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Saturday, Mar 20, 2021
Spring Cleaning

    It really is time to do some spring cleaning.  The weather is warming up, and the smells are getting harder to hide.  My landlady is way too curious, and how many smelly fish or cheese can one person have?

    I am a very tidy and organized person.  Routinely I pick up my clothes, wipe down all the counters and surfaces, and sweep and mop the floors on a regular schedule.  Those people who mock me for my a place for everything and everything in its place philosophy have obviously not seen my freezer.  Of course, if they had, they already be in there.

    New Orleans was perhaps not the best destination for a new life.  I do love the colorful beads, the soulful music, and the psychotic people who are just begging for a come uppance, but seriously?  Digging a grave is darn near impossible, and having to travel out to a swamp can be quite the chore when carrying so much cargo.

    And do not let me start on how uncooperative a gator can be.  I admire them, but finding one hungry enough to chomp down a rotting leg or torso can be rough.  They are predatory creatures by nature, besides enjoying swallowing their meal whole.  I would think it better to be presented with hunks and chunks, but they do not share my opinion.  Still, I respect they have their standards.

    Uh, oh.  I have to run.  The landlady is back, and I do not think she will buy that my gumbo is particularly stinky or it gave me a case of the runs.

    Why did I not look for a place with its own garbage disposal?  My bad.

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