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Bittersweet Memories


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Back again. This wasn't exactly what she wanted. Last time she was here, she left unwillingly. Killed. Her butcher bares no name within her memory. Why or how it happened is still a blur but it was done and she had moved on in the afterlife as best as she could considering the circumstances. Remi's husband had abandoned her. Gone. Without any notice. He left her to the wolves, as cliche' as that may sound coming from her yet it was her own kind who had ended her that she is sure of.

Remi had loved her husband. Fought to be with him and lived in luxury in the knowledge his heart was hers. That little heart of hers had broken when the truth had been revealed that she may not of known him as well as she had thought and that she was married yet still alone. Til death do we part and that was that. It was as if it had never happened. Though in her death it had brought her to his home, he never reached out for her. She'll be forever bitter.

Remi missed her husband admittedly. She had been raised to mate for life yet hers had ended but here she was again. Didn't that mean something? Remi was dwelling on things that she could not change and it was starting to have an effect. It was showing with her body, her expressions.. it was everywhere. Though she never held the holiday to a high standard, Valentine's Day was coming up and the overwhelming amount of pink balloons and huge teddy bears was starting to get to her. Every store she passed, in the windows are hearts and passages of caring for the one you love. "Yeah, well.. it's for the birds." Huffed. Remi was outwardly annoyed. It was hard to hide it. Luckily, she had no friends to point it out to her.

This return was a mistake. She was regretting it almost immediately.
January 29, 2021 11:52 pm

Michael A

The Arch had wandered aimlessly for what only seemed a few minutes, but the realization hit him as he watched the sun beginning to set on the city skyline. Was it not just morning?... His mind was a multitude of scenes playing over and over again, and he was just trying to make sense of it all. Piece them back together. Bare feet padded slowly in long, natural strides as he found himself in the city, passing numerous stores. The looks he received reminded him as to why he tried his best to stay away from the mortals.

It was a look of disbelief. Though it was still the tail end of winter, Michael had only donned a simple and thin white sweater that seemed...too white, as well as his very clean beige colored cotton pants. Cerulean hues concentrated on a point in the distance as to not make eye contact with anyone.

That is...

Until his eyes landed on her...


Her name echoed in his mind as one that was long lost and had been found. He found himself dumbfounded that she remained so clearly in his troubled mind. The sorrow he felt emanating off the woman was otherwordly. He then remembered... He remembered his untimely calling back to the heavens. And his duties...and having to leave her.
January 30, 2021 01:03 am



It was a horrible feeling, especially when done by someone you not just care for but love. He was her husband. He made promises. He told her she would be safe and taken care of. The let down was crushing.

It had taken a few months but she had left the home they kept together. It was his home. Rented apartment within a large building with a doorman and all. She was never removed or questioned. They knew whom she was and what connected her there. Remi just no longer felt it was right to be there. It was just too hard to see his belongings as his scent no longer lingered. Something within her said to let it go. The place; not the man.. He would forever be in her heart.

Back in the Realm but she hadn't forgotten anything she had felt before. There was no looking for the Arch Angel. Remi had done her fair share. She would never imagine that he'd be back. Would it even matter? Would he want to see her?

Bittersweet memories clouded her thoughts and feelings. She was a wreck.
January 30, 2021 04:56 pm
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