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Thursday, Nov 24, 2016
In an old beat-up leathery pocket notebook

    ******son always said that writing in diaries was for ladies, but he isn't here right now. I hope the crew is doing okay, even if they're trying to cap me right now. Or maybe they're over at Theo's place to watch the game and eat some turkey. Maybe both, some of them were legit fat***es multitaskers. A lot of them could probably handle everything I have going on a lot better than I am right now. I mean, it's going great with the truck and with the weird magical stuff. I'm having fun, I'm making money without being incredibly illegal so this is an upswing. Still, I can see why I was stuck at being a soldier. Not that I'd want to run the crew because then I'd actually be "Mom", and that's weird and a bit pressurizing.

    I wonder if they raided my old place. My folks should be fine, because they're just aging citizens who don't hurt people or disrespect the community. Theo only shoots people who disrespect the community, so the crew won't shoot them either. They're good people. I know that. 

    Hopefully Alice and the rest of the girls can help out with the cooking. At any rate, I still have some cooking of my own to do.

    -Myron Femlock

Posted at 06:07 pm
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