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What is Bloodletting? What happens if my character dies? Is the game free?
How do I create a character? How do I kill ? What do you do with my private information?
Can I have more than one character? What is the city search? What software do I need to play your game?
Are there different ranks? What is Blood Money? What do the color of the names mean?
How do I gain ranks? What are artifacts?  
What are Covens and Sanctuaries? Can you track friends within the game?  
How do I start a Coven or Sanctuary? What do I get points for?  

What is Bloodletting?

Bloodletting is an interactive Vampire themed RPG. There several characters types within the game. They are Vampires, Slayers, Werewolves, Witches, Demons and Angels. Oh and occaisionally you may see something called a Viral Undead. Players role play in the various forums by creating stories for other players to read and join in on. In addition to this, there are crimes that the players can commit which will increase their wealth. Crimes come with some risk however as getting caught will land you in the dungeon. No fear though, you can attempt to break yourself out (once) or others can attempt. Failing a breakout on another player could land you in the dungeon yourself. Currently dungeon sentences are based on the level of crime you attempt to commit. The game also has an interactive city search which will aid in your character gaining money, Blood Money (rare currency), artifacts and other rare items. There is also the chance of running across a random encounter and having to do battle with one of the Realm's monsters. There are many other functions within the game, so create an account and see what all the fuss is about!

How do I create a character?

Once you register you will be required to activate your account. After activation, on your first login you are taken to the character creation part of the site. Here you can select which type of character you would like to play and a name for your character.

Can I have more than one character?

Players are allowed to have multiple characters, or ALTs as they are known in the Realm as long as they have a current donation subscription for each ALT they wish to have. Game Elders periodically track the status of ALTs and those found to have illegal ALTs may have their accounts suspended, admin killed, or banned for repeat offenses. For more information on ALTs in the Realm, see (

Are there different ranks?

Yes! All new players begin life at rank one. At the beginning you are protected from attacks by other players. You cannot; however, attack anyone either. After 24 hours you will be automatically promoted to the next level. At this point you can join a Coven or Santuary and you have the ability to attack someone. The different ranks are as follows:

Vampire Slayer Witch Demon Werewolf Angel
1. Innocent1. Innocent 1. Sabbot1. Fallen1. Cub1. Afriel
2. Fledgling2. Unproven 2. Lamia2. Imp2. Lupine2. Zagzagel
3. Novice3. Follower 3. Bruja3. Dybbuk3. Lycanthrop3. Baglis
4. Mature4. Slayer 4. Sorceress4. Fiend4. Wolfen4. Yofiel
5. Chiang-shih5. Djudadjii 5. Necromancer5. Daeva5. Lobo5. Chamuel
6. Kappa6. Watcher 6. Incanter6. Nephilim6. Rakshasa6. Xaphan
7. Loogaroo7. Doom Bringer 7. Thaumaturge7. Infernal7. Lupanar7. Dina
You must be in a Coven/Sanctuary to progress past this rank
8. Callicantzaros8. Blade 8. Argot8. Wraith8. Grim8. Wisdom
9. Obur9. Shadow Man 9. Siren9. Shinigami9. Berserker9. Ecanus
10. Kyuketsuki10. Urkonn 10. Entrancer10. Reaper10. Dire10. Vohamanah
11. Dark Embracer11. Master Slayer 11. Apollyon11. Sullied11. Death Wolf11. Forfax
12. Asema12. Cross Bearer 12. Succubus12. Akuma12. Fenrir12. Uriel
13. Blood Demon13. Dragoon 13. Zealot13. Gorgon13. Theriomorph13. Gabriel
14. Black Lord14. Hunter 14. Zemi14. Balor14. Lang Ren14. Tabbris
15. Bloedzuiger15. Chosen 15. Haruspex15. Chaos15. Witiko15. Harahel
16. Ancilla16. Immortal 16. Augur16. Behemoth16. Selkie16. Samandiriel
17. Estrie17. Guardian 17. Auspex17. Fury17. Kamina17. Israfil
18. Count18. Templar Knight 18. Dark One18. Sathariel18. Brux Sa18. Qaphsiel
19. Vampyrus19. Champion 19. Circe19. Leviathan19. Aswang19. Jehoel
20. Master20. Harbinger 20. Bedlam20. Antichrist20. Black Beast20. Raziel

How do I gain ranks?

