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Merida Campbell's Blog Entry


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Sunday, Aug 18, 2019
Background on Merida Campbell

    Name: Merida 

    Pronounced: Meh rie dah

    Will answer to: Meri, M, Doc or Merida

    Birth Home: Inveraray, Scotland (NW of Glasgow)

    Date of Birth: 4th of July

    Not much to say. Was born into the Campbells near Inveraray. Was raised to be humble with the gifts that the good Lord gave me. To protect, heal and to kill at times.


    Education –       University of Strathclyde

                                University of Edinburg -   The Queen’s Medical Research Institute


                                 Degrees of Study:          Doctor of Medicine

                 Doctor of Advance Trauma Medicine


    Military -            Recruited by the Royal Marines

    -          Part of both SAS and SAB

    Skills:    Hand to hand contact


                  Knives and blades




    Currently on assignment in New York, practicing Medicine.  When not an undercover operative and not stitching others up, she loves the following hobbies:

    -          Cooking

    -          Whiskey

    -          Music

    -          Art

    Status: Single due to her profession as a Doctor over a major Trauma Unit in New York.


Posted at 02:30 pm
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