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Become the Beast


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The cold was bitter and biting on the snout, but the beast paid no mind. The scent of the deer was all that mattered. A fine buck, in his prime, nice and alone, away from his others. He was pawing at the snow, digging for the sweet cold grass underneath as the first rays of daylight crested through the deep forest trees.

The beast watched carefully; nose scenting for any other disturbances, ears moving around its head, listening to the buck’s heartbeat, nice and steady, as well as listening to the morning birds toiling away with their sing song.

Become the beast We don't have to hide

Do I terrify youOr do you feel alive?

Do you feel the hunger Does it howl inside?

Does it terrify you? Or do you feel alive?

Splinters of my soul Cut through your skin

And burrow within And burrow within

Massive muscular hindquarters twitched gently, the nipping breeze moving the thick fur on the beast’s haunches a bit. Large hand-like clawed front paws gripped the ground beneath, breaking through the snow and clutching into the frozen soil beneath.

The buck heard none of this. Blissfully unaware of the werewolf on the hunt.

The beast tested the air again. No scent of humans at all. Nothing to distract the male deer from his morning foraging.

Golden eyes tracked each movement, each sway of the buck's ears. Finally, the beast settled on the right moment. The wind blew, drawing the beast's scent far from the buck. Slow steps were taken before the werewolf’s haunches sprang into action, corded muscle moving beneath thick grey and brown fur. The beast charged at the buck, the buck caught totally unawares. It panicked, not knowing which direction to spring for. It was too late however.

As the buck sprung in one direction, the beast was upon it, clawed hands grabbing the deer by the antlers and allowing its forward momentum to work against it. The beast lifted it with powerful hind legs, letting the deer’s own hooves to come out from beneath it. It was unceremoniously slammed onto its back as the werewolf wasted no time sinking its massive razor filled maw around the deer’s neck, crushing its throat.

The beast tasted the blood and adrenaline, savoring it. It was careful however. With one clawed hand, it swiped an incision on the belly of the buck, turning it on its side to empty it of guts. The wolf wanted to not contaminate the meat with bladder, stomach or intestinal contents, watching as the steam rose from them. The only prizes the beast sought from within the buck was the heart and liver, perhaps some of the hindquarters.

Nothing on my tail But there was something in you

I knew could make that change To capture a predator

You can't remain the prey You have to become

An equal In every way

The large werewolf then moved the buck a few feet away into clean snow. Its clawed hands working the skin and fur off the deer, exposing the sweet meat beneath. The werewolf flipped the buck, exposing the back straps of the deer and pulling them away cleanly. The human within the beast liked those parts the best.

The wolf set them aside and went about with its meal. The beast happily dined until it was satisfied.

A snap of a twig had the werewolf’s ears scanning the area. A Human scent was now in the area. The beast quickly grabbed the back straps and ran for the hollowed out tree that Genesis had undressed and left her backpack.

The beast climbed up the closest tree to set eyes on the hunter. They had found the remnants of where the beast struggled and gutted the deer. Fear could then be smelled in the air. The beast loved it. Its golden eyes watched the human, mouth salivating despite being satisfied with its own kill.

It growled deep in its throat, why was it having such thoughts? The human inside was screaming at the beast.

So look in the mirror And tell me, who do you see?

Is it still you? Or is it me?

Become the beast We don't have to hide

Do I terrify you Or do you feel alive?

Do you feel the hunger Does it howl inside?

Does it terrify you? Or do you feel alive?

Splinters of my soul Cut through your skin

And burrow within


End part One

January 18, 2021 11:25 pm


Genesis was screaming as she looked out through the beast's eyes. She could feel what it felt. A hunger for something forbidden. The taste for long-pig. Genesis had wanted to taste it too. But, it wasn't right. It was an abomination. Was she an abomination?


She had to question herself, and her other beastly self. As a werewolf, she had no problem with killing humans and tearing them to pieces, limb from limb. She just didn't eat them. Not until…


Oh god…


Back in 2019 was it? When there was a deadly outbreak of a new strain of the Red Death. Genesis had contracted it and was secreted off to some secret government lab for testing. While there, she lost control of her beast. Some person in a hazmat suit had made the mistake of coming into her little Plexiglas cell and she had torn him apart. And in her delirious fevered haze, the werewolf ate him. All the human side of her could do was scream from the inside before they shot the werewolf full of tranquilizers. 


Ever since, Genesis has carried the weight of if she as if she were a cannibal, or was it simply her other half’s nature.


The beast was thinking different thoughts than her now. They had become split personalities, in a way. But she could force herself to overwhelm the beast.

