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The Shadow over Camelot


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*I was in the living room of the Boru castle using my Tesseract to watch what was like a History channel to the Dark Ages. The Tesseract created what appeared to be small holograms that reenacted what went on during that time period. I watched the holograms for an hour until I started watching the history of Camelot, Arthur's Castle. The Tesseract showed me 3D images of the interior of its current time including the round table which had lost most of its color.*

Could've used better interior decorating.

*I chuckled as the images went on. Soon a strange darkness started to overtake the images of the castle, leaving me feeling confused.*

Hmm, what's going on? 

*My ears laid back as I started to feel something malicious. I groaned.*

This is not how I wanted to start the new year.

*I summoned a portal that would take me to Camelot after I shut down the Tesseract and took it with me. Shortly after my brief travel my fur stood on ends.*

Something is wrong here...

January 11, 2021 12:06 pm


*I brought my Tesseract out in hopes of figuring out what's going on. I got it scan the darkness and it revealed to me that someone was trying to alter history, I sighed.*

Another misadventure for the books. 

*I created the portal back to the Boru castle. I wrote a note down detailing the current situation in case Orchid was looking for me. 

"To the Boru Family

I'll temporarily be gone for a bit as something dark has fallen on Camelot, as if someone is trying to alter history. I'll be traveling back in time to confront whatever is making the attempt. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Queen Mab or someone else. Hopefully, I shouldn't be gone for too long.

                               With Love, Nyx"


*I set the letter on the table and started to create another portal this time to the Dark Ages.*

January 11, 2021 08:14 pm


*Once I landed in the Dark Ages I had to be very careful. Superstition was extremely high and many have accused cats being servants of the Devil. So in order to complete my mission I had to take control over someone's body, but who was it going to be? My choices were limited unless I could find a knight or someone of higher power.*

January 13, 2021 08:44 am


*I remained hidden until I was about to give up on finding a host until people started to clamor until a knight in a black tabard rode by. The knight in black seemed arrogant and had looked down upon the peasants, I smirked.*

Well well well... Looks like I get my wish.

*I uttered my spell in R'lyehian.*

You are my puppet. Your body and mind are mine to carry out my will! NOW OBEY!!!

*The Knight's body shuddered as I took over him. I moved him towards a huge stone and I crept over to it trying to remain hidden. I examined my host and looked at his sword.*

Could use better equipmet. But this will do for now.

January 18, 2021 12:35 pm


*I question my new host.*

What is your name, Knight?

*The knight uttered out his name.*

My name is... Ceolmund Blackburn..

*My whiskers twitched.*

And that Tabard is bearing your family crest?

*He nods, his pale, chiseled features, and dark hair shining in the sun. I was satisfied with my answer and my next task was to work on him. I gave hims this command.*

From this time forward you will honor the Knight's code of chivalry, discipline, bravery, honor, loyalty, honesty and generosity. Never looked down upon the lesser class for they are your equal.

January 21, 2021 11:56 am


*Blackburn and I rode on to find Camelot, to ensure my safety I hid inside one of his bags. Once we found the castle we went to the nearby woods to set up camp and a place to train the knight. Once camp was set up I created nets from my silk to catch fish and snares for small game. Blackburn worked on his archery skill and swordsmanship, while I was setting up traps. His sword was already chipping and I sneered.*

What poor craftsmanship. It should not be chipping already.

*Blackburn replies softly.*

This was all I could afford.. 

*My whiskers twitched.*

Hmmmm lets see what I have.

*I conjured up the floating S-shaped crystal to see what treasures I hoarded in my past journeys. I spotted a large flamberge sword that I snatched up a while back.*

Ooooh, perfect.

February 08, 2021 02:19 pm


*While Blackburn was practicing I got the camp set up. The knight sits down to take break and I used my magic to improve his gear since he was now broke. The enchantment I placed on his gear should last us until we could afford something better. My only question remained.*

Now where is good place to start accumulating funds?

