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Eden Kennedy

Learn to let go was the best worst advice ever given to her. It was harder than it sounded. Everytime Eden thought she was making progress she found herself falling back in. Two souls caught in a constant back and forth struggle, until one of them made the decision that was best for both of them. Too bad it wasn’t her.

Each time it ended the same, for the insanity of it all Eden clung to it. She was dependent on the stability of the turmoil it brought. Nothing else in her life had ever been so stable. It was a sad but true story. Everyone she had ever cared about died. Who could blame her for refusing to let go of the one person who hadn’t?

As selfish as she was it was hard to believe she had never learned to look out for number one. It was a lesson her childhood should have taught her. She cared more than she ever let on. Too much really and all for those who just did what was human nature.

Two years ago she’d had the chance of a clean break. She could have let herself begin to heal, she told herself that’s exactly what she was doing. She was too much of a masochist to ever let that happen though. In classic Eden fashion she dwelled on things she couldn’t change and let it fester until she burst. It happened on the first encounter a few months ago. All the time spent lying to herself, pretending she was fine and she came undone in ten seconds. Volatile and emotional, that was her all the time.

The ghosts of her past were all around. At night Eden was haunted by the things she could have done differently and all the choices she made that could have changed it all. Living with what might have been wasn’t a life for anyone. She could continue down this turbulent path or she could do something drastic.

What she had learned was that love came at too high a cost. She had compromised herself for her entire life and never even knew it. That was done now. Change was on the wind.
February 11, 2021 08:45 pm

Katherine Murray


She was nothing but a shadow of her former self; she was nothing but exactly what she wanted to be.

However, no one tells you that not having the feelings didn’t mean you didn’t still have the memories; and yet, the blonde still foisted this curse on others. Corrupting. Collecting. Dead or alive. Just a whisper in the shadows; pushing and pulling them all to their own downfalls, it was never ending.

She owed.
She was in the red.
She’d serve.

Heartless. Soulless. Nothing to hold her back, no one to hold her in check. She had become the nightmare, she had become Death.

And the memories remain.

Running from it never would work. Drinking it away would fail miserably.

Turning her thoughts inward and using it to fuel her need to collect the dead; sure?

Or the not dead.

Katherine no longer had a preference; a soul was a soul. Damaged, pure; it made no difference either. She was good at this; excelling at twisting a victim so much that they’d promise anything, plead for everything just to get their respite.

And, of course, she’d give it to them.

She wasn’t heartless. Just… empty. Perhaps they were the same things. Being honest with herself about them actually being the same, probably wouldn’t come. Not until later. Not until her rock bottom had reached another level of low; perhaps it would come sooner rather than later, perhaps not.

The memories.
Happier times.

The blonde would constantly wonder if this was just another form of torture from Hades, but she knew that her deal was not for the past to be erased, to be removed from deepest recesses of her mind; only the emotions triggered by them would be gone.

Her curse. She was learning to live with it.

Like now, when she was prowling for those who were desperate, lives filled with strife (some of it her doing but that was neither here nor there); this was her element. The tricks she had learned over the years; slipping through the shadows, remaining hidden while whispering dark thoughts into the minds of others… this was not who she was. Kat was only to be a ferryman, to escort the souls to beyond for their judgement; but she had grown colder, darker, the shadows inking out cerulean orbs had made it toward her heart to wrap around like choking vines.

Killing to collect souls. Darkening those souls into oily black nothingness.

Sure. Why not?

Kat was currently wrapped in those welcoming shadows, drawing in her next victim when she felt the tug of something new, someone…

Who had the same issues the woman had months before…

If only she had a Fairy Godmother to remove those pesky feelings, that useless soul…

Laughter escaped, dry and empty as the woman herself, before she shifted between the shadows; if anything this could be an interesting start to something… fun.

Another blonde; tormented.

Oh, how they were similar yet different.

That would be the last thought on anything resembling Katherine’s memories as her lilting voice drifted from beneath her cloak of blackness; time to test the waters.