I've always been a hunter Nothing on my tail

But there was something in you I knew could make that change

To capture a predator You can't remain the prey

You have to become An equal

In every way So look in the mirror

And tell me, who do you see? Is it still you?

Or is it me? Become the beast

We don't have to hide Do I terrify you

Or do you feel alive?


With some effort, she forced out a loud growl and a howl. Other wolves in the greater distance returned the howl.

The hunter froze in his tracks. He lifted the scope of his rifle and did a quick look of the area. No one thinks of looking for werewolves in trees.

He backed away slowly, getting out of the obvious animal kill and to safety. This wasn't his hunting area today. After this, he probably wouldn't come hunting alone, either.

Once all was free and clear, the beast jumped down in the icy snow, moving to where Genesis had stashed her things. It dragged the back straps and dropped them near the hollowed out tree before its body started morphing. The beast seemed to deflate, something inside the husk fighting to get free. After a moment, two small hands ripped through the chest area of the furry husk, revealing a bloody Genesis, in all her five foot naked glory. A stark contrast to the seven foot muscular beast that she once was. She was immediately hit with the cold air and snow. She saw her back straps the beast left her and the hollowed out tree that held her backpack.

Rushing for the backpack, she pulled out of the main pocket of towel sized wet wipes that could be found at camping and sports stores. She quickly cleaned herself of the blood from erupting from her outer husk, cursing the whole time before shoving the dirty wipes into a baggy. She then wasted no time in pulling her warm winter clothes on. 

However, that simply wasn’t enough to knock the chill from her. She pulled a thermos from the side of her pack and unscrewed the cup on top, then the lid. She poured herself a coffee and smiled into it. The thermos would hold about four cups and she intended to drink every last bit before her hike down off the small mountain.

As she sipped her coffee, she grabbed a black trash bag, the thick kind, and put some icy snow in the bottom before grabbing the deer back straps and dropping them in. She tied up the bag tight, forcing out any air and shoved her prize into her backpack.

She didn’t linger in the area long, drinking down her coffee and moving on out of the forest.

The entire time, only one thing turning over and over in her mind. What did it mean to be a werewolf? What did it take to keep the beast at bay with its more primal thoughts? She knew she needed answers, but where, and from who?

She knew she needed another werewolf for answers, one who lived the same kind of life as her. They had to be older though, more experienced. She was, in most eyes, still a pup. She was on the first phase of her life cycles. She needed an elder. She pondered long and hard over it, and where to look for one she sought.

She knew of a private club for werewolves. Perhaps there would be a good start. If none could help her, perhaps they could point her in the right direction? Or maybe they would just scoff and laugh at her. That was a large possibility.

First things first, get home, get a shower, and put the back straps up.

So look in the mirror

And tell me, who do you see?




End part Two

January 20, 2021 07:24 pm


She had had no luck in the bar she had thought of to visit. However, other than the other werewolves laughing at her, on her way out the door a man grabbed her wrist and palmed something into her hand. He had watched her make a fool of herself all evening, so she was surprised when she found he was actually listening. As she exited the establishment, she opened her palm. A small squared up piece of paper.

A map.

The young lycan immediately went home and put on a pot of coffee, pulling the Bailey’s Irish Cream from the fridge to go with it.

She brought out her map of the Appalachian Mountains and the map the man had given her. She was sure it was the Appalachians. To think her safe house was so close.

She poured herself a large cup of coffee, adding the Bailey’s, cream and sugar and returned to the dining table. She held the small hand drawn map up to the large printed map and tried to tie in variations that looked similar.

The handwritten map the grizzled old lycan had given her had ‘The Shaman’ written across the top. She supposed that was who she was looking for. It would make sense. Someone of intelligence in all things, who kept themselves secluded from the world and modern finery. Old magic. She wasn’t so foolish to think a shaman was going to magic away how she felt though.

She picked up her mug and took a long drink, blowing the steam away before her next drink to finish it off. That’s when she saw it! The matching peaks and rivers. She quickly, and without putting her mug down, circled the point on the big printed map before finishing her drink and setting it aside. She compared the two maps carefully. It was a wonder how anyone could make it to that spot, whether in human or beast form.

She felt her heart racing a little. A tad more coffee wouldn’t hurt. She filled her mug once again, adding the Bailey’s but skipping the cream and sugar.

She sat on one foot in her chair and studied the map. It would take a few hours’ drive, and then the way to get there on foot was a conundrum. Wolf, human or werewolf. Wolf would provide her no good. She wouldn’t be able to carry anything, and she was more primal, more prone to set off a war with wolf packs in the area. Human seemed okay, but there was no way to get through the thick ice and snow, plus the underbrush. Lakes and rivers, if any, would be treacherous. The slippery moss covered rocks and boulders would be slick.