*Blackburn replies.*

Perhaps we should try the taverns and check towns for bounties.

*I cleaned my paws.*

Very well. Lets check them out.

*I hid in Blackburn's bag he placed on his gray horse and he rode on to a nearby town. On our way to our destination a nearby farmer complained about a huge wolf eating his sheep. I smiled.*

Let's start with the poor farmer. He seems to be in a bind.

*Blackburn gets off of his horse and approaches the farmer.*

Forgive my intrusion, farmer. But I couldn't help but overhear your problem about a wolf.

*The farmer grumbled.*

Well yes. A nuisance but nothing much people can do about it since it's so large.

*The knight clears his throat.*

Nonetheless I can still hunt it down for you. Do you know the general direction of where it went?

*The farmer stammered a bit before pointing back at the forest where we came from. Well, in my opinion this was convienent. Blackburn replies.*

Thank you, I shall return when the deed is done.

*The farmes smiles softly.*

God bless you, sir Knight.

*Blackburn hops back on his horse and rides back to our campsite. This time to hunt the wolf.*

February 23, 2021 12:33 pm


~ Ciaran made more then a few trips to Camelot and this was no different. Basically they were just checking in on things there so that there was no need to fight some how on 3 fronts. February 23, 2021 11:33 pm


*In Modern Day Camelot, the shadow within it becomes worst leaving what feels like tangible evil; the feeling of death. Portaits of the Knights of the Round table began to fade.*

*Meanwhile in the forest of Medieval England Blackburn and I are hunting the wolf. I used a little bit of my magic to search for it's tracks. There was something odd about the tracks. It was mixture of a wolf's paw and hooves, I made a comment.*

Paws and hooves? Strange.

*Blackburn replies.*

I think we're hunting... a Questing Beast!

*I started to recall reading a book about that particular monster and I smirked.*

Well then, this hunting trip got much more interesting. Wait here. I'll see if I can draw it out.

*I bolted off following the tracks of the beast. It took me 2 minutes of following the tracks until I found the beast. It had the head and neck of a serpent, lody of a leopard, forepaws of a wolf, and the back legs of a deer. The beast was devouring the sheep that likely belonged to the farmer. It turns its head to me and almost contemplates on eating me next. I wasn't going to wait to find out as I summoned my dis-embodied spider legs to provoke it. I hissed.*

Come at me, foul beast!

*I almost giggled at my attempt to sound like a knight, the Beast snarls and began the chase. I lead it to the area where Blackburn was hiding. Once I passed him, Blackburn rushes forward and drove his flamberge into the Beast's hindquarters. The Beast roars in anger and limps away from him. The knight goes into a defensive stance as the Beast attacks him with tooth and claw. The flamberge's wavy blade aid in deflects the Beast's attack as Blackburn wears it down. Once the Beast was exhausted, the knight drove his sword into the Beast's chest. The Questing Beast cries out in agony before expiring, I climb on top of its body.*

And the Beast is no more. Let's show the Farmer.

*Using the wood around me I was able create a simple but large sled to carry the body of the Beast.*

February 24, 2021 07:26 am


Ciaran looks around and noticed the fading painting of the knights. He then noticed something off about the place. He pulls Excalibur and lets Arthur spirit come to the front. He looks around for what was off February 24, 2021 11:55 pm


*There was something malicious in the Modern camelot as if someone was trying to erase the Arthurian bloodline and the shadows grew. An eerie voice echoes.*

The Knights of the Round Table and the Pendragon bloodline will wither and die....

*In the forest Blackburn ties the sled to his horse while I used my tentacles to move the beast onto it. Blackburn hopped onto his horse and rode on while I hid in his bag. We arrive at the Farmer's home, Blackburn dismounted, and knocked on his door. The Farmer at first seemed grumpy until he saw Blackburn then his face lit up.*

Back so soon, Sir Knight?

