokens will go up on the market in a private sale, so be sure to check the Forgotten Market!

1 - Dragon Egg - Shannon Taylor #16
2 - Dragon Egg - Adonair #8
3 - Dragon Egg - Helaina #23
4 - 200 Minion Tokens - Genesis #6
5 - 200 Minion Tokens - Kayne Morrigan #4
6 - 200 Minion Tokens - Amethyst #13
7 - 200 Minion Tokens - LillyEmperium #7
8 - 200 Minion Tokens - Zahrah Mubarack #17
9 - 200 Minion Tokens - Sir Stephen #1
10 - 200 Minion Tokens - Merida Campbell #2
11 - 250 Blood Money - Ransom #15
12 - 250 Blood Money - Edward Brollachan #14
13 - 250 Blood Money - Lucinda Dracul #19
14 - 250 Blood Money - Elizabeth Hawkins #20
15 - 250 Blood Money - Blake Knight #21
16 - 25,000 Cash - Naberius Reum #10
17 - 25,000 Cash - Hope S Mikaelson #11
18 - 25,000 Cash - -Jayde Ana- #22
19 - 25,000 Cash - Ciaran_M_Boru #12
20 - 25,000 Cash - Koa La Rue #9
January 11, 2021 09:48 pm
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