It looked as if going up the mountainside would have to be in full werewolf mode. She had a sling pack made especially for such situations. The beast didn’t like it, but what had to be done, had to be done.

Genesis spent the next few hours marking things from the big map onto the smaller hand drawn one. It would be easier to carry around, and then she went off to pack her bag, making sure to pack her coffee pot, mug and plenty of coffee and hot chocolate. She then added a pair of clothes, making sure she would still have enough room in the bag to carry what she would be wearing to the shifting point.

She knew Dexter wouldn’t be around this way, but left him a note regardless before hopping in the shower and going to bed, excited about the next day’s adventure.

January 24, 2021 01:41 pm


While Genesis had gone to bed fairly early and slept well, having been excited, her morning had been dreadful.

It had started off first thing, at breakfast. Genesis wasn’t quite the wife material and upon opening the fridge she found there was little by way of food. Sure, she had some back straps, but no eggs, no bread. She flopped her hair out of her face and moved to the coffee pot. Meat and coffee, the breakfast of champions. Looking through the cabinets, she did find some Pop Tarts. Opening one of the little packages and chomping off a bite, she found it to be like cardboard. So stale. She dumped the entire box into the garbage.

She pulled her back straps out of the bag in the fridge and blooded them out a bit in the sink. Not too much, as she liked the gamey taste. She waited impatiently for her blessed coffee.

Once she had her coffee in hand, she took up a seat at the table. Sipping her coffee, she planned out her day. Considering how treacherous the mountains could be this time of year, she may not make it to her destination in one day. It wasn’t even light out yet, and she wanted to waste no time getting a start, but she needed food in her belly first.

She knew she would be traveling primarily in her Crinos form. Her thinking got muddled sometimes. The werewolf side of her wouldn’t like carrying the shoulder pack. She’d have to keep her human thinking side of her mind dominant. This wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Who knew if this old man even had any answers to give her? How did she even know to ask the right questions?

She drank her coffee, shaking any negative thoughts away. Genesis moved to fix her second cup of coffee and recheck her shoulder pack. Satisfied, she moved to the meat in the sink, cutting off a portion of one of the straps. She fileted off the thick layer of fat from the bottom and cubed it up before sealing the rest of the straps up properly in freezer bags and putting them in the deep freeze. They were so much better fresh, so she gave things a second thought. She would be mainly in her beast form, why not feed her well? Genesis put the freezer bagged meat into the pack instead.

Cleaning her hands she moved to cooking her cubed up meat. She tossed them into an already heated frying pan and basically just seared them once over. They smelled heavenly. She liked them coated in butter.

She slid them on to a plate and poured her third cup of coffee, sitting down to enjoy breakfast.

It didn’t take Genesis long to ‘wolf’ down her breakfast, finishing off the pot of coffee as well. She washed her dishes and cookware and left them to dry.

She got dressed, grabbed the sling bag over her shoulder and picked up her Jeep keys, locking the house behind her.

The drive took about 6 hours. It would already be getting dark soon as she hoofed it up into the steep Appalachia cold mountains.

She found herself an old logging trail that took her as far up as possible before stashing her Jeep off the path and locking it up. The air was cold and bitter. She’d go in human form as long as she could before shifting to beast. In the current weather, she didn’t think that would be too long.

Up the mountain she went, looking out behind herself for any signs of people. The place was abandoned, most trailheads anywhere remotely in her general direction having already been closed. Her outlook was uplifted a little now, the letdown of the morning behind her, a buzz of questions in her head for this ‘Shaman’.


End part Four

January 29, 2021 11:53 pm


Genesis trekked upwards into the mountains, higher and higher, each step getting more treacherous and her body heat dwindling in the frigid winds.

She kept going as long as she could. She kept her senses on high alert, keeping her nose and ears on edge for any threats, or dens of bigger animals or packs.

Her first encounter was indeed a wolf pack. She tried to keep her distance. She knew they could smell the meat she carried in her shoulder bag. The wolves stalked her, but kept their distance when she let out a menacing growl. The pack took the hint, probably having been a smaller pack with enough food to really not need to hunt down Genesis for now. They left, returning to their den and pups.

The hike upwards was getting harder on Genesis now. Each step was precarious. As she stepped on large moss and ice covered logs and boulders, the moss and ice would peel away under her slight weight in one sheet, leaving her scrabbling for her next hold.

Her lungs hurt from the bitter air. It was a beautiful day, however, the sun shining, the forest still. She had to take a break, but was afraid if she stopped in her forward momentum, she wouldn’t be able to pick it back up again. She thought about it long and hard before coming to a small stream. Here is where she would stop and here was where she would rest, eat, and shed her human form. The rest of her trek would be made in her beast form. She could also go faster, lumbering along on all fours, using the trees and her claws would keep her steady to the earth. She would be infinitely warmer as well.