*Blackburn nods and shows the Farmer the Questing Beast's body.*

Here is your culprit.

*The Farmer's eye grew wide and his dropped. He stammered.*

Are you.. are you sure?!

*I remembered seeing a blue marking on the sheep and telepathically relayed to Blackburn. The Knight replies.*

The Beast was eating a sheep that had the same markings as your current shepp. Also did these attacks happen at night?

*The Farmer pondered for a moment before his wife came out.*

Louis, what's going on here why are you- AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

*His wife sees the body of the beast and very much shocked to the core. She squeaks as she looks at Blackburn, then at the Beast's corpse, then at her husband.*

Mind telling me what's going on?

*Louis looks at his wife.*

Well, Hilda apparently a Questing Beast has been eating our sheep.

*Hilda gets closer the Beast's body then back at the Knight.*

This is the Questing Beast that may likely have been eating Algar's animals too. And tried to attack Edmund's children. When we all thought it was a wolf.

*Louis nods in agreement.*

Yes. We should bring this Beast into town.

*Blackburn smiles.*

Would you two like to accompany me into town? And cross reference the incidents with your friends? perhaps with the Beast slain your problems should be over.

*Hilda got excited.*

Oh yes yes! I get to be in the company of this Knight and have a chat with Briana!

*Louis nods.*

While you do that I'll be at tavern. Hopefully Edmund's there.

*Blackburn hopes back on his horse and carries the Beast with the 2 farmers in tow. I smiled to myself.*

February 25, 2021 11:09 am


Ciaran looks around the hall February 25, 2021 07:12 pm


*The paintings of the knights continue to fade and even the banners started to lose their color. Back at the small town Blackburn dragged the Beast's body on the sled, people gathered and clamored. Hilda was chattering with her friends and cross referencing their encounters. Blackburn informed the people they can examine the Beast while he went to the Tavern with Louis following him. The Tavern keeper hearing about the news gave Blackburn free ale. The Knight set his bag where I was hidden in a dark area away from prying eyes. Blackburn regaled his battle with the Questing Beast.*

So there it was. The foul beast feasting on Louis' sheep in the forest. I drew my sword.

*Blackburn pulls out his flamberge and everyone wanted to take a look at the blade that was still stained with the Beast's blood.*

Curious design, innit?

*Louis commented on the blade as he sipped on his ale. Blackburn continued.*

I was able to grab its attention while I was in hiding. As it passed by I caught the beast by surprise with a swift thrust, wounding it greatly. The Beast fought hard and I wasn't sure I would live to see the end of this day. Luckily I was able to exhaust it and with my remaining strength I drove my sword straight to its heart, slaying it!

*People cheered and I was to create a tiny portal back to Modern Camelot to check up on the current situation.*

Oh no, this is getting worse. I need to pinpoint the problem!

*I grumbled, my ears laying back. Then I noticed Ciaran, believing he could help.*

February 25, 2021 11:41 pm


Noting nyx Ciaran looks at her .
what the hell is happening here? These banners have never looked like this and history can not be redone with out there being no pendragon blood in the world when it comes to here. My family has pendragon blood . This should not be happening.

February 26, 2021 10:03 am


*I shake my head.*

I am trying to locate the problem. That may be a challenge since the Pendragons had quite a few enemies. There is magic involved, that much I know.  The only thing preventing this is the Pendragon blood. 

*I summon a tentacle and touched the encroaching darkness. My ears laid back.*

I am getting...a vision... 2 women; one of them has 3 sons. Their names meaning darkness, evil, and violence. The other is an old enemy of Merlin and the Pendragon. They're currently struggling with cutting off your bloodline. But who knows how long.

*I had an idea.*

This might be a long shot... Do you think you can come back in time with me? Together we can get to the bottom of this. But I highly recommend not telling anyone that you're from the future or part of the Pendragon bloodline. Especially if we bump into King Arthur. 

February 27, 2021 10:31 am
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