“Hello, dearie…”
February 13, 2021 02:43 pm

Eden Kennedy

”Hello, dearie…”

Blue hues twisted towards the owner of the words. If there was some vague recognition there it would be difficult to tell as it was little or naught.

If this were a story book it would be hard to tell here in the beginning which was to be the big bad wolf: Hades ferryman or selfish girl who thought only of herself. Perhaps somewhere in there the moral would scare little children into putting others before themselves lest the Devil come a knocking.

It was the choice of sit and relive the memories that she could not outrun or have an enigmatic conversation with Katherine. She knew the other woman from her escapades within the Realm. They’d even had common enemies at one time or another. At least that was something but not likely the point of this meeting.

“Hello Katherine.”

Eden gave an incline of her head as she acknowledged the other woman’s presence. To say that the situation should have been awkward was an understatement but despite her other shortcomings she’d found communicating with others was a talent she was quite good at. Most of those were planned and this was the first with Katherine. In this story that made it all the more intriguing to get to the why of it all.

Eden didn’t make a move to offer her hand or sing out pleasantries. From what she knew of this woman that would be unnecessary and that suited Eden just fine because she had no care to partake in all of that. Eden was about as close to being closed off from others as she’d been her entire life. The past few months had shown her if nothing else what a waste of time it had all been. Hers. His. Everyone's.

Eden was bored with all of it, so this was a wonderful distraction from the monotonous drone of the motions she’d been going through.

”What do I owe this pleasure to?”

She refrained from one of her normal sarcastic remarks. There was a time and place for it all and this was not it. Besides it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Eden had a genuine curiosity about Kat’s presence here. She doubted this was a leisurely visit or that Katherine was just passing through.

Who was the last person she’d spoken to before this moment? Eden couldn’t recall. Her interactions with others were at best choppy, she’d speak with people and then go months or even years without talking to them again. It didn’t lend itself to fostering healthy relationships, in fact it seemed to breed mistrust. It was sad but she couldn’t change the past unless someone was holding out on a spell. The great news was that the future belonged to those who took the risk to seize it.
February 17, 2021 10:50 am

Katherine Murray

Oh my.

Katherine could practically taste the untapped rage; it would be what drew her to the woman in the first place, nothing like this existed unless Kat pushed and prodded at the meager pickings offered to her this night. She had spent more and more time utilizing a little trick she had learned from her dear missing genie to corrupt lives until they erupted in chaos, pushing those lives into begging for respite. Begging for a way out.

Begging for their money and love and possessions.

She could only do the right thing and help them.

For a price…

But Eden; oh, this one would be different. She was already on an edge, the precipice of who she was and who she could be.

And that simmering anger beneath; that would be the key.

“Oh, you know, just enjoying what the night offers, my dear and just happened upon you.” The lilt of Scotland found its hold in the bouncing cadence of the voice that shifted between them; words that meant nothing and everything all at once. It would never do to offer more information than warranted, and right now, that was an extremely important rule that Kat could not afford to lapse upon; she needed the advantage, and even more so, it was paramount she controlled the moment, she needed to guide the conversation on her own time.

Barefeet danced her lithe frame about; one thing Kat had learned in all her years, people never really questioned crazy, and this blonde could play the insanity card better than most. In fact, it was nearly what everyone thought of her anyway; so why not use it to her advantage.

“But dear, what brings you out and so...alone?”

Cruelty was never her flavor, not before she relinquished her own soul in exchange for tearing her emotions from her -- but that was the trade-off was it not? “Where is the enigmatic, Mr. McCarthy? Oh.. that’s right. He left you.”

It should have been damaging to the Scot, it should have brought up the memories of a life left behind, and it did; but thankfully, as those fairytales flitted across her mind, there were no emotions tied to them. No morose feelings, no suffering. No pain.

“Do you not have friends to lean on? Come now, dear Eden, tell me how do you survive like this?”