Looking at her watch, she had made exceptional time when comparing things to the map. She would indeed make it there tonight sometime. That nagging part of her mind wondered if that was going to be a good or bad thing. Coming in under the darkness of night may make it look as if she posed a threat. She didn’t want that at all. That wasn’t her intention.

Genesis stopped at the stream, removing her pack and taking her canteen cup out. She dipped it into the freezing waters and sipped very slowly, just enough to quench a bit of the thirst without giving herself brain-freeze.

She sat down on a freezing cold stump of a tree, opening her pack. She pulled out some of the meat and lay it there on the tree stump beside herself.

Genesis then took a deep breath. She started removing her clothes. Boots, socks, pants…everything until she was naked there by the stream. She quickly, and with wildly shaking hands, shoved the items into the shoulder pack. Her lips were turning blue.

With little thought, she put the pack over her shoulder, making sure it hung very low, as once she let the beast out, it would be snug on that form. She allowed the beast out. Her bones and muscles moved, cracked, dislocated and relocated, until finally the huge beast inside was freed, seemingly ripping Genesis apart.

The beast shook the viscera and tattered flesh of the human guise away. It stretched like a waking cat before standing fully on two legs. It emitted a low growl at the bag hanging off its hip, but knew why it was there. Her sharp nose moved to the meat that was left out. That didn’t last long, as the werewolf barely even chewed it.

The mental map was back in the forefront of its mind.

Genesis, the werewolf, bounded off, almost having ‘fun’ pouncing through the snow and ice and thick wooded areas.

End part Five

February 01, 2021 12:02 am


The sun had set and Genesis was still bounding her way up the side of the mountain. There were sparse flat areas, but those usually let to caves. She didn’t scent any bears hibernating in any of them, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any around.

She would stop from time to time to let her golden werewolf eyes take in every detail of her surroundings. The crows and other birds had quieted down, snuggled in for a night’s sleep.

In the distance she heard the wolves howl, and resisted joining them. She was certain she was close to the Shamans place. She wondered what he lived in…a cabin maybe? The map she had received didn’t say.

She was hungry, but her big werewolf hands could not work the fine details of the shoulder bag where her human-self had stashed meat. This irritated the beast and she growled.

The beast lumbered through the hunger. She came to a blinding halt however, when a snap of twig caught her ears.

She stood to her full height, ears swiveling to try to catch any more sound. Glittering eyes moved as well. She kept her large body still, however, controlling her breathing.

Another snap came from a different direction. Genesis’ lycan nose was hard at work to scent out what was on the lonely mountain with her. She let out a warning growl, only to be met with silence. She began moving again, more cautiously. She moved on all fours, mindful of her step. She heard more twigs snap, but continued up the mountain.

The boulders and few flat areas were few and far between. Most covered over in snow, though some weren’t. She could see the tracks of smaller animals coming and going. Daytime animals.

Whatever was following her now was like her… a nighttime animal. A beast perhaps? Surely her keen nose would have scented him or her out by now. Also… the twigs… they snapped from different directions. Was she being stalked by more than one predator? They’d be foolish to try to box her in. She was in no mood for games.

She kept on course, cautiously. Her ears swiveled and her eyes scanned everything. The bristles down her back and into her tail bushed out some.

The next thing to assault her senses was a pungent smell. Coming closer she could see it was a large carcass. A bear by the looks of it. It was half carved away. Its face had been skinned for some reason. Was this human work? It looked so out of place. All that fur and a bone skull gleaming in the night. It had a good bit of snowfall on it as well.

As she trekked forward, the smell of something else overpowered the dead bear. It was disgusting; dung and urine. She couldn’t make out what though. A mix of animals really, from herbivores to omnivores. More scents intermingled, but her nose just couldn’t sort them all out.

The sound of twigs snapping around her had started again.

She growled, deep, throaty and menacingly.

The reply she received was to be knocked heavily to the ground, something hard and fast hitting her between the shoulder blades. She hadn’t smelled or seen anything.

The next shock hit her head to the left. She growled loudly, flexing her clawed hands to catch the next strike.

End part Six

February 03, 2021 06:39 am


When the next blow came, Genesis did not catch it, as anticipated. It knocked her across the nose, infuriating her. She growl, that rage of being bested causing her eyes to flare a bright golden hue.

The beast caught a flash of white from the corner of her eye and tried to once again anticipate the blow, and, once again, failed.

Everything went quiet suddenly, all but Genesis breathing and growling low. It seemed like everything in the forest, the entire mountain even, had been set on ‘pause’.

