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Aurora Dawn

Five years ago:

How had it gotten so out of hand? This was a question Aurora asked herself many times. If only she had been able to see this coming. 


"Face it, no one wanted to believe the traitor to be one of our own." Grabbing a wooden stool James brought it into the room to sit down.


Aurora was lost in her own thoughts and emotions. Hearing James she sighed with a heavy heart.


"You saw the papers yourself..he was brought in . Job was to do whatever it took for me to fall in love with this man." There was anger and hurt in her words. 


The spy had been able to make his way right in to their pack. He was Hybrid, Aurora had been blind to it. The charm and heart Peter had put in was so believeable. She had really thought he meant every word. 


"He brought back any information we had to give. Of course the trust was there, it took us awhile. You fall asleep with twenty people in a pack and wake up to how many?" James had lost his mate along with close friends in just under a week.


The fires had been almost uncontrollable all the screams from burning victims could still be heard. It wasn't something she would forget anytime soon.


James stood and walked over to Aurora, placing a hand gently on her shoulder. "Kid, if we don't get this taken care of soon I hate to say but we will have to split up." He only used that when he was trying to make her smile or put up a very good point.  "We can't fight invisable enemies.." 


Aurora shook her head about to protest, she knew he was right and yet it felt like giving up. "And let him chase away or kill what is left of the only family I have left?"  James had brought her in as a young orphan. He had taught her to hunt and where to go.. To think it all will come down to seperation and being alone. 
January 21, 2021 03:43 pm

Aurora Dawn

The shrill of the alarm on her phone went off. Rubbing her eyes she looked around seeing the empty tent. The only bunk was hers and that ment same dream. Picking up the stuffed elephant she squeezed it tight. "Getting a bit tired of these dreams... " Though here lately it didn't seem to matter if she was sleeping or awake. Flash backs were getting to her. Putting the elephant back down she got up. Time to get the chores done for the day. Especially if she was to go running later.


Breakfast would be first so she got the campfire started.Sitting on a log she stared into the fire. Absently she rubbed the scar that wasn't covered. Normally the fires wouldn't have left the scars, but she had refused to change after. To worried about the others, but it hadn't mattered. No matter what she had done it had been to late to save them. "It wasn't my fault... he said so. There was nothing I could have done.." It was something she had to keep reminding herself every day. 


The fire was now going she went ahead and started coffee. No time for this right now, more when trying to sleep. As the water boiled she got up and walked over to the tree beside the tent. Picking up the small knife she left there and cut into it. Just enough for a marker. It had become a routine, something that had been started since she had made camp. 


Coffee done she poured it into a tall mug and slapped a lid on it. Not needing anything else she grabbed keys and looked at the beat up ole pickup. It had been another parting gift from James before they had split up.


The whole conversation just passed by:


With them being the only two left and seperating it didn't take to long and things were packed. Rory already knew the direction she was headed. "Your stuff is packed in the truck. Here is the keys and there is money tucked away. Give me a hug and get out of here." James had pretty much demanded. Though there was always a soft tone when it came to Rory. Not giving her a chance to talk him out of anything he had changed forms and headed off.


Shaking her head Rory just looked at the truck.  "He gave you to me and now where is he..? 
January 29, 2021 04:57 pm

Aurora Dawn

Getting in the truck she took a quick glance at the camp she had setup. To long now she had stayed away from everyone, unless needing supplies. Then it was very limited contact and she was always dressed in something different than what was her. For five years this has been her life. Still no closer to finding James, so what if she decided to rejoin the normal world? It couldn't hurt and there was bound to be easier recourses, things she didn't have being out here in the woods. 


Starting the truck she pulled out and headed into town. Driving past the trees she sighed, it would be hard to make this change. But there was so many things she had been missing out on. Problem would be finding where she fit in. Who is going to want a girl that doesn't remember much about things. Turning on the radio it was on country, the one station she could never get James to turn off. Afraid to lose that channel it was never changed. 


Lost in thought she didn't really pay to much attention the surrondings,not like she didn't know this road and many others like the back of her hand. Again one of those things because of living on them for so long. Pulling into town she went straight to the gas station, the old thing was spitting and sputtering like it was trying to do die. Heading inside she was greeted by one of the clerks. This girl was always full of smiles and when she recognized her it was even better. "A package arrived for you three days ago! I have been saving it for you for the next time. You didn't tell me where you were staying so I wanted to make sure you got this." Going to the back the girl handed over a box. "It was sent here, so the postal worker would be the only one that could tell you where it came from." Saying as Rory looked it over searching for the return address or anything. A little afraid to open it.  Handing over the money for the gas she smiled and thanked the girl. Heading back to the truck to check out the box more.  Thinking tonight she was staying in a hotel. It would be easier to make calls if needed. That was when she would open the box. Nothing was wrong it from what she could tell and that was a good thing, tomorrow she would talk to the post office. Only one person would have sent her anything. 
February 02, 2021 05:37 am
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