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Michael A

He who overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments; and I will not erase his name from the book of life, and I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.

The light was bright, so much so that even the pair of cerulean eyes that gazed upon it had to shut tightly and be shielded with a forearm raised to them to assist.

The tall being then opened his eyes to look upon the lands before him. He stood atop a large hill, overlooking a small village below. Slowly but surely memories began to flood his mind, a sharp pain ensuing. A large, callused hand gripped at his forehead as he tried to single them all out.

It had been years here in this place, but for him it felt like eons. His attire was what made him stand out amongst the grassy hills. A simple white, thin sweater covered a very well chiseled upper body that seemed to be covered in countless scars, and a pair of white cotton pants was all he was donning. He seemed to have come from a place void of all dirt and well...anything.

"Why am I here...again Father?"

His voice rung out, and though deep and rough, it had a gentle tone to it. So innocent, and yet he seemed to be far from it.

Bare feet moved one in front of the other as he turned from the village and down the opposite side of the hill, approaching what looked to be a forest in the distance. He needed clarity. Everything seemed so hazy, and yet, so clear at the same time.

He had been sent for something, and once again, it was a journey to find the answer.

January 01, 2021 11:30 pm

Julliet Swan

Running. She was running. That’s all she could make of what was happening. But, what was she running from? Blonde tousled locks flung from the lengths of her shoulders as the angel turned to steal a glance from behind. There was nothing. Slowly, her bare feet came to a slow, progressive halt. Her toes buried themselves in a mixture of dirt and leaves beneath her. Her chest rose and fell at a rapid pace as she approached an old, ruined tree stump. Julliet clung to the petrified wood and laid upon it.


“What the f-ck?”  She managed to mumble quietly to herself before everything went… dark.


An overwhelming brightness tugged at her eyelids, begging for them to re-open - despite the pain it would cause them to do so. Squinting, icy blue eyes began to emerge from her eye sockets. A hand hovered above her forehead in a futile attempt to block out the obnoxious beams. The small woman glanced around quickly at her surroundings. Leaves. Dirt. Hadn’t she just been here? In her daze, Julliet forced herself to sit upwards, her opposite hand hard-pressed to the ground to support her weight.


Yes, she had just been here. But there was no evidence of light before. Where was she? Where did she come from? Was this a dream? A nightmare? Julliet, finally coming in to some sense of consciousness, managed to pull herself to her feet. “Hello?” She called into the vast distance of foliage. She didn’t expect any sort of response, but it was worth a shot. Her body donned a plain white dress, though the back came down fairly low to adjust for the length of her wings. Her thin digits reached up to scratch an itch at the rear of her shoulder joint as her eyes once again scanned her surroundings. Without even knowing, she’d begun to walk again. It was then that she could see a clearing in the distance. Overgrown grass upon a hill with mountains hiding behind it. She quickened her pace as she would approach this clearing.


She pushed herself out from the flurry of trees to once again be greeted by the bright rays of light. Squinting, Julliet again scanned the distance, near and far, for any sort of clue as to where she’d been brought. Fumbling forward, she persisted. Then, another surprise took shape in the far distance. The shape of a man…? “Hello?” She called out once more as she pushed herself forward, slowly approaching this other being. As she grew closer, she was certain that her eyes were playing tricks on her. Her footsteps stopped in its path. This man that she’d seen… he looked all too familiar. Was that what her clouded brain wanted her to see? Was he a mirage? A lookalike? A clone?


The angel mumbled under her breath at the ridiculousness that filled her brain as quickly as popcorn kernels popped under the stress of heat. But still, her eyes remained deadlocked on the figure that stood some ways before her. Her body was then taken over by an overwhelming electric feeling. This couldn’t be a stranger. Why on God’s (un)holy Earth (if that’s where she in fact was) would she be acting up this way if he were anyone but… Michael? She could always feel his presence differently, uniquely, particularly. It couldn’t be mistaken. Then, her pale pink lips parted to speak, “Michael?” Julliet whispered softly, her voice carrying an unmistakable hint of hope wrapped in folds of desperation.

January 02, 2021 12:10 pm

Michael A


Truth be told, to hear his name ring out in such a familiar tone was...strange to say the least. Pools of blue met those that could almost be similar to his own, he gave a small nod and a small as he neared the smallangel. His voice, soon followed, carrying across the breeze as though it was part of it.

"A familiar face was the last thing I had thought to see in this place..."

Thoughts and memories flooded his mind quickly.

Why have I returned here?

Why could I have not continued my mission up there?

....When did I leave this place?

As he came almost within arms reach of Julliet, his smile slowly faded. A tone of seriousness followed in his tone.

"I must you may have the answer...Why am I here Julliet?"

The horrid battle cries of the demons then immediately took over his mind. He could hear the laughter of Lucifer in the distance as his army began yet another attack on the heavens. There was fire...

The battle seemedto last an eternity...

And yet there was that flash of light.

And now I am there a correlation between the two events?...I must know..
January 03, 2021 04:25 pm

Julliet Swan

Once his eyes raised to meet hers, Julliet was overwhelmed with joy. Her senses hadn’t deceived her, after all. Her arms were outstretched as to fall into his embrace, but she suddenly stopped once his facial features shifted. Her hands simply fell to the length of his wrists, where her slender fingers gripped them gently.

Why was he here? She didn’t even have a clue as to why she was here. “I wish I could tell you, but I haven’t a goddamn clue.” Julliet replied in her notably soft tone, her voice seemingly being carried by the wind. Her own boisterous expression began to fade as she watched Michael’s stoic features. He was truly perplexed, as was she. But she had no recollection of anything that had come before their serendipitous reunion.

Her digits lifted to trail the length of his arms, her fingertips barely grazing the surface of his skin, until her palms landed, pressed against his broad chest. She believed he was real, but she had to feel him for herself. She continued to watch his eyes in a cautionary manner, picking up on the miniscule movements that his deep blue orbs conducted.

“What is it you see, Michael?” She asked, her head tilting backward to better assess his face. High pitched noises sounded from the distance, resembling those of chirping birds. These were the only other hums emerging from this place, aside from their banter. It was then that she got the urge to glance down at the grass that surrounded them for the foreseeable distance. Some patches of grass looked as if they had been seared and were first now beginning to heal. What was she to make of this?

January 09, 2021 03:21 pm

Michael A

Her response was one to be expected. Any time their kind was graced onto Earth, there always seemed to be underlying reason aside from doing what needed to be done to make it a safe haven for the mortals. Michael's gaze never broke hers, and yet he was looking passed her, somewhere deep within, to which he would hope he could find a possible answer. was all a black void. Feeling her hand upon his chest brought him back as she asked, and his eyes followed hers to the ground beneath them. The charred grass formed a perfect circle where he was and now it all slowly pieced itself together.

"I believe I remember..."

Just then he could feel the familiar warmth of blood as it ran off the back of his neck, now seeping into the shirt he wore. His hand raised to feel the source and he could feel the three deep lacerations upon the back of his neck after pushing aside his shoulder length blond hair.

"I was fighting...the battle seemed to go on for eons...and then it all went black...and I was falling, though...someone was falling with me...attempting to kill me."

He seemed to take on a more defensive posture as his hand fell to Julliet's and he gripped it tightly. Cerulean orbs scanned around them attempting to find whomever...or whatever, it was.

Soon his eyes met hers and he pulled her in, his arms wrapping around her. His head fell to the side of hers and he whispered softly into her ear, though there was a sense of urgency and firmness in his voice.

"We must leave this place..."
January 29, 2021 05:43 pm
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