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Katherine Pierce-

Blinking awake as she pushed up and looked down at him "how the fuck did I get here?" She said as she rubbed her head, before twisting her legs over the edge. Feeling her legs give way from under her, giving a confused look.

"All I remember is stand by the sink and then my mind went blank." Looking down to seethe fresh blood upon her hands before checking to see where it was from.

February 17, 2021 08:04 pm

Blood Master

Just calm down you blacked out in the bathroom I brought you out here because I heard you screaming and breaking glass. Now dont get freaked out but they put a chip in your head they were tracking you the Silver Venoms know where you are. I removed it and destroyed it but we got to get out of here before someone comes looking for you. February 17, 2021 09:23 pm

Katherine Pierce-

" this happened a few times since I broke free of that house." She said as her throat becomes dry. Reaching up her hand as touched the area, where the chip was and come away with blood upon her fingers. The room spun again as a voice entered mind "I will find you my dear, you will return to me" 

Katherine looked around the room nervously as she tried to work out where the voice came from. "Get me out of here, I have got a feeling they are one their way.

February 18, 2021 04:54 pm

Blood Master

Yes I agree we to go. I know place where we can hide out. Do have a car with you? February 18, 2021 04:57 pm

Katherine Pierce-

"Its out back that's why I asked about the back entrance" She looked up to see the shadows of two guys through the glass as she leans forward to look the bartender in the eyes to implant a new memory

"Quick this way now" running through the back to her car and gets in.

February 18, 2021 05:26 pm

Blood Master

They run outside the back to car together. Toss me the keys Ill drive. He says to her. She flips him the keys they get in and start in up. As I am about to drive away a gunshot was fired it hit the drivers side mirror. FCK! They are here and found us get down. I pull out my pistols and lean out the drivers window to return fire. The shooter shoots back and his partner joins him hitting parts of the car. I fire at one and hit him and the other took cover. I took that as a chance to throw the car in drive hit the gas and take right off. Are you okay are you hit? February 18, 2021 06:21 pm

Katherine Pierce-

Katherine took a hit to her shoulder but started to heal fast as the drove around the corner. "No I'm fine just took a shot to the shoulder. Their master ain't please as I can hear him yelling" she said as she past out again, another flashback began to play. The big male running hand over her stomach as he spoke another language.  Before she woke screaming "goddamnit" 

She began to pant as she turns "go to the manor house we will be safe there" she said as she tells him the way

February 18, 2021 06:43 pm

Blood Master

When pull up to the Manor House I look over to her Stay let me get out and look around first just in case we were followed. I exit the car look around and dont see anything out of the ordinary nothing suspicious at all. I open the door for her. Come its safe lets go inside you need some rest and then you can tell me everything. Ill keep you safe I promise, and I will help you put an end to all of this. February 18, 2021 08:46 pm

Katherine Pierce-

As they pulled up outside her manor, Katherine  waited in the car as he vanished around the grounds looking for the gang that chased them.  She slowly opened the door as she grabbed her own gun from  her hiding place under the passenger seat and got out. Slipping the gun into the back of her pants as he returned to her "are you sure its safe out there as I can feel  something crawling around my mind, like hunting for something"

She walked up to the door and opens it up as her senses are opened for the slightest creak in the floorboards.

February 19, 2021 10:52 am

Blood Master

WAIT! A vampire comes through the door and tacked her to the floor. I ran up and kick him in his face to get him off. I pull out gun my fire all my rounds in him. It hurt but did not kill him. He got a healed fast. DAMMIT I FORGOT I DONT HAVE SLIVER BULLETS! I pull out my sliver long knife 🔪 and ready myself for his attack. As he lunged at me like a lion, I manage to stab him his chest as we both fell to the ground. Unfortunately it wasnt deep enough to hit as hard. He Hisses out in anger and pain and bites me in my shoulder and I scream in pain AAAAAAA! February 19, 2021 02:34 pm

Katherine Pierce-

Her eyes widened as she ducked from a guard that came at her,  spinning around and twisted his nuts before running from the room. Katherine ran up the stairs and hid in her bedroom closet, she heard  footsteps thud across the hard flooring.

Loud voices shouting out to find her, throwing her stuff around the room "she ain't in here," The head guard growls as he came into the room" FUCK"

February 19, 2021 04:45 pm
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