What was she facing? How many? In these kinds of mountains, it could be anything. She thought maybe even a wendigo. That was foolish, however, because they didn’t move like that. They also smelled terrible, not to mention they had a tendency to stay nearer to humans, as they preyed upon them.

Someone had hit the ‘un-pause’ button on life and Genesis was hit once again, this time, however, she saw her attacker.

He stood before her, a large snarl upon his beastly werewolf face. In one clawed hand he held a staff or weapon of sorts. Around his neck, and entangled in his fur were intricate beads and stone carved jewelry. He was smaller than Genesis in her beast form, but when he pulled back his maw and roared at her, her spine and tail bristled with a shiver of fear peeking through her rage.

She roared back, shrugging her shoulders with the uncomfortable pack resting there. She moved to attack, only to miss her target and be smacked in the back of the head with the white werewolf’s staff. How did he have the ability and control to use a weapon like that? Also, he was small, slender… old looking. Where did that speed come from?

She shook her head, getting her bearings again. She was so very close to him. She employed another tactic. She swept her long hind leg out, knocking the white wolf off balance as she rose up, moving to clench his neck in her jaws. Quick he was to throw his arm up, blocking her bite. Genesis growled and gave a shake of her head, causing the elder werewolf to growl in return. She found he seemed annoyed more than hurt.

She didn’t let go. Her clawed hands came up to try to wrestle the aged beast to the ground, only to find herself hoisted up and slammed harshly onto the ground below, breaking her hold on his arm.

His maw was around her neck in an instant. He wasn’t biting enough to cause her to bleed out, but he was cutting off her airway.

White fur was all she saw before the stars above and absolute black.


End part Seven

February 05, 2021 04:05 am


Her head pounded ever so slightly, but was seemingly soothed by pleasant aromas. Her body was warm and very comfortable. She moved, and felt a softness under her hands that was just sublime. The more aware she became, however, the more things just didn't feel right.

She sat upright, finding herself nestled atop furs and pelts of a variety of animals, all clean and soft, and a large bear pelt covered her naked form. Of course she would be naked. She was in her crinos form when knocked out, she would automatically revert to human. It was kind of creepy though, that someone would take the care to make her comfortable.

She wrapped herself in the furs and stood on steady legs. Looking around she could see she was inside some sort of vast cave system. She had to stoop her head in some places. 

She saw a fires flickering light, making her way to it. Around her, she could hear dripping water somewhere. A pool of some kind. Fresh drinking water. 

She saw the fire before she saw the man. However, upon seeing him, she blinked, startled. He was small, withered looking. His skin seemed thin and fragile, his hair long and white as the snow outside. 

“Are you going to stand there rudely, or join me in the heat and light of the fire, pup?” His voice came. It was softer than expected. There was no gruffness to it. It seemed almost… tired.

She did as he asked and moved to the fire, sitting opposite of him. He stared at her. Judging her? She had so many questions, she didn't know how to start out.

“If you got somethin’ to say, spit it out.” He muttered, sipping from her canteen cup.

“You’re drinking my coffee.” She said plainly.

He snorted, handing it to her. She took it gladly, then looked around. He had opened her pack and dug all through it, pulling everything out. RUDE.

“I see you helped yourself to my things, did you eat my food, too?” She asked.

He gave a nod, before countering her with questioning of his own.

“What are you doing on my mountain? Don't tell me some idiot told you I was some great Shaman or Guru, did they. You didn't pay for that information did you?” He chuckled.

She blushed. He waved the hand drawn map around. Genesis blushed a deeper shade of red.

“Don't feel bad pup. It is a common mistake. The packs all think that just because I am the oldest living werewolf, that I am some sort of special shaman or something, that I hold all the answers they seek. You are not the first pup, and probably not the last.”

He stood, and for the first time Genesis could see him completely. He was small, skinny, he wore the pelts of animals in the same fashion the late Native Americans used to. He had beads and feathers and a variety of things strung through his hair, beard and necklaces. Her mind went back to how fragile he looked, but at the same time, how easily it was for him to kick her ass.

“I did come, because I have questions. Question on who and what we are. I’m confused in my role in life. I guess...

He put a hand up. 

“I can feel your turmoil pup. Let me get us some food, more drink and we will sit and talk. Then I will decide whether you are worthy to leave this mountain or not... “ He said, his tone very serious.


End part Eight

February 08, 2021 07:23 pm


Genesis scowled at the old man. This great ‘Shaman’ she had had her hopes up so much about. What a sham. He was really fucking old though, and maybe there was some knowledge to be gleamed off him after all.

