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Monday, Jul 24, 2017
Johnny's Story - Part 14


     A huge, amorphous shadow-thing rounded the corner up the street.  It was horrible, covered with flagella that flailed madly, ichorous buboes that bubbled and popped, and countless lidless staring eyes.  It rolled towards them at breathtaking speed, a hulking, blasphemous, amorphous monstrosity that towered five stories into the sky, crushing vehicles and smashing streetlights like so many matchsticks.  The storm seemed to celebrate its arrival with a furious ovation of lightning and thunder.  The wolf shadows leapt at it, the woman gestured and red fiery bolts leapt arrow-like from her hand sinking futilely into the ebon blob.

      The Darkness had come for them.   For a moment Johnny considered diving back into the church for safety.  Only a moment.  He would rather die than return to that kennel, that prison.  But a flash of lightning revealed the angel standing in the shadows of the doorway behind him.  The strange phantom still wore his sister’s face as it pointed with silent resolution across the street.  Johnny followed its gaze.   “We can’t outrun it!” The sorceress in the street shouted, continuing to weave futile magiks and squeeze off shots as one by one the wolf spirits were swatted aside.   “I don’t think we have to run.”  Johnny spotted what the angel was pointing at.  He leapt down the stairs, water spraying around his heavy from the puddles and streams.  He grabbed the sorceress by the arm and started dragging her across the street.  “We can ride.”   “Are you out of your mind?!?!”  She cried, squeezing off shots even as he was dragging her backwards.    “Yes.  Thought we covered that.”  It was his Trophy.   His bike.  It was there.  Like he just parked it.  Polished, shining, and perfect.  60 years later and … somehow Johnny knew it would always be there when he needed it.  From that day on.  Always.   The pair threw themselves atop it and he kicked it to life.  She roared triumphantly beneath them as the last of their shadowy protectors were rolled beneath the blob and the Darkness lurched forward at them.  Johnny paused, looking up not at the Thing, but at the belfry of the cathedral, and raised a hand in salute.   “GO!!!  WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! GO!!!” she managed to shield them with a barrier of crackling red light that looked eerily like a dreamcatcher.  But the Thing was pushing through it.   “Sorry!”  Johnny yelled as the bike surged down the rain-slicked streets at a reckless dizzying speed.  They sped off into the stormy night, into a new adventure, together.   “I was just saying good bye to an old friend.”  

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