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Sienna Parker

December 28, 1934

It was three days after Christmas when Liza saw her sister take off, never to be seen again. Now everything had fallen on her. She was the younger of the two. The deaths of both Jonathan Blackwell and Benjamin Hartley put her parents in a panic behind closed doors. Liza was always able to move without ever being noticed as no one paid much attention to her.

She could hear her parents speaking about the death of both the boys and how they thought they had time still to explain to Ella about what they were and teach her the ways of controlling it.

October 9 1935

Almost a year had passed since they claimed Ella to be dead out of guilt. Liza knew better though. Ella was her sister and whether she knew it or not her only friend.

It was Liza’s sixteen birthday. To keep up the façade of them moving on mother had planned a big celebration. She wasn’t the prettiest of the two but the best dress was made for the occasion. She never crossed her parents but that day Liza was not herself. The world around her felt as if it was closing in on her. She could hear the whispers of the help from the kitchen from her room.

Standing in silence as the whispers continued her mother came in to check if she was ready as guests will begin to arrive.

“Elizabeth Catherine Vaus, why have you not finished getting dressed?! Guests will soon be arriving!”

The look on Liza’s face as her head turned would send terror to another normal human but not to her mother. She had just as quickly called for her father to come. Low growls emitted from Liza as her mother came closer to her. Eyes shifted to yellow as she looked to both her parents.

“What is wrong with me?”

Her voice was low and full of fear. Both her parents looked at each other with concern. Father had spoken with a smile to mother.

“We have to cancel. We can tell everyone that she fell ill. We caught Liza in time. But it is concerning that it is happening this early.”

All mother could do was nod as Liza looked at them with rage and confusion in her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing. She never got the answer from either of them. It was starting to show. Another low growl came from her as she spoke with more rage.


“You are a werewolf my little one.”

A smile grew across her fathers lips as mother left to make the cancellations. Could this be what had happened to Ella? Did mother and father not have explained it to her? We were only a year apart. The animal attacks on the was all starting to make sense. Bu..but werewolves were just stories weren’t they?

“Come little bird we must make you ready for the night. Be sure to wear nothing of importance.”

What the HELL was that supposed to mean? Nothing of importance? Liza was left with more questions than answers. She would soon discover what it all meant as the night grew closer. How did Ella not feel what she had? How did it all just happen out of nowhere for her?

Mother and father had dismissed the help for the evening. This would be her first of many moons to understand what she was and learn control. They would teach her what they couldn’t teach Ella.

February 11, 2021 09:19 pm

Sienna Parker

April 24, 1953

Moons had passed since she learned what she was. The history of where they come from. The world around her had changed along with the moons. Cars had changed the streets to be more crowded. Liza had changed herself. She had grown up since that day over twenty years ago. And now time has finally caught up to her parents.

Mother was the first to die, but not by age no. Vandals had set an accidental fire in the middle of the day during a robbery. Liza had gotten a job to keep herself busy and get some socialization in her life when she was told about it. Father wanted to hold services for her even if she could not be seen. Liza had agreed to make it to please her father but not much loss was felt by her.

September 3, 1957

It was a brisk rainy afternoon when it happened. Liza had spent a better part of a year caring for her father. His age had finally caught up to him and the heartache of losing mother was all too much for him to bare. He had finally passed away. For the most part she held herself together in front of all those around her. She once again made preparations for him. Had an obituary made up for him as well.

The day of his funeral all went as planned. She stood there in an all black dress greeting people thanking them for their condolences. Many faces she had seen before were there paying respects. One in particular actually was much younger than the rest that were there. He spoke to her. She had given him a polite smile and thanked him for coming. She did not know who or where he had known her father. But he was there all the same.

As the time passed and the burial was over Liza had stood over the graves of both her parents. Oliva and Thomas Vaus were together side by side once again as Liza stood alone with no one beside her. She finally went home and was swallowed by her own thoughts. She raged with thoughts as the moon rose that night. All thoughts of control and everything her father had taught her went out as the wolf came and started to surface.

Liza's bones shift cracked and changed her normal hunting grounds were never a thought. For the first time in two decades the wolf had full control. They had made their way in the shadows throughout the city. She didn’t have much feeling or remorse for whomever scent the wolf felt it wanted. Finally coming across a bar with patrons leaving it found its prey. Thirsty for blood it followed lurking in the shadows.

Slinking and lurking it followed till they hit an alley. The man full of tattoos did not understand what was to soon come. Turning around speaking thinking it was a friend playing tricks he laughed. Soon Liza crept out of the shadows and made the leap for the man. Dragging him to the ground taking to his throat she could feel the crunch between her teeth. The feel of him struggling and fighting made her enjoy it even more. She could not stop but more like she did not want to stop. She was free and it had felt good. The man's windpipe had fully crushed between her teeth. It had finally finished taking its pound of flesh and just tearing the rest of the man's body apart.

It was nearing dawn as Liza had finally made her way home. Making her way in unseen or heard she went back to her normal self, got into a shower and then into bed. The maid that came in the morning thought Liza to have had a rough night with the loss of her father and thought nothing of her sleeping in late. Finally waking she had made her way down the step to the kitchen. Full of hunger she ate what she could find. Seeing the paper on the counter she could see the headlines. “Man killed in vicious animal attack! First in decades!” It was like reading the headlines from 1934 all over again. This time it was Liza and not Ella.

February 16, 2021 02:23 am
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