Some may think that this was beyond cruel, beyond what Katherine would be capable of; most would think that if anyone could understand exactly what the other goes through, these two could easily be living the same lives on opposite sides. Kat just managed to take that anger and pain and turn it into something else; not better, not worse. Just… something.

Okay, judging by the way she was going at Eden, it was worse.

Way worse.

But that’s why the monsters come out at night; so you can never really see them coming.
February 18, 2021 02:40 pm

Eden Kennedy


Eden’s sapphire gaze twisted around the two of them for a moment before shooting back to Katherine.
“Well, it seems to me that you’re here with me now. Somehow I feel a little less lonesome in your company.”
A momentary smirk slipped across her face before fading away once more.

Yes. She was alone. That was not a new development, her entire life she’d been alone and she was used to people leaving . Jackson wasn’t even the latest development in her life when it came to that. Yes, their separation - permanent - well it did sting a bit. In their years together Eden had come to depend on the dysfunction of their relationship but that wasn’t what hurt the most. There were those that were gone now. Caitlyn. Aidan. Alex. There was no possibility she could get that back and that was what killed her at times. Every damn mistake had led her to this point - having a conversation - in the dark - with Katherine Murray.

Eden let out an exasperated sigh. So, this was how this conversation was going to go. Eden was by no means a mean-spirited person , there was just one person who was able to bring out that side of her. One person who infuriated her beyond all else but as Katherine had been so kind to point out he’d left her. She was certainly a stand-offish person and did not warm to people easily - at all really.

Chicago born, Chicago raised. There was nothing refined in the mannerism or the words of the blonde woman. She didn’t put on the airs others did, she was simply who she was. That was not a good thing. The phrase “fake until you make it” well she had failed at that in a most miserable manner. She had little care for what others thought of her, so Katherine’s jesting on her behalf didn’t have the same effect it might on others.

“So, is this you offering to be my bestie? We can have slumber parties and braid each other's hair? I will totally bring the popcorn! OH MY GOD It will be SO fun!” She gave her hair a twist around her index finger and did her best impression of a teenage girl giggling.

That little skit was a great way for her to save face. Katherines’s quip didn’t make her rage like others might have but that didn’t mean she wasn’t aggravated - even angered by it. Everything to do with Jackson was a sore point for her, she couldn’t be in the same room without being infuriated by his presence. Since the first time she’d met Jackson there had been something indescribable there.

The two of them had been in above their heads with a sanctuary and escaped the pressures of leadership in the dead of night. Years later the two of them had returned to it, together and then apart. Since that time the two had been drifting further and further and the inevitable split hadn’t even surprised her. That didn’t mean she was okay with it or it had been what she wanted. It was what was better for both of them, yeah she kept telling herself that.

"No, I don't have 'friends' and I'm good with that. People are programmed to disappoint, I don't have time for that."


Blue hues trained on Katherine. She was a smart creature and she was playing at something with the path this little chat was taking. What was her game? Sure, Eden could play along… for now.

February 18, 2021 06:15 pm

Katherine Murray

Oh, good. Sarcasm. That’s totally new.

But, this she could work with.

Don’t get her wrong, it was a lot easier for her if people just dropped their walls and sobbed or raged; it was far easier to squeeze through a larger crack in the armor than beating away with it a chip at a time. However, one thing she had learned (ok, so she may partially do this as well [or did before her own fall]) was that the most facetious person usually put up that front to keep themselves safe.

Safe from what? And who? And why? Those were the real questions.

So, chip away it was.

Or in Kat’s case… use a freaking sledgehammer.

“Sleepover? Really, now, Eden…are we children?” So. Yeah. Some could look at Katherine and think childlike, at least in the past. And if anyone were listening, they could assume that this was a rebuke of some silly sarcastic suggestion, but the curve of her lips would prove it to be something else entirely. “However, if you bring the booze, I might be persuaded to even throw in some RomComs and a mani-pedi… That is if you could handle the ghosts.”

Ghosts. Phantoms. Demons.


