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Saturday, Mar 27, 2021
New Digs

    Well, I am finally in a new place, and I have to say, it is not too bad.  The neighbors keep to themselves, and it a bit isolated and private, more so due to a spell used by witch who lhas no interest in poking around in someone else's business.  It is almost as good as just disappearing, but not quite.

    I have to confess, I really do like my new digs.  Not only is it cleaner and a higher quality establishment, but if I am short on cash, my landlady, previously mentioned witch, is willing to accept body parts.  And she has a sweet kiln where she fashions her crystal balls and such that she will allow me to use to dispose of my trash.  Granted, one does have to clean it out as bone does not entirely burn, but hey, I really have no bones to pick as cleanup is quicker and more portable.

    I had better run now as some gremlins were spotted on the outer rim of town.  They have been running a bit amok, and my landlady mentioned she could use some tongue.  At first I thought it was a come on, but I guess there is quite the market for gremlin tongue.  And if I get a bit of a discount on the rent, I count it as a win-win.

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