She watched the old man root around and bring her a large hunk of jerky of some kind. He sat down with his own opposite her. The fire between them was small, but it seemed to heat the cave well.

“It’s bear. Made it myself, like everythin’ else. Eat.” He said, biting into the thick hunk of dried meat himself.

Genesis sniffed the meat. It carried no traces of seasoning of anything other than a smoke house smell. She bit a piece off and was surprised at how good it was. However, she was starving, so that probably helped.

“I noticed you haven’t moved for your modern clothing yet. I wasn’t gonna stop ya from it.” The Shaman said.

Genesis blinked, recognizing she was still wrapped up in the animal fur.

“It’s more comfortable, isn’t it? Natural. It’s natural.” The old man said matter of factly.

Genesis nodded. “Yes, I will admit it does feel like it's what I should be wearing. Like you said…natural. I’m gonna put my clothes back on though. I have no interest in being naked, nor stealing your possessions.” She said respectfully.

“Why are you on my mountain? Why seek me out? You should be with a pack, serving your alpha and raising pups. I seen ya body, built well for birthin’ pups.” He said, giving her a leering eye.

She nearly choked on the piece of meat she had been chewing on. “Spitting out pups, huh? Being led by an alpha? You do realize the year is two thousand twenty one, right? Those are kind of outdated concepts.” She chuckled.

She received a smack on the head from his staff.

“All you newer generations are losing touch with the ‘ways’. Next you’ll tell me you have relations with human men.” He gruffed out.

She rolled her eyes as she rubbed the spot on her head where he thumped her. “As a matter of fact, my union mate is a human…” She said, though in a lower tone, maybe hoping he wouldn’t even hear it.

She received another sharp thump to her head with the staff.

End part Nine

February 12, 2021 12:29 am


Genesis rubbed her head and scowled at the old man. She was getting real tired of getting bopped in the head with his staff. Her eyes stayed trained on him as he spoke.

“You go against your nature. No wonder you smell of human soaps, perfumes and their gunpowder and oils. You use those weapons, don’t you? Instead of taking pride in your true nature?” He said angrily.

She blinked. “That’s why I am here, actually. I don’t know what my true nature is supposed to be. I’m confused…” she said before falling silent and watching him. Her eyes then went to his staff. She changed subjects.

“How are you able to use the staff in your Crinos form? I’ve never seen a Crinos form use a weapon. We tend to rend with teeth and claws…” She said, looking for an answer.

“Years.” He huffed out. “I am old. Hundreds of years of practice. That’s not why you are here. Tell me about this confusion you feel. How can you not know your true nature?”

She allowed her hazel eyes to move to the fire. She watched it for a moment before speaking softly.

“A while ago, I got sick. In my fever I attacked and ate a human.” She said, her voice filled with shame.

The Shaman looked at her. The caves filled with booming laughter. It echoed and thundered.

Genesis looked up at him, again scowling deeply. For her scowl, she received another thump on the head from his staff.

The old man moved close to her, his face mere inches from hers.

”So? That IS your nature, girl! You are a wolf. We like meat. Humans are meat. Food.” He said, nearly spitting the words in her face.

She blinked and shook her head. ”NO! We are human. It's cannibalism!”

The Shaman smacked her again.

“We are wolf. Lycanthrope. First and foremost. Why do you think we keep our wolf abilities…eyesight, hearing, sense of smell…when in our human husks? It’s because our hearts are wolf.” He said, moving back to his original seat.

Genesis fell into silence thinking over his words. There was truth there.

She looked at him again. “I don’t want to have a diet of human… it disgusts me, but at the same time, it makes something in me stir.”

“Let those feelings lead you. If you have some moral issue with it, eat a human that deserves death.” He said plainly.

It all hit her like a ton of bricks. It was there, the crystal answer. It still sort of disgusted her, but it was a solution. She really didn’t like it, but… it was logical. She knew it would take a while for her to settle it within herself.

Genesis got up, moving to where the old man had strewn the contents of her pack over the floor. She dropped the furs she was wearing and began dressing. She had no shame in showing her nakedness to the man. He’d seen her naked already. She then gathered up the coffee and hot chocolate packets. Moving to the fire, she made a cup of the hot chocolate from the boiling water he had set to one side of the fire.

She tried to make peace with the man who watched her closely, curiously. She handed the cup to him. “Try this…”

He took the cup and blew on it lightly before sipping. He smiled, but that visage faded quickly and he smacked her with his staff again.

She growled. “Old man, you smack me one more time with that staff, I’m gonna shove it so far up your ass…”

Genesis was cut off by his own, louder growl. “Do you think I am some kind of savage living up here in these mountains that I’ve never had chocolate? You really are an idiot, pup! I do leave here on occasion. Guess what? I can even read and write! Stupid pup.”