There are many different ways to gain rank within the game. A few options include committing crimes, attacking other characters, posting to forums and completing random encounter in the City Searches. There are many game benefits to joining a Coven or Sanctuary. Crews will give you some bonuses, protection, and commaradarie. While it is possible to be a rogue character, it can also make you an easy target and you will be required to have higher stat percentages to do so. In-game mail between players will also result in gaining you points in the game. Rank is determined by a number of factors to include character age, experience points and overall attributes.

What are Covens and Sanctuaries?

Covens and Sanctuaries are groups that a character may own or participate in with other members. Members all gain special bonuses based on the size of the Coven or Sanctuary, and the leader will gain extra bonuses as well. Those who own a Coven/Sanctuary may collect a “Blood Tribute” from their members. This tribute is a portion of money collected from the crimes that their members commit. Members also have the option to donate to their respective Coven/Sanctuary. By doing so, it will allow their leader to purchase a larger Headquarters which will help in gaining larger bonuses. Covens are limited to only Vampires, Witches, and Demons and Sanctuaries for Slayers, Werewolves and Angels.

How do I start a Coven or Sanctuary?

To start a Coven or Sanctuary a character must have enough money for the specific size they are looking for and must, at a minimum, achieved a rank of 8th level. You may only own or be a member of one Coven or Sanctuary at a time.

What happens if my character dies?

There are several ways your character can be killed in the game. First, if you go inactive (don't login for seven consecutive days) and are attacked, your character will die. Second, if someone places a Bounty on your character, they can be killed. You will, however, have the option to kill the person who placed the Bounty. Third, your Coven/Sanctuary Leader can kill you for a number of reasons at their discretion. Fourth, the Caverns, this is where characters face each other to the death. Characters place their name on a list or send out a specific challange to duel until only one remains.
Donators to the game are allowed to keep their character if they are killed, but will loose 5 ranks, a large portion of their items, money, and will be removed from their Coven/Sanctuary. If the character killed is a Coven/Sanctuary Leader, their crew is automatically disbanded..

How do I attack?

Attacking is a vital part of the game. Even though you cannot be killed in a basic attack, you do gain points and special rewards for winning an attack. You will also build experience and attributes. Inactive characters can be killed during an attack, but will count for low experience. The Bounty feature of the game allows for members to place other members up for attack. What's the difference? A bounty attack will end in someone's death.

What is the City Search?

The City Search is a way to find money and items outside of the crimes section and is a very lucrative way of gaining riches. Each player may conduct 250 searches every 12 hours. Searches will turn up money, artifacts, nothing, or a special item that will boost attack or defense. Random encounters are also a possibility while performing a city search. You can run from an encounter or stay and attack. A successful attack on a random encounter is definately worth the trouble.

What is Blood Money?

Blood Money is a special currency that the underworld accepts in lieu of real money. Because of its rarity, Blood Money can only be used for certain items or benefits. Visit the Forgotten Market to see what your Blood Money can buy you. It can also be used for Health and Agility refills at the Full Moon Clinic.

What are artifacts?

Artifacts are found during City Searches. These items can them be sold at the market. The price you receive could be a small amount or a large amount. Artifacts are stackable and do not need to be sold after a City Search is completed.

Can you track friend’s within the game?

Yes! A friend’s list can be created by accessing the option in your user profile. If you happen to die within the game, your friends do not go away. Simply create a new character and your firends will be back in your list.

What do I get points for?

Simple, just about everything you do in the game.

Is the game free?

Yes. However, we have created donation packages that give donators bonuses within the game. Even if you don't choose one of our donation packages we will appreciate any donations to aid in keeping the game up and running and free to the masses.

What do you do with my private information?

When you register we ask for personal information for our records only. We do not give or sell any information to any third party companies. See our privacy policy for specific details.

What software do I need to play your game?

To play Bloodletting you just need an Internet connection and a web browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) Your web browser must have cookies enabled and allow for session handling (may have to perform this manually - see your browser's help for assistance). If you do not have cookies enabled you will not be able to log into the site properly. If you have a firewall (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Norton, CA, etc.) you may want to check to ensure that it also allows cookies. Newer firewalls tend to default to high security settings which can block most cookies, including ours.

What do the color of the names mean?

  • Charlie - Regular active character
  • Dracula - Owner/Admin
  • Otter - High-level Admin
  • Linda - Regular Admin
  • Gold Leader - Coven/Sanctuary Leader
  • BigWig - Top Ranked Character (not a leader)
  • Friend - Someone from your Coven/Sanctuary
  • Bagpuss - Special Viral Undead character
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