“But that isn’t why I’m here…”

The Scotswoman bounced on the tips of her toes, poised as if ready to take flight, while staring at the other blonde for several very uncomfortable moments (at least for most people, but as she was learning Eden was not like others) before at last dropping to the flat of her feet, tilt her head, and let her smile slide easily into a smirk.

“You were not always alone, were you?” After many, many years of watching and waiting; sometimes, only sometimes, does the perfect mark fall into your lap and what do you know, she would have something on her.

“Where is that brother of yours, Eden? Oh… wait. That little event in New Orleans. I forgot.”

Smile sweetly.
Drive it home.

“Oh dear, sweet Eden… You have a lot of blood on your hands.” Pot. Meet. Kettle.

“Does it eat you alive? Does your past haunt you? Do you want to know my secret? Although, not many are willing to pay the small, insignificant price… Will you?”

Why would she wish her own torturous hell upon someone else? Well, here’s the thing. To not feel, to have every emotion ripped from her, sort of skews any thoughts she might have on stealing the souls of the living. It was the boon of all that she went through; no guilt, no conscience, no worries.

“What do you say? From one bestie to another.”
March 05, 2021 09:31 am

Eden Kennedy

Eden wasn’t a crier. Those who’d been around the longest, knew this. She pent up her anger and held onto it. It fueled the turmoil that raged inside and she was without an outlet these days. She had Jackson to thank for that. The poor guy had been her punching bag for years, not that he hadn’t gotten his quips in. She tried to progress past all that and then here comes Katherine Murray trying to drag it all up again. She had to give the woman credit, Kat knew how to push buttons but when it came to Jack she’d learned a bit of self control through the years.

At least that’s what she told herself. Whatever she needed to sleep through the night.


”What kind of booze do you want me to bring? The kind that knocks you on your ass or the kind that makes you wake up next to those ghosts?”

She was saucy tonight. Every night? Eden put on a good face but there were ghosts in her past that even she didn’t want to face.

She might have continued about her business, not paying any more mind to Katherine if it wasn’t for the fact she could feel those eyes almost searing into her soul. Eden twisted her blue gaze to meet that of Katherine, her hands poised on her hips. For those few awkward moments the two seemed deadlock in a staring contest of sorts. Who would win?

”You were not always alone, were you?”

Obviously this time it wasn’t going to be Eden.

She froze. Before Katherine even said anything else Eden knew where she was going with this. Her gaze grew a bit dark, she glared. If she took a moment to think back to those times Katherine’s knowledge of the situation would make sense. New Orleans had been so long ago, she almost never thought of it herself. Eden never expected that someone else - a near stranger - would recall those events.

The mention of Aidan didn’t bother Eden - that much. It was the events Katherine couldn’t know that were connected with him that gnawed at her most. Alexander had been an innocent man who’d been drug into this world by Aidan and even further so by Eden. He’d done his best to help her hunt down her brother and at what price? His own life - at her brother’s hand - she should have never hesitated. It was the one thing she’d that that she had never been able to justify, instead she pushed it down and ignored it.

Eden did her best to keep her composure. “My brother was a killer, he got what he deserved.” She didn’t believe that - at least not fully. There was a flicker of something in those blue hues of hers, but she didn’t let it get the best of her. The last few years she’d spent working on her temper seemed to have paid off to some extent.

A smirk crossed her lips, still accompanied by a hint of that glare. ”So, no I’m not losing sleep at night over my brother’s death.” That didn’t speak for that of others though did it? All the while Eden bit hard into the side of her mouth.

Reaching up she flipped a few stray blonde locks away from her face, letting her gaze drift from Katherine over the near empty streets and then back again. Her gaze locking with Kat’s again. “Oh, please Katherine - do enlighten me to your secret.. This price you speak of.”

The hint of sarcasm remained but she’d be a liar to say she wasn’t at least curious. Eden was smart but stubborn at the worst of times. This was one of those times. The fibers of her being that should have told her to run fast and far instead pushed her on in the conversation - for an answer she didn’t need. Who didn’t want a miracle cure for all their woes though?
March 29, 2021 07:44 pm
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