The two glared at one another for a long moment. Genesis then took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

“I’m sorry. I had misconceptions about who and what you are.” She wanted to say something more snarky, but held her tongue.

Again, the two sat staring at one another, as if trying to read each other’s mind, though that wasn’t a gift Lycans held. A growl slipped from Genesis’ throat, but she soon reigned it in. She busied herself then, breaking the staring contest as she made herself a cup of hot chocolate. She wanted to talk to the man more. If he was as old as he claimed, what could she learn?


End part Ten

February 15, 2021 12:54 am


The old Shaman sipped the last of his drink before belching and then giving a yawn. His moved to stand, making Genesis stand as well. She was surprised when he spoke to her again.

He looked, then gestured further back into the cave, where the bed of furs was located. “Go, sleep for a while. We can talk more later.”

Genesis gave a nod and picked up the discarded fur she had wrapped herself up in earlier.

“Okay. That sounds good. I have more questions for you though…” She said, before making her way back to the bed in her socked feet, crawling into the bed of furs and covering herself with the top fur. It felt so nice. She almost had pondered stripping down to nakedness again to revel in the feeling of the furs against her body.

It didn’t take her long to drift off.

She dreamed. In her dream, she watched as a spectator as a pack, in their werewolf forms, danced around a large fire, their noises ancient, almost like a language among them. They were joyous as they all circled the fire, each holding their own very unique staff above their heads. Closer to the fire, their children, in their small wolf forms, bounced and played. She longed to join them. Someone had come behind her and nudged her, urging her to join, to let go.

The poking in her lower back continued.

She opened her eyes quickly, finding the poking insistent.

Genesis jumped from the furs to find the old man on the bed of furs with her. He stood, grinning, and completely naked.

“OLD MAN! I swear to Fenrir I’m gonna gut you… so gross…” She said, giving a shake. “Cover your old boney ass up…what the hell are you thinking?”

The Shaman simply crossed his arms over his scrawny chest and snorted in her direction. “I am still young enough, virile enough, to give you a pup… You aren’t even properly mated.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose. “I AM properly ‘mated’. I love the man I am bound to very much. I would never betray that. Will you please put your clothes on? Ugh… I am so totally leaving at first light!” She spit out at him.

The old man laughed at her heartily. “You couldn’t even beat me when you arrived on my mountain, I have my doubts you could ‘gut’ me. I will leave you alone. It’s a shame though. Past time for you to be without a pup or two. But then, you are still a pup yourself. A strong one, I will admit to that. Strong and fit. Stay here and I will train you in other ways.” He tried to bargain.

She shook her head. “I will learn those secrets on my own, thanks. You’re really just a hermitty old pervert up here on this mountain. I feel bad for you.”

This earned her a snarl, and a deep throated growl. “Don’t need your pity girl, I have all I need, and I don’t need to be around all those humans in ‘polite society’.”

She stared at the Shaman. “I’ll be gone at sun up…and that’s not long off from now.”

The depths of her disappointment emanated from her. Sure, she found a way to become the beast, feed on the human flesh she desired, but this old fart could teach her so much… she couldn’t handle staying up on this mountain with the perv however.

End part Eleven

February 18, 2021 12:25 am


She sat quietly by the small fire in the cave, sipping from her canteen cup. She would need that caffeine in her body to help her trek down off this forsaken mountain.

Genesis was torn in the way things had turned out. One point the old Shaman had directed her through, was how to truly become the beast and give into those desires for human meat… feed upon the evil-doers. He was also right on another point. At the heart of all werewolves, even in their human forms, their hearts were wolf, guided by instinct.

She firmly did not agree that she needed to be mated to a fellow Lycanthrope, however, or that she should be having ‘pups’ as he called them. Genesis, after her own upbringing, never wanted to have children. Never.

She poked at the fire a bit with a stick, making herself another cup of coffee. She looked at her bag and all the discarded things around it that the old man had nosed his way through. Hopefully the bag was still intact, as she needed it to carry her clothing down the mountain as she would be in her werewolf form again.

Her stomach gave a growl. She placed a hand on her tummy to try to soothe it. The next thing she knew she was being smack in the head by a parcel of dried meats. She turned and looked, seeing the old man had thankfully dressed, and was carrying some raw meat with him as well.

The Shaman moved to her at the fire and placed the raw meat in front of her. “Don’t worry, it’s not human. You need to eat if you’re gonna make your way down the mountain.”

“Thank you.” Genesis said softly, picking at the meat. Usually, for the sake of other people, like Dexter, she would cook her meat a little, so this was a rare treat, in all sense of the word ‘rare’. She picked at the meat with her fingers, plopping the pieces in her mouth before licking her fingers clean. She sipped her coffee now and then.

