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Friday, Jul 26, 2019
Skadedyr's Records of the Realm

    Here is where I will keep records of interactions in Realm. Possible writing will help adjust social skills. Words becoming easier but sentences still hard to put together. Luckily master had this one take notes in bird days making penmanship easier than spoken language. Let us begin with:


    Mackenzie: Leader of Sine Metu. First friend. Despite this one's inability to communicate well she brought me into her coven. Taught me head string is hair. Shiny container (she called flask) hold liquid shiny make your brain fuzzy. Liquor, she called it. I like liquor. Also, took bang shiny (gun?) away because of accident (Sidenote: bang shiny made lights go out but Skadedyr come back. Skadedyr immune to magic, not bang shiny.) Short. Deadly. We have matching peepers. Like the taste of priest.


    Jewel: Pretty hair. Big eyes. Attempted a mating ritual on this one: licked hand and placed on face. Ritual failed. Maybe next time? Skadedyr hasn't a clue how humanoids mate. If anything like Black Widow, no thanks. Upset by this one's absence. Will need to restore happiness. Once said "Beware the monkeys." Have yet to see monkeys. Skadedyr is uneasy. 


    Katherine: Says she will keep me. Not sure what it means. So far, so good. Pretty hair. Dark aura about her, remind Skadedyr of Hel. Pretty Hel.


    Risa: First meeting met with lip contact. Possibly a new way to greet. Will experiment and test greeting. 


    Melinoe: Shiny friend. Glitter make sparkle. Sparkle make Skadedyr fuzzy on the inside.


    Roman: Good friend. Shares interest in the shiny. Currently has stabby shiny. 


    Aurora: Friendly, smiles a lot. Thinks this one is "adorable." Received book regarding the act of human procreation. Will need to study further.



    Janus: Also scared of painful head string being pulled. Refered to as "Brother." Protect brother.


    Kira: Always has pearls. Has promised more hsinies. Definitely a favorite. Has pleasant aroma, like ocean fish. 

Posted at 07:05 pm
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