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Monday, Mar 01, 2021
From JJ #4

    Hello darlings!

    *From the puppetmaster: This is a different kind of entry, but had this actually been a real blog by a real "human" I think this is exactly the kind of entry Josie would have thrown into the mix, had her imagination or dreamworld giving her hints of the events.*

    They both reached for the last doughnut, engaging in a silent battle of wills. Tempting it lay on the plate between them, making tension build until he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "My precious."

    Dumbfounded, she watched him grab it and devour the glazed goodness. A few crumbs fell on the table, while she watched him wipe remnants of glaze from the corners of his mouth. Angry, murderous, infuriated, vengeful barely scratched the surface of what she felt. No one was going to take the last of anything unless she had a say in it.

    Watching the anger rise and paint her face a dark shade of red, he smiled. She was gorgeous when she got angry and very dangerous. He had no doubt she could execute a kill faster than it had taken him to eat the doughnut. Hopefully, she'd remember freshly made ones would hit the shelves shortly. He had done her a favor. She just had not realized it yet.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” Josie growled at him, while a blood-red polished nail tapped the table. “Women have killed for lesser things.”

    “But have they killed for a doughnut fresh out of the cooker, oozing with Nutella?” Seeing Josie squirm in her seat gave him great enjoyment, and he could not keep himself from twisting the knobs just a smidgen more.

    “A doughnut like that? exactly the thing we would kill for if you caught us at the right time of day or month.” Crossing the legs like the true lady she did not feel like but pretended to be, Josie looked at him across the table and smiled. “And I do not think it would take much to convince a court of my peers why my reaction is justified.”

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