The old man watched her. “You are a confusing little creature. You know, you haven’t even told me your name.”

She paused. She hadn’t, had she? Nor had she asked him. “My name is Genesis… what’s yours?”

The man looked at her. “Genesis. Odd name. You don’t need to know my name. I doubt you could say it right anyway, and when you leave this place, burn your little map and tell no one of me.” He snorted a little, making himself a cup of coffee.

The two sat in silence once again, eating and drinking, unaware that the staring contest had started once again.

End part Twelve

February 18, 2021 08:19 pm


The staring contest broke when the old man looked up, over Genesis’ head. He grabbed his staff, using it to help himself stand.

“The sun will be up soon.”

Genesis turned her head in the direction he was looking. The mouth of the cave must have been just beyond them. She couldn’t tell if the sun was coming up or not, though, she’d never lived in a mountain cave before either.

She moved to get up, stepping to her small pile of discarded items the old man had strewn about out of her pack. She put things back into the pack neatly. She thought about her trek back down the mountain. It wouldn’t take her as long to get down as it had getting up. She could make the trip with a lot more speed. She would leave in her Lycan form, changing to human the closer she got to the old logging road she had left her Jeep.

Genesis allowed her eyes to roam over the cave. The old man had drawn on the walls. It was like a history book. The little things he collected told stories as well. He had more than one staff as well. Somewhere ornate, some very plain.

She peeked into what was his bedroom. Ugh, those furs…what she would give to have a couple of those. She didn’t even know what animal they were from, but they were big.

Her eyes turned back to the Shaman. “Well, I guess it’s back down the mountain for me. You can keep all the hot chocolate packets, and some of the coffee. I just want my canteen and a thermos full of coffee.” She said to him.

He gave a nod, stepping away from her as she went about preparing her thermos. When she finished, she stood and kicked off her untied shoes. She stripped down to nakedness and pulled her pack over her shoulder again, across her body to rest low on her hip. She placed her clothing within.

The old man was staring. She squinted at him. He rolled his eyes dramatically at her.

“I was unconscious when you brought me in here… which direction do I need to head?”

He snickered at the beating he had given her before clearing his throat. “Head east after leaving the cave. When you get to the stream, turn slightly to the south.”

She gave a nod, taking a deep breath before letting it out slowly and letting the change come on. As she changed, letting the beast out, she took note that he, too, was letting his beast out.

The two beasts stared at one another before Genesis turned and took off down the mountain, correct in her assessment that her descent would be quicker than her ascent had been.

After a few hours, she was passing things that were familiar to her. However, she had the feeling that something was watching her. She brushed that thought away. Her mind grasped onto the thought of reaching the stream, to change back to her human form and put her comfy clothes on. Not that anything beat being in her beastly form.

Her ears perked up when she heard the rippling of water. Her stride was long and fast, reaching the stream edge. She dipped her snout into the water and wet her tongue.

The werewolf stood back up and wrestled a moment with getting the shoulder pack off without breaking it before she finally stepped away from it and allowed herself to shed the wolf husk. The body shrank and within the massive hulk of a beast a small human hand burst through the chest area, Genesis squirming herself out of her werewolf hide. She shook herself, and then realized she hadn’t stopped shaking due to standing in two feet of snow and a wintery wind slapping at her ass.

Genesis quickly moved to the pack and pulled out her clothes, dressing quickly before pulling the thermos out and sipping some of its contents to warm her.

Once she was warmed enough, she grabbed her bag and started walking briskly toward where the logging road, and her Jeep would be. She sipped directly from the thermos as she went.

Soon enough she wound up on the logging road, and could see her Jeep parked off to the far side. She practically ran to her vehicle.

As Genesis pulled out her keys to unlock the door, she saw a large parcel next to the vehicle. Sitting on top of it was a staff. It was long and had ornate rune carvings on it. She smiled. Her smile widened even more when she peeked into the parcel to find two large furs tucked within.

So the old man had come off his mountain… and brought her gifts. Was he so lonely that he actually wanted company? She doubted that. Perhaps he was just pleased with their confrontational attitudes, but yet had managed to get along.

She would probably never know.

She unlocked the door and slid into the Jeep, putting her gifts inside. She sat a bit to let the vehicle's engine warm up before turning the heater on.

Placing the vehicle in ‘drive’, Genesis thought over what the old Shaman had taught her. She still objected to it in her mind, but it was truth. She, at her core, in her heart, was wolf.

It was time to fully embrace it and become the beast.



February 20, 2021 07:04 pm
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